He2-3 Garrett Henry Hester

    was the third child o.f Willoughby Griffith Hester (He3) and Elena McCGonnell (Mc3).
    Born: 21 Oct 1894 in Robertson Co. Ky.
    Married: Anna Maude Galbraith (26 Masr 1897 - ) on 12 Dec. 1912.
    Died: ca 1974
    Garrett moved to Saginaw, Michigan about the same time as his sister Mabel and worked at the Grey Iron Foundry for many years before becoming a delivery driver for Howard Mobile Homes in Saginaw. This work allowed him to travel through almost all of the United States for several years, often accompanied by his wife Anna Maude.  Garrett was a skilled handyman and learned masonry as a boy helping his father build and add onto the family home in Hittville near Mt Olivet KY.
    Garrett Hester and Anna Maude adopted a son:
    Robert Luker Hester (5 Jan. 1934 - )
    Source: author's personal knowledge