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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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West: West, de la Warr
We21 =25. Thomas West in Swallowcliffe b c 1250 a 1275 presumed father of ...
We20 = 24 Sir Thomas West in Swallowcliffe b 1297 Tisbury Wiltshire d 01.11.1343/4
m before 1321 Eleanor Cantilupe b 1295 Totnes Devon d 27.04.1344 dau of
+1 Sir John Cantilupe of Hempston Cantelupe b 1224 Snitterfield Warwickshire
We19 = 23 Sir Thomas West of Hempston Cantelupe b c 1321, d 03.09.1386
m before 1365 Alice Fitzherbert d before 01.09.1395, dau of Reynold Fitzherbert of Midsomer Norton by Joan Hakluyt, sister/heir of Edmund
We18 = 22 Sir Thomas West of Oakhanger, 1st Lord b 1365, d 17/9.04.1405
m before 02.05.1384 Joan de la Warr d 24.04.1404, (dau of Sir Roger La Warr, 3rd Lord and Eleanor de Mowbray) widow of Ralph De Wilington of Sandhurst, Gloucester d on 16 Aug. 1382 v.p.
We17-1 Sir Thomas West, 2nd Baron West b 1392, dsp 30.09.1416
m before 02.07.1406 Ida de St. Amand b 06.05.1392, d before 06.11.1416, dau of Almarle, 3rd Lord St. Almand
We17 =21 Sir Reginald or Reynold West, 3rd Lord West, 6th Baron de la Warre b 07.09.1395, d 27.08.1450/1
m1 before 17.02.1428/9 Margaret Thorley d before 24.11.1433, dau of Robert Thorley of Tybeste
We20 Sir Richard West, 7th Lord De La Warr b 28.10.1430, d 10.03.1475-6
m before 10.06.1451 Catherine Hungerford d 12.05.1493, dau of Robert Hungerford of Heytesbury, Lord
We19 Thomas West, 8th Lord De La Warr b by 1432, d 11.10.1525
m1 before 24.08.1494 Elizabeth Mortimer d 1536, dau of Hugh Mortimer of Mortimer's Hall by Eleanor, dau of John Cornwall
We18-1 Sir Thomas West, 9th Lord De La Warr dsp 25.09.1554
m before 24.08.1494 Elizabeth Bonville dau of Sir John Bonville of Halnaker
We18-2 Eleanor West
m Sir Edward Guilford or Guildeford
We18-3 Dorothy West br>m Sir Henry Owen of Easebourn
We18-4 Elizabeth West identified in TCP Worcester as the Elizabeth who married ...
m Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester b c 1460, d 15.04.1526
We18-5+ other issue - William dsp, Anne, Margaret
m2 Eleanor Copley dau of Sir Roger Copley of Roughway and/or Gatton
We18-8 Sir Owen West d 10.1551
We18-8-1 Mary West
m1 Sir Adrian Poynings, Governor of Portsmouth d c 1571
m2 Sir Richard Rogers
We18-8-2 Anne West
We18 Sir George West of Warbleton d 1558
m Elizabeth Morton b 1512 Lechlade Gloucestershire d 1554 Warbleton Sussex dau of
+1 Sir Robert/Anthony? Morton of Lechlade
We17 Sir William West, 1st Lord De La Warr b before 1520, d 30.12.1595 This title was a new creation.
m1 before 1555 Elizabeth Strange dau of Thomas Strange of Chesterton
m2 Anne Swift d after 10.1611, dau of Henry Swift of Andover
We17-2 The following comes from Visitation Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, West Lord Delaware.
Sir Thomas West of Testwood, Southamptonshire d 11.08.1622
m x Hotofte
We17-2-1 Mary West
m Sir John Leigh of Couldrey
We17-3 Margaret West
m1/2 Thomas Arundell
It appears that Margaret also married ...
m2/1. Humphrey Clarke of Buckford
We18-10 Leonard West a 1554
m Barbara Gascoigne dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
Not mentioned by any of our sources, but probably of this generation though if so by which marriage is unknown, were ...
