He2-5 Paul Nelson Hester

    Paul Nelson Hester was the  fifth child o.f Willoughby Griffith Hester (He3) and Elena McCGonnell (Mc3).
    Born: 18 June 1902 in Robertson Co. Ky.
    Married: Lena Jett (22 May 1909 - ) on 19 Dec. 1925. She was the daughter of Isaac and Mollie Jett (Isaac was a cousin of the Martha Jett who married Hiram Abiff Hester (He3-5)
    After his father's death Paul took over the family farm 5 miles north of Mt. Olivet where he lived and worked all his life. He was also elected to the county board of education, which he served for 22 years. Although he had only enjoyed eight years of education himself, he did have great appreciation for the value of education and did more than his share to see to it that the county offered the best possible education with the means available.
    In Dec. 2011 in grand continuance of this tradition, his son, Nelson Wayne and his wife Polly started an endowment in memory of his parents to the local Community College Foundation, Deming H.S., for tuition for students from Robertson County. The largest ever received by this College in Maysville.
    He2-5-1 Mildred Jane Hester (15 Sept. 1926 - 10 May 1958)
    He2-5-2 Nina Rose Hester .
    He2-5-3 Nelson Wayne Hester
    He2-5-4 Philip Lynn Hester