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Hoo 1: Hoo of Hoo
Ho29 =30 =31, Robert, lord of Hoo b 970 Luton Bedford d there 26 Oct/21 Jun 1000
m Anne ?Evans dau of John, Lord Griffth of Wales

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Ho28 =29 =30 Thomas, lord of Hoo b 998 Luton Bedford d there 1043
m Agnes/Annys d 19 Oct 1048, dau of Sir William Wawton/Walton
Ho27 =28 =29 Robert, lord of Hoo b 1042 d 23 Feb 1128/9
m Wilmott/Milicina de Malmayes b about 1094 in Malmaynes Hall, Upper Stoke, d 24 Nov1148, dau of John Malmaynes of Normandy
Ho26 =27 =28 Robert, lord of Hoo b about 1114 in Litchum, Mitford, d 01.08.1166 ? seems unlikely considering the lower dates, probably another Robert inbetween
m Rosamond b about 1140 d 1191, dau of Thomas, Lord Chelron/Chiveron
Ho25 =26 =27 Alexander, lord of Hoo b about 1166 in Litcham, Mitford, d 8 Mar 1246 on the Ilse of Rhodes. Crusader
m Dernell/Darvogilda Canmor b about 1215, dau of Alexander II, King of Scots b about 1198 reigned 1214 - 1249, and unknown
Ho24 =25 =26 Robert, lord of Hoo b about 1240
m Beatrice de Andeville
Ho23 =24 =25 Robert, lord of Hoo b about 1238 d 09.05.1310
m Beatrix b about 1270 d 28.05.1314, dau of Alexander, lord of Andevill in Normandy
The above all comes from Visitation. We have doubts about its reliabilty. BE1883 starts with the following Robert albeit without identifying the wives of the next 2 generations. TCP Hoo supports the following descent.
Ho22 =23 =24 Robert de Hoo of Hoo, Knebbeworth, etc.b about 1275 Litcham d by 1345 Luton Hoo Bedford - continued below
m Hawise FitzWarin d 02 Sep 1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin
HOOS MANOR or HOO LAND or HOLAND appears to have consisted of two tenements, each of a carucate in extent, belonging to the Hoo family; one in Wheathampstead, which was eventually included with the Lamer property, and the other in Harpenden, which belongs to the Rothamsted estate. Robert de Hoo received a grant of free warren over his lands in Harpenden in 1292, fn. 96 and we find that Sir Robert de Hoo succeeded to these tenements on the death of John de Hoo in 1302, fn. 97 conveying them, two years later, to Alexander his son. fn. 98 In 1337 Sir Thomas de Hoo, son of Alexander, received a grant of free warren over his lands in Wheathampstead. fn. 99 The carucate, which eventually went with the Lamer estate, passed in the main line of the Hoo family till it came to Thomas, Lord Hoo, and went by his daughter and co-heir, Eleanor, wife of Sir James Carew, to the Carews of Beddington, fn. 100 from which time it followed the same descent as the manor of Lamer. The other carucate was sold, it would seem, by Sir Thomas de Hoo, in 1405, to Stephen Spelman, mercer of London, fn. 101 and in 1461 Thomas Wynter conveyed it, as formerly belonging to Stephen Spelman, to Thomas Tyrrell. fn. 102 Later it seems to have passed to the family of Eden, and was sold by Richard Eden, in 1540, to Edmund Bardolph, and so followed the descent of the manor of Rothamsted. fn. 103 From: 'Wheathampstead with Harpenden: Manors', A History of the County of Hertford: volume 2 1908, pp. 297-309. URL: Date accessed: 14 June 2010.
Ho22 =23 =24 Robert de Hoo of Hoo, Knebbeworth, etc. b c 1285 d by 1339 1342?, possibly 01 Nov1311 - continued above
m Hawise FitzWarin b by 1283 d 02 Sep 1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin
Ho21 =23 Sir Thomas Hoo of Hoo b c 1315 d 28 Sep 1380
m by 16 Jun 1335 Isabel or Elizabeth St. Leger b c 1315 d 22 Jul 1393 dau of Sir John St.Leger
Ho20 =22 Sir William Hoo of Hoo b c 1337 Litcham Norfolkd 22 Nov 1410 Mulburton York, 2nd son
m Alice St. Maur/St Omer d 10 Oct 1456, dau of Sir Thomas St. Maur, or St. Omer, by Pernel Jane, dau of Nicholas Malmayns of Ockley BE1883 shows that Thomas, son of Sir William and Alice, was the Thomas who became Lord of Hoo and Hastings and married Elizabeth Felton then Elizabeth Wichingham. TCP and Visitation show that that was his grandson Thomas, providing an intervening generation ...
