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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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: Calvert of Baltimore
Ca16. John Calvert
Jen Reviews: what is going on in Maryland? Read all about it!
Ca15. Leonard Calvert of Danbywiske
m Alice Crossland (dau of John Crossland of Crossland)
Ca14 George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore b 1578/9, d 15.04.1632, Secretary of State)
m1. 22 Nov 1604) Anne Mynne (d 08.08.1622, dau of George Mynne of Hertingfordbury by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Wroth
Ca13-1 Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore (bpt 02.03.1605/6, bur 07.12.1675)
m by 1628 Anne Arundell b c1616, d 23.07.1649, dau of Thomas Arundell, 1st Lord of Wardour
BE1883 reports that Cecil was succeeded by his son John (died soon after 1689, father of Charles, father of Benedict Leonard) but TCP, which we follow, makes no mention of any such John. Because of this, the numberings hereafter differ from BE1883.
Ca13-1-1 George Calvert (b 15.09.1634, dvp 06.1636)
Ca13-1-2 Charles Calvert of Woodcote Park and Horton, 3rd Lord Baltimore, Governor of Maryland (b 27.08.1637, d 21.02.1714/5)
m1 c1660 x Darnwall dau of Ralp Randall of Loughton
m2 c 1667 Jane Lowe d 01.1700/1, ( shows her parents as Vincent Lowe b 1 NOv 1592 d c 1637 and Anne Cavendish b c 1599 d 12 Oct 1661)
Ca13-1-2-1 Cecil Calvert b 1667/8, dvp 1681
Ca13-1-2-2 Benedict Leonard Calvert, 4th Lord Baltimore b 21.03.1679, d 16.04.1715
m 2.1.1698/9) Charlotte Lee b 13.03.1678, d 22.01.1720/1, dau of Edward Henry Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield
Ca13-1-2-2-1 Charles Calvert, 5th Lord Baltimore, Governor of Maryland b 29.09.1699, d 24.04.1751
m 20.07.1730 Mary Janssen d 25.03.1770, dau of Sir Theodore Janssen, 1st Bart of Wimbledon
i Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord Baltimore b 06.02.1731-2, dsp 04.09.1771
m 09.03.1753 Diana Egerton b 03.03.1731/2, d 13.08.1758, dau of Scrope Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater)
partner unknown
(a) Frances Mary Harford
m. (21.07.1784) William Frederick Wyndham (b 06.04.1763, d 1828)
ii Caroline Calvert
m. (26.04.1763) Sir Robert Eden, Governor of Maryland, 1st Bart of Maryland (d 02.09.1784)
iii Louisa Calvert
m John Browning of Lincolnshire
m2 Petronilla Melusina von der Schulenberg b c 1693 Hanover Germany natural dau of +1 King George I b 28 May 1660 d 1727 Melusine von der Schulenberg b 25 Dec 1667 d 10 May 1743
iv Benedict Swingate Calvert b 27 JAN 1722 Prince Georges Co MD d there 9 JAN 1788
m Elizabeth Calvert b 24 FEB 1730 Prince Georges Co d there JUL 1788 dau of
+1 Charles Calvert b c 1688 d 2 FEB 1734
m Rebecca Gerard b 1708 d 1734/5
+2 Charles Calvert
m Henrietta Fitzjames
iv-1 Eleanor Calvert b c 1754 Mount Airy Prince Georges Co d 09/28/1811
m1 David Stuart b 3 Aug 1753 King George Co VA d 1814
m2 John "Jacky" Parke Custis
-1 Charles Calvert Stuart b 9 FEB 1794 VA d 2 SEP 1846 m Cornelia Lee Turberville
-2 Rosalie Eugenia Stuart b 4 NOV 1801 Fairfax Co VA d 19 OCT 1886 m William Greenleaf Webster b 15 Sep 1801 New Haven CT son of Noah Webster b 16 Oct 1759 and Rebecca Greenleaf
-2-1 William Eugene Webster b 28 AUG 1831 New Haven d 27 JUN 1862 m Francina "Fanny" Lynn b 27 May 1834 Allegany Co MD dau oof John Galloway Lynn b 1 Oct 1803 and Rebecca Beall Singleton
-2-2 Calvert Stuart Webster b c 1834 New Haven d 9 AUG 1862
-2-1-1 Rosalie Eugenia Webster b 2 AUG 1859 Allegany Co MD d 1929 Annapolis m Daniel Randall Magruder b 6 Jan 1835 Annapolis MD son of George Lee Magruder b Jul 1800 and Henrietta Sanford Randall
