Ni5  Samuel Smith Nicholas

    Son of Colonel George Nicholas (Ni6) and Mary Smith (Sm6)

    Born: 6 April 1797 near Lexington, Kentucky.
    Died: 27 November 1869 in Louisville, Kentucky. Buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Ky.

    Married, first May 20, 1829, to Matilda Prather Pr5 dau of Thomas Prather Pr6 and Matilda Fontaine Fo6.
    second, July 29, 1848,to Mary Smith Ni6-3-8-1, granddaughter of his uncle, Wilson Cary Nicholas Ni6-3, and his aunt, Margaret Smith Sm6-4.

    Children by his first wife:
    Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas [1830-? ) married y Graves
    Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896)  married first Emma Hawes, second Mary Anna Pope
    Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
    Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) married Hon P Barrett of Mo.
    Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
    Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson/Johnston, C.S.A.
    Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston living in Louisville in 1920 corner of 4th and Braodway
    Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) married Thomas
    Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas Jr (1844- ?) m Nannie Carter, daughter of Capt. Frank Carter + 2 dau

    Children by his second wife:
    Ni4-9 Cary Ann Nicholas, (l849- ?)
    Ni4-10 Catherine Nicholas (1850- 1905) m Rudolph Fink
    Ni4-11 Sarah Nicholas (1852- ?)

    Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas was about two years old when his father died. His mother died when he was about eight.

    General Samuel Smith, his mother' s brother, took him to live with him in Baltimore, Maryland. There he was trained in his uncle's counting-house.
    He made a sea voyage to China, which took 130 days according to a letter from him to a relative.

    He afterwards studied law in Frankfort, Kentucky with Chancellor George M. Bibb.

    He settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where he married Matilda Prather, daughter of Thomas Prather, a wea1thy business man.

    In 1846 he became the first president of the University of Louisville, under its first Charter.


    He was elected Judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals at Frankfort Kentucky in 1831. He afterwards served one term in the State Legis1alture. He was one of the Commissioners to revise the Laws of Kentucky.

    The Ludlow pedigree down to Sarah Ludlow 3rd great grandmother of Samuel Smith Nicholas had long been registered at the College of Arms. But proving that the Sarah Ludlow who married John Carter was the same one registered at the College of Arms as well as the further connections down to the children of George Nicholas (Ni4) was a task that  from 1972 to 1974 busied the author (He1-2) collecting the wills of Robert Carter (Ct9) and Robert Carter Nicholas as well as Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas (Ni3-5-?) who produced copies of the S.S. Nicholas Bible and from the Filson Club. Finally an unknown cousin (possibly Pres. Jimmy Carter) working independently on this part of the problem managed to get a certified copy of Sarah�s grandmother�s will which mentioned her as well as evidence of the descent of Robert Carter (Ct9) from Sarah. This reduced our problem to proving that Samuel Smith Nicholas (Ni5) was indeed the son of George Nicholas (Ni6) (primary evidence had been found for everything else but no original birth certification or will could be produced).  With the help of the Filson Club in Louisville so many articles (secondary evidence generally unacceptable at the College of Arms) more contemporary to him (Ni5) were found evidencing his eminent legal career and testifying to the relationship that Rodney Dennis, Somerset Herald of Arms, was persuaded that nothing else could be the truth. Indeed, such a magnificent apple must have fallen from a worthy tree.


    As a direct male descendant of the Nicholas Families of Alcannings and Roundway he was entitled to bear the Nicholas Coat of Arms, as were his sons and theirs etc.
    Nicholas of Roundway

    Descendants Judge S. S. Nicholas (5.1)

    I. Judge Nicholas had eight children by his first wife two of whom died unmarried. Of the others all of whom married only the following three left descendants:

    Ni4 George Nicholas

    Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (called �Lutie�) married James Chem Johnston and had
    a. James Chem Johnston Jr. who married � and had no children.
    b. Mary Johnston who died. unmarried.
    c. Matilda Johnston (called �Mat�) who married first  James McCarathy, and second ... She had no children by either husband.

    Ni4.8 Samuel Smith Nicholas married Nannie Carter, daughter of Captain John Carter and had
    a. Virginia Vance Nicholas who married Harry Williams and had Carter and Rowena, both married. one had children.
    b. Emma Carter Nicholas, died unmarried.
    c. Mary Spratt Nicholas, died unmarried.
    d. Thomas Prather Nicholas who married Carrie Hunter, daughter of Reverend Garness Hunter. They had a son who died at about 12.
    e. Richmond Nicholas who married first �and had two sons. Second � no children.

    Judge Nicholas had three children by his second wife as follows:.

    Ni4-9 Cary Ann Nicholas, who married Rudolph Fink and had, among others, a daughter Margaret who married Leonard Hewitt and had Margo (Margo has a child born in a Japanese prison camp. during World War II).
    Cary Ann Fink'also has a grandson. Col. Rudolph Fink, U.S.A. .

    Ni4-10 Catherine Nicholas died unmarried.

    Ni4-11 Sarah Nicholas, who reared John Churchill after his mother�s death - She also died unmarried.

    Possible other descendents:
    Cynthia OSBORNE, 195 HCR 2340, Abbott, TX, 76621, United States of America Tel. 001 254 580-9019

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louisville's First Families, Kathleen Jennings, 1920