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Arundell 1

: Arundell of Lanherne, Arundell of Lambourn, Arundell of Treloy <>
Whilst reporting that he was descended from the Roger de Arundel who was alive in 1086, the article in BP1934 starts with the Ralph who was Sheriff of Cornwall in 1260. BP1934 then disagrees with Burke's Commoners over the next few generations. These facts combine to suggest that there is some uncertainty with the earlier generations. Where BP1934 and Burke's Commoners disagree with each other, we follow BP1934.
Ar31. Roger de Arundel a 1086
Ar30 Gilbert de Arundel
m Rosamund de Navant
Ar29 Richard de Arundel a 1161
m Juliana
Ar28 Reinfrid de Arundel
m Alice de Butler
Ar27 Sir Reinfrid de Arundel a 1231
Burke's Commoners reports that this was the Reinfried who married Alice de Lanherne but BP1934 suggests that he was a later generation see below.
Ar26 Sir Humphrey de Arundel
m Joan Umphraville
Ar25 Sir Ralph de Arundell of Treloy, Sheriff of Cornwall a 1260
BP1934 starts with this Sir Ralph and disagrees with Burke's Commoners over the next few generations as shown below. BP 1934 does not identify Sir Ralph's wife but Burke's Commoners reports that he married Eve Roche dau of Sir Richard de Roche of Roche. We suspect that this was the same person as Eva de Rupe whom we show below as Sir Ralph's daughter-in-law.
Ar24 Sir Renfred de Arundell a 1260
Burke's Commoners suggests that Renfred Renifrich's wife was called Margaret Trombleigh. BP1934 identifies her as ...
m Eva de Rupe dau of Richard de Rupe of Tremodrud
Burke's Commoners suggests that Renfred Renifrich's son and heir was Sir John of Lanherne who married Joan, daughter of John de la Brere, and was succeeded by the John who married Elizabeth Carminow. BP1934 shows the next few generations as follows:
Ar23 Renfred de Arundell
m Alice de Lanhern dau of John de Lanhern of Lanhern
Ar22 John de Arundell of Treloy a 07.1279
m Joan le Sor dau of John le Sor
Ar21 Sir John de Arundell of Lanherne a 1334 - continued below
m Isabella de la Bere dau of John de la Bere of Talvern
Ar23-2 Odo de Arundell
Ar21. Sir John de Arundell of Lanherne a 1334 - continued above
m Isabella de la Bere dau of John de la Bere of Talvern
Ar20 Sir John de Arundell of Lanherne
m1 1334-5 Elizabeth Carminow d 1363, dau of Sir Oliver Carminow, Chamberlain
Ar19 Sir John Arundell of Lanherne d before 1377
m Joan Luscote dau of Sir William Luscote or Lustock
Ar18 Sir John Arundell of Lanherne b 1367, d 07.01.1434-5
m Eleanor Lamborne dau of Sir William Lamborne of Lamborne
Ar17-1 Sir John Arundell of Lanherne
m1 sp Elizabeth Rochford
m2 Margaret Burgersh dau of Sir John Burgersh
1 Sir John Arundell of Lanherne b 9 Jun 1421 Bideford Devon d 12 Nov 1473 Vale de Lanherne Cornwall
m1 Elizabeth Morley dau of Thomas Morley, 5th Lord
A Anne Arundell
m Sir James Tyrell of Gippling d 06.05.1502
m2 c 1451 Katherine Chideocke dau of Sir John Chideocke of Chideocke and Caundle
B Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanherne d 10.1485
m Catherine Dynham Dy16-1 dau of Sir John Dynham, 6th Lord Dy17
C Catherine Arundell
m1 Sir William Courtenay
m2 John Mayle of Eastwell
D Elizabeth Arundell d 1500
m Giles Daubeney, 6th/1st Lord d 28.05.1507
E Thomasine Arundell
m Henry Marney, 1st Lord b 1457, d 24.15.1523
F Margaret Arundell
m Sir William Capell, Lord Mayor of London d 1515
G Ellen or Emma Arundell
m Ralph Coplestone
H Dorothy Arundell
m Sir Henry Strangways
I Jane Arundell
Ar17-2 Sir Thomas Arundell of Lanhadron d 24.06.1443
Burke's Commoners identifies Thomas, second son of Sir John of Lanherne by Eleanor Lamborne, as being the ancestor of the Arundells of Trerice, etc., identifying him as 'of Kenelhelwas' and as having married Mary, daughter of Durnford of Durnford. However, BP1934 shows Thomas as of Lanhadron and as ancestor of the Arundells of Tolverne. We suspect that Burke's Commoners is mistaken and show the Arundells of Trerice separately on 'Arundell3'.
m1 Margery Archdeacon dsp 1420, dau of Sir Warine Archdeacon
m2 Elizabeth Paulet d 1477, dau of Sir Thomas Paulet of Hinton St. John
1 Sir John Arundell of Tolverne had issue
Ar17 Sir Humphrey Arundell = Sir Renfray or Reymfrey Arundell of Lambourn
BHO Magna Britannia vol 3, Otterham confirms that Sir Humphrey is the same person as Sir Renfray who inherited Lambourn. The following is supported by Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623 & Miscellaneous, Whittington.
m c1421 Joan Colshull d 1497, dau/heir of Sir John Colshull or Coleshull, sister/heir of Sir John, m2. John Nanfant, m3. Sir William Houghton
Ar16-1 Sir Humphrey or Remfrey Arundell, Sheriff of Cornwall a 1462
m Anne Ogard dau of Sir Andrew Ogard or Hogard
A Sir Edmund Arundell ' of Lambourn' dsp 27.11.1503
m Joan Walgrave
B Anne Arundell dsp?
m John Croker
Ar16-2 John Arundell, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, then Exeter d 1503mentioned by BP1934
BHO identifies Sir Renfray's daughter Elizabeth as the eventual heiress of Lambourn which passed into the Whittington family, later into the St. Aubyn family, reporting that she married Thomas Whittington then Edward Stradling. Visitation reported that there were 2 Elizabeths who married as follows:
Ar16 Elizabeth Arundell
m1 William Whittington
m2 _ Brome
A Constance Brome
m John Marrow
Ar16-4 Elizabeth Arundell
m Edmond Stradling
BHO suggests that it was Elizabeth's daughter by Edward who married Sir John Danvers but Visitation shows as follows:
A Sir John Stradling 'of Dantsey'
m Alice Langford
i Anne Stradling sister/heir of Edward?
m John Danvers
Visitation shows that they had a son Thomas father of Silvester. This confirms which John Danvers he was.
m2 Isabella de Multon dau of Sir Thomas de Multon

Sources: BP1934 Arundell of Wardour, Commoners vol i, 'Arundel of Trerice'.
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