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Willoughby 4

: Willoughby of Grendon, Willoughby of Risley, Willoughby of Willoughby Nottinghamshire, Willoughby of Wollaton
Sir Ralph de Albini or d'Aubigne of South Ingleby, Sn de Landal d before 25.01.1291/2
m Isabel a 04.08.1294
-4 Theodosia Willoughby bur 07.11.1630
m c 1610 Rowland Mynors of Treago
-5 Bridget Willoughby d 30.06.1624 m1 1606 Nicholas Strelley d by 1609 m2 14.10.1610 Henry Cavendish of Doveridge d 22.12.1624
This family took its name from Willoughby in Nottinghamshire. Noting that the following Ralph had a younger son called Ralph Bugge of Bingham see below, it is thought likely that he was related same person? as the Ralph Bouge of Bingham shown on Temp43.
Wi24. Ralph Bugge or Bogg
Wi23. Richard Bugge of Willoughby
The above is as in BEB1841. But the visitation shows that the father of the following Sir Richard was William Willoughby of Willoughby.
Wi22. Sir Richard de Willoughby of Willoughby and Wollaton d 1325-6
Wi21 Sir Richard or Robert Willoughby of Willoughby and Wollaton judge
Visitation shows only one marriage for Sir Richard, identifying his wife and mother of his successor Richard as Isabell Mortein. BEB1841 names him as Sir Robert and identifies Isabel Mortein as his first wife by whom he had "several sons, who all died without issue". BEB1841 becomes rather obscure hereafter, implying that there is some doubt on the succession, but indicates that there were several generations between this Robert/Richard and the father it names as Henry of the Henry who married Elen Egerton. We follow Visitation except to suggest that Sir Richard's successor may have been by a later wife the wives named below being found on a web site.
m1 Isabel de Mortein dau of Sir Roger de Mortein, lord of Dunesley
Wi20 Sir Richard Willoughby of Willoughby and Wollaton
m Joan Grey dau of ?? Grey or Gray, Lord of Rotherfield
Wi19 Sir Edmond or Edward Willoughby a 1403
m Isabel
Wi18 Edmond or Edward Willoughby of Willoughby
m Isabel Annesley dau of Sir Hugh Annesley of Annesley
Wi17 Sir Hugh Willoughby of Willoughby
m1 Isabel Foljamb
Wi16-1 Richard Willoughby dsp 1471
m Anne Leek dau of Sir Simon not Robert Leek
Wi16-2 Margaret Willoughby
m William Belgrave
m2 Margaret Frevile dau of Sir Baldwin Frevile
Wi16 Robert Willoughby of Wollaton
m Margaret Griffith dau of Sir John Griffith of Wichiner or Wigmore
Wi15 Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton d 1528
m1 Margaret Markham dau of->
+1 Sir Robert Markham of Cotham
m Jane Daubeney or Daubney
+2 Sir Giles Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc., Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire b c 1395, d 11.01.1445/6 +3
+3 Philip, Lord Darcy
m Elizabeth Gray
+4 Sir Giles Daubeney, '4th Lord', Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire b by 11.1370, d c1402
m Margaret d 30.06.1420, said to have been dau of->
+5 Sir Giles Daubeney, '3rd Lord' d 24.06.1386
m after 05.01.1358/9 Alianor de Wylington d 06.08.1400, dau of->
+5 Sir John Beauchamp
+6 Sir Ralph Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc., 2nd Lord a 1343
m2 Katherine Thweng dau of->
+6 Henry de Wylington or Wilington of Umberleigh
m Isabel de Walesbreu
+7 Sir Helie or Elias de Albini or Daubeney of South Ingleby, etc., 1st Lord d before 08.04.1305
m Joan BE1883 names her Hawise
+7 William de Thweng, Lord
Wi14-1 Sir John Willoughby dsp
m Anne Grey dau of Sir Edward or Edmond Grey, Viscount Lisley?
Wi14 Sir Edward Willoughby of Wollaton
m Anne Filioll dau of Sir William Filioll of Woodland
Wi13 Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton
m Anne Grey dau of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset
Wi12-1 Thomas Willoughby of Wollaton dsp
m x Paget dau of William, Lord Paget
Wi12 Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton a 1569
m1 Dorothy Colby dau of Thomas Colby of Sherfeild by Elizabeth, dau of Edward Gilbert of London
Wi11-1 Frances Willoughby ?= m1 John Drake = 11-7 m2 Montague Wood
m2 Elizabeth Lyttelton dau of Sir John Lyttelton of Frankley
Wi11 Bridget Willoughby b about 1575
m Sir Percival Willoughby a 1603
-1 Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton b c 1590 d 1663/5 m Cassandra Ridgway dau of Thomas, Earl of Londonderry
-2 Edward Willoughby of Kingsbury and Cossall m Elizabeth Atkinson
-3 Percival Willoughby of Derby b about 1594 a 1634, 5th son m Elizabeth Cooke dau of Sir Francis Cooke of Trusley

