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Bohun 1

: Bohun of Essex, Bohun of Hereford, Bohun of Northampton,
Bo28 =29 =30 =31 =32. Sire Ralph de Meri b c 810, progenitor of this line of Neustrian gentry. After the defenses of the peninsula of what was to become Normandy had been decimated by Viking raids, Ralph rescued the hopeless land by persuading the Rollo or Ganga Hrolf to settle there and defend it rather than plunder it. This proved so successful that he and his descendants became the trusted advisors of the House of Normandy for 500 years until King Edward III had the last representative in this office secretly murdered. The great tally of descendants among the Magna Carta Sureties not to mention in all other later public offices in Anglo-Saxon countries speaks for the wisdom inherent in this line. One may nearly say no US president is not among his descendants, and most have multiple lines to him.
m x de Mont Haguez dau of
+1 Sire de Mont Haguez

de Bohun Coat of Arms

Kingdom of the Franks 600 AD
Bo27 =28 =29 =30 =31 Richard de Meri
Billeheude, dau of
+1 Billeheude de Saint Saveur
Bo29 =30 Humphrey de Bohun of Taterford b c 1040 "The Bearded" a 1066 b ~1040 Bohun, St Lo, Cotentin, Normandy d <1093
m2 Margaret/Ealgyth Bayeux b c 1175 Gloucester
m1 x b 1062 Gloucester
Bo28 =29 Ellen FitzHumphrey de Bohun b c 1089 Aynho, Oxfordshire, d 1130 in Water Eaton, Buckinghamshire
Henry de Grey of Croy
Gr28 John de Grey of Water Eaton b c 1123 d 1211 Thurrock Grey Essex
m1 Eleanor Lady Wilton de Clare + 3 ch dau of Roger "The Good" de Clare and Maud de St. Hilaire
m2 Hawise x + 3 ch
Gr27 Henry de Grey Lord Codnor
Iseude/Isolda de Bardolf dau of Hugh Bardolph
Gr26-1 Richard de Grey of Codnor Derbyshire, Governor of the Channel Islands
m Lucia de Humez dau of John de Humez or Humez
-1 John de Grey Baron Grey of Ruthlin b c 1275 m Lucy Mohun probably dau of Reginald de Mohun, 5th of Dunster -1-1 Henry de Grey, 1st Lord of Codnor d 1308 m1 Eleanor Courtenay sis or dau of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton, 1st Earl of Devon -1-1-1 Richard de Grey, 2nd Lord of Codnor b c1281, d 1335 m Johanna FitzPayn dau of Robert FitzPayn, 1st Lord -1-1-1-1 Henry de Grey dvp
m Johanna Cobham dau of Reginald de Cobham, 1st Lord of Sterborough
Gr26-2 John de Grey of Shirland, Sheriff of Buckingham, Bedford & Herefordshire d 1265
m1 Emma de Glanville + 2 ch dau of Sir Geoffrey de Glanville m2 Emma de Cauz dau of Roger de Cauz by Nichole, dau probably by Emma, dau of William Ruffus of Armston, Kingsham, etc. of Bartholomew de Leigh d c1217, of Thurleigh, etc., son of Hugh, probably by Beatrice de Glanville, widow of John de Segrave
-1 Reynold de Grey dsp
-2 Emma de Grey d 1264 m Sir William de Huntingfield of Huntingfield b 1237, d 1282/3
-3 Reginald de Grey, 1st Lord of Wilton Herefordshire d 1308 m Maud de Longchamp d before 21.11.1302, dau of Sir Henry de Longchamp of Wilton
Gr26-3 William de Grey of Sandiacre and/or Cavendish -1 Sir Richard de Grey of Sandiacre d before 26.05.1298 m Lucy x
-2 Sir Thomas de Grey d 1321 m c 1306 Alice de Cornerth dau of Sir Richard de Corneth
-1-1 William de Grey dvp m Joan
-2-1 Sir Thomas de Grey d 1365 m Isabel Baynard + 3 ch dau of Fulk Baynard of Merton
-1-1-1 Richard de Grey of Sandiacre b c25.03.1288, d before 24.12.1310 m Felicitas x -1-1-1-1 William de Grey of Sandiacre b c 1307, dspm 1369
-1-1-1-1-1 Alice de Grey b by 1322 m before 14.11.1343 Sir Edward Hillary d 1362 had issue
Gr26-4 Robert de Grey of Rotherfield -1 Walter de Grey of Rotherfield d c 1268 m Isabel de Duston dau of William de Duston of Duston
Gr26-5 Walter de Grey of Rotherfield, Archbishop of York acc BP1934 Ancaster, Archbishop Walter had a niece -?4/?6-1 by which brother is uncertain
Gr26 Henry de Grey
Gr25 either here or dau of bro ?Robert
Eva de Grey Gr25
m 1222 Walter Beke of Eresby
Be24 John Beke, Lord Beke of Eresby b before 1230, d c 1303 m Sarah Furnival dau of Thomas, Lord Furnival name given by BP1934 but not mentioned by TCP
Be23-1 Walter Beke, Lord of Eresby dsp BP1934 reports that Walter "survived his father but a few years" but TCP Beke reports that Walter died soon after 01.08.1301 and that his father dspms
Be23 Alice Beke b c 1450 heiress of Eresby m Sir William de Willoughby Wi23 d 1306
Wi22 Robert WILLOUGHBY Wi22 1° Baron Willoughby of Eresby b c 1271, Lincolnshire d by 25 Mar 1317
m by 1303 Margaret DEINCOURT
b c 1275 d by 18 Oct 1333 dau of Edmund Deincourt, 1st Lord
-1 Sir John Willoughby Wi21, 2nd Lord of Eresby a 1349 m Joan Rosceline dau of Sir Thomas Rosceline -1-1 John Willoughby Wi20, 3rd Lord of Eresby d c 1373 m Cicely de Ufford dau of Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk
-1-2 Joan Willoughby possibly of this generation m William de Astley, 4th Lord b before 1345
--1-3 Elizabeth Willoughby possibly of this generation m William de Huntingfield, Lord bpt 08.01.1330, d 11.1376
-1-1-1 Robert Willoughby Wi19, 4th Lord of Eresby d 09.08.1396 m1 Alice Skipwith + 1 ch dau of Sir William Skipwith, Lord of the Exchequer m2 Margery la Zouche d 1396 dau of William la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth b c 1321 d 1382 m3 Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer b c 1356, d 05.11.1395 + 4 ch dau of William Latimer, 4th Lord
-1-1-2 Margaret Willoughby m Sir Thomas Skipwith of Ormesby d c 1427
-1-1-1-1 William Willoughby Wi18, 5th Lord of Eresby d c1410
m1 Lucy Strange
dau of Roger le Strange, Lord of Knockyn
-1-1-1-2 m3 Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer b c 1356, d 05.11.1395, dau of William Latimer, 4th Lord
-1-1-1-3 Sir Thomas Willoughby of Boston and Frampton b c 1350 d 1418 (also shown as son by 1st w Skipwith, but the title of Latimer would hardly have come by that marriage m1 div. Aug. 1381 Katherine, dau of Sir Thomas Friskney, m2 by July 1396 m Elizabeth Nevill dau of John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby d.1388) by his 2nd w. Elizabeth (c.1385-1395), suo jure Baroness Latimer, dau of William, 4th Lord Latimer of Corby (1330-81)
-1-1-1-4 John Willoughby ancestor of Willoughby, Barts of Baldon House
-1-1-1-5 Bryan Willoughby
Wi17-1 Robert Willoughby, 6th Lord of Eresby, Earl of Vendosme and Beaumont d c1452 m1 Elizabeth de Montacute + 1 ch dau of Sir John de Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury m2 Maud Stanhope dau of Sir Richard Stanhope
Wi17 Sir Thomas Willoughby of Parham Wi17 m Joan Arundell dau of Sir Richard Arundell
Wi17-1-1 Joan Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby d 1461/2 m Sir Richard Welles, 7th Lord Willoughby of Eresby d 1469
Wi16 Sir Robert Willoughby of Parham d 30.05.1465-6 m Cicely Welles dau of Lionel Leo de Welles, Baron Welles, b 1406, k Towton 29.03.1461 m1 15.08.1417 Joan or Cecily Waterton (dau of Sir Robert Waterton of Waterton and Methley)
Wi16-2 Sir William Willoughby m Joan Strangeways dau of Thomas Strangeways

