Be9 Ann Beverley

    Ann Beverley (Be9) was the first daughter of Peter Beverley Be10 and Elizabeth Peyton Pe10, daughter of Robert Peyton Pe11
    Born: about 1689 in Jamestown, Middlesex, Va.
    Married: Col. Henry Whiting (Wh9)
    Henry Whiting and Ann Beverley had issue:
    (Wh8-1) Major Peter Whiting, (about 1703 - about 1790) married Ann Cary, daughter of Miles Cary and Mary Wilson
    (Wh8-2) Henry Whiting, (1705 - )
    (Wh8-3) Col. Beverley Whiting, married 1st Elizabeth, 2nd Mary Skaife and had Major Peter Beverley Whiting, who married Elizabeth Burwell.
    (Wh8) Thomas Whiting (about 1712 - )
    (Wh8-5) Francis Whiting .