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Paston 1: Paston of Appleton, Paston of Barningham, Paston of Oxnead, Paston of Paston, Paston of Yarmouth
BEB1841 reports that this family is said to have settled in England "immediately after the Conquest".
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Pa33. Wolstane or Wolstan or William de Paston, Norfolk
Pa32. Wolstane or William Paston of Paston b ~1070
Pa31. Robert or Rafe Paston of Paston b c 1100
Pa30 Walter or Richard Paston of Paston b about 1130
m x Glanvile
Pa29. Robert Paston of Paston b about1170
Pa28=26 Edmund Paston of Paston b about 1210 Visitation does not identify Edmund's wife but the book used as the Main Source for the Glanville family shows Edmund as married to the following Matilda. However that Glanville book shows Edmund as son of Richard son of Wulstan apparently missing out some generations, if Visitation is to be believed and shows Edmund & Matilda as parents of both the following Walter and the Clement shown by Visitation as Walter's son. We provisionally follow Visitation but note that there may be some errors here.
m Matilda de Glanville dau of William de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton
Pa27 =25 =24 Walter Paston of Paston b about 1250
m Cicely Peach b about 1310, possibly of the Pecche family dau of Symon Peache
Pa26=24 Clement Paston b about 1290
m Cicely Leech dau of William Leech
Pa25=23 William Paston of Paston b about 1320
m Elizabeth Staleham dau of Nicholas Staleham
Pa24=22 Clement Paston of Paston b about 1350
m Beatrix Somerton dau of John Somerton
Pa23=21 William Paston of Paston b c1378, d 1444, judge - continued below
m Agnes Berry dau of Sir Edmund Berry or Barrey
Pa24-2 Elizabeth Paston
m John Walsam
Pa24-3 Margery Paston
m John George
2 Clement Paston
b. John Paston
ii. Nicholas Paston
Pa25=24=23=21=18.William Paston of Paston b c1378, d 14.08.1444, judge - continued above
m Agnes Berry dau of Sir Edmund Berry/Barrey/Barre by Alice, dau of Sir John Gerbridge by Elizabeth
John Paston of Paston b c1421, d 1466
m Margaret Mawtby dau of John Mawtby by Margaret, dau of John Barney of Redham
Pa21-1 Sir John Paston of Paston & Oxnead dsp 15.11.1479, 1st of that name
Note that there is some confusion on the allocation of children between this John's father and his father. However, both BEB1841 & Visitation show that there were 2 Johns in this generation.
Pa21=23=24 Sir John Paston of Paston & Oxnead d 1503, 2nd of that name
m Margery Brews dau of Sir Thomas Brews of Hinton Hall
Pa20=22=23 Sir William Paston of Paston & Oxnead d 1554
m Bridget Heydon dau of Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorp
Pa22=21 Erasmus Paston dvp 1539
m Mary Wyndham dau of Sir Thomas Wyndham of Felbrigge
Pa20 Sir William Paston of Paston
m Frances Clere dau of Sir Thomas Clere of Stokesby
Pa19-1 Christopher Paston of Paston
m Anne Audley dau of Philip Audley or Audeley of Pargrave
i Sir Edmund Paston of Paston b c1584, d 1632
m Catherine Knevet d 1628, dau of Sir Thomas Knevet or Knevitt of Ashwellthorp
a Sir William Paston, Sheriff of Norfolk, 1st Bart of Paston & Oxnead d 22.02.1652
m1 Catherine Bertie d 1636,dau of Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey
1 Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth b 29.05.1631, d 08.03.1682