Wi15-1 Sir Robert Willoughby d c 1468
Wi15 Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham d c 1498 m Margaret Jenney dau of Sir William Jenney of Knottshall

Wi14-1 William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby d 19.10.1525 m1 Mary Hussey dsp, dau of Sir William Hussey of Sleaford m2 Maria de la Salines dau of Count of Salines
Wi14-2 Sir Christopher Willoughby m Elizabeth Talboys dau of Sir George Talboys
Wi14-3 George Willoughby had issue
Wi14 Sir Thomas Willoughby d 1545, chief justice m Bridget or Katherine Read dau of Sir Robert Read of Bore Place
Wi14-5 Catherine Willoughby m Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorp
Wi14-6 Elizabeth Willoughby m William Eure, 1st Lord b c1483, d 15.03.1547/8
Wi22-2 Sir Thomas de WILLOUGHBY b ABT 1268
m Margaret MUNBY sis of Alun Munby
-1 William Munby dsp
-2 Agnes Munby (this connection is reported by BEB1844 Skipwith of Newbold Hall) m Sir William de Hiltoft
Wi22-3 Margaret WILLOUGHBY b c 1276 m William HAMBY
Be23-3 Margaret Beke m Sir Richard de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt d 1293
Be23-4 Mary Beke d unm
Bo28-2 Adeliza/Adelaide de Bohun b c 1110 St Georges de Bohon Normandy
Bo28 Humphrey de Bohun b ~1080 d 1129 continued below
m Maud de Saresbury dau of Edward of Salisbury
Bo28-4 Richard de Méry, Seigneur de Bohon -1 Muriel de Mery b c 1158 m Saveric Fitzcane Beaumont
-2 Robert de Mery
-3 Henry de Mery
-4 Humphrey de Mery
-5 Havide de Mery
-6 Alexander de Mery
-7? x de Mery m Enelger y
-8 Ingelger de Bohun d 1172 m1 Mathilde de Mermande m2 Aelize d'Aumâle
-1-1 Lucy de Savurius
-1-2 Savaric fitz Cana de Beaumont
-1-3 Ellen de Bohun
-1-4 Raoul FitzSavaric de Beaumont
-1-5 Savaric de Bohun, II, Lord of
Bo28 =30 =31 Adela de Bohun b c 1074 St Georges de Bohon Normandy d 5 Oct 1105 ?= 28-2 s.a.
m Main d'Aubigny, Seigneur de Saint-Aubin-d'Aubigné (Ille-et-Vilaine)
Al29 Al29 William "Brito" d'Aubigny/d'Albini Lord of Belvoir
m Maud Bigot dau of Roger Bigod
Al28WilliamAlbini, 1st Earl of Arundel d 12.10.1176
m. 1138 Adeliza of Lorraine/Louvain (b c1103, d 23.04.1151 widow of King Henry I dau of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine/Brabant
Al28-2 Oliva de Albini m Ralphe de Haya
Al28-3 Nigel de Albini
Al28-4 Oliver de Albini
Al27 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 2nd Earl of Arundel d 24.12.1193 m Maud de St. Hilaire dau of James de St. Hilaire du Harcourt, widow of Roger, Earl of Clare
Al27-2 Alice de Albini
m. John, Count d'Eu, Lord of Hastings (d 26.06.1170)
Al27 Agnes (Avice?) de Albini possibly of this family, of this generation, identified under BE1883 (Mowbray of Nottingham, Norfolk, etc) only as "Agnes, dau. of the Earl of Arundel", assumed to be one of the two otherwise unidentified daughters of William, the 1st Earl.
m. William de Mowbray (d 1222)
Al27-4+ 3 other sons and 1 other daughter
Al26 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 3rd Earl of Arundel d 1221
m Mabel dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester (or Maud de St. Hillary, dau of James de St. Hillary)
Al25-1 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 4th Earl of Arundel (dsp 1224 or 1233)
Al25-2 Hugh de Albini, 5th Earl of Arundel (dsp 1243) m Isabel de Warren dau of William (Plantagenet) de Warren, Earl of Warren and Surrey
Al25-3 Mabel/ Maud de Albini (d before 1242) m Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall d 16.07.1249
Al25 Isabel de Albini m John FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire b c 1164, d 1239
Nicola de Albini m Roger de Somerie, lord of Dudley d by 26.08.1273
Al25-6 Cecilia de Albini m Roger de Montalt
Mo26 =27 =28 =30 Sir Nigil or Nele d'Aubigny or de Albini (d
m1 (div, sp) Maud de Aquila dau of Richard de Aquila
m2 Jun 1118 Gundred de Gournay dau of Gerard de Gournay, Sire de Gournay, lord of Yarmouth
Mo25 =26 =27 =29 Roger de Mowbray d 1188 m Alice de Gant dau of Walter de Gant
Mo29-2 Henry de Albini, lord of Cambo ancestor of Albini of Camho
Mo29-3 Hamon de Beler
Mo24 =25 =26 =28 Nigil or Nele de Mowbray d 1191 m Mabel dau of "Earl of Clare", presumably Roger de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, 'Earl of Clare' Mo23 =24 =25 =27 William de Mowbray of Axholme Castle d 1222Magna Carta Surety TCP identifies William's wife only as "Avice, whose parentage is not certainly known." BE1883 identifies her as
m Agnes dau of Earl of Arundel
Mo22-1 Nigel or Nele de Mowbray dsp 1230 m before 6 Oct 1340 Maud
Mo22 =23 =24 =26 Roger de Mowbray d 1266 m Maud de Beauchamp d 04.1273, dau of William de Beauchamp of Bedford
Mo21 =23 =24 =25 Roger de Mowbray, 1st Lord d before 21 Nov 1297 m 1270 Rose de Clare a 1316, dau of Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester Mo20 =22 =24 John de Mowbray, 2nd Lord b 04.09.1286, d 23.03.1321/2 m 1298 Aliva de Braose d by 20.07.1332, dau of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower
Mo20 =21 =22 =23 =24 Alexander de Mowbray of Kirtlington or Kirklington m Elizabeth Muster dau of Henry Muster name found on various web sites

Mo19 =20 =21 =22 Elizabeth Mowbray m Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 1412
Mo19-2 Margaret/?Eleanor Mowbray m Thomas Ingleby a 1350

