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Thornhill 1: Thornhill of Thornhill Yorkshire
1 A number of families in England have the name Thornhill spelled variously but it seems likely that they are not all connected with there having been at least 2 roots - one in Yorkshire and the other in Devon. The family shown on this page was originally in Yorkshire. BLG1886 McCreagh-Thornhill of Stanton, which reported on a branch in Derbyshire, mentioned that "The pedigree deduces the descent from Gerneber, a noble Saxon, who, it is therein recorded, possessed, before the Conquest, large tracts of land in the co. of York".
2 The Visitation of 1563-4 starts with Enfulsus father of Jordan father of Enfulsus temp Richard I shown as father of Jordan father of Richard father of John father of Richard father of John father of Brian father of Simon father of the heiress Elizabeth. Dugdale's Visitation in 1666 starts with Ascelphus de Thornhill, father of John, Jordan & Thomas, and shows John as father of John father of Richard father of John father of Brian father of John father of Brian father of Brian father of Brian father of Simon father of the heiress Elizabeth. We presume that Ascelphus was the same person as the 2nd Elfulsus mentioned by the earlier Visitation. BLG1886 starts with John father of Richard father of John father of Brian father of Simon father of Elizabeth. This supports the 1563-4 Visitation rather than the 1666 one. However, BLG1952 does not mention the early main line at all. We view the following as somewhat presumptuous, following BLG1886 and the earlier Visitation but presuming that Dugdale found out a bit more on the earliest generation but duplicated some Brians in the intermediate generations. To evidence this presumption and our doubts, we show these early generations in italics.
Th30. Enfulsus "qui erat apud Conquestum" b about 1050
Th29. Jordan b about 1100
Th28 Ascelphus de Thornhill b about 1150 a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199
Th27 John Thornhill b about 1185
Th26 John Thornhill b about 1210
Th25 Richard Thornhill of Thornhill, Yorkshire b about 1235 d 1287
Th24 Sir John Thornhill of Thornhill presumed to have been the first mentioned by BLG1886
Th23 Sir Richard Thornhill b about 1260
m Mawde sister of Bryan, son of Alwynus de Bedall
Th22 Sir John Thornhill of Thornhill b about 1285
Visitation 1563-4 shows John married to a dau of Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough and his son Brian as married to a Jone. BLG1886 identifies Joan Fitzwilliam as wife of ...
Th21 Sir Brian Thornhill of Thornhill b about 1310
m Joan FitzWilliam dau of Sir John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough
Th20 Sir Simon Thornhill of Thornhill b about 1335
m Mary Bapthorpe dau of Edward Bapthorpe of Bapthorpe
Th19 Elizabeth Thornhill b about 1360
m Henry Savile of Thornhill
Th20-2 Thomas Thornhill a 1338, 1374
Visitation 1563-4 shows a Thomas, married to Margaret widow of _ Lacy, as 2 generations earlier. BLG1886 shows him as 2nd son of Sir Brian by Joan Fitzwilliam. Thomas is the first mentioned by BLG1952 Thornhill of Didington which identifies him as "of the family of Thornhill, of Thornhill".
m Margaret Lacy dau of _ Lacy of Cromwelbothorn
i Richard Thornhill of Fixby
m Margaret Tothill dau/heir of William Tothill of Fixby
Th20-3 daughter
m _ Dransfield of West Braden
Th22-2 Brian Thornhill parson of Bedall
Th23-2 Sara Thornhill
m Sir Richard Tankersley son of Sir Henry by _ Poyntvyn son of Henry by dau of Robert Poynttye son of Dolphyn de Tankersley
a Henry Tankersley dsp
b Johanna Tankersley
m Sir Hugh Eland d c1309
c Ales Tankersley
m Richard Tyas
Th27-2+ other issue - Jordan, Thomas

Sources: Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Thornhill, Visitation Yorkshire, Dugdale 1666, Thornhill of Flixby, BLG1886 Thornhill of Diddington
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