Ho19 =21. Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc. b c 1420 d 23.08.1420
m1 by 02.1394/5 Eleanor Felton dau of Sir Thomas de Felton
Visitation appears to confuse the marriages over this and the next generation. Except as noted below, we follow TCP.
Ho18 =20 Sir Thomas Hoo of Luton Hoo, etc., Lord Hoo of Hoo and Hastings b about 1396 d 13.02.1454/5 interred together in the Dacre Tomb at Herstmonceux All Saints Church in Sussex.
m1 Elizabeth Wychingham dau of Nicholas Wynchingham of Wynchingham
Ho19 Anne Hoo b by 1425
m Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London d 1471
Bo18-1 Elizabeth Alice Boleyn m Sir John Fortescue of Punsburn not Saldon
Bo18-2 Isabella Boleyn d 1485 m William Cheney
Bo18-3 Alice Boleyn m John Clere of Ormesby
Bo18 Anne Boleyn or Bullen m Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorpe
Bo18-5 Thomas Boleyn b 1445, d 1471
Bo18=19 Sir William Boleyn of Blickling b 1451, d 10.10.1505 m Margaret Butler dau of Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde of de Bohun descent, ancestors in common with George Washington.
Bo18-7 Cecily Boleyn

He17 Dorothy Heydon
Bo17-1 Sir Thomas Boleyn of Blickling and Hever, Viscount Rochford, Earl of Wiltshire, Earl of Ormond b 1477, d 12.03.1538/9 m c 1500 Elizabeth Howard d 03.04.1538, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk
Bo17-2 Margaret Anne? Boleyn m 1512 Sir John Sackville of Buckhurst b 1492, d 05.10.1557
Bo17=18 Alice Boleyn m Robert Clere
Bo17-4 Jane Boleyn
Bo17-5 Anne Boleyn m1 Sir John Shelton 'Tudor' shows Anne's 2nd husband as Sir Thomas Calthorpe, and her sister Jane as having married Sir Philip Calthorpe, but the Calthorpe records show Anne or Amy as having married ... m2 Sir Phillip Calthorpe
Bo17-6 Edward Boleyn had issue m Anne Tempest
Bo17-7 Sir James Boleyn d 05.12.1561 m Elizabeth Wood
Bo17-8 Sir William Boleyn d 1571
Bo17-9 John Boleyn d 1484
Bo17-10 Anthony Boleyn

Br16 Elizabeth Brooke
Br16-3 George BROOKE (4th Baron Cobham)
Br16-4 Margaret BROOKE
Br16-5 Thomas BROOKE
Br16-6 William BROOKE
Br16-7 John BROOKE
Br16-8 Fayth BROOKE
Br16-9 Phillippa BROOKE
Cl18-2 Sir John Clere of Ormesby a 1557, Vice Admiral m Anne Tirell bur 14.05.1576, dau of Sir Thomas Tirrell or Tyrrell of Gipping
Cl18=17< Elizabeth Clere m Sir Robert Peyton of Iselham d 1518
Cl18-4 Dorothy Clere m Robert Cotton d 18.07.1519
m2 Eleanor Welles dau of Lionel Welles, Lord Welles
Ho19-2 Anne/Jane Hoo b 1447 Litcham Mitford Norfolk
m Sir Roger Copley b 1460, Gatton Surrey d 10.05.1536, Broadwater Sussex
-1 Eleanor COPLEY b 1460, Gatton Surrey d 10.05.1536, Broadwater Sussex
Ho19-3 Eleanor Hoo b c 1448
m1 Thomas Echingham dsp
m2 by 1468 Sir James Carew of Beddington son of Nicholas Carew and Margaret Fiennes b c 1415 d c 1466 -1 Sir Richard Carew b c 1470 d 1520 Sheriff of Surrey m Mary Oxenbridge -1-1 Nicholas Carew
-1-2 Margaret Carew b c 1506 d c 1541 m Sir John St John b c 1500 d c 1559 son of Sir John St John b c 147 d 1512 andJoan Iwardby d 1549
-1-2-1 Nicholas St John of Lidiard Tergoze d 1589 m Elizabeth Blount of Mapledurham
-1-2-1-1 Eleanor ST. JOHN m Thomas Cave of Stanford son Sir Roger Cave of Stanford d 1586 and Margaret Cecil/Cyssel