Mo19-2-1 John Ingleby b about 1345 m Ellen Rocliffe
Bo28. Humphrey de Bohun b ~1080 d 1129
m Maud de Saresbury dau of Edward of Salisbury
Bo27. Humphrey de Bohun b ~1118 d 06 Apr 1187, Steward to King Henry I of England
m Margery de Gloucester dau of Milo de Gloucester, Earl of Hereford, Constable of England
Bo26 Humphrey de Bohun, 'Earl of Hereford', Constable of England b 1150 Gloucesters d 1182 Hereford
m Margaret of Scotland b 1154 Northumberland d North Riding Yorks 1201 dau of->
+1 Henry, Earl of Huntingdon
Ada de Warenne b 1120 d 1178
Bo25 Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford, Constable of England d 01 Jun 1220 §C Magna Carta surety
m Maud Mandeville, Countess of Essex d 27 Aug 1236, dau of->
+1 Geoffrey FitzPiers, 1st/4th Earl of Essex b 1^162 d 1213
m Beatrice de Say b 1169 d 1197
Bo24-1 Henry de Bohun d young
Bo24 Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable of England b 1208, d 1275
m1 Maud d'Eu d 14 Aug 1241, dau of Raoul I de Lusignan, Count of Eu
Bo23 Humphrey de Bohun dvp
m1 Eleanor de Braose dau of William de Braose of Brecknock
Bo22 Humphrey de Bohun, 3rd Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable of England b c1249, d 1297
m 1275 Maud de Fiennes dau of Sir Ingelgram de Fiennes
Bo21 Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable of England b c 1276, k 16 Mar 1321/2. Humphrey was one of several earls and barons under Edward I who laid siege to Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland in 1300 and later took part in many campaigns in Scotland. He also loved tourneying and gained a reputation as an "elegant" fop. In one of the campaigns in Scotland Humphrey evidently grew bored and departed for England to take part in a tournament along with Piers Gaveston and other young barons and knights. On return all of them fell under Edward I's wrath for desertion, but were forgiven. It is probable that Gaveston's friend, Edward (the future Edward II) had given them permission to depart. Later Humphrey became one of Gaveston's and Edward II's bitterest opponents. He would also have been associating with young Robert Bruce during the early campaigns in Scotland, since Bruce, like many other Scots and Border men, moved back and forth from English allegiance to Scottish. Robert Bruce, King Robert I of Scotland, is closely connected to the Bohuns. Between the time that he swore his last fealty to Edward I in 1302 and his defection four years later, Bruce stayed for the most part in Annandale, rebuilding his castle of Lochmaben in stone, making use of its natural moat. Rebelling and taking the crown of Scotland in February 1306, Bruce was forced to fight a war against England which went poorly for him at first, while Edward I still lived. After nearly all his family were killed or captured he had to flee to the isle of Rathlin, Ireland. His properties in England and Scotland were confiscated. Humphrey de Bohun received many of Robert Bruce's forfeited properties. It is unknown whether Humphrey was a long-time friend or enemy of Robert Bruce, but they were nearly the same age and the lands of the two families in Essex and Middlesex lay very close to each other. After Bruce's self-exile, Humphrey took Lochmaben, and Edward I awarded him Annandale and the castle. During this period of chaos, when Bruce's queen, Elizabeth de Burgh, daughter of the Earl of Ulster, was captured by Edward I and taken prisoner, Hereford and his wife Elizabeth became her custodians. She was exchanged for Humphrey after Bannockburn in 1314. Lochmaben was from time to time retaken by the Scots but remained in the Bohun family for many years, in the hands of Humphrey's son William, Earl of Northampton, who held and defended it until his death in 1360. Some Bohuns remained in Scotland, where they became known as the Bounds. At the Battle of Bannockburn (23–24 June 1314), Humphrey de Bohun should have been given command of the army because that was his responsibility as Constable of England. However, since the execution of Piers Gaveston in 1312 Humphrey had been out of favour with Edward II, who gave the Constableship for the 1314 campaign to the youthful and inexperienced Earl of Gloucester, Gilbert de Clare. Nevertheless, on the first day, de Bohun insisted on being one of the first to lead the cavalry charge. In the melee and cavalry rout between the Bannock Burn and the Scots' camp he was not injured although his rash young cousin Henry de Bohun, who could have been no older than about 22, charged alone at Robert Bruce and was killed by Bruce's axe. On the second day Gloucester was killed at the start of battle. Hereford fought throughout the day, leading a large company of Welsh and English knights and archers. The archers might have had success at breaking up the Scots schiltrons until they were overrun by the Scots cavalry. When the battle was lost Bohun retreated with the Earl of Angus and several other barons, knights and men to Bothwell Castle, seeking a safe haven. However, all the refugees who entered the castle were taken prisoner by its formerly pro-English governor Walter fitz Gilbert who, like many Lowland knights, declared for Bruce as soon as word came of the Scottish King's victory. Humphrey de Bohun was ransomed by Edward II, his brother-in-law, on the pleading of his wife Isabella. This was one of the most interesting ransoms in English history. The Earl was traded for Bruce's queen, Elizabeth de Burgh and daughter, Marjorie Bruce, two