We18-11 Catherine West
m Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley b c 1450 d 1491
We18-12 Barbara West of the 2nd marriage ?
m Sir John Guldeford of Hemsted
-1 Catherine Guilford b 1520 Dunstable Bedford m Gyles Long
-2 Sir Thomas Guldeford, of Hempste...
-3 Dorothie Guilford m Walsingham
-4 Henry Guildford
-5 Jane Guildford
-6 George Guildford
-7 Mary Guildford
-8 James Guildford
-9 Anne Guildford
-11 Sir Thomas Guldeford
-10 Elizabeth Guilford m William Cromer
-1-1 John Long b 3 Nov 1560 Dunstable m Marie Willmote b 1560 Kelshall Hertford
-10-1 Dorothy Cromer m c 1519 William Seyliard ?=Suliard
-1-1-1 Alice Long b 1582 St Albans m M Stanton
-1-1-2 Steven Long b 1584 St Albans
-1-1-3 Anna Long b 1588 St Albans m William Newes
-1-1-4 Mary Long b 1590 m Robert King b 1580 IRE d aft 1612 Isle of Wight Co VA son of James Robert King
-1-1-5 Robert Long, of Charlestown
-1-1-6 William Long
-1-1-7 Marie Long m Richardson
-10-1-1 Elizabeth Seyliard m Cornelius Beresford
-10-1-2 Jane Seyliard
-1-1-4-1 Ann King b c 1612 Isle of Wight Co VA d 16 Oct 1687 Orange Co VA m1 William Collins m2 Thomas Wildes
-10-1-1-1 Dorothy Beresford d 23 Jul 1657 York Co Va m John Brodnax
-1-1-4-1-1 Jenny Collins b 1633
-1-1-4-1-2 Catherine Collins b 1633
-1-1-4-1-3 Margaret Collins b 1633
-1-1-4-1-4 John Collins, I b 1640 Isle of Wight Co VA d there 16 Jan 1693 m1 Eleanor Oliver b 2 Jul 1650 Isle of Wight Co VA dau of John Oliver and Ellen + 8 ch m2 x Weeks
-1-1-4-1-5 Ann Collins b 1643
-1-1-4-1-6 James Collins b 1644 m Lucee
-1-1-4-1-7 Josiah Collins b 1645
-1-1-4-1-8 Thomas Collins, I b 1647 Isle of Wight Co VA m Mary Moss
-1-1-4-1-9 Margaret Collins b 1645
-1-1-4-1-10 William Collins b 1649
-10-1-1-1-1 Robert Bradnax m Anne
-1-1-4-1-4-1 Capt Joseph Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-2 William Collins, of Virginia
-1-1-4-1-4-3 Thomas Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-4 George Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5 John Collins b 1666 Isle of Wight Co VA m Mary Wyatt b 1673 Gloucester Co VA dau of Richard Wyatt and Sarah Peyton
-1-1-4-1-4-6 Eleanor Collins b 1683 m William Michael Deloach
-1-1-4-1-4-7 Mary Collins b 1685
-1-1-4-1-4-8 Capt John Collins II bc 1670 m Catherine Oliver
-10-1-1-1-1-1 William Bradnax b 28 Feb 1675 Godersham Kent d 16 Feb 1727 Jamestown Va m 1701 Rebecca Champion

-1-1-4-1-4-5-1 Joseph Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-2 Thomas Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-3 George Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4 John Collins b c 1702 Spotsylvania Co VA m Catherine Crutcher b c 1705 Essex 'Co VA d aft 1745 dau of Thomas Crutcher and Margaret
-1-1-4-1-4-6-1 Thomas DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2 William DeLoach, Jr b 1702 Southwar Paris Surry VA m Judith Wall b 1707 Surry Co VA d 1765 Lynches Creek Kershaw Co SC
-1-1-4-1-4-6-3 Martha de Loach b 1704 m Harmon Hill
-1-1-4-1-4-6-4 Anne DeLoach b 1707 m William D Hill
-1-1-4-1-4-6-5 Francis "Frank" DeLoach b 1710 Isle of Wight Co VA m Charlotte Hart
-1-1-4-1-4-6-6 Averilla DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-7 Elizabeth DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-8 David DeLoach
-10-1-1-1-1-1-1 Edward Broadnax m Mary Brown
-10-1-1-1-1-1-2 William Broadnax b 1705 Jamestown d c 1770 Brunswick Co Va

-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-1 Edmund Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-2 John Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-3 Richard Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-4 Robert Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-5 Ambrose Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-6 Mary Harper
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-7 John Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-5-4-8 Joseph Collins
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-1 Thomas Charles DeLoach, I
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-2 William DeLoach, III
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-3 Elizabeth Allen
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-4 Hardy DeLoach, Sr., R. S.