-1-2-1-2 Sir John ST. JOHN of Lydiard Tregoz d 11 Sep 1594 m Lucy Hungerford
-1-2-1-3 Elizabeth ST. JOHN m Sir Richard St George
-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Cave of Stanford b c 1594 d c 1664 m Elizabeth Croft dau of Sir Herbert Croft of Croft Castle d 1622 and Mary Bourne d by 1659
-1-2-1-1-2 Margaret Cave m1 John Wynne m2 Thomas Wenman m3 Hugh Pennant
-1-2-1-2-1 Lucy ST. JOHN
-1-2-1-2-2 Barbara ST. JOHN
-1-2-1-2-3 Sir John ST. JOHN
-1-2-1-3-1 Vice Admiral George ST. GEORGE b 1583 d 1660 Galway m Katherine Gifford
-1-2-1-3-2 Henry ST. GEORGE
-1-2-1-3-3 Capt Richard ST. GEORGE
-1-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas Cave 1st Baronet b c 1622 d 1677 m Penelope Wenman
-1-2-1-1-1-2 Dorothy Cave b 1619 London m Rowland Berkeley of Cotheridge son of William Berkeley of Cotheridge b 1592 d 1658 and Margaret Chettle d 1649
-1-2-1-3-1-1 Oliver ST. GEORGE 1st Baronet
-1-2-1-3-1-2 Mary ST. GEORGE b Carrickdrumrusk d 1701 Kilkenny IRE Richard Coote 1st Baronet Coloony
-1-2-1-3-1-3 Eleanor ST. GEORGE

-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Roger Cave 2nd Baronet d 1703 m Mary Bromley
-1-2-1-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Berkeley m Henry Green son of Richard Green of Wyklin and Elizabeth Smith
-1-2-1-3-1-2-1 Mary Coote m William Stewart 1st Viscount Mountjoy
-1-2-1-3-1-2-2 Letitia Coote d 1729 m Robert Molesworth 1st Viscount

-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Eleanor Cave d 1734 m Holland Egerton 4th Baronet
-1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1 Maria Rebecca Green m John Craven of Whitley
-1-2-1-3-1-2-1-1 Mary Stewart b c 1677 d c 1765 m1 George Forbes 3rd Earl of Granard m2?3 Archibald Preston
-1-2-1-3-1-2-2-1 John Molesworth 2nd Viscount
-1-2-1-3-1-2-2-3 Richard Molesworth 3rd Viscount m1 Mary Jenny Ussher + >3 ch m2 Jane Lucas
Ho19-4 Elizabeth Hoo b c 1450
m1 Thomas Massingberd
m2 Sir John Devenish of Hellingleigh
m2 Elizabeth Etchingham dau of William de Etchingham
Ho18 =20. Thomas Hoo b between 1415 and 1440 dsp or dspm 08 Oct 1486 interred together with half-brother in the Dacre Tomb at Herstmonceux All Saints Church in Sussex. >TCP reports that this Thomas either dsp or dspm. However, Visitation which reports that he died in 1480 shows him with the following family. Some caution with this connection is recommended. It is possible that it is not exact but 'not far off': for example, it is possible that Thomas had a daughter whose husband or son took the name Hoo and was one of the undermentioned Thomases.
m x Norwood
Ho17 =19 Thomas Hoo of Hoo b c 1445 d 20.03.1516
m Maude Bardolph dau of Edmond Bardolph
Ho16 =18 Thomas Hoo of Hoo< b c 1485 d 11 Jun 1551
m x Newnham dau of John Newman or Newnham of Hatfield possibly Dorthy Norwood daughter of John de Norwood and Elizabeth Elton
Ho15-1 Thomas Hoo of Hoo b c 1540
m Lucy Brockett sister of Sir John Brockett
Ho15-1-1 Thomas or Nicholas Hoo of Hoo b c 1575 Visitation ends with this generation. It is a presumption that Thomas or his younger brother Nicholas was father of the following William whose family details come from BEB1841 Bickley of Attleborough.
