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    La11 Benjamin Lawrence II

    La11 Benjamen Lawrence II was the son of  Benjamin Lawrence I La12 and Ann Ascomb As12 gives 1652 as birth year for son Benjamin (La11).
    He was born in 1661 or as reported by other sites: b 10 Aug 1656 Anne Arundel Co. and died 5 Mar 1690. -Benjamin Lawrence died on 6 January 1684/85 at Anne Arundel Co., MD.
    He married: 2. Elizabeth Talbott Ta11 of' Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in 1680. She was the daughter of Richard Talbott (Ta12) and Elizabeth Ewen/Owen Ew12
    After the death of .Benjamin Lawrence (La11) in 1685, she married 10 Dec., 1686, Richard. Galloway, Jr., son of Richard Galloway, Sr., of London (Ga11). Elizabeth Talbott Lawrence Galloway was the grand-daughter of Major Howard Ewen Ew13 and Sophia Scarborough.
    Their son was Benjamin Lawrence III La10 also 
    shows two daughters for this marriage:
    Elizabeth Lawrence b. 25 Feb 1678/79 at West River, Anne Arundel Co. d 7 Oct 1700 in Anne Arundel Co. m John Gassaway and had issue.
    Benjamin Lawrence b. 13 May 1677 at West River, Anne Arundel Co.
    Lucy Talbot Lawrence b. 1685 in West River, Anne Arundel Co. Md. d 1727

    This raises questions as to whether Benjamin La10 was born from the first marriage to Ann, or whether Elizabeth was actually the mother of La11 and the marriage to Elizabeth was earlier than 1680. All other sources seem to agree that the elder sister Elizabeth was also a daughter of Elizabeth Talbot, so the marriage to Elizabeth seems to have been about 1676, and the Ann named as first wife may have been Benjamin La 11's mother not a wife.

    Said website also shows children for Lucy Lawrence

    The first surviving contemporary account of a hurricane in Virginia was published in London before the end of 1667 concerning the "Dreadful Hurry Cane of 1667": 

    "Having this opportunity, I cannot but acquaint you with the Relation of a very strange Tempest which hath been in these parts (which is called a Hurricane) which began September 6th and continued with such Violence, that it overturned many Houses, burying in the Ruines much Goods and many people .... to the great affliction of all people, few having escaped who have not suffered in their persons or Estates, much Corn was blown away, and great quantities of Tobacco have been lost, to the great damage of many, and utter undoing of others. Neither did it end here, but the Trees were torn up by the roots, and in many places whole Woods blown down, so that they cannot go from Plantation to Plantation. The Sea (by violence of the winds) swelled twelve Foot above its usual height, drowning the whole Country before it .... the Tempest .... while it continued, was accompanied with a very violent rain that continued twelve days and nights together without ceasing, with that fury, that none were able to stir from their shelters, though almost famished for want of provisions .... This Tempest, for the time, was so furious, that it hath made a general Desolation, overturning many Plantations, so that there was nothing that could stand its fury .... Although it was not alike Violent in all places, yet there is scarse any place in the whole Country where there is not left sufficient marks of its ruines .... Such Hurricanes on the Land are seldome heard of, but Hurricanes upon the Sea are common in these parts ...." (Ludlum 1963, 14-15). 

     A corroborative description of this storm is found in a letter from Secretary Thomas Ludwell to Lord Berkeley: 

    "... on the 6th of September followed the most dreadful Harry Cane that ever the colony groaned under. It last 24 hours .... It was accompanied with a most violent raine, but no thunder. The night of it was the most dismal that I ever knew or heard of, for the wind and rain raised so confused a noise, mixed with the continual cracks of falling houses .... The waves were impetuously beaten against the shores and by that violence forces and as it were crowded into all creeks, rivers and bays to that prodigious height that it hazarded the drowning many people who lived not in sight of the rivers, yet were then forced to climb to the top of their houses to keep themselves above water .... of our plantations I think not one escaped. The nearest computation is at least 10,000 houses blown down, all the Indian grain laid flat on the ground, all the Tobacco in the fields torn to pieces and most of what was in the houses perished with them." (Ludlum, 1963, 15) 

    The number of houses is an indication that the population had grown enormously in the years following the earlier Indian attacks. Most of these losses would have been on the Eastern peninsula while the areas across Chesapeake Bay would not have been so fiercely affected.

    This account seems an adaquate explanation for Benjamin Lawrence's departure from Accomac County on the Eastern peninsula and resettling in Somerset County, Md., as well as the demise of his first wife and any children from this marriage and the loss of any earlier records.

