The Pedigree of Margaret West (We16)

Sir Thomas West (We19)
(about 1312- 3 Sept. 1386)
Alice Fitzherbert Fi19
Roger de la Warr Wa19
<Eleanor Mowbray
Robert Thorley Th19
(c 1325-)
Michael de la Pole (Po19)
1st Earl of Suffolk (c1330-9 May 1389)
Katherine Wingfield Wi19

Sir Thomas West (We18)

Joan de la Warr Wa18

Robert Thorley of Tybeste, Cornwall (Wa18)

Anne de la Pole (Po18) 

Lord Reginald West (We17)

Margaret Thorley (Th17)
(c. 1400-1433 or 1443)

(We16) Margaret West
(We16-1) Richard West,
7th Baron de la Warr
(We16-3) John West of Waith
(We16-4) Anne West


Family Links
Sir Thomas Echingham

Ec15 Margaret Echyngham
Ec15-2 Elizabeth Eychingham, b. 1455 in Rock, Worcestershire, m1 Roger Fiennes
Ec15-2-1 Anne Fiennes mJohn Windsor Wi14-5 m2 Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, Sussex
Ec15-2-2 Thomas Oxenbridge

Margaret West (We16)

  Marriage Information:

Margaret married Sir Thomas Eychingham II.


Baron West is a title created in the Peerage of England in 1402. The title has been in abeyance since 1554, although it is possible to argue that it has been merged.

The First Lord West was Sir Thomas West, of Oakhanger, Northampton. He married the heiress Joan De la Warr, through whom his second son eventually became Baron De La Warr. The two titles descended in tandem until the death of Thomas West, 6th Lord West and 9th Lord de la Warr.

At this point, the precise legal situation becomes debatable. As Cokayne points out, abeyance is a modern rule that approximates medieval practice, rather than a period doctrine. Applying the modern rule, both titles descend to heirs general, which left them in abeyance between the daughters of Sir Owen West, and this situation persists to the present day with their respective heirs.

In 1572, the heir male and nephew of the co-heirs general was created Baron de la Warr, but not Baron West, by letters patent. Depending on one's view of the law, this can interpreted as either a settlement of the ancient Barony of de la Warr or a genuine new creation that extinguished the old barony. Cokayne argues that there is no reason to assume that this changed the status of the West title, but given the irregular practice used, it is just conceivable that a modern claimant to West would be refused on the basis that the title was merged into de la Warr along with the estates.

Some genealogical sources claim that Sir Thomas West of Hampton Cantilupe (12511344) was summoned to Parliament and became Lord West in 1342, but this is not supported by Cokayne. 

Barons West (1402)

Reginald West, 6th Baron de La Warr and 3rd Baron West ( 7 September 1395 27 August 1450) was the second son of Thomas West, 1st Baron West and Joan, half-sister and heiress of Thomas la Warr, 5th Baron de La Warr. He inherited the title Baron West in 1416 when his brother Thomas West, 2nd Baron West died during the Agincourt campaign, and the title Baron De La Warr in 1427 on the death of his brother-in-law. Reginaldus (dativeReginaldo) is the Latin form of his name; the French and English was Reynold . His summonses to Parliament were addressed first to Reginaldo La Warr 1427 1429, then to Reginaldo West 14311449; he was not summoned before his brother-in-law died. Modern genealogists sometimes refer to him as West-De la Warr.

Reginald was primarily important as the juncture between two important families, and for the politically-important connections that he and his children formed, and from which later holders of the title would profit; although he did go to the wars, commanding garrisons in France from 1418 to 1421.

He had to petition the Crown that he might sit in Parliament with the precedence of his la Warre ancestors, but the Duke of Gloucester, then regent, granted it. The rules for inheritance of titles in the fifteenth century were not as definite as they are now; or he would not have had to petition.

He married Margaret Thorley of Tybeste, Cornwallc.1424, which created a connection with the Earl of Suffolk. She bore him at least two sons, Richard West, 7th Baron de La Warr (birth date variously given as 1430 or 1432) and John West of Waith, (c.1432). This latter son in turn married Eleanor Neville, thus establishing another important connection for the family. She also bore him two daughters, Margaret (c.1424) who married Thomas de Echyngham and Anne (c.1426) who married Maurice Berkeley and was the mother of one of the Sir William Berkeleys.

Margaret (Thorley) died in 1433. Either in that year, or in 1443, Reginald (We17) married Elizabeth Greyndour. (The earlier date would make her twelve or thirteen, which is not impossible, but Cokayne gives the latter date.) She bore him one daughter, Elizabeth, who in 1466 married William Berkeley, 1st Marquess of Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley. A son, William, of uncertain date, appears to have died in infancy.

In 1446 Reginald (We17) was granted license to go to Rome and thence to the Holy Land, but whether for pilgrimage or crusade is unclear; there is no evidence he went. He is buried at Broadwater, Sussex.
Preceded by:
Thomas la Warr
Baron De La Warr
Succeeded by:
Richard West
Preceded by:
Thomas West
Baron West