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Talbot 4: Talbot of Carton / Cartown, Talbot of Malahide, Talbot of Tyrconnell
Descended from Richard de Talbot (a 1085) were 2 brothers ... When the first lord Richard Talbot came to Malahide in 1170, his family were also lords of Shrewsbury in England. This was in the reign of Henry II. Talbot’s lordship of Malahide was confirmed by the King's son, Prince John, who subsequently became King of England. Also confirmed on Richard was the Advowson for the Church of Malahide and when he died in 1193, he presented his brother, Walter Talbot with that benefice. Where did the Talbots live when they first came to Malahide? Through the local historical society's research, it seems highly probable that they lived at Wheatfield, opposite the Community School. Here stands today the remains of a Motte and Bailey in an excellent state of preservation. It must be realized that in those very early days the Talbot estate extended to over 600 acres. The Motte and Bailey is a distinctive Norman trademark and, of course, the Talbots were originally Normans from France. This home would have been quite extensive containing stables, barns, work­shops as well as a wooded home all protected by a stockaded ditch. There is no exact date as to when the Talbots moved to the site of the present day castle. The earliest portion of the present day castle is a keep-like tower of three storeys which dates to the fourteenth century.
Ta25 Richard Talbot, lord of Malahide (a 1193)
Ta24-1 Reginald Talbot of Malahide (dsp)
Ta24 Adam Talbot, lord of Malahide
Ta23 Richard FitzAdam Talbot, lord of Malahide (a 1278, 1286) The Talbots founded the monastery of the Holy Trinity at Templeogue in 1259 and in 1262 Richard Talbot was Archbishop of Dublin.
Ta22 Sir Milo Talbot of Malahide
m Alianore
Ta21 Sir Richard Talbot of Malahide By 1330, the family established themselves in about half the counties of Leinster, were Members of Parliament, County Sheriffs and were entrusted with the defense of many English garrison towns. So it is fair to assume that by 1350, Malahide Castle was a structure of some importance. The earliest reference available is at the top of a Patent granted by Edward IV to Sir Thomas Talbot in 1486 where a sketch of a castle exists.
m Margaret de Ashbourne
Ta20 Sir Thomas Talbot of Malahide (b about 1340 a 1373)
m Agnes Kenewrick (sister of William Kenewrick)
Ta19-1 Sir Richard Talbot of Malahide, Sheriff of Dublin
m Cecilia
(a) Thomas Talbot
((1)) Christopher Talbot of Malahide (dsp young)
Ta19 Thomas Talbot, later lord of Malahide (b about 1370 d c1431)
Ta18 Richard Talbot, lord of Malahide
m Matilda/Maud Plunkett (dau of Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen)
Ta17 Thomas Talbot, lord of Malahide (b about 1420 d 23.07.1487)
m1 _ Sommerton
Ta16-1 Peter Talbot of Malahide (d 10.07.1529)
m Catherine FitzGerald (natural dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare)
m2 Elizabeth Buckley
Ta16-2 John Talbot of Dardistown had issue
Ta16-3 Thomas Talbot
m Alison Warde
((i))+ issue - Gilbert, Peter, Nicholas, Robert, Simon
Ta16 William Talbot of Robertstown -b about 1487 continued below
m Genet Tew
Ta25-2. Walter Talbot
Ta16. William Talbot of Robertstown -b about 1487 continued above
BE1883 reports that Sir William, 1st Bart, was son of Robert of Carlton, 3nd son of Sir Thomas Talbot of Malahide. We follow BP1934 which is supported by TCP.
m Genet Tew
Ta15. Patrick Talbot (2nd/3rd son) b about 1530
m Genet FitzGerald dau of ->
Thomas FitzGerald
Ta14. Sir William Talbot, 1st Baronet of Carton or Cartown b about 1560 d 16.03.1633/4
m Alison Netterville dau of ->
+1 John Netterville of Castletown +2? Luke Netterville b c 1510 Co Meath IRE d 1560 judge
m Margaret Luttrell
-b Richard Netterville d 1607 barrister
+3 John Netterville
m Alison St Lawrence
+3 Sir Thomas Luttrell b by 1490 Dblin d 1554 Solicitor General for Ireland and Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas.
