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Pilkington 1: Pilkington of Bradley, Pilkington of Pilkington, Pilkington of Rivington, Pilkington of Sowerby
, Wotton started his article on this family with reference to a Leonard Pilkington of Pilkington Tower a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135 who has been identified as the progenitor of several families who took the name Pilkington. We have seen reference also to a Leonard or Alexander who was alive temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189 who may or may not have been the same person. VCH Lancashire mentions that "The first of the local family known is Alexander de Pilkington, who appears about 1200". We provisionally start with ...
Pi26. Leonard de Pilkington, Lancashire, presumed father or grandfather of ...
Pi25. Alexander de Pilkington of Pilkington a 1200, 1231, probably father of ...
Pi24. Roger de Pilkington of Pilkington a 1242, probably father of ...
Pi23. Alexander de Pilkington of Pilkington a 1282
m Alice de Chetham sister/coheir of Sir Geoffrey de Chetham of Chetham & Crompton
Pi22 Sir Roger de Pilkington of Pilkington a 1291, d c1322
Pi21 Roger de Pilkington of Pilkington d c1347
m Alice de Bury sister./heir of Henry de Bury of Bury
Pi20 Sir Roger de Pilkington of Pilkington d 1407
Pi19 Sir John de Pilkington of Pilkington d 16.02.1420/1
m before 26.08.1383 Margaret de Verdon dau/heir of Sir John de Verdon, widow of Hugh de Bradshagh
Pi18-1 Sir John Pilkington of Pilkington b c1397, dsp 1451
Pi18-2 Edmund Pilkington of Stagenhoe, Hertfordshire a 1438
m ? Elizabeth Booth b about 1404 dau of Thomas Booth and Katherine Assheton b about 1372
1 Sir Thomas Pilkington of Pilkington & Bury, Sheriff of Lancashire d 1487, Thomas supported Richard III and had various lands confiscated by Henry VII. Attaintted after the Battle of Bosworth Field and executed after the Battle of Stoke.
A Roger Pilkington of Brisingham & Clipston, 'of Pilkington' b c 1468 probably the same that...
m Alice Savage b c 1468 dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton dvp Boloine b c 1448 and Dorothy Vernon b c 1452 (dau of Sir Ralph Vernon and Elizabeth Norris )
i Margaret Pilkington, probably of this generation
m Thomas Pudsey
ii daughter, probably of this generation
m Edward Saltmarshe of Saltmarshe b 1485, d 1548
iii Jane Pilkington, possibly of this family, of this generation
m John Danyell of Daresbury
iv+ 3 other daughters
2 Elizabeth Pilkington, probably of this generation
m Sir William Harrington of Wolfage d 12.08.1487
3 Margaret Pilkington, possibly of this family, of this generation
m Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell
Pi18-3 Robert Pilkington of Sowerby & Chevet Hall in Wakefield, Yorkshire
Pi18-3-1 Sir John Pilkington of Wakefield & Sowerby, Sheriff of Lancashire d 09.12.1479
m 1462 Jane Balderston d 1497-8, dau of William Balderston by Margaret Stanley
Pi18-3-1-1 Edward Pilkington dsp
p. Elizabeth Lever of Darcy Lever
Pi18-3-1-2 Robert Pilkington of Chevet Hall in Wakefield
m1 Alice Burell dau of James Burell
m2 Alice Bernard dau/heir of William Bernard of Knaresborough
Pi18-3-1-2-1 Arthur Pilkington of Bradley Abbey
Pi18-3-1-2-1-1 Thomas Pilkington of Stanley & Nether Bradley d 1565-6, Bowbearer to Queen Elizabeth
m Barbara Rereseby dau of Lionel Reresby of Thribergh
Pi18-3-1-2-1-2 Johanna Pilkington, probably of this generation
m Roger Beaumont dvp c1518
Pi18-3-1-2-13 Elizabeth Pilkington, probably of this generation
m Christopher Mirfield of Tong Hall d 1557
Pi18-3-1-2-2 Christina Pilkington, possibly of this family, of this generation
m Richard Radclyffe of Todmorden d 13.06.1502
Pi18 Margaret Pilkington, thought to be of this family, of this generation
m1 Nicholas Griffin
-1 Nicholas Griffin of Braybrooke, Sheriff of Northamptonshire b 05.06.1426, d 06.06.1482, 2nd son TCP Latimer identifies Nicholas and his successors as de jure Lords Latimer "according to modern doctrine". As such title was not claimed, and is not mentioned by BE1883, we henceforth ignore that title.
m1 Catherine Curzon dau of Richard Curzon
-1-1 John Griffin of Braybrooke b by 1454, d 26.09.1485
m Emmote Wheathill d before 06.1498, dau of Richard Wheathill of Calais
-1-1-1 Sir Nicholas Griffin of Braybrooke, Sheriff of Northamptonshire b c 1476, d 15.05.1509
m1 Anne Throgmorton dau of Sir Thomas Throgmorton m2 Alice Thornburgh dau of John Thornburgh BE1883 does not mention Sir Nicholas's first marriage, which is given in TCP, so it is presumed that his children were by his second marriage.
-1-1-1-1 Sir Thomas Griffin of Braybrooke, Sheriff of Northamptonshire b by 1496, d 27.08.1566
m Jane Newton dau of Richard Newton of Weeke
-1-1-1-2 Sir Edward Griffin 'of Gumley & Walkerley' Attorney General b c 1520 m1 Elizabeth Palmer + 4 ch dau of Robert Palmer of Bowden m3. Elizabeth Chambers + 1 ch dau of Geffrey Chambers of Stonmore
-1-1-1-1-1 Rice Griffin dvp 1549
m Elizabeth Brudenel dau of Sir Thomas Brudenel of Dean
-1-1-1-1-2 Thomas Griffin
-1-1-1-1-3 Bridget Griffin possibly of this generation
m1 Miles Hesilrige of Noseley m2 William Lane of Cottesbrooke
-1-1-1-2-1 Sir Edward Griffin of Dingley and Gumley b c 1555d 1620
m Lucy Conyers dau of Reginald Conyers of Wakerly
-1-1-1-2-2 Sir Edward Griffin of Gumley b c 1595 d 05.05.1681
m1 Ellen Palmes dau of Francis Palmes of Lindley m2 Frances Uvedale + ch dau of Sir William Uvedale of Wickham
-1-1-2 Frances Griffin b c 1562 m Sir Gregory Cromwell son of Henry, Lord Cromwell
-1-1-1-2-3 Elizabeth Griffin b about 1564 m 27.01.1599-1600 Cecil Hall son of Arthur of Grantham
-1-1-1-2-4 Anne Griffin m Sir William Villiers, 1st Bart of Brokesby b c1575, d 12.06.1629
-1-1-1-2-5 Sir Rice Griffin of Bickmarsh b c 1570
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Griffin b by 1546 m Thomas Markham of Allerton son of John by Anne Strelley
-1-1-1-2-1-1 Sir Thomas Griffin of Dingley and Braybrook b c 1590 dvp 1615 m1 Catharine Morison dau of Sir John Morison of Carleton m2 Elizabeth Touchet dau of George Touchet, Lord Audley
-1-1-1-2-2-1 Sir Edward Griffin, 1st Lord of Braybroke d 10.11.1710 m Essex Howard dau of James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk, 3rd Lord de Walden
-1-1-1-2-5-1 Edward Griffin b 1600 d 1659

