Du10 John Duncan

    John Duncan was the son of Peter Duncan (Du11), b: 1624 in Edinbourgh, Scotland, and Bessie Caldwell, b: about 1624
    Born: 1648 in Scotland
    Married: Elizabeth Holtzclaw b: ABT 1660 in Scotland
    Died: bef. 22 Feb.1726 in Virginia
    will of John was probated on February 22, 1725/26 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.2
    Following the Battle of Culloden in 1746 there were extensive deportations in parts of Scotland that supported "Bonnie Prince Charlie", sometimes entire villages and not just those who fought for him.
    John Duncan and Elizabeth Holtzclaw had children:
    Du9-1 unknown Duncan, possibly the Charles or Robert shown below
    Du9-2 Wiliam Duncan
    Du9-3 Peter Duncan
    Du9-4 Charles Duncan
    Du9-5 Robert Duncan d 1793
    Du9 James Duncan b: ABT 1670 in Scotland (There may some confusion on the generation of the immigrants of this family.)
    Judge Grimsley says: "From an examination of the records here, I find, that from 1750 to 1790, there lived in Culpeper county, four large families by the name of Duncan; that of William, and of Charles, of James, and of Robert. Tradition in some branches of the family has it that they were Scotchmen and brothers; and I have no doubt this is correct. They were people of more than ordinary education. I notice that all deeds and wills made by them were signed by their own hands, both male and female, which was not at all common in those early days.... "The children of Du9-5 Robert Duncan, who died in 1793, were the following;
    Du9-5-1 Robert Duncan, d in 1832;
    Du9-5-2 Charles Duncan,
    Du9-5-3 Samuel Duncan,
    Du9-5-3 Joseph Duncan,
    Du9-5-4 Gallop Duncan (who married Lucy Covington and died in 1813);
    Du9-5-5 Phillis Duncan, the wife of John Barbee of Virginia;
    Du9-5-7 Ann Duncan, the wife of Thomas Pope;
    Du9-5-8 Mary Duncan, the wife of Joseph Henkly;
    Du9-5-9 Rosa Duncan, the wife of William Jett,
    Du9-5-10 Lavinia Duncan, wife of William Lightfoot. There are none of this family now (1899) in Virginia."
    Source: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~marshall/esmd59.htm
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A John Duncan was deported via Ship "Scipio" commander's name and destination not given, from Liverpool 30 March 1716 with 95 prisoners.
This John Duncan may have participated in the 1715 Jacobite Uprising, but is not likely to be our John Duncan as he would have been 67 at the time of the uprising, but he may have been the unknown Duncan or a son of our James Duncan.