m1 Anne Aylmer
m2 Elizabeth Bathe
+4 John St Lawrence 4th Baron Howth b c 1465
+4 Richard Luttrell b c 1480 d aft 1540
m Margaret FitzLyons/FitzLeon
+4 Bartholomew Aylmer, Sir William Bathe of Rathfeigh Co Meath
Ta13 Sir Robert Talbot, 2nd Baronet of Carton b c 1610, d 21.10.1670
m Grace Calvert dau of ->
+1 George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore
Ta12-1 Sir William Talbot, 3rd Bart of Carton (dsp 18.05.1691, Master of the Rolls)
m (1683) Anne Nugent (dau of Richard Nugent 2nd Earl of Westmeath)
Ta12-2. Frances Talbot (d 1718)
m Richard Talbot of Malahide (d 1703)
Ta12 Richard Talbott shown by other websites b about 1630
m Elizabeth Ewen

La8-8 Richard Lawrence (1757
Ta11 Elizabeth Talbott m1 c 1672 James Preston of Patuxent Calvert Co MD m2 c 1676 Benjamin Lawrence La11 d 1683/4 m3 Richard Galloway son of Richard Galloway of London and Hannah x Ta10-1 Rebecca Preston b c Dec 1673
La10 Benjamin Lawrence III b c 1677
La10-2 Elizabeth Lawrence b 25 Feb 1678/9 m1 John Gassaway son of Col Nicholas Gassaway and Hester Besson m2 John Rigbie of Anne Arundel Co
La9-1 Elizabeth Lawrence b 8th Dec 1702 m ?Abelard Stevenson
La9-2 Benjamin Lawrence b 27 Jan 1704/5 m Do9-4 Ruth Dorsey.
La9-3 Rachel Lawrence b 3 May 17?39 m y Dorsey.
La9-4 Ruth Lawrence
La9 Leaven Lawrence, 1st Lt. in Flying Camp, 1776 Remained at Dorsey's Grove. b Dec 22 1745 m Sarah Dorsey Do9 she m2 Thomas Owings d 1760.
La9-5 Margaret Lawrence b 17?56 d 1835 unm
La9-6 Richard Lawrence b d 1756/7 d At “Whitehall” at Guilford. Served in General Otho H. Williams' Company in the Revolution, m 3X
La10-2-1 Nicholas Gassaway b 6 Feb 1696 will proved 21 Apr 1757
m1 2 Jun 1719 Elizabeth Hawkins b 1700 Anne Arundel Co d 1736 + 9 ch
dau of Thomas Hawkins and Elizabeth Arnold m2 Sarah Shipley dau of Robert Shipley and Elizabeth Stevens m3 Rachel dau of ?Joseph/John Howard and Rachel Ridgely (possibly
dau of Sir Henry Howard b 14 JAN 1702/03 in Anne Arundel Co MD m Sarah Dorsey b 15 OCT 1715 in Anne Arundel Co
La10-2-2 Elizabeth Rigbie b c 1699 m 9 Jan 1715/6 Peter Bines Galloway son of Samuel Galloway and Ann Webb granson of immigrant Richard Galloway
La10-2-3 Lucy Gassaway b c 1734 Annapolis MD d c 1800 m William Nicholson b 8 Apr 1724 AA Co MD d by 1790 Rowan NC

La9-3-1 Captain Philemon Dorsey.
La9-3-2 Nathan Harris ?Dorsey.
La8-1 Elizabeth Lawrence
La8-2 Rachel Lawrence (3rd May 1739 - 12th Aug. 1808) m Capt. Philemon Dorsey (20th Jan. 1715 - ) on 13th Dec. 1759,
La8 Benjamin Lawrence IV (5th/?17th May 1741 ¬ March 5, 1814), married: Urath Randall Owings. (Ow8) 1762, January 28.
