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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Ma14 Nicholas Martiau

Ma14 Capt Nicholas Martiau & Elizabeth Berkeley
-5-1 Sarah Montford b 3 Feb 1717 at Charles City Co d d Apr 1800 at Lunenburg Co VA m David Stokes Sr b. 23 Oct 1707 at Lunenburg Co Va 16 Oct 1734 at Lunenburg Co Va d 12 Sep 1794 at Lunenburg Co
-5-1-1 Anne Stokes b 11 Oct 1737 Lunenburg VA m Robert Wade Jr b 11 Oct 1736 son of Col Robert Wade and Elizabeth Hampton b 1700 James City Isle of Wight Co VA d 1770 (dau of Thomas Hampton Jr and Elizabeth Neville)
-5-1-2 David Stokes Jr b 18 Mar 1744/45 at VA, d 9 Dec 1797 at VA
-5-1-3 Sarah Montfort Stokes, b 23 Oct 1748 at Lunenberg Co d 12 Sep 1799 at Edenton, Chowan Co NC m McCulloch
-5-1-4 Peter Stokes b 25 Oct 1758 at Lunenburg Co d Feb 1828 at Lunenburg Co
-5-1-5 Jane Jones
-5-1-6 Judge John Stokes
-5-1-7 William Montfort Stokes
-5-1-8 Monfort Stokes
-5-1-9 Elizabeth Stokes
-5-1-10 Mary Stokes
-5-1-1-1 Robert Wade, III
-5-1-1-2 Hampton Wade b 22 Mar 1757, Lunenburg Co Christian Co Ky m Sep 1779 Halifax Co ELIZABETH TORIAN
-5-1-1-3 Robert Allen Wade, II
-5-1-1-4 Sarah Wade
-5-1-1-5 ELIZABETH/BETTY WADE b c 1750 ?= 15 May 1753 m Nathaniel Hunt b Abt. 1732 Halifax Co VA -1-1 John Wills b 1701 at Warwick Co d. 1770 at Warwick Co m Susanna Robertson, b 1707 -1-1-1 Willis Wills
-1-1-2 Mary Wills b 1725 at Warwick Co d Jul 1770
-1-1-3 Elias Wills b 1730 at Warwick Co d 3 Oct 1805 Fluvanna Co Va
Cap Nicholas Martiau b 2 Apr 1591 in Ile de Ré Nantes, Loire Atlantique, FR d on 16 Apr 1657 in Chiskiack, York Co VA On May 16, 1620, Nicolas Martiau, aged 29, left England on the Francis Bonaventure in August 1620 and arrived in Jamestown where he built the fence defense which allowed the city to be spared in a massacre by the Indians in 1622. The success of this action earned him the title of "master engineer fences".
m1 after 7 Feb 1624/25 at Elizabeth City Co Jane Boykin + 4 ch b c 1600 at England d. before Nov 1646 at York Co VA
m2 before 5 Nov 1646 Isabella Beech

The earliest American ancestors of George Washington

Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4
Volume IV Chapter I
Warner-Reade. Martian.

Early Virginia Immigrants; 1623-1666
Martian, Eliz., 1639, by Capt. Nicholas Martian, her father, Charles River Co.

Elizabeth Martiau was born before 1620 in England and died in 1686 in Gloucester County, Virginia. Elizabeth Martiau married Col. George Read, son of Robert Reade, Esq. and Mildred Windebank, in 1641 in Virginia.  

Col. George Read was born on 25 Oct 1608 in Linkenholt Manor, Hamptonshire, England and died on 20 Oct 1671 in Gloucester County, Virginia. 

Nicholas Martian's name was variously recorded Malier, Marlier, Martn, Martian, Martain, etc. In 1621 a large number of the French Walloons applied to the London Company for leave to settle in Virginia. Permission was granted, but they secured more favorable terms from the Dutch. Therefore they sailed for New York in 1622, and constituted the first Dutch colony in America.Some few came to Virginia according to their first intention, and among them Nicholas Martian who secured his denization in England.

In 1645 Nicholas Martian married Isabella Beach, as shown by the records of York. His will was dated March 1, 1657 or '67, and was proved April 4, 1657. He named his oldest daughter Elizabeth, who had crossed the ocean with him and became the wife of George Reade, Mary, his second daughter, wife of John Scarbrook, of York Co.; Sarah, his third daughter, wife of Capt. William Fuller, the Puritan Governor of Maryland.

