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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Ludlow 1: Ludlow of Campdene, Ludlow of Hodnet, Ludlow of Moor House, Ludlow of Stokesay Castle
The family site starts its pedigree with the following Nicholas but notes uncertainty as to whether there were 2 Nicholases or just one. Provisionally we take the latter view.
However, Beckwith at shows more details on descent of the following Nicholas Ludlowe Lu23 =24:
Matthew de Ludelowe Lu24 b. 1210 and Patronilla de Swineton b 1210 presumably dau of John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall Parva Sugnall and Petronel de Doreslow b c 1176 d aft 1215, heiress of Little Sugnall & Dorslow and sis of John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall & Peshall, later also of Swynnerton b c 1205 d 1254 and aND Elenor de Peshall/Peshale b c 1220
Lu23 =24. Nicholas de Ludlow of Shrewsbury b c 1235 a 1265, wool merchant
m1 Marjery
Lu22-1. Sir Laurence de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle, co. Salop b about 1260 d 1294, wool merchantthe first mentioned by Visitation
m Agnes Audley dau of James, Lord Audley
Lu22-1-1 Sir William de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle d 1316
m Matilda de Hodnet d 1347, dau of Sir William de Hodnet
i. Sir Laurence de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet b 1300, d 1353
m Hawise D'ervassal dau of Sir Humphrey D'ervassal
Visitation inserts an additional generation here, a William.
a. Sir John de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet, Sheriff of Salop b 1327, d 1382
m Joan de Sibbeton dau/coheir of William de Sibbeton
1 Sir Richard de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet b 1361, d unm 1390
2 Sir John de Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet b 1366, d 1398
m Isabel Lingen dau of Sir Ralph Lingen or Lingayn of Wigmore by ?? Pembrugge
A Sir William Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet, Sheriff of Salop b 1397, d 1474
m Maud
i Sir Richard Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet, Sheriff of Salop b 1430, d 1498
The family site shows Sir Richard's wife as Alice Greville shown as mother of John but the Visitations identify her as Isabel Pembridge shown as mother of John. We presume that he married twice.
m1/2. Alice Greville dau of Sir William Greville
m2/1. Isabel Pembridge dau of Sir _ Pembridge
Not known which lady was mother of John. One section of Visitation shows an additional generation, a John who by dau of Sir Robert Corbett was father of the following John, and then goes on to show the John who married Elizabeth Gray sic as father of Sir John who by Isabella, dau of Sir Roger Vychan was father of Anna, Elizabeth & Maria dsp, m. Sir Richard Corbett. That is corrected in the other section of Visitation which supports what is given in the family site.
a Sir John Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet
The shorter but apparently more reliable section on this family in the Visitation adds a note to report that there is doubt about the identify of Sir John's wife, suggesting that she may have been Elizaebth, dau of Sir Roger Kynaston of Hordley by the only sister of Lord Powis. We provisionally follow the normal identifification which shows her as ...
m Elizabeth Grey d 1466, dau of Sir Richard Grey, Lord Powis
1 John Ludlow of Stokesay Castle & Hodnet dsp
m Mary Corbet dau of Robert Corbet, m2. Thomas Lacon of Willey
2 Ann Ludlow b 1480
m Thomas Vernon of Stokesay Stocksey
-1 Eleanor Vernon
3 Alice Ludlow
m 1493 Humphrey Vernon of Hodnet d 1542
The family site shows Humphrey & Maurice as of this generation. One section of Visitation the one which confused the generation of the John who m. _ Corbet shows both as sons of Sir John by Elizabeth Grey. However, the other section, which does not mention Humphrey, does show Moris as of this generation.