bishops amongst other important Scots captives in England. Isabella MacDuff, Countess of Buchan, who had crowned Robert Bruce in 1306 and for years had been locked in a cage outside Berwick, was not included; presumably she had died in captivity. Like his father, grandfather, and great-great-grandfather, this Humphrey de Bohun was careful to insist that the king obey Magna Carta and other baronially-established safeguards against monarchic tyranny. He was a leader of the reform movements that promulgated the Ordinances of 1311 and fought to insure their execution. The subsequent revival of royal authority and the growing ascendancy of the Despensers (Hugh the elder and younger) led de Bohun and other barons to rebel against the king again in 1322. De Bohun had special reason for opposing the Despensers, for he had lost some of his estates in the Welsh Marches to their rapacity and he felt they had besmirched his honour. In 1316 De Bohun had been ordered to lead the suppression of the revolt of Llywelyn Bren in Glamorgan which he did successfully. When Llewelyn surrendered to him the Earl promised to intercede for him and fought to have him pardoned. Instead Hugh the younger Despenser had Llewelyn executed without a proper trial. Hereford and the other marcher lords used Llywelyn Bren's death as a symbol of Despenser tyranny. The rebel forces were halted by loyalist troops at the wooden bridge at Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, where Humphrey de Bohun, leading an attempt to storm the bridge, met his death on 16 March 1322. Although the details have been called into question by a few historians, his death may have been particularly gory. As recounted by Ian Mortimer:[2] "[The 4th Earl of] Hereford led the fight on the bridge, but he and his men were caught in the arrow fire. Then one of de Harclay's pikemen, concealed beneath the bridge, thrust upwards between the planks and skewered the Earl of Hereford through the anus, twisting the head of the iron pike into his intestines. His dying screams turned the advance into a panic."' Humphrey de Bohun may have contributed to the failure of the reformers' aims. There is evidence that he suffered for some years, especially after his countess's death in 1316, from clinical depression.
m 14 Nov 1302 Elizabeth Plantagenet b 07 Aug 1282, d 05 May 1316, dau of +1 King Edward I of England
m1 Eleanor of Castile
Bo20-1 Sir John de Bohun, 5th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable b 23 Nov 1306, dsp 20 Jan 1335
m1 1325 Alice FitzAlan dau of Edmund FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel
m2 Margaret Basset dau of Ralph Basset, Lord of Drayton
Bo20-2 Humphrey de Bohun, 6th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Constable b c 1309, d unm 15 Oct 1361
Bo20-3 Edward de Bohun dsp before 1361
Bo20 William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton d 16 Sep 1360 assisted at the arrest of Roger Mortimer in 1330, allowing Edward III to take power. After this, he was a trusted friend and commander of the king and he participated in the renewed wars with Scotland. In 1339 he accompanied the King to Flanders. He served variously in Brittany and in Scotland, and was present at the great English victories at Sluys and was a commander at Crécy. His most stunning feat was commanding an English force to victory against a much bigger French force at the Battle of Morlaix in 1342. Some of the details are in dispute, but it is clear that he made good use of pit traps, which stopped the French cavalry. In 1349 he became a Knight of the Garter. He served as High Sheriff of Rutland from 1349 until his death in 1360. He negotiated two treaties with France, one in 1343 and one in 1350. He was also charged with negotiating in Scotland for the freedom of King David Bruce, King of Scots, who was held prisoner by the English.
m 1335 Elizabeth de Baldesmere d 06.1356, dau of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Lord and Margaret de Clare who had both turned against Edward II the decade before. Elizabeth and William were granted some of the property of Elizabeth's first husband, who had also been Mortimer's son and heir.
Bo19 Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Northampton, 7th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex b 25 Mar 1341/2, d 16 Jan 1372 heir to the Earldom of Hereford after the death of his childless uncle Humphrey de Bohun, 6th Earl of Hereford. Following King Peter I's visit to England, Humphrey participated in the sack of Alexandria in 1365.[1] On his death, because he had no son, the estates of the Earls of Hereford should have passed to his cousin Gilbert de Bohun.
m after 09 Sep 1359 Joane FilzAlan d 07 Apr 1419, dau of Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel
Bo18 Eleanor de Bohun b 1366, d 03 Oct 1399
m 1376 m Thomas Plantagenet of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Buckingham b 07 Jan 1355, d 08 Sep 1397
-1 Humphrey Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Buckingham b c 1381 d 2 Sep 1399
-2 Anne Plantagenet of Gloucester b c 1383 – 1438) m1 Thomas Stafford, 3rd Earl of Stafford m2 Edmund Stafford, 5th Earl of Stafford + 3 ch m3 William Bourchier Bo17, Count of Eu. son of Sir William Bourchier and Eleanor of Louvain,
-3 Joan Plantagenet b 1384 d 16 August 1400 in childbirth m Gilbert Talbot, 5th Lord Talbot (1383–1419)
-4 Isabel Plantagenet b 12 March 1385/1386 d April 1402
-5 Philippa Plantagenet b c 1388 d y