    Lucy LAWRENCE was born about 1685.
    She was married to John BELT on 10 Feb 1700/1 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. John BELT was born about 1761 in Prince George's Co., MD, son of John Belt and Elizabeth Tydings.
    +1 a href="BeltJohn.htm">John BELT and Elizabeth TYDINGS) Lucy LAWRENCE and John BELT had the following children:

    Children of Lucy Lawrence and John Belt:
    John Belt b. a 1701
    Margaret Belt b. a 1701
    Lucy Belt b. a 1701
    Elizabeth Belt b. a 1701
    Mary Belt+ b. a 1701
    Higgenson Belt+ b. a 1701, d. 1786
    Joseph Belt b. c 1707 
    Sarah Belt+ b. c 1707, d. a 1793
    Leonard Belt b. 1714, d. Sep 1793

    Richard Belt b 1706 in Baltimore Co. Md.
    +29 i. Higginson BELT b 1710 in Anne Arundel Co.
    30 ii. Leonard BELT was born about 1714 in Baltimore Co., MD. He died in Sep 1793 in Montgomery Co., MD.
    +31 iii. Sarah BELT b about 1707 .
    +32 iv. Mary BELT b about 1715 in Md.
    33 v. Joseph BELT was born about 1707.
    +34 vi. Lucy BELT.
    +35 vii. Elizabeth BELT.
    +36 viii. John BELT.
    +37 ix. Margaret BELT. 


    Fonda Flax Carrol reports:
    Richard Belt
    Birth: 1706 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
    Death: 1789
    Father: John Belt b: 1678 in Anne Arundel, MD
    Mother: Lucy Talbot Lawrence b: 1685 in West River, Anne Arundel, Maryland

    Marriage 1 Keturah Price b: 21 FEB 1738/39 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
    Married: 24 JAN 1760 in Baltimore , Maryland
     Milcah Belt b: 12 JAN 1765 in Baltimore Co., Maryland

    Sarah Belt
    Birth: ABT 1707 in Baltimore, MD
    Birth: ABT 1697 in Anne Arundel, Md
    Death: AFT 1793
    (Sarah Belt along with her brother Jeremiah Belt are named in their step-father's will:)

    Lamb, John,A. A. Co.,27th Dec., 1714;
    14th June, 1715.
    To dau. Margaret Lamb, personalty.
    To son-in-law Jeremiah Belt and Sarah Belt and their hrs., personalty, and to sd. Jeremiah 150 A., part of “The Widow's Purchase,” on n. side Beaver Dam Branch in fork of Patuxent R., in Prince George's Co.
    To wife Eliza:, extx., residue of estate.
    Test: Eliner Mariate, Jno. Belt, W. Wootton. 14. 55.
    Father: John Belt b: 1678 in Anne Arundel, MD
    Mother: Lucy Talbot Lawrence b: 1685 in West River, Anne Arundel, Maryland

    Marriage 1 Thomas Harwood b: 19 SEP 1698
    Married: 11 SEP 1718 in Anne Arundel
     Thomas Harwood b: 8 DEC 1726
     Benjamin Harwood b: ABT 1750 in Prince Georges, Maryland

    Marriage 2 William Petticoat b: ABT 1703 in Anne Arundel, MD
    Married: ABT 1728
     Jasper Petticoat b: ABT 1731
     Althea Petticoat b: 1735
     Cassandra Petticoat b: 1743 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
     William Petticoat , Jr. b: 1745 in Baltimore , MD

    Thomas Harwood
    Sex: M
    Birth: 8 DEC 1726
    Death: 15 MAY 1791
    Military Service: Captain
    Father: Thomas Harwood b: 19 SEP 1698
    Mother: Sarah Belt b: ABT 1707 in Baltimore, MD

    Marriage 1 Rachel Sprigg b: 1 JUN 1733 in Prince Georges Co., Maryland daughter of Osborne Sprigg and Rachel Belt
    Married: 1 JAN 1753 in Prince Georges, MD
     Margaret Harwood b: ABT 1753
     Osborn Sprigg Harwood b: 2 MAY 1760
     Priscilla Harwood b: ABT 1761
     Rachel Harwood b: 19 FEB 1764

    Osborn Sprigg Harwood
    Sex: M
    Birth: 2 MAY 1760
    Death: 21 DEC 1847
    Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 2

    3. Osborne Sprigg HARWOOD, b. 2d May, 1760; d. 23d Dec. 1847; m. Elizabeth Anne HARWOOD, dau. of Col. Richard HARWOOD.
    Father: Thomas Harwood b: 8 DEC 1726
    Mother: Rachel Sprigg b: 1 JUN 1733 in Prince Georges Co., Maryland

    Marriage 1 Elizabeth Ann Harwood b: 11 FEB 1770 in Anne Arundel , MD
    Married: 1 NOV 1791 in Anne Arundel, MD
    Name: Elizabeth Ann Harwood
    Gender: Female
    Marriage Date: 31 Oct 1791
    Spouse: Osborn Harwood
    Spouse Gender: Female
    State: Maryland
    County: Anne Arundel
    marriage record - license:
     Margaret Harwood b: 18 DEC 1798 in Anne Arudel, Maryland
     Mary Dyrden Harwood b: ABT 1800 in Anne Arudel, Maryland
     Rachel Ann Harwood b: 21 OCT 1803

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