La8-4 John Dorsey (or Levin) Lawrence b 1740 or 26 Oct 1743 in Anne Arundel, Md d 18 Dec 1798 Anne Arundel m Sarah Dorsey in 1763 and/or Martha West, 20 Apr.1766 in Md., lived at Valley farm, Linganore Hills, and had Hammond Dorsey Lawrence La8-4-1 by Sarah Dorsey
La8-5 Levin Lawrence b 1750 in Anne Arundel, Md. d 31 Mar 1805
La8-6 Ruth Lawrence b 22 Dec 1745 d 27 Jul 1827
La8-7 Margaret Lawrence (1756 -
La10-2-1-1 Lucy Gassaway
La10-2-1-2 Nicholas Gassaway
La10-2-1-3 Mary Gassaway b aft? 1719 m by? 1729 AA Co James A Aldridge b 1 Jul 1706 Annapolis d c 1770 NC
La10-2-1-4 Ann Gassaway b 1720 All Hallow AA Co d 1753 m y Pierpont
La10-2-1-5 Hannah Gassaway b c 1720 m by 1757 AA Co Philip Porter
La10-2-1-6 Elizabeth Gassaway b c 1722 AA Co
La10-2-1-7 Thomas Gassaway b 1724 AA Co d aft 1810 Berler Co VA
La10-2-1-8 Susannah Gassaway b 1725 AA Co d 1784 All Hallows Parish AA Co m Samuel Mansell
La10-2-1-9 James Gassaway b c 1734 All Hallows Parish AA Co d c Feb 1804 Pendleton Anderson Co SC m1 c 1756 Rachel x + 5 ch m2 aft 1777 Elizabeth Scruggs b 1752 VA d 31 Jul 1838 Tippah MS + 7 ch dau of Thomas Scruggs and susanna Hughes
La10-2-1-10 Rachel Gassaway b c 1749
La10-2-1-11 Sarah Gassaway b aft 1738
La10-2-1-12 Richard Gassaway b aft 1738
La10-2-1-13 Benjamin Gassaway b c 1740 Qu Caroline Parish MD d 15 May 1793 Frederick MD m Ruth x
La10-2-1-14 Robert Gassaway b c 1746 AA Co d c 1773
La10-2-1-2 Elizabeth Gassawa m y Sellman
La10-2-1-3 Susannah Gassaway m y Mansill
La10-2-1-4 Nicholas Gassaway
La10-2-1-5 Thomas Gassaway
La10-2-1-6 James Gassaway
La10-2-1-7 Hannah Gassaway m y Porter
La10-2-1-8 Mary Gassaway
La10-2-1-9 Lucy Gassaway m y Nicholson
La10-2-1-10 Benjamin Gassaway
La10-2-1-11 Sarah Gassaway
La10-2-1-12 Richard Gassaway
La10-2-1-13 Robert Gassaway
La10-2-1-14 Rachel Gassaway
La10-2-2-1 x Galloway l Oct 1778
La10-2-2-2 Joseph Galloway d 1731
La10-2-3-1 Mary Nicholson b c 1750 NC d Rowan NC m Michael Miers son of George Blankenbuechler b c 1700 Va/?Ger and Marry Garrett b ca 1710 Va (dau of Johannes Gerhard b by 1695)
La10-2-3-2 Lucretia/Lucy Nicholson b c 1758 MD
La10-2-3-3 Amelia Mealie Nicholenson b c 1760 MD
La10-2-3-4 Gassaway Nicholson b 1762 Md d c 1825
La10-2-3-5 Lucy Lucrettia Nicholson b 1762 AA Co MD
La10-2-3-6 William Nicholson b c 1764 Rowan NC
La10-2-3-7 Daniel Nicholson b c 1768 Rowan NC
La10-2-3-8 Joseph Nicholson b c 1772 Rowan NC
La10-2-3-9 Cassaway Nicholson b 1775 Anne Arundel MD
La10-2-3-10 John Nicholson b c 1776 Rowan NC

La7-1 Samuel Lawrence b 30th Oct. 1762 d 16th Nov 1763)
La7 Samuel Lawrence b 20th/?28th Sep 1764 d 17 Sep 1822) m Sarah Hobbs Ho7 (b 29 Jun 1769 d 19 Sep 1829