-2-1 Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham, m Anne, daughter of Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland, and Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland. Joan was a daughter of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and his third wife Katherine Swynford.
-2-2 Anne Stafford, Countess of March, m Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March. Edmund was a great-grandson of Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence. no ch m2 John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter (d. 1447),
-2-3 Philippa Stafford, d y
-2-4 Henry Bourchier, Earl of Essex. m Isabel of Cambridge, dau of Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge, and Anne de Mortimer. Isabel was also an older sister of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York.
-2-5 Eleanor Bourchier, Duchess of Norfolk, m 1424 John Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk d 6 Nov 1461
-2-6 Sir William Bourchier, 1st Lord FitzWarine b c 1412 Little Easton Essex d c 1470 m1 Thomasine Hankeford dau of Richard Hankford and Elizabeth FitzWarine b 1403 d c 1426
-2-7 Thomas Bourchier Bishop of Ely, Archbishop of Canterbury
-2-8 John Bourchier, 1st Baron Berners of West Horsley d 16 May 1474 grandfather of John, Lord Berners, the translator of Froissart John Bourchier of West Horsley, 1st Lord Berners d 16 May 1474 of Wimpole

-2-2-1 Henry Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter (d. 1475),
-2-2-2 Anne Holland, m John Neville, 1st Baron Neville de Raby.
-2-4-1 William Bourchier dvp m Anne Widvile d 30.07.1489, dau of Sir Richard de Wydeville of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers
-2-4-2 Henry Bourchier dsp c Aug 1458 m m Elizabeth Scales dau of Thomas, Lord Scales
-2-4-3 Sir Humphrey Bourchier, Lord Cromwell dsp Barnet Field 1471 m Jane Stanhope dau of Sir Richard Stanhope of Rampton by Maud, sister of Lord Ralph Cromwell
-2-4-4 Sir John Bourchier d 1495 m1 Elizabeth Ferrers b 1419, d by 23 Jan 1482/3, dau of Sir Henry Ferrers, younger of Groby m2 before 06.07.1490 Elizabeth Chichele d 02 Apr 1499, dau of John Chichelle of Wimpole
-2-4-5 Sir Thomas Bourchier m Isabel Barre dau of Sir John Barre
-2-4-6 Sir Edward Bourchier d Wakefield
-2-6-1 Sir Fulke Bourchier, 2nd Lord FitzWarine d 18 Sep 1479 m Elizabeth Dynham d 19 Oct 1516, sis of John, Lord Dynham
-2-8-1 Sir Humphrey Bourchier, dvp Barnet 14 Apr 1471, fought for the House of York with his cousin of the same name
-2-8-2 Sir Thomas Bourchier d 1491 m Anne Andrewes b about 1428 wid of Sir John Salyard of Eye
-2-8-3 Joanna Bourchier m Sir Henry Nevill, younger of Latimer dvp Edgcote 14 Jul 1469

