Pe13 Edward Peyton

    Pe13 Sir Edward Peyton was the son of Sir John Peyton Pe14 and Alice Osborne Os14, daughter of Sir Edward Osborne and Anne Hewett, on 29 Jun 1580 at St. Dionis Backchurch, London, England.
    Born: circa 1581
    Married: first Martha Livesay, daughter of Robert Livesay, on 24 Apr 1604 at Streatham, Surrey, England.
    2nd Jane Calthorpe, daughter of Sir James Calthorpe, on 6 Jun 1614 at St. James, Clerkenwell, England (Jane Calthorpe married Sir Henry Thymelthorpe; 1st husband).
    3rd Dorothy Ball, daughter of Edward Ball, on 14 Dec 1638 at St. James, Clerkenwell, England
    Died: in 1656/57 at Wicken, England
    He was 2nd Baronet. He resided at Great Bradley, Suffolk, England. He was educated at Cambridge, England. He was Member of Parliament for Cambridgeshire in 1621.
    Martha Livesay was baptized on 25 Oct 1584.
    Edward Peyton and Martha Livensay had issue:
    Pe12-1 Sir John Peyton Bart was born in 1607. He was baptized on 2 Nov 1607. He married Mary Bellingham, daughter of Sir Edward Bellingham Bart, on 31 Jan 1630; 1st wife. He married Dorothy Hobart; 2nd wife. He died in 1692/93. He was buried at St. Giles in the Field, London, England.
    He resided at Isleham, Cambridge, England.
    Pe12-2 Rev. Edward Peyton
    Pe12-3 Thomas Peyton, d. 1613
    Pe12-4 Robert Peyton was born on 23 Jul 1611.
    He resided at Bromley, Kent, England.
    Pe12-5 Amy Peyton was born on 24 Nov 1604. She married Henry Lawrence on 21 Oct 1628
    Known children of Sir Edward10 Peyton Bart. and Jane Calthorpe were as follows:
    Pe12-6 James Peyton died; young. He was buried on 18 Nov 1620.
    Pe12 Thomas Peyton, baptized 29 Mar 1617 at Isleham, Cambridge, England; married Elizabeth Yelverton; married ___.
    (Pe12-8) William Peyton was baptized on 19 May 1618. He died; young.
    (Pe12-9) Jane Peyton died; unmarried. She was buried on 8 Feb 1632/33 at Sedistern, England.

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