La7-3 Mary Jane (called Polly) Lawrence (20th/?28 Feb .1767- 20th Aug. 1810) m1 17 FEB 1786 in Baltimore MD, Elias Dorsey b ABT 1759 d20 SEP 1794 s/o Vachel DORSEY m2 aft 1794 William Chambers b 1 MAY 1764 in New York, d AFT 1810 in Jefferson Co Ky
La7-4 Susannah Lawrence (4th May 1769-1818) m Edward Dorsey (1762-1804)
La7-5 Rebecca Lawrence b 4th Jul. 1771 in Owings Mills Baltimore Co Md d 12 May l822 in Jefferson Co Ky m Richard Winchester (1755 - 1817 aged 61), son of William Winchester and Lydia Richards
La7-6 Levin Lawrence b 8th Apr.1774 d 27th July 1846 m Mary Snowden Dorsey (?28 'Feb 1767/?1780 - 26th Apr. 1852/? d 6/20 AUG 1810 in 'Merrydale' in Middletown, Jefferson Co Ky
La7-7 Elizabeth Lawrence b 2nd May 1778 d 7th Feb. 1814 m William Rose Hynes in 1800 Benjamin Hynes d 1828
La6-1 James Brown Lawrence (1790- by 1828)
La6 Urith Owings Lawrence (1791 - 1854) m James Brown III Br6 d: 1854, Jan 2, Jefferson Co Ky bur Brown Grave Yard, in Browns Lane, above St. Matthews, Ky
La6-3 Benjamin II Lawrence (7 Sep 1795 in Baltimore Co. Md -1874)
La6-4 Elhannon or Elbannon Lawrence (23 Nov 1797 in Baltimore Co. Md. -1798)
La6-5 Elias Dorsey Lawrence (1 Aug 1799 in Jefferson Co. Ky- 18 June 1828) m Mary Ann Peachy Fry, daughter of Joshua Fry and Peachy Walker,  on 14 August 1823. She married 2nd, Dr. Lewis Warner Green of Danville on 9 April 1834 in Danville.
La6-5-1 Samuel Lawrence (b. 1824, d. by 1828)
La6-5-2 Joshua Fry Lawrence (b. 14 February 1824, d. 1893). He graduated from Jefferson College in Ganonsburg Pa. He married his cousin, Urith Lawrence Pope on 2 December 1851, and was a planter in Jefferson Co., Ky., '47— served in the Kentucky Legislature 1865-69
La6-6 Washington Lawrence (1800-1801)

Br5 Sarah Lawrence Brown b. July 12, 1810 - 1884
Br5-2 Elizabeth C. Brown
Br5-3 Samuel L. Brown
Br5-4 Caroline Brown
Br5-5 Alfred Brown
Br5-6 Mary Ann Brown
Br5-7 Theodore Brown
Br5-8 Emeline Brown
Br5-9 James L. Brown
Br5-10 Francis C. Brown
Br5-11 Arthur Brown

Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin b 27 Apr 1828 d 1883), m Dr. Th. Galt (also called Edmonia Pope, who married Dr. William Galt, their children being Ellen Galt and Urith Galt)
Po4-2 Urath Lawrence Pope (twin b 27 Apr 1828 d 1884), m Joshua Fry Lawrence
Po4-3 James Brown Pope b 1830
Po4-4) Mary Emmeline Pope b 1832
Po4-5 Ellen E. Pope b 25 Jul 1834 m Dr. John Thruston
Po4-6 Worden Pope b 1836
Po4 Mary Ann Pope b 1838 d 1897 m George Nicholas Ni4
Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope b 1840 d y
Ta11-2 Richard Talbott b c 1657
Ta11-3 Edward Talbott b 6 NOV 1658 in Anne Arundel, Md
Ta11-4 John Talbott b c 1659 in Anne Arundel
m Sarah Thomas Mears b: 4 AUG 1673
-1 Richard Talbott b: 12 JUL 1696 in Anne Arudel, Md m Margaret Birckhead b 4 AUG 1703
-2 Daniel Talbott b 24 APR 1699 in Calvert Co m 1723 Elizabeth Birckhead b 4 APR 1701 in Anne Arundel