-2-4-1-1 Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex d 1539 m Mary Say dau of Sir William Say of Broxbourne and Essenden
-2-4-1-2 Cecily Bourchier m Sir John Devereux, 2nd Lord Ferrers of Chartley b 1463, d 05.03.1500-1
-2-8-1-1 Sir John Bourchier, 2nd Lord Berners b 1467, d 16.03.1532 inherited West Horsley from his grandmother, Margery Berners in 1475. m Catherine Howard + 2 ch dau of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk p Elizabeth Bacon
-2-8-1-2 Anne Bourchier a 09.1530 m 1492 Thomas Fiennes, Lord Dacre b 1471/2, d 9 Sep 1534
-2-8-1-3 Margaret Bourchier Bo14 =15 b 1468, d 1551 Lady Governess of all Henry VIII´s children: Princess Mary, Henry Fitzroy, D. Richmond, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Edward.
m Sir Thomas Bryan of Cheddington b 1464, d 1517-2-8-3-1 Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latymer b 1468, d 1530 m1 c 1490 Anne Stafford dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton

-2-8-1-1-1 Mary Bourchier dvpsp m Alexander Unton of Wadley
-2-8-1-1-2 Jane Bourchier of Ashwellthorpe, de jure Baroness Berners d 17 Feb 1561/2 m Edmund Knyvett d 1 Mar 1539
-2-8-1-1-3 James Bourchier
-2-8-1-1-2 Ursula Bourchier
-2-8-1-3-1 Sir Francis Bryan d 02.02.1549/50, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland m. 1548 Joan Fitzgerald dau of James FitzThomas or Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Desmond This political marriage may have suffered under a secret affair of Joan with Gerald Fitzgerald 15th Earl of Desmond.
-2-8-3-1-1 Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord Latymer b 17.11.1493, d 02.03.1542-3
m1 Dorothy Vere d 07.02.1526-7, dau of Sir George de Vere

-2-8-1-3-1-1 Sir Francis Bryan in Claire b 1549 Francis Bryan II held large estates in County Clare m Ann Smith dau of Sir William Smith

-2-8-1-3-1-1-1 William Smith Bryan in Claire d 1667 Virginia m Catherine Morgan b 1604 in Claire, Ireland. Co or Tredegar Monmouth Wales d 1 Jun 1680 Gloucester Va dau of Thomas Morgan b 1560 Llaurhynmy Monsmouth Wales d 1647 Prior and Catherine Herbert b about 1564 Cogan Pell Glamorgans Wales d 1604 and granddau of Nicholas Herbert and Mary Morgan

-2-8-1-3-1-1-1-1 Francis Bryan b 1630 d 1693/4 Ireland m Sarah Brinker from Denmark

-2-8-1-3-1-1-1-1-1 William Bryan b 1685 d 1789, to Virginia m Margaret shows her name as Brockers b about 1695 Roanoke Va d 1804 Salem Va had issue
-2-8-1-3-1-1-1-1-2 Morgan Bryan b 1671 in Denmark d 1763 Chester Pa ?Virginia had issue Morgan and his brother William came to Pennsylvania in 1718
Bo18-2 Mary de Bohun d 04 Jul 1394
m Henry ""Bolingbroke Plantagenet, King Henry IV of Englandb 30 May 1366, d 21 Mar 1412-3
?Bo18-3 y de Bohun b about 1370 a son born about the time of his father's murder might have been cut out of inheritance and banned to Fressingfield by his powerful brothers-in-law and become the progenitor of this line.
Bo19 Elizabeth de Bohun
m 1359 Richard FitzAlan Fi19, 10th Earl of Arundel d c 1398
-1 Thomas FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel Fi18-1 b about 1344 dsp 1415 m Beatrix dau of John, King of Portugal
-2 Elizabeth FitzAlan Fi18 b about 1345 d 08.07.1425 m1 William de Montacute, younger of Salisbury dvpsp 06.08.1382 m2 1385 Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal d 22.09.1400 and had issue m3 Sir Gerard Ufflete m4 before 19 Aug 1401, Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham Go18 d of wounds 21 July 1403 sustained at the battle of Shrewsbury
Bo20-5 Edward de Bohun b c 1310/2 d 1334 Twin of William. He served in his ailing elder brother's stead as Constable of England. He was a close friend of young Edward III, and died a heroic death attempting to rescue a drowning man-at-arms from a Scottish river while on campaign.
m Margaret de Ros, dau William de Ros, 2nd Baron de Ros, no children.
Bo20-6 Alianore de Bohun b 17 Oct 1304 – 1363 m1 James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormonde d 06 Jan 1337
m2 Sir Thomas Dagworth, 1st Lord d 1350
Bo20 Margaret de Bohun b 3 Apr 1311 d 16 Dec 1391
m 11 Aug 1325 Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon b 12 Jul 1303, d 02 May 1377
Co19 Elizabeth de Courtenay, m Sir Andrew Lutterell Lu19 Lu18 Hugh Lutterell m Catherine Beaumont Be18 (b c 1360 d 28.08.1435 dau of Sir John Beaumont of Sherwell) Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle (b about1390 died 30.06.1430) m Margaret Touchet (dau of John Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley)
Lu20 =21 Robert Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 1436-7) m x Ashbourne (dau of Sir Elias de Ashbourne of Devon)
Lu17-3 Andrew Luttrell
Lu17 Elizabeth Luttrell m John Stratton b c 1390 d aft 1425 son of Walter Stratton of Kirkton b c 1350
Bo20-8 Agnes de Bohun
Bo20-9 Eneas de Bohun, d after 1322, when he's mentioned in his father's will). Nothing known of him.
Bo20-10 Isabel de Bohun b ? May 1316 d in childbirth, and this child died on that day or very soon after. Buried with her mother in Waltham Abbey, Essex.
Bo22-2 Alianore de Bohun d 20 Feb 1313/4
m 26 Jun 1269 m Robert de Ferrers, 8th Earl of Derby d 1279
-1 Alianore de Ferrers m Robert FitzWalter 1st Baron FitzWalter son of Sir Wlter FitzRobert and Ida Longspee
-2 John de Ferrers, 1st Lord Ferrers of Chartley b 20 Jun 1271 d 1312
Bo22-3? Margery de Bohun b by 1265
m Theobald de Verdun, 1st Baron de Verdun, son of John Verdun and Margaret de Lacy
-1 Theobald, Baron de Verdun b 8 Sep 1278 m1 Maud Mortimer + 2 ch dau of Sir Edmund de Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer and Margaret de Fiennes m2 Elizabeth de Clare dau of Gilbert de Clare 6th Earl of Gloucester and Joan of Acre -1-1 Elizabeth de Verdun d 1360 bur Greyfriars London m before 11 June 1320 Bartholomew Burghersh, 1st Lord Burghersh, son of Robert Burghersh, 1st Lord Burghersh and Maud Badlesmere.
-1-2 Margery de Verdun b. 10 Aug 1310, d b 12 Oct 1363
-1-3 Isabel Verdun m Henry de Ferrers, 2nd Lord Ferrers of Groby
-1-1-1 Joan Burghersh m John de Mohun 2nd Baron Mohun son of John de Mohun and m Christian Segrave dau of John de Segrave, 2nd Lord
-1-1-2 Elizabeth Burghersh
-1-1-3 Sir Bartholomew Burghersh 2nd Lord Burghersh b b 1329 d 5 Apr 1369
-1-3-1 Elizabeth Ferrers d 22 Oct 1375 m David David of Strathbogie, 12 Earl of Atholl son of David of Strathbogie 11th Earl of Atholl and Catherine de Beaumont
-1-1-1-1 Philippe de Mohun d. 17 Jul 1431 m1 Walter FitzWalter 4th Baron FitzWalter son of John FitzWalter 3rd Baron FitzWalter and Alianore Percy m2 Sir John Golafre m3 Edward of York, 2nd Duke of York
-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth de Mohun d fr 14 Jan 1414/15 - 16 Jan 1414/15 m William de Montacute 2nd Earl of Salisbury son of William Montagu 1st Earl and Catherine Grandison
-1-1-1-3? Margaret de Mohun m Sir John Carew
-1-3-1-1 Elizabeth of Atholl d a 1416 m1 Sir Thomas de Percy son of Henry de Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland and Margaret de Neville m2 Sir John le Scrope m3 Robert de Thorley
-1-3-1-2 Philippa of Atholl b c 1361 d 2 Nov 1395 m John Halsham

