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Weston 1: Weston of Beiterton, Weston of Lane House, Weston of Newton, Weston of Portland, Weston of Prested Hall, Weston of Rugeley, Weston of Skreens Skrynes in Roxwell, Weston of Weston
BE1883 identifies Hamon de Weston, temp Henry II who r.1154-1189, as progenitor of this family but starts with the following Sir William, showing that the Earls of Portland were descended from the Westons of Prested Hall. We provide that descent in blue but give precedence below to BLG1952 which shows a different ancestry for the Earls of Portland.
Sir William de Weston of Bolton
1. Michael Weston a 1286, younger son
A. Sir Thomas Weston
i. Margaret Weston
m John de Loveyn of Little Estayne
a. daughter
m Sir William Bourchier d 1365
B. Humphrey de Weston of Prested Hall a 1360
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
i William Weston of Prested Hall and London a 1512
m Margaret
a Richard Weston of Prested Hall
1 ?? Weston
A Robert Weston of Prested Hall d 06.06.1601
i+ 2 daughters
b John Weston 4th son see below
The following is the pedigree given by BLG1952.
Sir Hamo de Weston-under-Lyzard d by 1214
m Agnes widow of Sir Hamo, possibly mother of ...
1. John de Weston of Weston and Newton d before 03.11.1227, 2nd son
A. Sir Hugh de Weston of Weston and Newton d before 1264
m Matilda d c1250
i. William de Weston a 1250, dvpsp
ii. Sir Hugh de Weston of Weston and Newton d before 25.09.1305
m1 _ Audley dau of _ Audley of Newport
a. Sir John de Weston of Weston and Newton b c1287, d before 05.05.1349
m1 Isabella de Bromley d 1317
1 Sir Thomas de Weston of Weston and Newton d 03.1350
m Catherine de Fouleshurst
A Robert de Weston of Weston dsp before 03.1349-50
2+ other issue - John de Bourgh d before1350, 6 daughters
m2 Isolda de Newton dau of William de Newton
9 Robert de Weston of Beiterton d after 09.07.1358
A John de Weston of Beiterton and Newton
i Richard Weston of Rugeley d by 1454
m Agnes d before 01.05.1493
a John Weston of Rugeley d before 1529
m Alice
1 Richard Weston of Brereton a 1498, d before 1553
m Catherine
A John Weston of Hagley had issue
m before 1532 Cecilia Ford dau of John Ford
2 Edmund Weston
3 William Weston of Brereton a 1500, d by 1558
A daughter
m before 1543 John Meke son of Richard of London
4 John Weston of Lichfield see above
m 1526 Cecilia Nevill dau of Ralph, Lord Nevill of Raby
A Richard Weston of Skreens in Roxwell d 06.07.1572, judge, 2nd son
BE1883 identifies Richard's wife as as Wiburga, dau of Michael Catesby of Seaton. Because the dates appear to fit an earlier generation, we provisionally follow Visitation which shows her as ...
m1 Wyborow Catesby dau of Anthony Catesby of Whiston
i Sir Jerome Weston of Skreens Skrynes in Roxwell
m1 Mary Cave dau of Anthony Cave of Chicheley
a Sir Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland bpt 01.03.1577, d 13.03.1634, Treasurer of England
m1 Elizabeth Pinchon bur 15.02.1602/3, dau of William Pinchon of Writtle
1 Richard Weston
2 Elizabeth Weston bur 16.09.1654
m 1623 John Netterville, 2nd Viscount of Dowth bur 03.09.1659
3 Mary Weston bpt 02.01.1602-3, a 08.1678
m 1629 Sir Walter Aston Walter Aston, 2nd Lord of Forfar b 1609, d 23.04.1678
m2 by 1605 Frances Walgrave d 1645, dau of Nicholas Walgrave or Waldegrave of Borley
4 Jerome Weston, 2nd Earl of Portland b 16.12.1605, d 16/7.05.1662
m 18.06.1632 Frances Stuart b 19.03.1617, bur 17.03.1693/4, dau of Esme Stuart, Duke of Lennox
A Charles Weston, 3rd Earl of Portland bpt 19.05.1639, d unm 03.06.1665
B+ other issue - Henrietta Mary, Frances, Katharine, Elizabeth