-1-1 Joseph Talbott b: 1724 m Rebecca Clagett b ABT 1735 dau of John Clagett b c 1682 in Calvert Co., MD and Sarah Maulden b 3 JUL 1698
-2-1 Susanna Talbott b 8 DEC 1735 in Calvert Co d 6 Sep 1798 m 1757 Hezekiah Magruder b: 1730 in Prince Georges Co son of Alexander Magruder and Anne Wade b 1705 Pr Geo Co
-2-2 William Talbott b 7 JUN 1742 in Calvert Co

-2-1-1 George Beall Magruder b ABT 1766 d 1830 m 1789 Charity Wilson b 1768

-2-1-1-1 Peter W. Magruder b 1791 in Maryland
-2-1-1-2 William Wilson Magruder b 25 AUG 1797 in Montgomery Co Maryland
-2-1-1-3 Hezekiah Magruder , Dr. b SEP 1803 in Prince Georges, Maryland
-2-1-1-4 Ann E. Magruder b 1807 in Md m c 1835 Otho Magruder Linthicum b 1800 in Anne Arundel son of John Linthicum b 1770 in Anne Arundel , MD and Priscilla Magruder b c 1774 in Anne Arundel
Ta12-4? possibly here was:
y Talbott
-1 William Talbott b c 1680 Engl d 1713 Baltimore Co MD m Katherine Ogg b 1 JAN 1693/4 in Anne Arundel dau of George Ogg b: 1666 in Anne Arundel and Elizabeth Bagley b 1670 in Anne Arundel -1-1 Marguerite Talbott b 1712 in England m 2 APR 1734 in Baltimore Co Benjamin Hammond b 11 FEB 1705/06 in Anne Arundel, MD -1-1-1 Isaac Hammond b ABT 1738 m Susanna Bond
-1-1-2 George Hammond b 29 OCT 1748 in Baltimore Co m 12 Jun 1779 Baltimore Co Elizabeth Wells b 4 FEB 1758
-1-1-1-1 Susan Owings Hammond b: 1785 m 21 Nov 1805 Baltimore Henry Gough Kennedy Dorsey b 28 FEB 1781 in Baltimore Co son of Nicholas Dorsey b 1741 Baltimore Co and Ruth Todd b 4 May 1741
-1-1-2-1 Rachel Hammond b 1780 in Baltimore Co MD m 24 Nov 1799 Perhaps Brooke Co WV
-1-1-2-2 Harry (Henry) Hammond b 31 MAR 1782 in Baltimore Md m 1804 Brook Co WV Mary 'Polly' Beall b 16 AUG 1786 in Frederick Co
-1-1-2-3 Susannah 'Susan' Hammond b 1787 m George Stricker Beall b 1782 d 14 Oct 1853 Warren Twp Jefferson Co OH son of Ninian Edmonston Beall b Jan 1755 MD and Ann Maria Stricker
-1-1-1-1-1 Frances Shaeffer Dorsey b 1824 in Maryland d 1 Mar 1861 Baltimore m 21 Aug 1841 George Henry Christhilf b ABT 1820 in Maryland
-1-1-2-2-1 George Hammond b 11 AUG 1805 in Jefferson, OH 12 FEB 1855 in Steubenville, Jefferson m Cilliann Carter b: 12 SEP 1809 in Pennsylvania
-1-1-2-2-1-1 Margaret E. Hammond b 14 MAY 1851 in Jefferson, Oh m 22 Dec 1868 Absolom Ridgely Jacob b 4 JUL 1840 in Va
-1-1-2-3-1 George Stricker Beall b 1782 in Maryland m Susannah 'Susan' Hammond b 1787
Ta13-2 Garret Talbot (d before 06.1685, 3rd son)
m (before 12.03.1633-4) Margaret Gaydon (dau of Henry Gaydon of Dublin)
a. Sir William Talbot of Hagardstown, 4th Bart of Carton, '2nd Earl of Tyrconnell' (b c1642, d 26.12.1724)
Being heir of the earldom of Tyrconnel, Sir William used that title even though it had been forfeited.