-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 Lucy Griffin m Sir Richard Wiseman of Torrel's Hall
-1-1-1-2-2-1-1 James Griffin, 2nd Lord of Braybroke
m Anne Rainsford dau of Richard Rainsford, son of Sir Richard of Dallington, lord chief justice
-1-1-1-2-5-1-1 Nicholas Griffin
-1-1-1-2-5-1-2 Lucy Griffin
m2 Sir Thomas Savile of Thornhill -1 Sir John Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1460 m Alice Gascoigne dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorp
-2 x Savile possibly fits here
m Conan Aske he m2 m2 Catherine Conyers dau of Christopher Conyers + ch

-2-1 Roger Aske b about 1420 m Isabella Conyers + 2 ch dau of Christopher Conyers
-2-2 Margaret Aske nun

-2-1-1 William Aske 'of Aske b about 1450 m about 1490 Felice Strangeways b about 1460 dau of James Strangeways Stranguysshe
-2-1-2 Margaret Aske
Visitation ends with this generation. From a web site we read of a property passing down this line until Roger d 1512 who had 2 daughters. The following, though supported by cross-references from elsewhere in the database, is somewhat presumptuous.
-2-1-1-1 Roger Aske 'of Aske' b about 1490 d 1512 m Margaret Sigiswicke dau of Humphrey Sigiswicke of Walbarum mother of Anne, presumed also of ...
-2-1-1-2 Alice Aske d 1521 m Christopher Stapleton of Wighill d 1537

