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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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FitzThomas 1>: FitzThomas/FitzGerald of Desmond, FitzGerald of Dromana, FitzGerald of The Decies
Thomas FitzMaurice, Lord of Decies b 04.1261, d 04.06.1298
Although we show the family name of this family as FitzThomas, they often took the family name FitzGerald.
m Margaret Berkeley dau of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, by Joan Ferrers
1. Thomas FitzThomas b c02.04.1290, dsp before 02.04.1305
2. Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Earl of Desmond b 1393, d 25.01.1355-6
m1 05/06.08.1312 Katherine/Margaret de Burgh dsp c01.11.1331, dau of Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster
m2 Margaret O'Brien dau of Connor O'Brien of Thomond
m3. before 20.04.1344 Eleanor/Aveline FitzMaurice dau of Nicholas FitzMaurice, 3rd Lord of Kerry
Except to exclude his first wife, who died before the eldest son was born - although BE1883 FitzGerald of Desmond shows her as his mother - it is not known which of Maurice's wives bore his children.
A. Maurice FitzMaurice FitzThomas, 2nd Earl of Desmond b 31.07.1336, dsp before 05.06.1388
m 1350 Beatrice de Stafford dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
B. Nicholas FitzMaurice b c1338, "an idiot"
C. Gerald FitzMaurice FitzThomas, 3rd Earl of Desmond d 1398
m after 20.07.1359 Alianore Butler d 1392/1404, dau of James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond
i. Sir John FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Desmond d 04.03.1399-1400
m Joan dau of Lord Fermoy
a. Thomas FitzJohn , 5th Earl of Desmond b c1385, dsp bur 10.08.1240
ii. James FitzGerald FitzThomas, 6th Earl of Desmond d 1462-3
m Mary d 1435, dau of Ulick mac Rickard Burk
Fi16. Thomas FitzJames FitzThomas, 7th Earl of Desmond d 1468
m Ellice Barry dau of William Barry, 8th lord of Barrymore
Fi15-1 James FitzThomas, 8th Earl of Desmond b c1448, dspm 07.12.1487
m Margaret O'Brien dau of Toirdhealbhagh or Teihe or Turlough Bog 'the Soft' O'Brien, King of Thomond
A Joan FitzThomas
m Maurice Roche, 2nd Lord of Fermoy
Fi15 Maurice FitzThomas 'the lame', 9th Earl of Desmond d 1520
m1 Ellen Roche dau of Maurice Roche, 2nd Lord of Fermoy
m2 Honor FitzGibbon dau of John FitzGibbon, 'the white knight'
Uncertain who was the mother of ...
Fi14 James FitzMaurice FitzThomas, 10th Earl of Desmond dspm 18.06.1529
m Amy O'Brien d before 1537, dau of Toirdhealbhach O'Brien, Bishop of Kildare d 1525
Fi13 Joan FitzThomas
m1 James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormonde, 2nd Earl of Ossory d 28.10.1546
m2 Sir Francis Bryan, Lord Justice of Ireland d 02.02.1549-50 -1 Sir Francis Bryan in Claire b 1549 Francis Bryan II held large estates in County Clare
m Ann Smith dau of Sir William Smith
-1-1 William Smith Bryan in Claire d 1667, to Virginia He seems to have been Irish through and through. His followers dubbed him "Prince William of Irland" and during the Puritan rebellion he attempted to gain the throne of Ireland, and was deported by Cromwell in 1650. WILLIAM SMITH BRYAN, from whom the American family descends, was together with his family and possessions, exiled to the Virginia Colony for anti-English insurgent activities. The final 't' ('BRYANT') was added to the name at the time of the American Revolutionary War. Both died in Gloucester, Va. m Catherine Morgan b 1603/4 Co Claire/Clare Ireland. Co or