Nicholas Martiau (Martue) was a French Walloon, who obtained his denization in England before coming to Virginia; born in 1591; arrived before 1620; first burgess for the first settlement on the York river, 1632; took a leading part in 1635 at the meeting at William Warren's house, near the present Yorktown, in protesting against Sir John Harvey's tyranny. His will, dated March 1, 1656, was proved April 24, 1657, and in it he names his three daughters--Elizabeth, wife of Colonel George Reade; Mary, wife of Lieutenant-Colonel John Scasbrook, and Sarah, wife of Captain William Fuller, sometime governor of Maryland.

Ma13-1 Nicholas Martiau d y
Ma13 Elizabeth Martiau b circa 12 Dec 1625 at Elizabeth City Co d Jan 1686/87 at York Co
m c 1641 at York Co Va Col. George READE b 25 Oct 1608 at Linkenholt, Hampshire, England, d. circa 1671 at York Co son of Robert READE b about 1575 and Mildred WINDIBANK 1590/1
-1 George Reade d no issue.
-2 Mildred Reade b 2 Oct 1643 at Williamsburg, VA m Col. Augustine Warner II
-3 Robert Reade m Mary Lilly.
-4 Francis Reade m1 Jane Chisman, dau of Edmund Chisman m2 Anne by 23 May 1693
-5 Benjamin Reade b c 1647 at Va m Mary Gwynn d 1731.
-6 Thomas Reade b c 1645 at Va m Lucy Gwyn, dau of Dr. Edmund Gwyn and Lucy Bernard.
-7 Elizabeth Reade of York Co VA b c 1651 m Capt Thomas Chisman, son of Edmund Chisman.
-8 Ann Reade b c 1652 at York Co VA m George Holms.
-9 Margaret Reade b c 1654 at York Co VA
-10 Mary Reade
Ma13-3 Mary Martiau b 1632 at Kiskiack, York Co Va d after 1657 at York Co
m c 1650 in Va Col John Scasbrook/Scarisbrook/Scarsbrook b 1627 at Lancastershire England d c 1679 at York Co ?relation to Scarburgh/Scarborough
Ma13-3-1 Jane Scarsbrook b c 1651 at Via, d before 9 Dec 1695 at York Co
m1 John Duke d before 24 Jun 1679 at York Co
m2 Capt Thomas Mountford b York Co Va d before 24 Feb 1708/9 York Co
-1 John Duke b 1672 Va m in Va Susanna Goodwin,
-2 Henry Duke b Va m 1702 at York Co Lydia Hansford,
-3 xy Duke
-4 Joseph Mountfort b in York Co d at York Co m Lucy Holt, m2 Rose x
-5 Jeffery Montford b c 1690 Va d before Nov 1738 at Charles City Co m Ann x
Ma13-3-2 Elizabeth Scarsbrook, b c 1654 at York Co VA
m David Condon b 1655 at York Co VA
-1 Mary Condon b 1680 at York Co d after 1713 Warwick Co Va m c 1700 Elias Wills b 1676 in Warwick Co d 1713 at Warwick Co
Ma13-3-3 Martha Scarsbrook b c 1660
m Lt. Col. William Cary of Skiffs Creek Warwick Co VA b c 1657 d 1713
-1 Harwood Cary b 1685 d 1721 m. Martha before 1707 resided at 'Skiffs Creek' Warwick Co VA.
-2 Martha Cary b 1686 m Edward Jaquelin
-3 Maj Miles Cary b c 1698; d after 1711.
-4 William Car; b 1700 resided at Prince George Co., VA will 3 Apr 1742 at Prince George Co VA proved 14 Sep 1742 m c 1724 Judith Jones
-5 John Cary b c 1701 d. after 1711; d.s.p
Ma13-3-4 John Scarsbrook
Ma13-3-5 Hannah Scarsbrook b 10 Oct 1673 York VA d Nov 1702 Mulberry Island Warwick VA
m Miles Cary Wills b 10 Oct 1670 d 4 Sep 1734 Warwick VA
-1 Thomas Wills b 1700 Warwick VA m Martha Richards
Ma13-3-6 Janes SCarsbrook b c 16?23 Chippenham Wilts d Dec 1695 Warwick York Co VA
m William Stokes b 1619 Warwick Co VA son of Christopher Stoakes he m1 Elizabeth x
-1 John Sylvanus Stokes Sr b c 1636 Charles City Co VA d c 1704 m Mary
-2 John Stokes
-1-1 Sylvanus Stokes, Jr.
-1-2 John Stokes
-1-3 Elizabeth Stokes m Freeman
-1-4 Hannah Stokes b 1706 Surry VA d Mar 1768 Sussex VA m John Bell Jr
-1-5 David Stokes
-1-6 William Stokes
-1-7 Thomas Stokes