-2-1-1-1 Cecilus Calvert Magruder b 26 Dec 1893 d 22 May 1968
iv-2 Elizabeth Calvert b 1760 Frederick Co MD d 1814
m Charles Stuart
iv-3 Edward Henry Calvert b 7 NOV 1766 Charles Co MD d 12 JUL 1846
m Elizabeth Ann Biscoe
iv-4 George Benedict Calvert b 2 FEB 1768 Mount Airy Prince Georges Co d 28 JAN 1838
m Rosalie Eugenia Stier
Ca13-1-2-2-2 Benedict Leonard Calvert, Governor of Maryland d 01.06.1732
Ca13-1-2-2-3 Charlotte Calvert d 12.1744
m. Thomas Breerwood
Ca13-1-2-2-4 Jane Calvert (d 07.1778
m _ Hyde of Buckinghamshire
Ca13-1-2-2-5+ other issue - Edward Henry (d before 10.1741, President of Council of Maryland), Cecil (b 1702)
Ca13-1-2-3 Clare Calvert b c 1670 Pr Geo Co MD d 1693
m Edward Maria Somerset
Ca13-1-2-4 Ann Calvert b 1673 Pr Geo Co MD d 10 Feb 1731
m1 John William Paston of Appleton
m2 Edward Maria Somerset
m3 Mary Bankes (bur 17.03.1710/1, widow of _ Thorpe of Thorpe)
m4 Margaret Charleton (d 20.07.1731, dau of Thomas Charleton of Hexham
m5 Henrietta FitzJames b 1667 Westminster London d 3 Apr 1730 natural dau of-> +1 James II of England b 14 Oct 1633 d 16 Sep 1701
p Arabella Churchill b 23 Feb 1647 d 4 May 1730
+2 Winston Churchill
m ElizBETH Drake
Ca13-1-2-2-3 Charles Calvert b c 1688 London d 2 FEB 1734 1720-27 MD Governor
m Rebecca Gerard b 1708 Prince Georges Co d 1734
Ca13-1-2-2-3-1 Elizabeth Calvert b 24 FEB 1730 Prince Georges Co d there JUL 1788
m Benedict Swingate Calvert b 27 JAN 1722 Prince Georges Co MD d there 9 JAN 1788 see above
Ca13-2 Leonard Calvert, Governor of Maryland b 1606 in London, England d 11 JUN 1647 in St. Mary's Co., MD (a 1633)
m Anne Brent b 1613 in England
Ca13-2-1 William Calvert b 4 JUL 1643 in England d MAY 1682 in Wicomico River, Charles Co, MD (drowned)
m 15 DEC 1664 Elizabeth Stone b 23 AUG 1643 in Baltimore, MD
Ca13-2-1-1 Elizabeth Calvert b 5 JAN 1665/66 in Charles Co MD d 1684 in Charles Co MD
m 1 JAN 1680/81 in Charles Co Dr James Neale Jr b 5 JUN 1650 in Charles Co MD or Spain son of Capt James Neale b 1615 d 26 Mar 1684 and Anna Maria Gill he m2 Elizabeth Lord
Ca13-2-1-1-1 Mary Neale b 1682 in Charles Co MD d 1758 in Charles Co
m1 Jeremiah Adderton
m2 c 1714 Joseph Van Swearingen b c 1678 in ST Mary's Co d 1719
m3 Charles Egerton Jr m4 William Deacon
-a Eleanor Swearingen b c 1682 in St. Mary's, Md d c 1723 m before 1712 to James King Carroll.
-c Charles Van Swearingen b c 1677/84 in St. Mary's Md d before 1712.
-d Anne Van Swearingen b c 1679 in St. Mary's Md d after 1727 m William Bladen b 27 Feb. 1672 Bap in Steeton, Yorks d 8 Aug. 1718 in Md son of Nathaniel Bladen b c 1643 England and Isabella Fairfax b 1637 in England
-d-1 Anne Bladen b 1696 Annapolis MD d 1775 m Benjamin Tasker b 1690 Calvert Co MD
-d-1-1 Benjamin Tasker b 14 FEB 1719 Annapolis d 17 OCT 1760
-d-1-2 Ann "Nancy" Tasker b 10/07/1723 Annapolis d 8/14/1817 m Samuel Ogle II
-d-1-3 Rebecca Tasker b 4 NOV 1724 Annapolis d SEP 1822 m Daniel Dulaney Jr.
-d-1-4 Elizabeth Tasker b 4 FEB 1725 Annapolis d 19 SEP 1789 m Christopher Lowndes
-d-1-5 Frances Ann Tasker b APR 1738 Annapolis d 10/31/1787 m Robert "Councillor" Carter son of Robert Carter b 1704 d 4 Aug 1732 and Priscilla Bladen Churchill b 1 Dec 1705 d c 1757
-d-2 Gov Thomas Bladen b 1698 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel
-e Dorothy Swearingen b c 1684 in St Mary's MD d 1728 in Annapolis Md
-f Theresa Swearingen b c 1686/?76 in St Mary's MD d 1 Jan 1754.
-g Mary Maria van Swearingen b St Mary's, MD d 1734 m Martin Kirk d before 1709.
