Be12 Peter Beverley

     (Be12) Peter Beverley (-)was the son of  Robert Beverley (Be13) and Frances Fairfax (Fa13)
    Baptized 1613 Hull, Yorkshire 
    Married: Susanna Hollis/Hollice b 1634 in Yorkshire, daughter of Robert Hollis 
    Died: 16 Sept 1650 Hull, Yorkshire
    Peter Beverley Be12 and Susanna Hollis had issue:
    Be11-1 Jane Beverley b. 1638/39 possibly married Col John Armistead about 1685
    Be11-2 Phillip Beverley b. 1639/40
    Be11-3 Henry Beverley b. 1640/41
    Be11 Robert Beverley b.1642/43
    Be11-5 Anne Beverley b. 1643/44

    There is a William Beverley listed in the Household of Richard III as Dean of the Chapel. Furthermore, the Beverley Records are a historical source of information on the Yorkshire Rebellions of 1469, from which we conclude the Beverleys were politically connected with the House of York. What the exact functions of generations Be13 to Be15 were under the Tudors and Be16 to Be18 were under Richard III and Edward IV has yet be investigated.