Th17 Margaret Thorley

    was the daughter of Robert Thorley (Th18) (before 1403 - ) of Tybeste, Cornwall and Anne de la Pole (Po18)
    Th17 Margaret Thorley (or Thornley)
    Born: about 1410 (contradicts above date: 1396 has been found with the same date of death but in Warwickshire and corresponds fully with the de la Pole Pedigree)
    Died: before 24 Nov 1433
    Married: Lord Reginald West (We17) before 17 Feb. 1428/9.
    The Thorley family seems to have been first seated in Thorley Suffolk following the Battle of Hastings, but it was sold long before her father's time and the family or a branch of it removed to Tybeste. However, the de la Pole marriage does indicates that ties with Suffolk were either kept in tact for some time or that the acquisition of Tybeste was more recent.
    and had issue:

    Anne West, married Maurice Berkeley and had Katherine Berkeley
    Possible other Children:
    We16 Margaret West
    We16-2 Richard (4th Lord; de) West
     Alternative Mothers of Eleanor PERCY poss. Eleanor Percy, q.v.

    Before 1421 a Nicholas Thorley married Alice Sergeux, daughter of Phillipa Fitzalan, daughter of Richard Fitzalan, 9th Earl of Arundel. This Margaret may be a sister or aunt of hers. Phillipa Fitzalan as daughter of Richard's first wife, who was the daughter of Richards's first lawful wife, Isabel Despenser, daughter of Hugh Despenser, was illegitimized as a consequence of the former being divorced following Hugh's being attainted and executed.
    Hence it is not surprising that data on this line is hard to find. The King may have had some things erased and/or the family might have wanted to escape public notice even as late as the first Visitations. Of course they could not hide a manor house, nor would not have wanted to. But descent from someone labeled a traitor might have been something where one likes to be on the safe side.
    On the other hand, it might be interesting to look into the nature of Hugh Despenser's disagreements with the King. Could there be just cause?
    Source:  Shows the name as Thornley and the mother as Anne Lisle