-4-1 Robert Mynors b 1616 bur 23 Aug 1672 m 02.02.1649 Elizabeth Oswald dau of James Oswald of St. Weonard's
-4-2 Margaret Mynors bpt 25.07.1620 m Thomas Bignal of London
-4-3 Francis Mynors bpt 09.11.1619
-4-4 Willoughby Mynors bpt 09.02.1625, bur 04.06.1671
-4-5 Edward Mynors bpt 08.06.1630, bur 01.05.1631
Wollaton passed to Sir Percival's family.
Wi11-3 Dorothy Willoughby
m Henry Hastings son of George, Earl of Huntingdon
-1 John Hastings b1605 Great Eversden d 1657
-2 George Hastings 1588-1651
-3 Ralph Hastings 1589-1648 m Jone Skeet/?Scult b 1593
-4 Henry Hastings 1591-1668 m Susan Offley b 1600 St Benet Grace Church London d 1661 dau of Robert Offley and Anne Osborne b 1570 Saint Dionis Backchurc London d 1654
-5 Dorothy Hastings b 1594 Woodslands Dorset m1 John Reines m2 Thomas Tregonwell 1603-1655 m3 John Ryves
-6 William Hastings 1599 m Anne Cracknell
-7 Francis Hastings
-1-1 John Seaborn Hastings b 1638 mid Atlantic d 1720 Cambridge Engl m1 Rebecca Eaton 1663-1723 m2 Lydia Champney b 1642 MA 1690 MA + 6 ch dau of Richard Champney and Jane
-1-2 Walter Hastings 1625-1703
-1-3 x Hastings 1637-1653
-1-4 Samuel Hastings 1634-1657
-1-5 Elizabeth Hastings 1643-1685
-3-1 Ferdinando Hastings m Deborah Flavel
-3-2 Ralph Hastings d 1695 m Sarah Morre
-3-3 Henry Hastings b 1621
-3-4 Edmund Hastings b 1632
-5-1 Dorothy Tregonwell m y Chettle
-5-2 John Tregonwell 1632-1677 m Lewes Beauchamp
-1-1-1 Sarah Hastings b 1679 Cambridge MA d 20 Dec 1690
-1-1-2 Joseph Hastings 1669-1725 Cambridge MA m Elizabeth Edwards
-1-1-3 Lydia Hastings 1668-1732
-1-1-4 Hannah Hastings 1671-1691
-1-1-5 Elizabeth Hastings 1675-1727
-1-1-6 Daniel Hastings 1677-1701
-5-2-1 Jane Tregonwell d 1761 m Daniel Waterland b 1683 d 1740
-5-2-2 Dorothy Tregonwell d 1736 m Thomas Warr
-5-2-3 Elizabeth Tregonwell m Edward Seymour
-5-2-4 John Tregonwell b 1701 Anderson m Anna Catherina Hill

-1-1-2-1 John Hastings 1698-1745
-1-1-2-2 Lydia Hastings 1704-1805
-1-1-2-3 Hannah Hastings 1710-1745
-1-1-2-4 Abigail Hastings 1716-1777
-1-1-2-5 Matthew Hastings 1718 m Mary Battler b 1722
-1-1-2-6 Esther Hastings 1721 m Samuel Boyce b 1721
-5-2-4-1 Anna Catharina Tregonwell m Edward Napier
-5-2-4-2 Mary Tregonwell m Roe King
-5-2-4-3 Thomas Tregonwell 1720-1761 m Henrietta Eleanora Lister dau of Micael Lister and x ?Dymoke
-5-2-4-4 John Tregonwell d 1725

-1-1-2-5-1 Katherine Kate Hastings m John Rogers
-1-1-2-5-2 Moses Hastings 1750-1838
-5-2-4-3-1 Lewis Dimoke Tregonwell b 1756 Cranborne Dorset d 1832 m1 Catherine Sydenham 1758-1794 m2 Henrietta Portman

-1-1-2-5-1-1 John Rogers b 1772
-1-1-2-5-1-2 Mary Polly Rogers b 23 Feb 1772 Vassalboro MA m Jonathan Combs
-1-1-2-5-1-3 Elizabeth Rogers b 1773
-5-2-4-3-1-1 St Barbe Tregonwell 1782-1859
-5-2-4-3-1-2 Ellen Ellery Tregonwell 1783-1866
-5-2-4-3-1-3 Henrietta Lewina Tregonwell 1802-1864
-5-2-4-3-1-4 John Tregonwell

