Pa8 Sarah Pate

    was the daughter of John Pate Pa9 and Re9 Ann Reade b 1688 York Va d 31 Jan 1752 Va
    Born: circa 1710
    Died: September 1783
    Married: Wilson Cary Ca8 son of->
    Colonel Miles Cary Ca9 and
    and Mary Wilson Wi9 wid Roscow and wid of Archibald (Blair)
    had issue:

    Ca7 Ann Cary, b 1735 d 1786 m Robert Carter Nicholas.
    Ca7-2 Mary Cary b 1733 m Edward Jaquelin Ambler.
    Ca7-3 Elizabeth Cary d 1822 m about 1795 Rev. Baron Bryan Fairfax and had
    Ca7-4 Wilson Miles Cary b about 1738 m Sarah Blair
    Ca7-5 Sally Cary m George William George William Fairfax

    Ni6-1 Elizabeth Nicholas b. 11 Aug. 1752; m. 29 Aug. 1776 Gov. Edmund Jennings Randolph, son of John Randolph, 1776; d. 1810.
    Ni6 George Nicholas (11 Aug. 1753 - 27 July 1799), married Mary Smith daughter of John Smith of Baltimore, Md., and moved to Kentucky and was the father of Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas who published a masterful plea for the right of habeas corpus when it was suspended by President Lincoln during the Civil War.
    Ni6-3 Wilson Cary Nicholas (31 January 1761 - 10 October 1820) married 1783 Margaret, daughter of John Smith of Baltimore, Md.,
    Ni6-4 John Nicholas (1756 - 31 Dec. 1819 ),  married Anne Lawson, was member of Congress 1793 - 1801; removed to Geneva, New York, where he has numerous descendants.
    Ni6-5 Sarah Nicholas, b. 1752 at Frederick Co., VA m John Hatley Norton son of John Norton and Courtenay Walker.
    Ni6-6 Judith Nicholas (1765 - '1 )
    Ni6-7 Lewis Nicholas (1766 - '/ ), who lived in Albemarle.
    Ni6-8 Robert Carter Nicholas  (2 June 1768 - 7 ) m 27 Jul 1801 Martha Mosby b: ABT 1770 in Powhatan, Virginia and had John S. Nicholas b: 11 DEC 1803 in of "Seven Islands", Cumberland, VA
    Ni6-9 Philip Norborne Nicholas (1775 - 1849) m1 Mary Spear of Baltimore, Md m2 Maria Carter Byrd, dau of Thomas Taylor Byrd and Mary Anne Armistead, dau of William Armistead Ar9-4-1-1.
    Ni6-10 Mary Nicholas; b. 1759; d. 1796; unm
    Ca7-3-1 Lord Thomas Fairfax m Louisa Washington dau of Warner Washington and Hannah Fairfax.
    Ca7-4-1 Miles Cary b 1786 in Warwick Co Va d 8 Nov 1827 in Huntsville Alabama m Elizabeth Scarsbrooke Wilson Curle and had 9 children
    Ni5-1 Col. Robert Carter Nicholas (1779 (?93 there is likely a confusion with a cousin of the same name who moved to New Orleans) - 1836 (?57), He was known as a brilliant talker.
    Ni5-2 Maria Nicholas (1780 - ? ) 17 March 1804 married Col. Thomas D. Owings of Kentucky in Lexington Ky son of John Cockey Owings and Colegate Deye grandson of Joshua Owings Ow9-11 and grandnephew of Samuel Owings Ow9
    Ni5-3 Smith Nicholas (1782 - ? )
    Ni5-4 Ann Nicholas (1783 - ?)
    Ni5-5 Sidney Nicholas (1785 - ? )
    Ni5-6 Major Cary Nicholas (1786 - ? ) U.S. Army and great wit
    Ni5-7 George Ann Nicholas (1788 - ?)
    Ni5-8 Margarette Gailbraith Nicholas (1789 Aug.13, 1819 dsp) m1 Gen. J.C. Bartlett, m2 Gov. Thomas Fletcher, She was portraited by Jewet; the portrait in the posession of Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas (Ni3-5-4) in 1975 and doublessly passed to his daughter, Frances.
    Ni5-9 John Nelson Nicholas (1791 - 1826) ablest Journalist in Kentucky and in 1821 made Jefferson admit authorship of the Kentucky Resolution of 1798 with the further awowal that he wrote them at the insistance of George Nicholas Ni6
    Ni5-10 Elizabeth Randolph Nicholas (1793 -) married James Gabriel Trotter of Lexington
    Ni5-11 George Wilson Nicholas (1795 - ? )
    Ni5 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1797 - 1869) m1 Matilda Prather Pr5 dau of Thomas Prather (Pr6) and Matilda Fontaine Fo6 + 8 ch m2 Mary Smith Ni6-3-8-1 + 3 ch granddaughter of his uncle, Wilson Cary Nicholas Ni6-3, and his aunt, Margaret Smith Sm6-4