Tredegar Monmouth Wales d 1 Jun 1680 Gloucester Va dau of Thomas Morgan b 1560 Llaurhynmy Monsmouth Wales d 1647 Prior and Catherine Herbert b about 1564 Cogan Pell Glamorgans Wales d 1604 and granddau of Nicholas Herbert and Mary Morgan -1-1-1? Dr. Richard or Thomas Bryant (b about 1640, d 1704/4 in Stafford Co. Virginia. As a medical doctor by profession, his social status would seem to fit in this family and there were other close relatives of this family in Virginia too at this time. mKeziah Arroyah Ja10 b c 1642 daughter of Wahanganoche Ja11 and ?Mary, granddaughter of Pocahontas
m3 1550-1 Sir Gerald 'the Rebel' FitzThomas, 14th Earl of Desmond b c1533, d 11.11.1583 below
Fi13-2 Honora FitzGerald or FitzThomas
m Pierce Butler, 'Pierce na Buile' Wild Peter, of Grallagh d 11.01.1571
Fi14-2 Thomas FitzGerald d before 18.06.1529
m Margaret Butler a 08.1542, dau of Piers Butler, Earl of Ormonde and Ossory
Fi14-3 Ellice FitzThomas
m Conchobar Conor O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1540
Fi15-3 Thomas FitzThomas, 11th Earl of Desmond b 1454, d 1534
m1 Shela/Gille MacCarthy a 1505, dau of Cormac Laidir McTeige MacCarthy, Lord of Muskerry, by Mary, dau of Edmond Fitzmaurice of Kerry & Lixnaw
A Maurice FitzThomas of Desmond dvp 1529
m Joan dau of John Maurice FitzGibbon, 'the white knight'
i James FitzThomas, 12th Earl of Desmond dspm 19.03.1539-40
m Mary MacCarthy dau of Comac Oge MacCarthy, Lord of Muskerry
m2 Catherine FitzGerald b c1509, d 1604 - see see 1below
Fi15-4 Sir John FitzThomas
A Sir John FitzJohn FitzThomas of Decies
m More or Maud dau of Donogh O'Brien of Carrigogunnell
i son
ii James FitzJohn FitzThomas, 13th Earl of Desmond d 14.10.1558
According to TCP Desmond, James repudiated his first marriage, and declared his issue by that marriage to be illegitimate, on the grounds of consanguinity, Joan being shown as daughter of Maurice Roche, 6th Lord, Eleanor, daughter of James's younger brother Maurice. TCP specifically reports that this made her his grand-niece. BE1883 FitzGerald of Desmond disagrees and identifies her as daughter of 'Maurice the Mad' 4th Lord Fermoy, with consanguinity also being the reason for the repudiation as a cousin. The dates make that seem much more likely so we follow BE1883 as to her identity. Whatever his relationship with his first wife, the repudiation of the marriage not only upset the Roche family but also led to disputes between his descendants as to who was the 'real' Earl.
m1 div Joan Roche dau of Maurice 'the Mad' Roche, 4th Lord, Viscount Fermoy
a Sir Thomas 'the Red' FitzThomas, '14th Earl of Desmond' d 18.01.1595
m ?? Roche dau of David Roche, Viscount Fermoy
1 James FitzThomas, '15th Earl of Desmond' bur 28.04.1607
m1 1585 Margaret Power dau of John Power, Baron le Power
m2 Ellen Butler dau of Piers Butler
2 John FitzThomas, '16th Earl of Desmond' a 1615
m dau of Richard Comerford of Dangenmore
A Gerald FitzThomas, '17th Earl of Desmond' d unm 1632
m2 before 1533 More O'Connell d 1548, dau of Sir Maolrony O'Connell, Lord of Ely O'Connell @2@ below
b Sir Gerald 'the Rebel' FitzThomas, 14th Earl of Desmond b c1533, d 11.11.1583
He was attainted for rebellion in 1582 and was stripped of his title.
m1 1550-1 Joan FitzThomas dau of James FitzThomas, 10th Earl of Desmond @3@ above
m2 before 11.01.1567-8 Eleanor Butler d 1636, dau of Edmund Butler, Baron Dunboyne
1 James FitzThomas, Baron Inchiquin, 15th Earl of Desmond b c1571, d unm before 11.11.1601
His title was restored.