-1-1-1-2-1 William de Montacute dvpsp 6.8.1382 m Elizabeth FitzAlan dau of Richard FitzAlan 10 Earl of Arundel
-1-3-1-2-1 John Halsham b. c 1384, d. before 8 Feb 1404/5
-1-3-1-2-2 Sir Hugh Halsham b. c 1391, d 28 Feb 1441/42
-1-3-1-2-3 Richard Halsham b. a 1391, d before 28 Feb 1441/42
m2 Joan de Quincy d 25 Nov 1283, dau of Robert de Quincy
Bo23-2 Maud de Bohun
m1 Anselme Marshal, 6th Earl of Pembroke dsp 05 Dec 1245
m2 Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester d 25 Apr 1264
Bo22 =23 =27 Alice de Bohun
m Ralph / Roger de Toeni of Flamsted d before 20 Jul 1295
m2 Maud de Avenbury d 08 Oct 1273
Bo24-3 Ralph de Bohun b 1202
m possibly Saveric de FITZGEOFFREY b 1205
Bo24-3-1? from Jimmie Haraold Boone's tree (author's DNA match)
Franco de Bohun b 1202
m Sibyl de Ferrers b 1230 d 1273
Bo24-3-1-1 James de Bohun b 1280 d 1304
m Joan de Braose b 1380 d 1324
Bo24-3-1-1-1 John de Bohun b 1301 d 1367
m Cicely Filliol b 1324 d 1381
Bo24-3-1-1-1-1 John de Bohun b 6 Jan 1362 Bradninch Devbon d there 25 Jan 1432/3
m Anne Halsham b 1383 West Grinstead Sussex d 1448/aft 1486 dau of
she m2 aft 25 Jan 1433 Robert de Ros
+1 John Halsham
m Maud Mawle
Bo24-3-1-1-1-1-1 John de Bohun b 1420
m Avelina de Ros b 1430 dau of
+1 Robert de Ros b 1223 Hamlake d 17 Mar 1285 Kirkham Lancashire and Isabel d'Aubigny
Bo24-3-1? Geoffrey Bohn b 1450 d 1472
m Petrolina de Arderne b 1450 dau of->
+1 John de Arderne b 1430 d 1500
m Alicia de Hoghton/Heaton/Leton
Bo24-3-1? Geoffrey de Bohn b 1471 d 1530 m Anne Magerly b 1469 d 1521 dau of Piers Magerly -1 Gregory Boon b 1517 d 1589 m Constance verch Comyn b 1520 Gwynedd Wales d 1564 Devon dau of Comyn ap Morgan b 11400 d 15 Oct 1502 -1-1 George Boone b 1571 d 1616 m Ann Fallace b 1571 Devon d 1618 dau of Walter Fallace b 1545 Stoak Devon and Joane Healle -1-1-1 Nicholas Boone b 1614 d 1694 m Anne Androwe b 1618 d 1650 -1-1-1-1 Thomas Boone b 1637 Enfield London d 1723 Isle of Wight Co VA m Elizabeth Ratcliffe b 1650 d 1713 dau of Richard Ratcliffe b 1630 d 1716 and Elizabeth Parr b 1630 d 1671 grandau of William Ratcliffe b 1610 Isle of Wight Co VA d 1700 -1-1-1-1-1 Ratcliff R Boone b 1685 Isle of Wight Co VA d 1752 Lower Parish Isle of Wight Co VA m Patience Olive Bradshaw b 1699 d 1785 -1-1-1-1-1-1 Ratcliff Boone b 1734 d 1772
-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Boon b 1735 d 1799 m Rebecca English b 1738 d 1823 dau of Nathan English b 1716 d 1788 and Sarah Kinchenm b 1717 d 1773
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Jesse Boon b 1743 d 1828
-1-1-1-1-1-4 Celia Boon b 1748 d 1800
-1-1-1-1-1-5 Mary Boon b 1750 d 1795
-1-1-1-1-1-6 Elizabeth Boon b 1752 d 1817
-1-1-1-1-1-7 Rebecca Boon b 1754 d 1772
-1-1-1-1-1-8 Sion Boon b 1760 d 1829