-1-4-1 Hannah Bell m Thompson
-1-4-2 John Bell, III
-1-4-3 Benjamin Bell Sr b 1728 Sussex Co VA m Martha Tucker had issue dau of Joseph Tudor Tucker and Lucretia Tucker Cox
-1-4-4 Balaam Bell b 1732 Sussex Co VA m Phoebe
-1-4-5 James Bell b 1735 Sussex Co VA m Mildred Robinson b 1730 Augusta Co VA d 1806 Sussex Co VA had issue dau of George Robinson and Mary
-1-4-6 Mary Keziah Bell b 1736 Orange Co VA d c 1818 Monroe VA m1 John Anderson m2 Josiah Francis Meadows
-1-4-7 Ann Bell m Parham
-1-4-8 Burrell Bell b c 1738 Surry VA m Sara Wynns d c 1759

-1-4-6-1 Catherine Anderson m Vaughan
-1-4-6-2 William Anderson of GA
-1-4-6-3 Mary Catherine Meadows m Vaughan
-1-4-6-4 Israel Green Meadows
-1-4-6-5 Lewis Meadows
-1-4-6-6 Arris Preston Meadows
-1-4-6-7 James Francis Meador
-1-4-6-8 Jacob Meadows
-1-4-6-9 Ruth Anna Meadows b 1763 Amherst Co VA m1 Jonathan Roach m2 Lewis Meadows
-1-4-6-10 William Salon Meadows
-1-4-8-1 Zadock Bell
-1-4-8-2 James Bell
-1-4-8-3 Burwell Bell d 1831 m Priscilla x d 1831

-1-4-8-3-1 Burwell Bellm Altena Ellington b c 1810 Johnston NC d c 1867
-1-4-8-3-2 Patsy Bell
-1-4-8-3-3 William Webb Bell
-1-4-8-3-4 Siddy Bell m Edmund Robertson
-1-4-8-3-5 Tempe Bell m William Hodge

-1-4-8-3-1-1 Burwell Bell b 1832
-1-4-8-3-1-2 Temperance Bell b 1837
-1-4-8-3-1-3 Mary Bell b 1839
-1-4-8-3-1-4 William Henderson Bell b 24 May 1842 Raleigh NC m Julianne Fauteaux b 10 Aug 1844 d 2 Feb 1918 Detroite MI
-1-4-8-3-1-5 Martha Bell b 1843
-1-4-8-3-1-6 Silas Bell b 1845
-1-4-8-3-1-7 Rufus Bell b 1846
-1-4-8-3-1-8 John Bell b 1849
-1-4-8-3-1-9 Elizabeth Bell b 1852

-1-4-8-3-1-4 Charles Sherwood Bell b 17 Oct 1862 Detroit MI m Lydia Brossard b c 1882 dau of Hypolite Brossard and Elizabeth Peters b 30 Jul 1844
-1-4-8-3-1-4-1 Julia May Bell b 28 Sep 1904 Detroit MI m Herbert Ferdinand Hunrath
Ma13-4 Sarah Martiau b 1634 at Kiskiack, York Co Va SC
m circa 1652 Gov. William Fuller b c 1625 at Isle of Wight Va d before 19 Sep 1683 at Berkeley Co SC
-1 Elizabeth Fuller, b. 1655 at Va, m1 in Va y Leavy, m2 1683 SC John Cattell d before Aug 1711 SC
-2 Mary Ann Fuller b circa 1657 Va
-3 Belinda Fuller b 1659 Va m Joseph Heape
-4 William Fuller b circa 1673 at Virginia, d. Nov 1731 SC m circa 1700 Elizabeth Baker . Dec 1756 at Berkley SC,
-1-1 Thomas Leavy
-1-2 Peter Cattell d Feb 1728/29 at Colonial SC m Catherine x
-1-3 Benjamin Cattell d 9 May 1720 SC
-1-4 William Cattell, b 1682 SC d. 18 Aug 1752 at Berkley Co SC m Mary Godfrey
-1-5 John Cattell, b SC d. before Aug 1711 SC
-3-1 Joseph Heape II, b. circa 1680 SC d. 28 Aug 1731 SC m Elizabeth Godfrey, d. Jan 1744 SC
-4-1 Benjamin Fuller, d. 23 Feb 1750/51 at Berkeley County, Colonial SC
-4-2 Zaccheus Fuller, d. 4 Dec 1735 SC
-4-3 Joseph Fuller d 26 Apr 1756 South CC
-4-4 Sarah Fuller
-4-5 Nathanel Fuller d 25 Dec 1749 SC