Ho15-1-1-1? William Hoo of the Hoo b c 1605 possibly of this generation
m Mary Bickley dau of Sir Francis Bickley, 1st Bart of Attleburgh
-1 Thomas Hoo of the Hoo dsp
-2 Susannah Hoo bap 26 Dec 1639, d 11 Jun 1673
m 01.05.1655 Sir Jonathan Keate, 1st Bart of The Hoo d 1700
BEB1841 reports that Susannah was "in a direct line from the Lord of Hastings and Hoo, of whose famiy she was the heir general, and the sole inheritrix of those ancient posessions that remained to the barony; the Lord, her ancestor ...". Note that we do not show Susannah as a direct descendant of Lord Hoo but of his half-brother.
Ho17-1-2 Margaret Hoo
m George Asden
Ho15-1-3 Grace Hoo
m Francis Markham
Ho15-1-4 Nicholas/?Thomas Hoo b c 1550
Ho15-1-4-1? possibly here was:
-1 y Hoo b c 1580
Ho15-1-4-1-1 Rice Hooe b c 1610
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1 Rice Hooe II b c 1635
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1 Col Rice Hooe III b c 1660 James City Co VA d 4/17/1726 King George Co VA m b c 1670 Stafford Co VA d 1698
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1 Howson Hooe Sr b 2/1695 Stafford Co d 1780 King George Co
m Anne Frances Harris b 1703 Stafford Co
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Howson Hooe b 26 SEP 1726 Stafford Co d bef 5 SEP 1796 m Mary Elizabeth Dade b 11 Jun 1727 d 1809 dau of Henry Dade b c 1705 and Elizabeth Massey b c 1705 -1 Henry Dade Hooe b 9 JUN 1747 Stafford Co d 17 AUG 1806 m Jane Fitzhugh
-2 Robert Howson Hooe b 22 NOV 1748 Prince William Co d 24 MAY 1832 m Mary Waugh b 1761 Stafford Co dau of Richard Waugh b 1732 d 3 Jul 1805
-3 Anne Hooe b 1754 Stafford Co d 1833 m John Rowzee Peyton
-4 Elizabeth Hooe b 29 JAN 1765 Prince William Co d 3 SEP 1850 m John Wallace
-5 Mary Hooe b 12 JUN 1772 m Thomas Wallace

-2-1 Rice Hooe b 1784 Prince William Co Va d 28 MAR 1874 m Elizabeth Hansbrough
-2-2 Mary Dade Hooe b c 1788 Prince William Co Va d 18 SEP 1872 m Daniel Fitzhugh Hooe
-2-3 Howson Hooe b 1792 Prince William Co Va d 20 APR 1873 m Catherine Clary McLean
-2-4 John Hooe b 14 OCT 1793 Prince William Co Va d 8 JUN 1873 Hooe Hansbrough
-2-5 Sallie F Hooe b c 1801 Prince William Co Va d 13 JAN 1901
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-2 John Hooe b 23 FEB 1727 St Pauls Parish King George Co d 16 MAY 1798 m Anne Fowke
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-3 Harris Hooe b 1 JAN 1735 Stafford Co
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-4 Anne Hooe b 12/07/1738 Stafford Co
m Smallwood Maddocks
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-5 Bernard Hooe b 30 OCT 1739 King George Co d 28 AUG 1825
m1 Elizabeth Thacker
m2 Margaret Pratt b c 1740 VA + 1 ch
-1 Lucy Hooe b 11 FEB 1775 Westmoreland Co VA
m 21 Apr 1793 Pr Wm Co VA Ariss Buckner b 25 AUG 1771 in Westmoreland Co Va
-1-1 Margaret E Buckner< b c 1796 Prince William CoVA, d 15 AUG 1836 m1 James Clark m2 George Washington Thornton b 1796 VA d 26 Sep 1824 VAS son of Col John Spotswood Thornton b 1738 d 20 Jan 1822 and Jane Augusta Washington b Apr 1756 d Oct 1833