-1-1-2-5-1-2-1 Betsey Combs 1791-1840
-1-1-2-5-1-2-2 David Combs 1794-1852
-1-1-2-5-1-2-3 Jonathan Combs 1794-1850
-1-1-2-5-1-2-4 John Rogers Combs 1797-Unknown
-1-1-2-5-1-2-5 Mary Combs 1798-1835
Wi11-4 Margaret Willoughby d 17.08.1597
m 15.02.1587 Sir Robert Spencer of Althorp, 1st Lord of Wormleighton b 1570, d 25.10.1627
Wi11-5 Winifrid Willoughby
m Edward Willoughby brother of Percival
Wi11-6 Abigale Willoughby
m William Pargiter of Gretworth
Wi11-7 Frances Willoughby
m Mountague Wood of Lamley
Wi12-3 Margaret Willoughby
m Sir Matthew Arundell of Wardour d 1598
Wi13 Dorothy Willoughby
m Robert Willoughby of Bore Place
Wi13-3 Jane Willoughby
m Richard Topcliff of Somerby
Wi14-3 Dorothy Willoughby
m Thomas or Anthony Fitzherbert
Wi14-4 Margaret Willoughby
m Sir John Zouch of Codnor
Wi14-5E Jane Willoughby
m Richard Harbottel
Wi14-6+ other issue - Francis, William dvp
m2 Elizabeth Burgh dau of Thomas Burgh, widow of Lord FitzHugh
m3. Ellen Egerton dau of Sir John Egerton of Wrynhill
Wi14-8 Sir Hugh Willoughby
BEB1841 reports that the father of Johanna Strelley who married Sir Hugh was Sir Nicholas. Visitation identifies Sir Hugh's wife as ...
m Jane Strelley dau of Sir William Strelley of Strelley
i Sir Henry Willoughby
BEB1841 shows Sir Henry, Baronet of Risley, as son of Johanna Strelley by Sir Hugh son of William dvp, son of Sir Henry by Ellen Egerton. Although Sir Henry might have purchased Risley from his kinsman Sir Henry below, we suspect that BEB1841 has confused this Sir Henry with the Sir Henry of Risley shown below. However Visitation may also be mistaken as it describes Sir Henry as "of Wollaton Knt. & Baronett". Unfortunately it does not show if he married and had issue. We presume that the Sir Henry of Risley below was the baronet.
Wi14-9 Alice Willoughby
m Richard Draycott of Paynsley
m4. _ Walleys
Wi15-2 Richard Willoughby
m Anne dau of Lord Egremont
Wi15-3 Jane Willoughby
m Thomas Thurland of Gamston
Wi15-4 Alice Willoughby
m Richard Curzon of Kedleston
Wi15-5 Sence Sarah or Sanchia Willoughby
m John Strelley of Strelley
Wi16-4 Baldwin Willoughby of Grendon
m Anne Mortimer dau of John Mortimer of Grendon
1 Richard Willoughby of Grendon
m1 Anne Godffrey dau of Richard Godffrey of Norrell
A Elizabeth Willoughby
m John Chibnall of Astwood
m2 Wilborow Daunsonn of Norfolk
B Edward Willoughby of Grendon
m Elizabeth Chantrell dau of Robert Chantrell of Foxston
i Robert Willoughby of Grendon
m Bridgett Saunders dau of Robert Saunders of Flower
ii Richard Willoughby of Grendon
m Elizabeth Merian dau of Raffe Merian of Lenton
a Philip Willoughby b c1602, a 1618
m by 1618? Mary Newton dau of William Newton of Lavendon
b Elizabeth Willoughby
m Thomas Wood of Lenton
c Frances Willoughby
m John Shrimpton of Harington
d Baldwin Willoughby dsp before 1618
d Robert Willoughby
d Wilborow Willoughby
d Mary Willoughby
d Catherin Willoughby
d Bridgett Willoughby
iii Edward Willoughby
a Mary Willoughby
iv George Willoughby of Sutton
m Ellener
a Bridget Willoughby
m John Davis of Hereford
v Charles Willoughby
C John Willoughby
m Anne Pettit dau of John Pettit of Wellinborow
D Charles Willoughby
m1 Elizabeth Sheffield
i Scisseley Willoughby
m2 y Knight of Towcester
ii Mordaunt Willoughby
iii John Willoughby
E Catherine Willoughby
m Richard Skudamore of Hertfordshire
F Mary Willoughby
m William Johnsonn of Leighton
2 Baldwin Willoughby
m _ Sheppard of Warwickshire
A daughter
m _ Sacheverell of Derbyshire
Wi16-5 daughter
m Henry Marmion
Wi16-6 Joyce Willoughby
m Richard Bracebridge of Kinsbery
Wi16-7 daughter
m _ Bosomon or Bozon
Wi16-8 daughterapparently Margery who d 14.11.1495 m2. William Walron
m 'Baron Hilton' Geoffrey Hilton of Irnham
Wi16-9 daughter
m _ Botteler
Wi16-10 Ellenor Willoughby Visitation shows Ellenor married to Sir Raffe Sherley but, noting that John's father was called Ralph and that he had a son called Ralph, we believe it mistaken and follow BP1934 Ferrers in identifying her husband as ...