-3-1-1 Benjamin Heape I, b circa 1700 SC d before Mar 1754 SC m before 1725 Hannah Mitchell,
-3-1-1-1 Benjamin Heape II, b. 1726 SC d. 1 Mar 1767
Ma13-3-1-? ROBERT1 DUKE b 1740 d 1784/5 m1 NANCY SC + 1 ch m2 07.12.1838 SARAH/SALLY BROWN.
Ma13-3-1-?-1 STEPHEN2 DUKE b 1772 SC d 1844, Upson Co Georgia
Ma13-3-1-?-1-1 THOMAS G DUKE b 19.01.1795 Kershaw or Fairfield Co SC d 1864
m 24.05.1835 Upson Co GA MARTHA WASHINGTON TOMMEE b 24.08.1818 GA d 21.10.1864.
Ma13-3-1-?-1-1-1 ADOPHUS BRONBEYO CHANCEY4 DUKE b 13.11.1837 Chambers Co AL d. 24.06.1911, Parker Co TX
m 03.10.1867 Lineville, Clay Co AL SARAH ANN MOORE b 09.08.1850 Alabamad 28.05.1930 Weatherford, Parker Co TX dau of EDION MOORE and FRANCES REEVES
-1 WILLIAM HENRY5 DUKE b 1869, Milam Co TX
-2 JOEL THOMAS DUKE b 1870, Milam Co TX
-3 MARTHA FRANCES DUKE b 1874, Milam Co TX
-4 MARY ELIZABETH DUKE b 25.01.1877 Milam Co TX d. 1952 Levelland TX m1 1892 ELDRED E.C. CRABTREE b 1869 d 1962 m2 SIMUEL B. HINES 1897 Ohio Co KY son of THOMAS HINES og SARAH MOORE. Han b 06.1870 Ohio Co KY d Ohio Co KY m3 NEELY OSBURN MARTIN 22.08.1898 Weatherford Parker Co TX b 08.06.1873 Parker Co TX d 25.12.1948 Levelland, TX
-5 SARAH ANN DUKE b 12.03.1879, Milam Co TX d. 29.01.1907, .
-6 JOHN MARCUS DUKE b 1881, Milam Co TX
-3 ALBERT SIDNEY DUKE b 23.04.1884, Milam Co TX d 24.05.1951 m GRACE WOODWARD.
-8 LAURIE DUKE b 18.11.1888, Milam Co TX d. 01.08.1910 m 16.11.1905 Hood Co TX JOHN IRA BLEVINS b 12.02.1881 Hood Co TX d 16.09.1964 Hood Co TX

-4-1 CLYDE VERNON CRABTREE b 1892, Hartford Ohio Co KY d. 1976 Sandusky Erie OH m MAUD JANE FULKERSON 01.03.1913 Rockport Ohio Co KY b 22.07.1895 Echols Ohio CoKY d 10.10.1963 Louisville KY
-4-2 MELVIN G. HINES b 11.1897, Kentucky .
-8-1 SADIE ANN BLEVINS b 29.07.1907 Parker Co TX d 07.03.1988 Lubbock Lubbock Co TX m ALBERT LESTER HOWARD b 13.10.1907 Wichita Co TX d 12.08.1995 Muleshoe Bailey Co TX
-8-2 RALPH EUGENE BLEVINS b 11.07.1909, Parker Co Texas d 14.10.1999, Weatherford Parker Co TX m1 PEARL L. Hun b 10.05.1918 Parker Co TX d 27.08.2003 Weatherford Parker Co TX m2 ELEANOR W. "WILLIE" ROBERSON, datter av WALTER ROBERSON og ELLEN SPOON. Hun b 14.05.1911 Cooke Co TX d 12.01.1987 Weatherford Parker Co Texas .

-4-1-1 KENITH VERNON7 CRABTREE b 03.09.1917; d. 20.02.1918, Ohio Co KY
-4-1-2 ARCHIE E. CRABTREE b 28.12.1922, Ohio Co KY d. 08.10.1944 Bossier Parish Louisiana
-8-1-1 JOHN LEE HOWARD b 05.06.1939, Bailey Co Texas d. 22.06.1960 Muleshoe Bailey Co Texas .
-8-2-1 LAURA ANITA7 BLEVINS b 09.05.1932, Hood Co TX d 12.02.2005 TX m A. D. "BUDDY" BAILEY; f. 28.01.1925; d. 10.06.1999.
-8-2-2 BILLY HARELL "BUTCH" BLEVINS b 05.01.1940, Fort Worth Tarrant Co TX d 25.06.2011, Fort Worth Tarrant Co TX m BETTY LUCILLE, 17.06.1977 b 10.04.1943
Source: Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, III-Colonial Councillors of State 124
Chart of 6 generations of Martiau descendants

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