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-5 Jesse DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-6 Eleanor DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-7 Michael DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-8 Averilla DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-9 Frances DeLoach Nicholson
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-10 David DeLoach b 1752 Craven SC m Rebeckah Baxter b 1767 d 10 Oct 1904 Hampton SC had Issue
-1-1-4-1-4-6-2-11 Mary Jane DeLoach
-1-1-4-1-4-6-4-1 Celia Hill b 1711
-1-1-4-1-4-6-4-2 William D Hill b 1716
-1-1-4-1-4-6-4-3 Anne Hill b 1716
We16-1-2+ 3 sons including Richard, a friar and 2 daughters including Margery, a nun
We16 Margaret West
m Thomas de Echingham of Etchingham Ec15
Ec15 Margaret Echingham b about 1440 m1 William Blount, younger of Mountjoy d after Barnet 1471
m2. Sir John Elrington
Ec15-2 Anne or Elizabeth Echingham b 1460 Ticehurst d 3 Dec 1542
m1. Sir Goddard Oxenbridge
m2 Roger Fynes/Fiennes b 1458 Herstmonceux Castle Hailsham
Bl14-1 John Blount (dsp)
Bl14-2 Edward Blount, 2nd Lord Mountjoy b c1464, d 01.12.1475 m 1475 Anne Cobham (d 26.06.1526, dau of Sir Thomas Cobham)
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount m Sir Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord b 1467, d 30.03.1543
Bl14-4 Anne Blount m1 Sir Thomas Oxenbridge m2 Sir David Owen of Medhurst
Ec14-5 Edward Elrington
Ec14-6 Anne Elrington m. Edward Combes
Ec15-2-1 Sir Thomas Oxenbridge of Echingham ?m Anne Blount Bl14-4
Ec15-2-2 Elizabeth Oxenbridge d 1578 m Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Leighton Bromswall bur 06.1572
Ec15-2-3 Anne Fynes/Fiennes m1 John de Windsor Wi15-5 m2 Sir Goddard Oxenbridge

Wi13-1 Elizabeth Windsor, possibly m George Paulet
Wi13-2 George Windsor
Wi13-3 Eleanor Windsor m1 Ralph le Scrope 9th Lord Scrope of Masham, m2 Sir Edward Neville.
Wi13-4 William Windsor (2nd Baron Windsor of Bradenham)
Wi13-5 Andrew Windsor b. c 1492
Wi13-6 Edmund Windsor b.c 1494 - d. AFT Jan 1553
Wi13-7 Anne Windsor
Wi13 Edith Windsor+ married George Ludlow, Sheriff of Wiltshire, had issue.
Wi13-9 Thomas Windsor
Ec15-2-1-1 Elizabeth Oxenbridge m Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby d 13.11.1581
Lu12-1 Sir Edmund Ludlow  - m. 1st Bridget Coker, dau. of Henry Coker of Maypowder, Dorset. Bur. Sept. 1587, Hill Deverhill, Wilts. m. 2nd Margaret Manning, dau. of Henry Manning and Katherine Kirkener, widow Viscountess Howard of Binden, Wid. of Thomas Howard Viscount Binden,
Lu12 Thomas Ludlow b about 1555 m. Jane Pyle
Lu12-3 Anne Ludlow, married Thomas Hall of London, son of Roger Hall and Margaret, and had a daughter, Helen Hall.