m John Shirley of Ettington, etc. d 1485
Wi16-11+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Raphe
Wi19-2 Hugh Willoughby parson of Wollaton
p Joane Risley alias Spencer
Wi19-2-1 Hugh Willoughby
m Joan Dabridgecourt dau of Sir John Dabridgecourt
Wi19-2-1-1 Hugh Willoughby of Risley
m _ Clifton dau of
+1 Sir Gervase Clifton of Hodsock
m Isabel Francis d 1457
+2 Sir John Clifton of Clifton d 1403
m Catherine de Cressy
+3 Sir Robert de Clifton d 1376
m Agnes Grey of Wilton
+4 Sir Gervase de Clifton
m Margaret de Pierrepont
Wi19-2-1-1-1 Hugh Willoughby of Risley
m _ Wentworth dau of _ Wentworth of Everton
Wi19-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas Willoughby of Risley
m Isabel Bradborne dau of John Bradborne of the Hogh
Wi19-2-1-1-1-1-1 Hugh Willoughby of Risley Visitation identifies Hugh's wife as Margaret, dau of Thomas Mollineux of Houghton. However, BEB1844 Molyneux of Teversal indicates that she was his granddaughter instead, being ...
m Margaret Molyneux dau of Anthony Molyneux, son of Thomas of Houghton
i Michael Willoughby of Risley a 1585
m Catherine Totlock dau of John Totlock of Melling
ii George Willoughby of Mawdley a 1585
m Elizabeth Neale
a John Willoughby of Risley
m Frances Hun dau of Henry Hun of Helgay
1 Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley b c1579, d 20.11.1649 As noted above, there is confusion as to the ancestry of the Sir Henry who became Baronet of Risley. Noting that BEB1841 shows that the Sir Henry who was created baronet in 1611 after the date of the Visitation married Elizabeth Knowles, we presume even though the Visitation shows the other Sir Henry above as a baronet that he fitted here, given that Visitation shows that this Sir Henry married Elizabeth Knowles. The dates and details of their children come from BEB1841.
m1 Elizabeth Knolles b c1579, dau of Sir Henry Knolles of Rotherfield Greys
A Mary Willoughby b 24.05.1605, dsp
m Sir Henry Griffith, 1st Bart of Burton Agnes a 1627
B Frances Willoughby b 14.10.1607, d unm
C Anne Willoughby
m1 Anchitel Grey of Risley dsps 09.07.1602
m2 Sir Thomas Aston, 1st Bart of Aston d 24.05.1645
m2 1621 Lettice Darcy dau of Sir Francis Darcy of Bramford
D Catherine Willoughby d 1673
m1 Sir James Bellingham, 2nd Bart of Helsington dsp 1650
m2 1656 George Purefoy of Wadley b 1629, d 1670
E Elizabeth Willoughby
m1 Sir Simon Dewes, 1st Bart d 1650
m2 Sir John Wray, 3rd Bart of Glentworth
F? Possibly here was:
Margaret Willoughby b 1605 m Henry Griffith Jr b c 1603 d after 1647 son of Sir Henry Griffith of Burton Agnes and Elizabeth Throckmorton grandson of Walter Griffith and Katherine Blount
-1 Samuel Griffith d 1717 m Elizabeth Soones Evans d 1718 dau of Lewis Evans and Lucy Soones -1-1 Elizabeth Griffith d 1753 m Guy White
-1-2 Samuel Griffith Jr
-1-1-1 Elizabeth White b c 1708 d c 1765 m Mordecai Price Jr son of Mordecai Price d 1715 and Mary Parsons -1-1-1-1 Samuel Price b 1739 d 1825 m Ann Moore -1-1-1-1-1 Daniel Price b 1761 d 1846 m Elizabeth Hussey ancestors of Pres Nixon
2 Francis Willoughby
3 Elizabeth Willoughby probably the Elizabeth d 1633 who married ...
m Sir Augustine Palgrave
4 Ursula Willoughby d 1647 probably of this generation
m Sir John Potts, 1st Bart of Mannington d before 16.10.1673
Wi19-3 Mary Willoughby
m Thomas Mallory
Wi19-4 Isabel Willoughby
m Sir Bertram or Reginald Mombocher or Monbouchon
Wi19-5+ other issue dsp - Richard, Roger
m2 Joan Charron dau of Guiscard de Charron of Horton name found on a web site
m3. Elizabeth or Joan de Valletort name found on a web site
Wi23-2. Ralph Bugge of Bingham a 1246
Wi23-2-1 Richard de Bingham

Sources: Visitation Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Willoughby with a little support & input from BEB1841 Willoughby of Risley
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