m c1650 Rebecca Clayton d 16.02.1693/4, dau of Sir Jasper Clayton of London by Mary, dau of William Thompson of Tynemouth Castle
A William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth b 1653/4, d 25.12.1732
m1 17.07.1672 Charlotte Jemima Maria Boyle b c1650, d 28.07.1684, natural dau of King Charles II
i Charles Paston b 29.05.1673, dvp 15.12.1718, Brigadier General
m Elizabeth Pitt
a Elizabeth Paston a 04.1724
ii William Paston dvp, Captain RN
iii Charlotte Paston
m1 Thomas Herne of Heveringland
m2 _Weldon Major
iv Rebecca Paston
m Sir John Holland of Quidenham, Bart
m2 10.03.1686/7, sp Elizabeth North b 1649/50, d 23.01.1730, dau of Dudley North, Lord North, widow of Sir Robert Wiseman
B Robert Paston
m1 Hester Mainwaring
m2 Anne Harbord dau of Philip Harbord of Besthorp
i Ann Paston presumed of this marriage
C Jasper Paston
m _ widow of Sir Palmes Fairborn
D Thomas Paston d 1693, Colonel
m Dorothy Darcy dau of Edward Darcy
i Robert Paston Captain RN
ii Rebecca Paston
m Sir Stafford Fairborn Admiral
E Margaret Paston
m Hieronimo Alberton de Conti "a German"
m2 _ Hewet sister of Sir William Hewet
ii Bridget Paston
m John Heveningham
Pa19-4 Owlstan Paston dsp
Pa19-5 John Paston
m Ann Moulton
Pa19-6 Sir Thomas Paston
i Edward Paston
Pa19-7 Elenor Alianore Paston
m John Echingham or Itchingham of Suffolk
Pa19-8 Anne Paston bur 02.08.1637
m1 Sir George Chaworth
m2 1591 Sir Nicholas L'Estrange d 15.12.1591
m3. 07.04.1606 Sir Anthony Cope b 1549, bur 23.07.1615
Pa19-7 Frances Paston
m Thomas Grose or Greayan
Pa19 Gertrude Paston
m Sir William Read of Orsterley, Middlesex
Pa22-2 John Paston of Huntingfield Hall, Suffolk 3rd son
m1/2. ??
m2/1. Ann Moulton dau of Christopher Moulton
1 Bridget Paston
m Sir Edward Coke b 1549, d 03.09.1633, Lord Chief Justice
2 Elizabeth Paston
m Ambrose Jermyn or Germain brother of Sir Robert
Pa22 Sir Thomas Paston
m Ann Leigh dau of John Leigh of Stockwell
The following comes from Visitation Norfolk, 1664, Paston.
Pa21 Edward/Edmond Paston of Appleton, Norfolk d before 06.05.1630
m Margaret Berney b c1566, d before 06.03.1640-1, dau of Sir Henry not Richard Berney of Reedham
A Thomas Paston d before 1623
m Mary Browne dau of Sir George Browne of Bepton
i Clement Paston of Barningham d before 07.04.1663
m 1654/6 Dorothy Plumpton d 1662, dau of John Plumpton of Plumpton
a Edward Paston of Barningham
m1 Margaret Eyre b c1666, d 1689, dau of Thomas Eyre of Hassop
1+ issue
m2 1692 Jane Frampton dau of Richard Frampton of Morton
2+ other issue
b Mary Paston d 20.01.1672 probably of this generation
Either there were two Marys or at least one of the dates shown here is wrong or Mary divorced one of her husbands as the following dates look wrong.
m1/2. Sir John Savile, Bart of Copley b c1640, d 1689
m2/1. Richard Towneley of Towneley b 1628, d 06.01.1706-7
c Anne Paston bur 13.03.1693 probably of this generation
m Sir Rowland Stanley, 2nd Bart of Hooton and Stourton bpt 06.1653, d 05.07.1737
B William Paston of Appleton, Sheriff of Norfolk d before 04.05.1655
m Agnes Everard b 1602/3, d 11.04.1676, dau of William Everard of Lynsted
i William Paston of Appleton d before 1673
m Mary Lawson dau of James Lawson of Brooke or Brough
a William Paston
Visitation ends with this William, identifying him as ancestor of Pastons of Horton, Wiltshire.