-2-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Aske m Richard Bowes a 1550
-2-1-1-1-2 Anne Aske b 1503 d by 1553 m Sir Ralph Bulmer d before 27.10.1558
Pi18-6 Elizabeth Pilkington, thought to be of this family, of this generation
m Sir William Atherton of Atherton b c1384
Pi19-2 Lora de Pilkington, possibly of this family, of this generation
m 1398 Lawrence de Standish of Standish d 1432
Pi21-2 William de Pilkington
, Identified by 'The History of Lancashire' vol II, 1825, by J. Corry as of this generation was ...
Pi22-2. Richard de Pilkington of Rivington - continued below
m1 mcrt 25.11.1288 Ellen de Anderton dau of William de Anderton of Anderton
m2 1308 Joan relict of Adam de Pennington
Pi22-3 John de Pilkington, brother of Richard
m mcrt 25.11.1288 Marjory de Anderton dau of William de Anderton of Anderton
Richard de Pilkington of Rivington - continued above
m1 mcrt 25.11.1288 Ellen de Anderton dau of William de Anderton of Anderton
1. Robert de Pilkington of Rivington
A. Richard de Pilkington of Rivington
m Joan de Heaton dau of John de Heaton
i. Robert de Pilkington of Rivington d c1403
m1/p. Alice de Hutton dau of Adam de Hutton
m2/1. div 1379 Alice de Astley
m3/2. 11.1382 Katherine de Ainsworth dau of John de Ainsworth
a. Alexander Pilkington of Rivington
m Katherine Crook dau of Richard Crook of Whittle
1 Ralph Pilkington of Rivington
m1 div 1432 Margery Lever dau of William de Lever
m2 Margaret Ambrose sister of William Ambrose
A Robert Pilkington of Rivington b c1450, d 09.1508
m Joan Tylde dau of Thomas Tylde
i Richard Pilkington of Rivington b 1486, d 20.05.1551
, Visitation Durham, 1575, Pilkington Bishop of Durham starts with Richard and, apart from naming & ordering the other sons, shows the family of James and identifies Richard's wife as Alice, sister of Roger Hassall of Charnocke Heathe. However, OWC, supported by various other sources including 'The History of Lancashire' vol II, 1825, by J. Corry which identifes her father as Laurence Asshaw of the Hall on the Hill in Heath Charnock, name her ...
m 1504 Alice Ashaw dau of Lawrence Ashaw of Heaton & Shaw
a George Pilkington of Rivington Hall d 1596, 2nd son
m Anne Sharkely
1 Robert Pilkington of Rivington Hall dsp 17.11.1605
m Catherine
2+ other issue - James, Catherine, Alice
b James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham b 1520, d 01.1576, dates taken from Wikipedia
m 1560 Alice Kingsmill dau of Sir John Kingsmill of Sydmonton Court
, Some sources claim that Bishop James had a son, James of Sharples ancestor of the :Pilkingtons of Horwick, but Visitation supported by Wikipedia shows just 2 daughters. 'The History of Lancashire' mentioned above suggests that James of Sharples was a descendant of the parents of Bishop James but BLG1952 Pilkington of Windle Hall, which starts with that James of Sharples, identifies him only as "a collateral of Thomas Pilkington, Bowbearer to Queen Elizabeth" see above & top of Pilkington02.
1 Deborah Pilkington b about 1561
m1 about 1580m1 Walter Dunch of Adebery Avebury
m2 Sir James Mervin
2 Ruth Pilkington b about 1563
m about 1580 Sir Henry Harington, sometime of Baltinglass d 1613
c Leonard Pilkington of Rivington d 1599, 5th son
1 Grace Pilkington d 23.11.1633
m Robert Hutton a 1621, prebendary of Durham
d John Pilkington of Dalton d 1604, Archdeacon of Durham
1+ issue - John of Dalton dsp 1608, Thomas, Noah
e+ other issue - Charles dsp, Francis of Millington, son, 5 daughters
ii Elizabeth Pilkington
B William Pilkington
b. Richard Pilkington
1 Henry Pilkington
c. Sir Roger Pilkington,
D. William Pilkington,
E. Robert Pilkington,
F. Roger Pilkington,
G. John Pilkington,
H. Ewen Pilkington
B.+ other issue - John, William
2. Adam de Pilkington
m2 1308 Joan relict of Adam de Pennington

VCH Lancashire, vol 5, Pilkington
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