-1-2 Caroline Rebecca Buckner b t 1810 Lexington KY d 1844 m Hon. Montgomery Blair b 10 MAY 1813 in Franklin Co KY
-1-3 Bernard Hooe Buckner b c 1809 in Va m 21 MAR 1836 Frances 'Fanny' Higginbotham b 19 NOV 1818 in Va
-1-4 Spencer Ariss Buckner b c 1820 aft 1880 m 3 MAR 1868 Helen Stuart Fitzhugh b c 1832 in Va d after 1880 dAu of Dr Alexander Fitzhugh b 1786 in Va and Eliza Gibbs Clare b in Va
-1-1-1 Jane Augusta Washington Thornton b 9 OCT 1824 Culpeper Co d 6 MAR 1887 m Sen James Burnie Beck b 13 Feb 1822 Dumfriesshire d 3 May 1890 Edu Translsylvania U Lexington KY
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Blair b 25 APR 1841 in St. Louis, Missouri
-1-3-1 Daniel Buckner b 1837 in Va
-1-3-2 Bernard Hooe Buckner b 1852 in Washington Co MS
-1-4-1 Lucy Buckner b MAY 1870
-1-4-2 Mary M. Buckner b 1873
-1-4-3 John S. Buckner b 1874
-1-1-1-1 Margaret Beck b 30 JUN 1849 Lexington d 27 DEC 1871 m James Wilson Corcoran
-1-1-1-2 Bettie Beck b 27 NOV 1853 Lexington d 18 OCT 1912 m Green Clay Goodloe
-1-1-1-3 George Washington Thornton Beck b 28 JUN 1856 Lexington d 1 DEC 1943 m Daisy M. Sorrenson
Ho15-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-6 William Hooe b 9 SEP 1743 King George Co d 1809 -1 Frances Ann Hooe b 1762 VA d 1853 m Peter Hansbrough b 11 OCT 1769 Culpeper Co d 15 OCT 1843 son of Peter Hansborough b 12 Jun 1744 d 15 Oct 1822 and Eleanor Minor b 15 Jan 1742 d 12 Mar 1812 -1-1 Elizabeth Hansbrough b c 1800 Culpeper Co d bef 1850 m Rice Hooe
-1-2 Virginia Hooe Hansbrough b 1805 Culpeper Co d10 NOV 1881 m John Hooe
Ho15-1-5 Jane Hoo
Ho15-1-6 Thomasin Hoo
Ho15 =17 Anne Hoo b c 1515 bur 30 Oct 1575
m Thomas Reade of Abingdon b c 1510 bur 27.04.1556
Ho15-3 Dorothy Hoo
m William Cater of Uffington son of John Cater of Letcombe Regis in the county of Berkshire, gentleman, married Margaret daughter of John Audlet of Woburn in the county of Buckinghamshire
-1 William Cater, his eldest son and heir m Alice daughter of Thomas Morris of Great Coxwell Berkshire, esq
-2 Thomas Cater, second son
-3 Dorothy, died without issue
-1-1 Francis Cater, his eldest son and heir apparent
-1-2 Anne Cater
-1-3 Mary Cater
Ho15-4 Margaret Hoo
m Nicholas Brockett
Ho19-2? Possibly of this generation was:
Robert? Hoo of Luton Hoo/?Hessett b c 1400 (There may be either some confusion or intermarriage with the descents Cecily Hoo s.b.)
Ho21-2-1 John Hoo of Hessett Suffolk b c 1450 Hessett d there 1486
m Katherine Tylly b c 1454 Hessett Suffolk
+1 Reynold Tylly b c 1428
Ho21-2-1-1 John Hoo of Hessett b c 1480
m x Bacon
Ho21-2-1-1-1 Walter Hoo b c 1530 Hessett d there 4 Jan 1589
m Agnes Lockwood b c 1530 d 8 May 1586 dau of Robert Lockwood and Margery Sherman
-1-1-1-1 Joane/Joan Hoo b c 1560 Tynsworth Southwick Northumberland d 28 Feb 1692 Lynn Essex Co MA
m Phillipe Newgate
-1-1-1-1-1 John Newgate
-1-1-1-1-2 Audrey Newgate
-1-1-1-1-3 Adrianne Newdigate
-1-1-1-1-4 Joseph Newgate
-1-1-1-1-5 Maria Newdigate
-1-1-1-1-6 Robert Newgate
-1-1-1-1-7 Mary Margaret Newgate
m Thomas Townsend b 8 Jan 1594 Bracon-Ash Norwich Norfolk d 22 DEc 1677 Lynn Essex Co MA (The dates for children sown by are not entirely plausible.)