Lu12-4 Margaret Ludlow, m Robert Vaux of Odiham, Hants
Lu12-5 Jane Ludlow, m. Nicholas Bassett son of William Bassett and Cecily Gore
Lu12-6 Mary Ludlow m Hugh Ryley
Lu12-7 Ursula Ludlow, m. 1st Rev. William Earth,
Lu12-8 Philippa Ludlow, m Thomas Zouch, son of Sir John Zouch
Lu11-1 George Ludlow, bapt.7 Sept. 1583 at Dinton, died before 1596.
Lu11 Gabriell Ludlow, bapt. 10 Feb. 1587 at Dinton
Lu11-3 Roger Ludlow, bapt. 1590 at Dinton, admitted to the Inner Temple 28 Jan. 1613, 
Lu11-4 Anne Ludlow, bapt. 1591 at Dinton, bur. 8 July 1613 at Dinton.
Lu11-5 Thomas Ludlow; baptized 3 Mar 1593 at Baverstock,
co. Wilts, England; m. Jane Bennett, daughter of  John Bennett, 1624 at Warminster, co. Wilts, England; d. 1646 at Warminster, co. Wilts, England.  He resided at Warminster, Wiltshire, England. His inventory taken 16 Jun 1646. According to he had a son, Gabriel Ludlow b about 1634 in England d about 1690 and grandson b about 1634 emigrated to NY and d. there in 1736.
Lu11-6 George Ludlow, bapt. 1596 at Dinton, acquired 1/16th share of the Mayflower, emigrated to Virginia
Lu10-1 Gabriel Ludlow, bapt at Warminster 13 Aug. 1622, admitted to the Inner Temple 13 June 1638, killed at the Battle of Newbury in 1644
Lu10-2 Lt. Col. Thomas Ludlow bapt 1 Nov. 1624 (? mentioned in Jane Ludlow's (Wa11) Will proved 6 July 1650). Thomas apparently died in Virginia before 1661.
Lu10-3 Francis Ludlow, bapt. Warminster 10 Sept. 1626, living at Maiden Bradley in 1666, issue.
Lu10-4 Anne Ludlow, bapt. at Warminster 4 Dec. 1628
Lu10-5 Elizabeth Ludlow, baptized 18 Oct. 1632 at Maiden Bradley
Lu10-6 John Ludlow, b. about 1634 mentioned in Jane Pyle Ludlow's Py11 Will proved 6 July 1650. Lived in Virginia, d before 15 Sept. 1664.
Lu10 Sarah Ludlow b c 1635 m c 1656 Col John Carter, mentioned in Jane Pyle Ludlow's Py11 Will proved 6 July 1650
Ct9-4 Sarah Carter
Ct9-5 Charles Carter
Ct9 Robert "King" Carter (1663 - 1732) m1 1688 to Judith Armistead Ar9 + 9 ch dau of John Armistead Arl0 and Judith Bowles Robinson Ro10 m2 Elizabeth Landon bap 17 May 1683 d 1719
Ct8 Elizabeth Carter b 1688. d c 1731.
m1 Nathaniel Burwell, son of Lewis Burwell and Abigail Smith Ba11-2-6-1 m2 Dr. George Nicholas Ni8
Ct8-2 John CARTER of Shirley b 1690 d 30 Apr 1743,
m 1723 Cecily Elizabeth Hill b 1703 inherited 'Shirley Plantation' on the James River in Va, dau of Edward Hill III and Elizabeth Williams (dau of Sir Thomas Williams of Wales), granddau of Edward Hill II b. 1637 and. Tabitha Scarburgh b 1696, gr granddau of Col. Edward Hill b about 1610 m 1656 Hannah Jordan b about 1620 d 1663
Ct8-3 Judith CARTER b 1693 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 1700 in Rosewell
Ct8-4 Sarah CARTER b 1694 in Of, Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia d in 1694
Ct8-5 Judith Carter b c 1700 m Mann Page Honorable b 1691 in Rosewell, Gloucester, Co Va d 24 JAN 1729/30 in Rosewell son of Matthew Page b 1659 in Williamsburg, Virginia d 26 Jul 1718 and Mary Mann b 1672 in Virginia, he m1 10 Jul 1712 Judith Wormeley, dau of Col. Ralph Wormeley and Elizabeth Armistead
Ct8-6 Charles CARTER b about 1699 d y