ii Humphrey Ludlow b about 1432
m Jane Vaughan dau of Sir Griffith Vaughan
iii Maurice Moris Ludlow of Stokesay Castle b about 1434
m Constance Griffith dau of Sir Piers Griffith or Gruffith
a Laurence Ludlow of Moor House, Salop b about 1460
m Anne Cressett dau of Thomas Cressett of Upton
1 Thomas Ludlow of Moor House b about 1485
m Katherine Farley dsp, dau of Thomas Farley
2 Morris Ludlow of Moor House
m1 Mary Cheyney dau/heir of William Cheney of Cheney Longvill, relict of Henry Cressett of Holgatt
m2 Elizabeth Powell dau of Thomas Powell of the Park
3 Rowland Ludlow
m _ Eton dau of Thomas Eton
A Thomas Ludlow
4 George Ludlow
5 Katheryn Ludlow
m John Blayney of Herefordshire
6 Joan Ludlow b about 1495
m William Selman of Haulton Harrington
7 Jane Ludlow
m Richard Benthall of Benthall
8 Elizaebth Ludlow
m Roger Newport of Rushall Rushock
9 Ann Ludlow
m William Hibbins of Weo
10 Margery Ludlow
m 07.11.1545 Richard Bawldwyn of Dudebery Baldwin of Diddlebury
b William Ludlow of Stokesay
1 Humphrey Ludlow
m Dorothy Vernon dau of Thomas Vernon
A Elizabeth Ludlow
m Humfry Hill of Hill Court
c Elizabeth Ludlow
m1 _ Pount of London
m2 Sir Lewes Orrell
m3. ??
B Alice Ludlow
m Richard de la Bere
C Margery Ludlow
m William Trussell
D Benedicta Ludlow
m Sir Richard Vernon de Haddon b 1391, d 1452
E Isabel Ludlow possibly of this generation or 1 later?
m Nicholas Fitzherbert of Norbury d 19.11.1473
3 Thomas de Ludlow
b.+ other issue - Roger, William
ii. William de Ludlow d 1340
Lu23 =22. John de Ludlow of Campden, Gloucestershire b c 1265 d 1294
m Isobel Borrey? d 1325
Lu21 Bogo de Ludlow b c1284. d 1326
m Agnes
Lu20 William de Ludlow b about 1315 d 1349
Lu19 Thomas de Ludlow of Campbdene b 1344, d 22.10.1392
m Elizabeth
Lu18-1 Edward Ludlow b 1371, d 1409
A Margaret Ludlow
m Baldwin Strange d 1431
Lu18 William Ludlow 'of Hill Deverill' b about 1375
The family site ends one pedigree with William d 1478 and starts another with William b c1399, d 1478. Noting that the date of birth of the William on the second pedigree is after the date given for this William's father's death, we assume that this William was father of rather than the same person as ...
Lu17 William Ludlow of Hill Deverill, Wiltshire b c1399, d 23.12.1478
m Margaret Rymer
Lu20 =23. Sir Thomas de Ludlow of Mitham in Surrey & Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire d 1313, The King's Champion
m Joan Marmion dau of Philip Marmion of Scrivelsby
Lu19 =22 Sir Thomas de Ludlow of Scrivelsby The King's Champion of Scrivelsby b c 1299 Lincolnshire d 1336 Scrivelsby Lincoln
m Catherine Stoke(s) b c 1305 Scrivelsby Lancashire d 12.05.1393 dau of
+1 Geoffrey de Stokes b 1284
m Alice d'Anvers b Apr 1286 Ipswell
+2 Simon d'Anvers of Bourton & Tetworth b c 1256 Tetsworth Oxford d c 1331 Parva Bourton Oxford
m Alice Opswell b Apr 1262 Ipswell Oxford d there 1364
+3 Robert d'Anvers of Bourton, Ipswell & Chiselhampton b c 1225 Tetsworth d there 1274
+4 William d'Anvers of Bourton & Chiselhampton b 1197 Tetsworth
m Matilda Thalmasche b c 1201 Tetsworth d there 1250
Lu18 =21 Margaret Ludlow b c 1327, d c 1415
m Sir John Dymoke d 1381 Through this marriage, the Dymoke family obtained the hereditary position of being the King's Champion of which the main requirement was to meet any challengers at the King's Coronation.
-1 Sir Thomas Dymoke of Scrivelsby b c 1375 d 1422
m Elizabeth Hebden dau of Sir Nicholas Hebden He21 and Katherine de Wyham
-2 John Dymoke of Friskney d 1393 m Isabel Friskney dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Friskney of Friskney
-1-1 Sir Philip Dymoke of Scrivelsby b 1400, d 1454
m 18.04.1431 Joan Conyers dau/sister of Sir Christopher Conyers of Sockburn
-1-2 Margaret Dymoke d 20.06.1463 possibly of this generation m Thomas Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe d 09.04.1479
Lu18-2 John de Ludlow b c 1330 dsp
Lu22-2 John de Ludlow b c 1290
m2 Idonia

Sources: + Visitation Shropshire. 1623, Ludlowe, Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Ludlow of Stokesay
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