m Mary White (dau of Nicholas White of Clonmel)
(1) Richard Talbot, 'Viscount Baltinglass' (dvp 08.05.1716)
m (19.12.1702) Charlotte Talbot (d 14.02.1721/2, dau of Richard Talbot, Earl then Duke of Tyrconnell) see below
(A) William Talbot, 5th Bart of Carton, '3rd Earl of Tyrconnell' (bpt 26.12.1710, dsp 12.03.1752)
m (after 22.11.1745) Madeleine de Lys (d 02.11.1759)
Ta13-3 Peter Talbot, Archbishop of Dublin (d 1680, 6th son)
Ta13-4 Gilbert Talbot (d c1674, 'Colonel')
m1 ??
a. Jane Talbot
m2 Dorothy Boyle (b 31.12.1617, d 26.03.1668, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork)
Ta13-5 Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, Duke of Tyrconnell (b 1630, d 14.08.1691)
(1) Having fought for James II at the battle of the Boyne, Richard was attainted and his titles forfeited.
(2) BE1883 indicates that Richard's daughters were by his 2nd wife but BP1934, supported by TCP at least in respect of Charlotte, reports that they were by ...
m1 (before 03.04.1669) Catherine Boynton (bur 17.03.1677/8, dau of Col. Matthew Boynton, son of Sir Matthew, Bart)
a. Charlotte Talbot (b c1676, d 14.02.1721/2)
BE1883 reports that Charlotte married the Prince de Vintimiglia but BP1934 reports that she married ...
m (19.12.1702) Richard Talbot, 'Lord Baltinglass' (dvp 08.05.1716) see above
b. daughter
m2 (mcrt 11.1681) Frances Jennings (b c1648, bur 09.03.1730/1, dau of Richard Jennings of Sandridge)
Ta13-6 Mary Talbot
m Sir John Dungan, Bart
Ta13-7 Bridget Talbot
m John Gaidon of Irishtown
Ta13-8 Margaret Talbot
m Sir Henry Talbot of Templeogue or Mount Talbot
a. James Talbot of Templeogue or Mount Talbot (Colonel)
m Bridget Bermingham (dau of Edward Bermingham, Lord of Athenry)
(1) Mary Talbot (d 27.06.1711)
m (10.1684) John Bourke, 9th Earl of Clanricarde (b 1642, d 17.10.1722)
(2) Bridget Talbot
m Valentine Browne of Mount Browne
b. Mary Talbot (d 07.09.1691)
m Theobald Dillon, 7th Viscount of Costello Gallen (d Aughrim 12.07.1691, Lt. Colonel)
c. Barbara Talbot dau of a Sir Henry, niece of Duke of Tyrconnel, presumed to fit here
m Dominick Browne of Breaghwy
Ta13-9 Frances Talbot
m1 James Cusack of Cushenstown
m2 Sir Thomas Newcomen
Ta13-10 Eleanor Talbot (8th dau)
m1 (c1655) Sir Henry O'Neill, Bart
m2 James Netterville (dsp)
Ta13-11+ other issue - John (dsp before 06.1685), James, Thomas (friar), Elizabeth, Jane, Catherine
Ta14-2 Thomas Talbot

Source(s): BP1934 (Talbot De Malahide) with input from BE1883 (Talbot of Tyrconnell), TCP (Tyrconnell)
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