Ra10 Thomas Randall

    Thomas Randall was the son of  Christopher Randall Ra11 and; Johanna wid. Norman (No11) b about 1668 Baltimore Md
    married Hannah Bale (or Beale) daughter of Thomas Bale and Urath Carnall,
    They had children:
    (Ra9-1) Christopher Randall, b. ca. 1708; m. Catherine Larkin. On 20 May 1734 Christopher and Samuel OWINGS (his brother-in-law) agreed to divide "Green Spring". Eight days later Christopher sold 100 acres of his part. Christopher, with his wife Katherine consenting, conveyed "Beale's Purchase" to John MOALE on 5 Dec. 1735. Christopher served as attorney for John BOND of London in 1727/8, and for Mary WOOTON of Exmouth, Devonshire in 1731 and 1732. He is probably the Christopher Randall who with William HAMILTON, Samuel OWINGS, and Nicholas HAILE were named to a commission to build a chapel of ease, St. Thomas Chapel, in 1742. He was Register of that parish in 1744, and a vestryman at St. Thomas Parish in 1741-43, and perhaps also 1771-73.[20] They had the following children:

      Ra9-1-1 Thomas Randall, b. 11 Jan. 1726;
      Ra9-1-2 Bale Randall, b. 1 Aug. 1728 d. 20 Oct. 1728.
      Ra9-1-3 Christopher Randall, 25 Sept. 1729;
      Ra9-1-4 William Randall, b. 18 Aug. 1731; he joined the Baltimore County Committee of Observation in 1775. The purpose of the committee was to maintain order and prevent social unrest in light of the blockade of British goods. The blockade caused a severe inflation of prices in the Baltimore area, and many businesses went into debt. In addition, a percentage of the sale price of all staple products went to the poor people of Boston, who were suffering under the Intolerable Acts. Merchants, professionals and other prominent citizens patrolled the streets of Baltimore and environs to prevent theft, robbery, looting and arson of property. But by August of 1775, prominent citizens, including Charles RIDGELY, William Randall, Ezekiel TOWSON and Stephen CROMWELL, quit the committee. It is not certain whether their political views were too conservative for the Baltimore rebels, or too radical for conservative Governor Eden.[21]
      Ra9-1-5 Rebecca Randall, b. 27 Dec. 1733 presumably d. before 5 Dec. 1738.
      Ra9-1-6 Hannah Randall, b. 27 Oct. 1736
      Ra9-1-7 Rebecca Randall, b. 5 Dec. 1738
      Ra9-1-8 Nicholas Randall, b. 27 Feb. 1740
      Ra9-1-9 Susanna Randall, b. 7 May 1743
      Ra9-1-10 Bale Randall, b. 17 Aug. 1745
      Ra9-1-11 Larkin Randall, b. 10 June 1749[22]

    Ra9 Urath Randall, b. 1 or 22 Jan. 1713/4; d. 15 Dec. 1796; m. 1 Jan. 1729/30 at St. Thomas Parish in Baltimore Co., Samuel Owings.

    Source: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~paxson/southern/bale.html


    Thomas Randall2, the youngest child of Christopher and Johanna, was born about 1684 and died in 1722. He was an infant when his father died. He married Hannah Bale, sometimes spelled Beal or Beall.

    Thomas was listed as a taxable on the South Side of Patapsco Hundred, Baltimore County, in 1706. He and his brother Christopher administered the estate of John GADSBY, their step-father, 20 August 1711.[12]

    Sometime after his father's death the family moved (ca. 1719) to northwest Baltimore County, where the area known as Randallstown preserves their name. Christopher and Thomas opened a tavern on a dirt toll road, which would eventually become Liberty Pike.[13]

    The Randall family was closely connected with the families of Thomas and Anthony Bale, or Beal, Hannah's brothers. Urath Bale named her aunt, Hannah Randall, in her will. Both brothers left real estate to Hannah.[14]

    The area still had some Susquehannock and Shawnee inhabitants. As their lands were encroached, game diminished. They had very different understanding of ownership and use of land and resources, and were blamed for depredations of settler livestock. From time to time they understandably showed hostility to the settlers. In 1695 Fort Garrison was constructed off the Conewago Road. It is a small stone blockhouse, still standing, but surrounded by suburban housing tracts. The road was an Indian trail between Baltimore and Hanover, widened into a wagon road in 1737. Today it is Reisterstown Road.[15]

    Thomas had a number of real estate dealings. On 2 August 1709 John CHRISTIAN conveyed "Christian's Lot" (originally granted in 1696), adjacent to "Expectations", to Thomas Randall. On 13 November 1715 Thomas, with Hannah consenting, conveyed 100 acres of it on the north side of the Patapsco, to William HAMILTON. On 19 February 1711 Thomas conveyed 100 acre "Rich Land" and 140 acre "Addition" to George OGG, again with Hannah consenting. On 27 November 1712 Thomas, with Hannah's consent, conveyed 221 acre "Tom's Choice" to John GILL, carpenter. On 5 November 1717 Anthony BALE conveyed 329 acres, the residue of "Stout", to Thomas Randall. On 20 June 1721 Hill SAVAGE (his wife Eleanor consenting) conveyed 150 acre "Spring Garden" to Thomas Randall and William Parrish with the provision that the Savages "keep harmless" Thomas and William from "a certain testamentary bond" Thomas and William had posted on the estate of Peter BOND of Baltimore County.[16]

    Thomas had died by 16 April 1722 when an administrative bond was made in Baltimore County to settle his estate. It was inventoried 1 August 1722 by Benjamin and John HOWARD. Final value was set at £285.0.10. Hannah filed administration papers 5 October 1723 and 3 June 1726.[17]

    Hannah's will was signed 23 October 1726. She named her two children, her daughter-in-law Catherine, and her brother-in-law Christopher Randall (to whom she left a ring) his wife Ann (CHEW), and his son Roger. The bond to settle her estate was filed 17 June 1727. The estate was inventoried 20 November 1728 and valued at £43.0.7.[18]

    Thomas RANDALL (AFN: 1DGB-GCC)  Pedigree
     Sex:  M Family
     Birth:   Abt 1684
      , Balt, Md
     Death:   9 Mar 1722 , , Maryland
     Father:  Christopher Randall (Ra11)(AFN: WRPH-84)  Family
     Mother:  Johanna Norman (AFN: WRPH-99)
     Spouse:  Hannah BALE (AFN: 1WVJ-WJQ)  Family
     Marriage:  Abt 1707

      Male   Family
     Birth:  About 1684   , Baltimore, Maryland

     Death:  09 MAR 1722

      Spouse:  HANNAH Bale  Family
      Marriage:  About 1707   <, Baltimore, Maryland>