    Ni5-13 Henrietta Morrison Nicholas (1798 - ? ) m Richard Hawes Jr.
    Ca7-4-1-1 Virginia Randolph Cary b: 1812 in Oakhill, Cumberland Co, VA m Grey Skipwith m October 05, 1836 in Maury Co, TN
    Ca7-4-1-2 Miles Cary b 1814
    Ca7-4-1-3 Lucius Falkland Cary b 1815 in Oakhill, Cumberland Co, VA m Lucy Anne Henley b in Williamsburg, VA
    Ca7-4-1-4 William Wallace Cary b 1818
    Ca7-4-1-5 Elizabeth Curle Cary b 1819
    Ca7-4-1-6 Sally Newsum Cary b 1821
    Ca7-4-1-7 Mary Jane Cary b 1823
    Ca7-4-1-8 Octavia Wilson Cary b 1825
    Ca7-4-1-9 Octavius Cary b 1827
    Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas [1830-? ) married y Graves
    Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) m1 Emma Hawes + 1 ch m2 Mary Anna Pope
    Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
    Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) m Hon P Barrett of MO
    Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
    Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson/Johnston, C.S.A.
    Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston living in Louisville in 1920 corner of 4th and Braodway
    Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) m Thomas
    Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas Jr (1844- ?) m Nannie Carter, dau of Capt. Frank Carter + 2 dau
    Ni4-9 Cary Ann Nicholas, (l849- ?)
    (Ni4-10) Catherine Nicholas (1850- ?) married Rudolph Fink
    Ni4-11 Sarah Nicholas b 1852
    Ca7-4-1-3-1 Harriett Cary b 22 Mar 1838 mWilliam Christian b in Craighton, Henrico Co, m 1868 in Williamsburg, VA
    Ca7-4-1-3-2 Wilson Miles Cary b 1843 in Richmond, Henrico Co, VA d 1919 m1 Anne Eliza Sublett b 1846 + 2 ch m2 Lilias Blair McPhail + 2 ch
    Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas (1854 1896) m John Churchill, + son John Churchill Jr dsp
    Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (16 March 1862- 14 April 1864)
    Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (7 Sept 1863 - 8 Sept.1863)
    Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (20 Nov. 1864- 6 June 1942) married 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry
    Ni3-5 George Nicholas (10 Nov. 1866- 21 March 1926) married 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
    Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (16 June 1868- 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas)
    Ni3-7 Patrick Pope +Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) married 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
    Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sept. 1942) married 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
    Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (19 March 1874-June 1942)
    Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (28 April 1876- 2 Dec. 1897)
    Ni3-11 Matilda Prather Nicholas (15 May 1878 - 14 June 1954 ) m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland on 20 June 1906 (author's grandparents)
    Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (11 Feb. 1880 - 30 Dec. 1915)
    Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas
    Ca7-4-1-3-2-1 Hunsdon Cary
    Ca7-4-1-3-2-2 Emily Sampson Cary
    Ca7-4-1-3-2-3 Lilias Blair Cary
    Ca7-4-1-3-2-4 Lucius Falkland Cary b 1879

    Pate Family


    Most Pate males have Haplogroup: I2b1
    Generation One

    1. Thomas Pate.

    Known children of Thomas Pate include:
    2. i. John Pate

    Generation Two

    2. John Pate (Thomas1) resided at Gloucester Co., VA.

    Known children of John Pate include:
    3. i. Sarah Pate, b. circa 1710; m. Col. Wilson Cary.