5 Thomas Weston, 4th Earl of Portland bpt 09.10.1609, dsp 05.1688
m 1667 Anne Butler d 26.05.1669, dau of John Butler, Lord of Bramfield
6 Nicholas Weston dsp
7 Benjamin Weston of Walton-on-Thames
m Elizabeth Sheldon dau of Thomas Sheldon of Houby
A Elizabeth Weston
m 02.03.1651-2 Sir Charles Shelley, 2nd Bart of Michelgrove d 1681
B Anne Weston d infant
8 Anne Weston d 10.03.1634/5
m Basil Feilding, 2nd Earl of Denbigh b c1608, dsp 28.11.1675
9 Mary Frances Weston
m Philip Draycote of Paynsly d 07.03.1659
10 Catherine Weston
m Richard White of Hutton
b William Weston
c Anne Weston
m1 John Williams of Brentwood or Burntwood
m2 _ Gardiner of Sussex
d Winifred Weston
m Nicholas Cotton of Romford
e Dorothy Weston
m Sir Edward Pinchon of Writtle
f Margaret Weston
m Edward Leventhorp or Leventhrope of Hertfordshire
m2 Margery Pert dau of George Pert of London
ii Amphalis Weston
m 17.05.1571 Sir Benjamin Tichborne, 1st Bart of Tichborne d 06.09.1629
iii Margaret Weston
m1 John Loveday
m2 Andrew Glascock
m2 _ Burnaby
m3. Elizabeth Lovett dau of Thomas Lovett of Astwell
B Robert Weston of Weeford, Chancellor of Ireland d 1573, Dean of Wells - continued below
m1 Alice Jenyngs dau of Richard Jenyngs of Barr
m2 Alice Bigges dau of John Bigges of Isleworth
C John Milborne Weston of Markes mentioned by Visitation
m Jone Slade
D daughter mentioned by Visitation
m _ Slade of Staffordshire
E Mary Weston mentioned by BE1883
m John Ball of Suffolk
F+ other issue - Edmund Chancellor of Chichester, James in Lichfield a 1585, MP, Christopher of Tamworth
ii ?? Weston
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
a ?? Weston
1 Sir John Weston a 1488, grand prior
2 Edmund Weston of Boston
m Catherine Camell dau of John Camell of Skapwick
A Sir William Weston d 07.05.1540, grand prior
B Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Ambassador
i Jane Weston
m Sir Thomas Bishopp, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, 1st Bart of Parham b c1550, d 1626
b.+ 2 daughters
m2 Sara de Stretton dau of Richard de Stretton
d.+ other issue - Thomas a 1343, Roger a 1349, rector of Weston
B.+ other issue including John
2.+ other issue - Osbert dspvp, Robert, Hamo
Robert Weston of Weeford, Chancellor of Ireland d 1573, Dean of Wells - continued above
m1 Alice Jenyngs dau of Richard Jenyngs of Barr
1. John Weston in Oxford d 1632
m Anne Freeman d 1663, dau of John Freeman
A. John Weston d 1660, prebendary of Bath & Wells
m Martha Pears dau of Stephen Pears of Richmond
i. John Weston dsp 1676
ii. Henry Weston of Lane House, Dorset b 1631, d 1705
m Mary Buckler dau of John Buckler of Radipole
a. Henry Weston of Lane House d 1749
m Anne Buckler dau of Andrew Buckler of Radipole
1 Henry Weston of Lane House d 1773
A Henry Weston of Lane House d 1797
i Henry Weston of Lane House dsp 1832
2 William Weston d 1781
m Mary Samways dau of Henry Samways of Bincombe
A William Weston d 1830
m Mary Roper dau of Thomas Roper of Portland
i Roper Weston d 1855 had issue
m Elizabeth Purcell dau of John Purcell of Kilcorney
B Samuel Weston d 1817
m Mary Willis dau of James Willis
i James Willis Weston d 1839 had issue
m Anne Crouch d 1842, dau of John Crouch
3+ other issue - Peter dsp 1751, Richard d young
2. Alice Weston apparently of this generation, of this marriage
m1 Hugh Brady, Bishop of Meath mentioned by TCP Cork
m2 Sir Geoffrey Fenton d 10.10.1609, Secretary of State for Ireland
3.+ 2 daughters
m2 Alice Bigges dau of John Bigges of Isleworth

Sources: BLG1952 Hunter-Weston of Hunterston, BE1883 Weston of Portland + Visitation Essex, 1612, Weston
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