-h Sarah Van Swearingen b 1688 in St. Mary's Md d before Nov 1718 m before 1718 Gerald Slye d 1733 in Bushwood, St Mary's, Md
-h-1 Mary Slye m Henry Neale b 1691 d 1742 son of James Neale Jr and Elizabeth Lord
-h-1-1 Gerrard Neale b 1725
-h-1-2 Henrietta Neale b 1734 m John Ford b 1714 d 1770
-h-1-2-1 Philip Ford b 1726 d 1806 m Mary Thompson
-h-1-2-1-1 Philip Ford b 1748 d 1798 m Elizabeth Spalden b 1754
-h-1-2-2 Ann Ford b 1730 d 1773 m John Mattingly b 1738 d 1773
-h-1-2-3 Joseph Ford b 1751 d 1812 m Mary Spinks b 1757 d 1836
-h-1-2-4 Margaret Ford b 1754 m Henry Medley
-h-1-3 Henry Neale b 1747
-h-1-4 Mary Neale b 1749
-h-2 Susannah Slye b 1706 m1 Philip Key d 1764 m2 Charles Craycroft b 1700 d 1765
-h-3 Ann Slye b 1710 m Francis Boarman
-h-4 Jane Slye b 1720
+1 Garrett Van Swearingen b 1636 in Reensterdwan or Beemsterdam, Holland
Mary Smith b c 1650 St Marys Co MD d there 1713
+2 David Janse Swieringh b 1610 d 1698
m Hester Jacobs b 1598 Beemsterdam d 1660 New Castle Co DE
Ca13-2-1-1-2? y Neal
Ca13-2-1-2 John Calvert b 1668 d 1739
m1 Constant Barton
m2 Anne Notley b 1670 d 1723
Ca13-2-1-3 Richard Calvert b 1672
Ca13-2-1-4 Cecilius Calvert b 1675?
Ca13-2-1-5 George Calvert b 22 Aug 1668 Charles Co MD d 1739 Stafford Co VA
Ca13-2-1-5-1 John Calvert b c 1692 Stafford Co VA d 1731 Pr Wm Co VA
Ca13-2-1-5-1-1 George Calvert b 2 May 1712 Stafford Co VA d 19 May 1782
m Anne Crupper b c Pr Wm Co VA d there 1779
Ca13-2-1-5-1-1-1 John Calvert b 1742Prince William Co d 18 JAN 1790
m Sarah Bayley b 24 Feb 1741 Baltimore MD d there 1772
Ca13-2-1-5-1-1-1-1 Henrietta Calvert b 1762 VA d 1847
m Francis Payton Ashford b 1763 VA d 1849 VA
-1 Craven Ashford b 21 Nov 12806 VA d 31 Dec 1876 m Emerilla Darne b 16 Apr 1811 Washington DC d there 16 Feb 1878 -1-1 Emerilla Ashford b c 1844 d 5 Jan 1914 m Chalres M Faris b c 1838 Washington DC d there 1901 -1-1-1 Jimmie Polk Faris b c 1870 Washington
-2 Blanche Dame Faris b 19 MAY 1872 Washington
-3 Anna Amelia Faris b 15 JAN 1875 Washington
Ca13-2-1-5-1-1-2 George Calvert b 6 FEB 1743Prince William Co d 22 MAY 1821
m Lydia Beck Ralls
Ca13-2-1-5-1-1-3 William Calvert b 26 FEB 1757 Frederick Montgomery Co MD31 MAY 1834
m Elizabeth Nodding
Ca13-2-1-5-2 George Calvert b 1694 Stafford Co VA d 1772
Ca13-2-1-5-2-1 William Calvert b 6 Jan 1727 Stafford Co VA d 15 Aug 1811
m Hannah Harrison b 1730 Charles City Co VA d 17 Aug 1807 Mason Co KY dau of Col Benjamin Harrison b 1695 d 12 Jul 1745 and Anne Carter b 1702 d 17 Oct 1743
Ca13-2-2 Anne Calvert b 23 JUN 1645 in England
m Baker Brooke b 1628 Sussex d 1679 son of Robert Brooke b 23 Jun 1602 d 20 Jul 1655 and Mary Baker b 3 Jun 1602 d 1634
Ca13-2-2-1 Baker Brooke b c 1666 St Marys Co MD d 27 MAY 1698
Ca13-2-2-2 Leonard Brooke b c 1668 MD d 2 APR 1718
m Anne Boarman
Ca13-2-2-3 Mary Brooke b 1678 Calvert Co MD d 24 May 1763
m1 Joseph Ennalls
m2 Dr Raphael Neale b 1683 Charles Co MD d there 10 Dec 1743 son of Anthony Neale b c 1659 d 1723 and Elizabeth Roswell
-1 Elizabeth Neale b c 1704 Charles Co MD d 1742 m John Lancaster
-2 Monica Neale b c 1718 d by 1757 m Edward Digges
Ca13-3 Anne Calvert
m. William Peaseley
Ca13 Grace Calvert
m. Sir Robert Talbot of Carton b about 1610 d 21.10.1670
m2. (by 1627) Joan

Sources: BE1883 (Calvert of Baltimore), TCP (Baltimore).
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