    Generation Three

    3. Sarah Pate (John2, Thomas1); b. circa 1710; m. Col. Wilson Cary,
    son of Col. Miles Cary and Mary Wilson, by 20 Jan 1728/29; d. Sep
    She and Col. Wilson Cary resided at 'Ceeleys', Elizabeth City
    Co., VA. She and Col. Wilson Cary resided at 'Rich Neck', Warwick Co.,

    Col. Wilson Cary was born in 1702. He was educated at Trinity
    College, Cambridge, England. He was an attorney. He left a will on 10
    Oct 1772 at Elizabeth City Co., VA; proved 25 Feb 1778. He died on 28
    Nov 1772 at 'Ceeleys', Elizabeth City Co., VA. shows Col. Thomas Pate of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester Co. Va. who had a daughter Sally b 1652 Petsworth Parish d Upton Estate Cloucester Va. m Conquest Wyatt b Boxley Gloucester Co. Va. d before 19 May 1732 Upton Estate, Gloucester Co. Va. and had James Wyatt b 1674 Gloucester Co. Va. d 23 Jan 1743/4 Va. m Margaret Grace Newton. Conquest was the son of Edward Wyatt and Jane Conquest and the grandson of Hawte Wyatt. QDGN6 shows aforesaid Conquest and Sallie also had a son Francis Wyatt b 1670 in Boxley Estate Gloucester Co. Va. d 1745 Gloucester Co. Va. m Elizabeth anne Kennon and had Francis Wyatt.
    XBY7W shows Conquest and Sallie also had a son John W. Wyatt b 1685 in Gloucester Co. Va. d 10 Dec gloucester Co. Va. m Elizabeth Buckner and had John Wyatt b 1720 in gloucester Co. Va. d 1833?? m Martha Gaines Taylor shows Thomas Pate b 24 Aug 1739 in Sussex Co. Va. d 1821 Sussex Co Va. m Mary Felts likely a nephew of Sarah Pate. JG845 shows Thomas Pate b 1705 Va d Mar 1774 Sussex Co. Va as father of aforesaid Thomas. He married Mary ?? b about 1707 d about 1773. NNB2N shows latter Thomas and Mary had another son Edward Pater b 17 July 1742 in Sussex C. Va. d. 30 mar 1895 in Sussex Co. Va. m Lucretia Adams and had a son Edmond b 1782 in Sussex Co. Va. d Nov 1852 in Kanawha Co. Ky. and FJWE6 show Anthony Pate b about 1702 in Va. d 1782 Montgomery Co. Va. possibly a brother J45AM show Edward/Edmund Pate b about 1703 d about 1767 in Bedford Co. Va. DNA Haplogroup: R1b1b2* F57MU shows his wife as Martha Tinsley daughter of Thomas Tinsley and Martha Ragland. KH8YV and KTHEB show his birth as 1713 and father as Edward Pate b 1686 as well a son Jeremiah b 1745 in Bedford Co. d Botetourt Co. Va. and grandson Edward who removed to Breckenridge Co. Ky. and triple descent from three sons of this last Edward to Warfield Poindexter Pate d 1977 in Hugoton, Stevens Co. KS. NWF7F shows another son Matthew of said Edward pate and Martha Tinsley b about 1738 Bedford Co. Va. d 1805 Bedford Co. Va. m x Dabney. QSKJ8 shows Edward Pate and Martha Tinsley had a son Anthony Pate b about 1740 in Bedford Co. Va. d about 1805 in Smith Co. Tn.

    Data from
    Female Family
    Birth: 1708 (1710?), Warwick, Virginia (?Caroline, ?Gloucester) daughter of John Pate Pa9
    Spouse: Wilson Cary Family
    Marriage: 1729 (?before 20 Jan.1728 ) , , Virginia
    Death: Sept? 5, 1783
    Father: THOMAS PATE Family
    Other Event(s):
    Will: 22 FEB 1773 , Augusta, Virginia
    SARAH PATE Compact Disc #33 Pin #285577
    Sex: F
    Birth: abt 1708 Place: ,VIRGINIA
    Death: abt 5 Sep 1783 Place: ,VIRGINIA
    Burial: Sep 1783 Place: ,VIRGINIA




    Spouse: WILSON CARY COLONEL Disc #33 Pin #285575

    Marriage: 1731 Place: ,VIRGINIA


    Notes and Sources:
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