Ct8-7 Anne CARTER b c 1700 d on 12 Aug 1745 m Benjamin Harrison of Virginia
Ct8-8 Lucy CARTER d 1763, King George Co. m1 1730, Lancaster Co Col. Henry Fitzhugh of Eagle's Nest Kg Geo Co b 1706 d 6 Dec 1742 son of William Fitzhugh and Ann Lee m2 1748 Nathaniel Harrison b ca 1701 Surry Co d 1 Oct 1781 Prince George Co son of Col. Nathaniel Harrison of "Wakefield", Reciever Gen. of Virginia b 8 Apr 1677, Surry Co and Mary Cary b 1678, Surry Co
Ct8-9 Mary CARTER b 1712 in Corotoman, King & Queen Co. VA d 17 Sep 1736/?49 in Newington, King & Queen Co. VA m 16 Jan 1732 in Corotoman George Braxton Jr b 1712 in Chericoke VA
Ct8-10 Robert CARTER b 1704 at Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 12 May 1732 in Nomini, Westmoreland Co Va, m Priscilla Bladen Churchill b Christ Church, Middlesex Va d 1763 Gloucester Co Va dau of Col. William Churchill and Elizabeth Armistead
Ct8-11 Col Charles CARTER b 1707 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia or Cleves, King George Co d in 1764 in VA m1 1728 Mary Walker b c 1710 d 1742 + 4 ch dau of Joseph Walker and Sarah Berkeley m2 Anne Byrd b 5 Feb 1724 dau of William E Byrd and Maria Taylor + 5/?8 ch m3 1762 Lucy Taliaferro + 1 ch
Ct8-12 George CARTER b c 1709 Corotoman, Lancaster, VA d unm
Ct8-13 Landon CARTER b 1713 d in 1778 m1 Elizabeth Wormeley b 1713 in Middlesex Co Va + 4 ch dau of John Wormeley b 1686 in Middlesex Co Va and Elizabeth Tayloe b 26 JUL 1686 in Middlesex Va m2 Maria Byrd b 6 JAN 1726/27 + 1 ch dau of William E. Byrd II b 28 MAR 1674 in near Williamsburg, Va and Maria Taylor b 10 NOV 1698 in London, England m3 1746 Elizabeth Beale b 8 JUN 1711 in Anne Arundel Co Md + 1 ch dau of John Beale b ABT 1687 and Elizabeth Norwood b BEF 1695 sis of Capt William Beale
Ct8-14 Ludlow CARTER b 1714 Corotoman, Lancaster, VA
Ct8-15 Sarah CARTER b c 1715 Corotoman, Lancaster VA d y
Ct8-16 Betty CARTER b c 1716 Corotoman, Lancaster VA
We16-3 Anne West
m Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone
We16-4 Mary West possibly of this generation
m Sir Roger Lewknor
We16-5 John WEST of Waith b ABT 1432, Snitterfield, Warwickshire
m2 Eleanor Neville
-1 Richard WEST of Stainborough
m2 before 19.11.1443 Elizabeth Greyndour d 01.09.1452, dau of Robert Greyndour of Micheldean and Abenhall
We16-5 Mary (Anne) WEST 7. Elizabeth WEST 8. Mary WEST (b. ABT 1447) 9. Catherine WEST (b. ABT 1449
We18-2 Eleanor WEST b about 1340, Snitterfield, Warwickshire, England
m ABT 1352 in Snitterfeld Sir Nicholas de CLIFTON b about 1340
+1 Sir William de Clifton b about 1310 d c 1365
m Margaret Sherburne
+2 Sir William de Clifton b about 1270 d c 1323
m Ailine x
+3 Henry de Clifton b about 1250
We18-2-1 Sir Thomas de Clifton of Clifton b about 1365 a 1415
m Agnes Molyneux dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton
-1 a son
-2 Richard de Clifton of Clifton b about 1395 a 1442
m1 Alice Butler dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe
-1-1 James de Clifton of Clifton b about 1425 d 1495
m 1457 Alice Laurence b about 1439 dau of James Laurence of Ashton

Sources: BP1934 De La Warr, TCP West, TCP De La Warr
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