2 Catherine FitzThomas
m1 sp? Maurice Roche, 6th Lord, Viscount of Fermoy d 24.10.1600
m2 Daniel O'Brien, 1st Viscount of Clare b by 1582, d c1666
c Eleanor/Ellice FitzThomas
m John Power, Baron le Power b c1529/30, d 08.11.1592
d Honora FitzThomas Fitzgeraldapparently of this generation, of this marriage
m Donald McCarty More, Earl of Clancare d before 12.02.1596/7
m3. before 02.1549-50 Catherine Butler d 17.03.1552-3, dau of Piers Butler, Earl of Ossory and Ormond
m4. 1553 Eveleen MacCarthy dau of Donald MacCarthy
iii Sir Maurice FitzThomas
a Eleanor FitzThomas
m before 1566 Maurice Roche, 6th Lord Viscount of Fermoy d 24.10.1600
iv Catherine FitzThomas or FitzGerald
m Sir William Bourke, 1st Lord of Castle Connell d 1584
Fi15-5 Ellen FitzThomas
m Turloug O'Brien, Captain of Thomond
A Margery O'Brien
m Sir Maolrony O'Connell, Lord of Ely O'Connell
i More O'Connell d 1548
m before 1533 James FitzThomas, 13th Earl of Desmond d 14.10.1558 @2@ above
b. Gerald Mor FitzJames FitzGerald
m Margaret Burke dau of MacRichard Burke
1 John FitzGerald of Dromana, Lord of the Decies d 17.04.1533
m Ellen dau of John Maurice FitzGibbon, 'the white knight'
A Gerald FitzJohn FitzGerald of Dromana, Lord of the Decies d 1553
m Ellice Butler dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde
i Sir Maurice FitzGerald of Dromana, Viscount of Decies dsp 28.12.1572
m Ellen FitzThomas dau of John FitzThomas, Earl of Desmond
ii Sir James FitzGerald of Dromana, Lord of the Decies d 16.12.1581
m c1572 Ellen Carty dau of MacCarty Reagh
a Gerald FitzGerald of Dromana dsp
m Honora Barry dau of David Barry, Lord
iii Gerald FitzGerald of Ballihenni d 01.05.1599/1609
m Ellinor Butler dau of John Butler of Derryloskan
a Sir John FitzGerald of Dromana d before 26.05.1608
m Ellen Fitzgibbon dau of Maurice Fitzgibbon, the white knight
1 Sir John FitzGerald of Dromana d 01.03.1626
m Elinor Butler dau of James Butler, Lord Dunboyne
A Sir Gerald FitzGerald of Dromana d 06.08.1643
m Mabel Digby dau of Sir Robert Digby
i Sir John FitzGerald of Dromana d 01.03.1664
m1 Catherine d 22.08.1660, dau of John, Lord Poer
a Catharine FitzGerald
m1 20.05.1673, annulled John Power, 2nd Earl of Tyrone b c1665, dsp 14.10.1693
m2 1677 Edward Villiers dvp 1693, Brig. General
m2 Helen MacCarthy dau of Donogh MacCarthy, Earl of Clancartay
ii Lettice FitzGerald
m Richard Franklyn of Coolbagh
iii daughter
m Thomas Walsh of Piltown
B Margaret FitzGerald
m _ Roche
C Giles FitzGerald
m John Power of Kilmeadon
D+ other issue - John, Maurice, Ellen, Mary
2 Catharine FitzGerald
m James Predergast Prendergast of Newcastle, Tipperaray dsp 12.12.1627
3 Ellinor FitzGerald
m James Butler of Nodstown
4 Anne FitzGerald
m Tibbot Butler
5 Mary FitzGerald d by 09.1678
m Patrick Courcy, 20th Lord Kinsale or Kingsale d 1663
6 Ellen FitzGerald
m1 Gerald de Courcy, 19th Lord of Kinsale dspm c1642
m2 Randall Hurley of Beallana Carigy
7 Ellice FitzGerald
m1 Thomas, Lord Cahir
m2 before 19.03.1629 Sir Thomas Esmonde, Bart
iv Mary FitzGerald
m Sir Oliver Grace of Leagan Castle d c1580
B Catherine FitzGerald b c1509, d 1604
m Thomas FitzThomas, 11th Earl of Desmond b 1454, d 1534 - see see 1above
2 Maurice FitzGerald 3rd son
m Anne FitzGerald dau of Gerald FitzGerald, son of Kildare
A daughters
3 daughter possibly of this generation
m Sir Piers Poer of Curraghmore
4+ other issue - Gerald, Thomas
c. Joan FitzThomas d 1486
m Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare, Chancellor of Ireland d 25.03.1477
d. Honora FitzThomas
m Thomas FitzMaurice, 8th Lord of Kerry d 1469
iii. Joan FitzGerald
m Maurice FitzMaurice, 6th Lord of Kerry d 1398
iv. Ellice FitzGerald
m John Barry, 7th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant d c1420
D. John FitzMaurice
E. Anne Fitzgerald or FitzMaurice
m Sir Maurice Dillon of Drumrany

1 TCP Desmond.
2 For FitzGerald of Dromana - BE1883 Villiers of Grandison
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