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Stafford of Sandon

: Stafford of Bromshull or Bromshill, etc, Stafford of Grafton, Stafford of Hooke, Stafford of Sandon, Stafford of Southwick Some web sites identify this William as the William of Bishop's Frome who was father of Margaret who married Sir George Vere and was mother of John, 14th Earl of Oxford, and others. However, TCP Devon reports that the heirs of his son Humphrey were Humphrey's cousins, the 3 daughers of his aunt Alice, which suggests that he had no sister who had issue.
1 We still have some uncertainty as to the way we are showing how certain branches of this family interconnect with others. We have been greatly helped by input from a site visitor RS, 19/24.01.05 who provided us with the results of his research into the International Genealogy Index. However, whilst the IGI can very helpful, it is notorious for occasionally including unproven assumptions and thereby sometimes discrediting itself. As with a number of sources eg the Visitations, we take the view that it would be silly to ignore the IGI but that it would be unwise to follow it when another source contradicts it provided, of course, that that other source has some credibility itself.
2 The IGI and various web sites refer to the next few generations as 'of Sandon'. However, some other web sites mention Bromshull, spelled variously as Bromshall or Bromshill or Bramshall or Bramshill. BE1883 Stafford of Suthwik and Devon starts with Sir John, son of William of Bromshull "and a descendant of Hervey Bagot and Milicent Stafford" who are shown on Stafford01 as great-parents of the following William. BE1883 also shows that Sir John's younger son Ralph was, by Margaret Stafford, ancestor of the Staffords of Grafton. The IGI and various web sites show that Ralph as son of Sir John of Sandon.
St24. William Stafford of Sandon = ? William Stafford of Bromshull b 1278, d 1307
m Isabella Stafford dau of Robert de Stafford identified by the IGI and some web sites
St23 Sir John Stafford of Sandon = Sir John Stafford of Bromshull b about 1320
m1 Katherine Hastings mentioned by the IGI
m2 Margaret Stafford dau of Ralph de Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford
IGI suggests that Margaret was sister rather than daughter of the 1st Earl but BE1883 seems more likely.
St22 Sir Humphrey Stafford b about 1350 IGI shows this Sir Humphrey as third son of Edmund de Stafford, 1st Lord. BE1883 shows him as the heir of Sir John son of William of Bromshull and elder brother of the Ralph who was ancestor of the Staffords of Grafton and also those of Blatherwycke. We follow BE1883 which identifies his wife merely as daughter and heir of _ Greinvill. IGI identifies her as ...
m before 1365 Elizabeth Greville dau of Adam Greville
St21 Sir Humphrey Stafford, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset b c 1377
m1 Elizabeth Aumerie dau of Sir William Aumerie, widow of Sir John Maltravers of Hooke
m2 Elizabeth Cheyney
St20 Sir Humphrey Stafford of Hooke b about 1400
m c 1407 Elizabeth Maltravers dau of John Maltravers of Hooke
St19-1 John Stafford b about 1420 dvp
m 1426 Anne Botreaux dau of William, Lord Botreaux
A Sir Humphrey Stafford d 1452-3
i Humphrey Stafford dsp 1461-2
St19-2 William Stafford of Hook and Southwick b about 1422 d 18.06.1450
m Katherine Chidiock dau of Sir John Chidiock
A Humphrey Stafford, Lord Stafford of Southwick, Earl of Devon b 1439, dsps 17.08.1469
m after 21.06.1450 Isabel Barre d 01.03.1488/9, dau of Sir John Barre of Knebworth by Idoine Hotoft
St19 Alice Stafford d by 24.04.1448
m1 Sir Edmond Cheyney of Broke
A Alice or Elizabeth Cheyney dsp
m Sir John Coleshill or Coleshull
B Agnes or Anne Cheyney
m Sir John Willoughby
m2 by 1432 Walter Tailboys, Sheriff of Lincolnshire b c1391, d 13.04.1444
St20-1 John Stafford, Bishop of Bath and Wells, later Archbishop of Canterbury d c1452
St22-2 Ralph Stafford of Grafton b c1330, d 01.03.1409/10 IGI suggests that Ralph's wife was possibly dau of John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, by Anne Manny, but BE1883, supported by TCP Hastang, identifies her as ...
m Maud Hastang dau of Sir John Hastang of Grafton
i. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton d 20.02.1418/9
m Elizabeth Burdett dau of John Burdett of Arrow by Margaret Fitton
a. Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton b 1400, d after 1467
m Eleanor Aylesbury dau of Sir Thomas Aylesbury of Milton Keynes
1 Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton b c1440, d 08.07.1486
m 08.1458 Catherine Fray d 12.05.1482, dau of Sir John Fray by Agnes Danvers
A Humphrey Stafford of Grafton b c 1461
m Margaret Fogge dau of John Fogge by Margaret Goldwell
i William Stafford of Grafton
m1 c1528 Mary Boleyn b 1504, d 19.07.1534, dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford
m2 c1545 Dorothy Stafford b after 1518, dau of Henry Stafford, 1st Lord Stafford
b Sir Edward Stafford of Grafton b c1552, d 05.02.1604/5
m1 Rosberta Chapman
m2 29.11.1579 Douglas Howard b c1545, bur 11.12.1608, dau of William Howard, 1st Lord of Effingham
c William Stafford of Marlwood b 01.03.1553/4, d 16.11.1612
m c1593 Anne Gryme
1 Dorothy Stafford apparently of this generation
m Thomas Tyndale of Eastwood Park d 1671
d Ursula Stafford b c1546
m 1553 Richard Drake b 1535, d 11.07.1603
e Dorothy Stafford b c1548
m Richard Drake b 1535, d 11.07.1603
f Elizabeth Stafford b c1550
m1 Sir William Drury bpt 30.03.1550
m2 John Scott d 17.01.1617
B Joyce Stafford
m Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh
C Anne Stafford
m c1490 Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latymer b 1468, d 1530
2 Anne Stafford d after 1508
m William Berkeley of Stoke Gifford d 1501
3 Elizabeth Stafford
m Sir Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Powyke d 19.01.1502-3
b. Anne Stafford a 1508 possibly of this generation
m1 John Clinton, 6th Lord d 29.02.1488
m2 after 04.08.1488 Richard Willoughby of the Wollaton family
m3 Thomas Willicote
St22-3 Joan Stafford
The Draycote sources identify Joan's parents as Sir John de Stafford of Amblech & Bramshill, and Margaret, dau of Ralph, 1st Earl of Stafford.
m John de Draycott of Paynsley d before 1399
St22-4 Margaret Stafford probably of this or one later generation
m Thomas Erdeswick of Leighton

1 BE1883 Stafford of Suthwyk and Devon + TCP Devon
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