-1-1-1-1-7-1 Mary Townsend b c May 1610 Lancashire
m Robert Stith b 1606 Kirkham Parish d 1654 Charles City Co VA
-1 Major John Drury Stith, I
-2 Dorothy Stith b c 1634 Kg Wm Co VA d c 1660 Southampton VA m1 Otho Thorpe m2 Capt Samuel Fenn

-2-1 Sarah Fenn b 22 Mar 1660 Kg Wm Co VA m1 Col Thomas Bray m2 Lt Col Thomas Claiborne MP b 17 Aug 1647 Romancoke, New Kent Co VA d 7 Oct 1683 King William Co VA Killed by Indians.

-2-1-1 Agnes Frances Claiborne m y West
-2-1-2 Capt. Thomas Claiborne, Jr.
-2-1-3 Elizabeth Claiborne m Sullivan
-2-1-4 John Claiborne
-2-1-5 Mary Claiborne m Craddock
-2-1-6 Sarah Claiborne m Thompson
-1-1-1-1-7-2 John Townsend
-1-1-1-1-7-3 Amy Townsend, Twin
-1-1-1-1-7-4 Thomas Townsend, Jr.
-1-1-1-1-7-5 Samuel Townsend, Sr.
-1-1-1-1-7-6 Andrew Townsend
-1-1-1-1-7-5 John Townsend, I
-1-1-1-1-7-8 Richard Townsend
-1-1-1-1-7-9 Elizabeth Townsend m Merriam
-1-1-1-1-7-10 Elizabeth Townsend b c 1577?/37 Tenterden Kent d c 1637?/87 Southwell Nottingham
m1 Samuel Meriam
m2 Henry Ballard
-1-1-1-1-7-11 Henry Townsend Sr
Ho21-2-1-1-1-2 John Hoo
Ho21-2-1-1-1-3 Jeremy Hoo
Ho21-2-1-1-1-6 Agnes Hoo
m Hunt
Ho21-2-1-1-2+ other issue: Edmund Hoo, William Hoo, Henry Hoo, John Hoo and Robert Hoo
Ho22-2. Joan Hoo d 30.05.1394 possibly of this generation
m before 27.04.1371 Henry Ferrers, 4th Lord of Groby b 16.02.1355/6, d 03.02.1387/8
Ho22-3.+ other issue - Thomas dvp?, Robert
Ho21 =22 Cecily Hoo probably of this generation b about 1320
m John Bacon of Hessett >II
-1 Sir John Bacon of Hessett III b about 1340 m Helena Giddin -1-1 John Bacon of Hessett IV b about 1360 m Helen Tillot (dau of Sir George Tillot of Rougham, in Norfolk)
-1-2 Nicholas Bacon
-1-1-1 John Bacon of Hessett V b 1376 Drinkstone Suffolk d 1453 Suffolk m Margery Thorpe (dau and heir of John Thorpe of Quaplod)
-1-1-2 William Bacon m Isabel Shelton
-1-1-1-1 Sir Edmund Bacon of Drinkstone b about 1400 d 1470 m Elizabeth Crofts b about 1405 d 1453 (dau of Thomas Crofts and Susan Polley) The geographics suggest that there was possibly a daughter of this generation
-1-1-1-2? x Bacon m
Robert? Hoo b c 1400
-1-1-1-1-1 John Bacon of Drinkstone and Helmingham b about 1420 will proved 1453 m Agnes Cockfield dau of Sir Thomas Cockfield/Cokefield -1-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Bacon of Drinkstone and Hessett (b c 1438 d 1548)
m c 1478 Isabel/Isabella Cage dau of John Cage of Pakenham/Perkenham, Suffolk
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas or John Bacon of Helmingham (b c 1440 d 28.02.1535
m Joan or Johanna Wade b 1484 Helmington Suffolk d 1540
-1-1-1-1-1-3 John Bacon of Helmingham b 1505 Helmington d 19 Mar 1557 Suffolk
m 1530 Helmington Margaret Hall b 1512 Suffolk dau of William Hall and Elizabeth Dyneley

Sources: Visitation Berkshire, 1532+1566+1623+1665-6, Reade of Barton, TCP Hoo, BE1883 Hoo of Hoo and Hastings
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