1 William Paston of Norton possibly of this generation
m Mary Chichester dau of Giles Chichester of Arlington
2 John Paston of Appleton possibly of this generation
m 1694 Frances Tichborne b c1668, dau of Sir Henry Tichborne, 3rd Bart of Tichborne
3 Anna Maria Paston possibly of this generation
m George Throckmorton dvp 30.08.1767, son of Bart of Coughton
b+ other issue - John, Mary
ii Dorothy Paston
m Wiliam Stanford
iii Mary Paston
m Francis Bedingfield of Bedingfield
iv+ other issue - Edward, Margaret, Frances
C Ann Paston
m Sir Henry Waldegrave, Bart b 1598, d 10.10.1658
D+ other issue - Clement dsp before 06.03.1609-10, John dsp before 21.05.1655, Edward, Wolstan, Mary, Katherine
Pa21-2 Henry Paston d before 1630
Pa21-3 Katherine Paston
m Sir Henry Newton
Pa22-4 Clement Paston of Oxnead dsp 1599
m Agnes Pakington
Pa22-5 Eleanor Paston d 1550
m Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland d 20.09.1543
Pa22-6 Anne Paston
m Sir Thomas Tindale of Hockwold
Pa22-7 Elizabeth Paston
m Sir Francis Leak or Leeke of Derbyshire
Pa22-8 Mary Paston
m Sir John Chaworth of Wyverton
Pa22-9 Margaret Paston
m John Leeke or Leak of Worsopp brother of Sir Francis
Pa22-10 Bridget Paston
m _ Carre
Pa22-11+ other issue - Henry, Margery nun
Pa20-2 Philip Paston
m Anne Giggs dau of Robert Giggs or Guggs of Sparham, relict of John Blakeney
Pa20-3 Dorothy Paston
Pa20 Elizabeth Paston
m1 William Clere of Ormesby
m2 Sir John Fineux or Fyneux Lord Chief Justice
Pa20-5 Philippa Paston
m Andrew Ogard
The following are shown by BEB1841 as children of William but by Visitation as children of William's son John. Other than to report that he was son of Judge William, BE1883 starts with John, showing him as married to Margaret Mantby having John and "several other children" then Anne Beaufort having Sir William "inter alios". Following cross-references from elsewhere and noting the dates, we suggest the following allocation but stress that it is not certain.
Pa16. Sir William Paston
m Anne Beaufort dau of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset continued her father's tradition of horse breeding.
Pa15-1 William Paston dsp
Pa15=18 Anne Paston continued her mother's tradition of horse breeding as did her daughter Mary Talbot
m Sir Gilbert Talbot d 22.10.1542
Pa15-3 Elizabeth Paston continued her mother's tradition of horse breeding as did her son Henry Savile.
m Sir John Savill of Thornhill
Pa15-4 Mary Paston b 19.01.1469/70, d 1489 apparently of this generation
m Ralph Nevill dvp 1498, son of Earl of Westmorland
Pa19 Anne Paston
m William Yelverton a 1474
Pa22-2. Elizabeth Paston
m1 Robert Poynings d 17.02.1460/1, son of Lord Robert
We presume that this was the Elizabeth, wrongly described by BEB1841 Browne of Beechworth as widow of Richard, Lord Poynings, who also married ...
m2 Sir George Browne of Beechworth Castle d 1483
Pa22-3. Margery Paston uncertain on what generation she belonged to
m Robert Colle or Call
Pa22-4.+ other issue - Edmund, Walter
Pa22-6? Gertrude Paston
m William Reade d c 1466 son of Edmund Reade b c 1397 d 1430 Christina James d 1435
-1 Thomas Read of Barton Court
-2? Sir Thomas REade of Boresall

1 Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston
2 BEB1841 Paston of Oxnead, BE1883 Paston of Yarmouth, Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston
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