-1-1-1-1-1-2-1 William Boon b 1755 d 1840
-1-1-1-1-1-2-2 Benjamin Boon b 1757 d 1865
-1-1-1-1-1-2-3 Sion Boon b 1760 d 1829
-1-1-1-1-1-2-4 Patience Boon b 1774
-1-1-1-1-1-2-5 Rebecca Boon b 1785 d 1840
-1-1-1-1-1-2-6 Celey Boon b 1787 d 1870
-1-1-1-1-1-2-7 Kinchen Boon b 1790 d 1875 m Margaret Jones b 1788 d 1847 dau of Council Jones and Susanna Denby
-1-1-1-1-1-2-8 Nancy Boon b 1791 d 1805
-1-1-1-1-1-2-9 Patsy Boon b 1793 d 1807
-1-1-1-1-1-2-10 Tabitha Boon b 1797 d 1863

-1-1-1-1-1-2-7-1 Kinchin Augustus Boon b 1818 Tallapoosa AL d 1863 Texarkana AR m Mary Foster b 1831 d 1912 dau of Francis Foster b 1788 d 1839 and ASmey Edwards b 1802 d 1859 grandau of John Foster b 1765 and Martha Wingfield b 1767 hanover Co VA d 1844 Walton GA
-1-1-1-1-1-2-7-1-1 William Augustus Boon b 1847 Troup GA d 1902 Simms Bowie TX m Patricia Ann Permelia Buckhalter b 1848 TN d 1885 Queen City Cass Co TX dau of William Buckhalter and Mary Cagle b 1821 d 1864 grandau of George Cagle and Martha Austin b 1804 d 1850 (there are collateral Austins in the author's Sprigg and Prather as well as Andrews and Harrison pedigrees)
-1-1-1-1-1-2-7-1-1-1 James Boone b 1877 d 1953 m Mattie Day b 1887 d 1980 dau of John Day and Mary Gibson
-1-1-1-1-1-2-7-1-1-1-1 James Boone b 1908 d 1977 m Lola Dent b 1911 d 1999 parents of Jimmie Boone author's DNA match
Bo24-3-1-1-1-1-2 Beatrice Bohun b 1411 Midhurst Sussex d aft 5 Feb 1446 Popham Hampshire
m1 Stephen Popham
m2 1423 in Lancashire William Sandys
-1 William Sandys aka Smythesmith b 1424 Furnesse Fells Lancashire
-2 Margaret Sandes b 1436 Lancashire d 1463 Barrington Gloucester m Richard Bray b 1430 Worcester d 1489 son of Edmund Bray
-3 Elizabeth Popham b c 1439 West Tytherley and Popham d af 1485 Badminton Gloucester m John Barantyne
-4 William Sandys
-5 Oliver Sandys
-6 George Sandys

-3-1 John Barantyne b c 1460 Goldor and Rufford Oxon d 21 Dec 1485 m 1480 Mary Stonor

-3-1-1 Margaret Barantyne b c 1505 Little Haseley Oxon d aft 1559 m by 1523 John Harcourt b c 1500 Stanton Harcourt Oxond 19 Feb 1565 Ellenhall Stafford son of Simon Harcourt and Agnes Darell
-3-1-2 John Brinton

-3-1-1-1 Agnes Harcourt m Knyvet
-3-1-1-2 Simon Harcourt
Bo24-4 Margery de Bohun
m Waleran de Newburgh, 4th Earl of Warwick d c1204
Bo24-5 Margeret de Bohun possibly of this generation
m Henry D'Oyly of Hokenorton
B027-3. Maud de Bohun
Bo28-2 The connection of this line is possibly here or a generation earlier
Enghiler de Bohun a temp William the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087
Bo28-2-1 Savaric de Bohun a temp King Henry I who r. 1100-1135
Bo28-2-2-1 Savaric de Bohun dsp
Bo28-2-2-2 Jeldewin de Bohun
-2-1 Francis de Bohun of Midhurst, b ~1228 d 14 Sep 1273 m FERRERS, Sibyl de b: 1230FERR34 dau of William de FERRERS,  Earl Derby

Sources: BE1883 Bohun, TCP Bohun.
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