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CZmisc 3: Callendar of Callendar, Camoys of Camoys, Goushill , Chattan of Chattan
Duncan, Thane of Callendar
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1. Malcolm of Callendar
m c1217 Eva of Lennox dau of Alwyn, 2nd Earl of Lennox
A. Alwin, Thane of Callendar a 1240
i. Sir John de Callendar d 02 Feb 1303/4
a. Alwin de Callendar b c1278
1 Patrick de Callendar
A Christian de Callendar
m Sir William Livingston of Callendar, Sheriff of Haddington then Lanark d before 30 Nov 1364
Ralph de Camoys d 1259
m Ascelina de Torpel
Ca24. Ralph de Camoys, Baron d by 1277
Ca23. Sir John de Camoys d c1297
m by 1279 Margaret de Gatesden d before 01.1311, dau of Sir John de Gatesden
Ca22 Sir Ralph de Camoys, Baron d 1336, Constable of Windsor Castle
m1 1303 Margaret de Braose dau of William de Braose or Brewes
Ca21-1. Sir Thomas de Camoys dsps 10/11 Apr 1372
m Margaret
1 Ralph de Camoys dvp
m2 before 1319 Elizabeth a 1370, dau/sister of William de Rogate
Ca21 John de Camoys
m Margaret Foliot dau/sister of Richard Foliot
TCP and BP1934 both report that John married Margaret Foliot BP1934 as daughter of Richard Foliot, TCP as sister but TCP reports that it is "very doubtful" that she was Thomas's mother because Thomas did not inherit any of the Foliot estates. The ancestry of the following Thomas is given very differently in Visitation Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Lewknor so, given the uncertainty mentioned by TCP, we will review that in due course.
Ca20 Sir Thomas de Camoys, 1st Lord of Broadwater d 28 Mar 1419/21
m1 Elizabeth Louches dau of William Louches of Milton
Ca19 Sir Richard de Camoys dvp
m Joan Poynings dau of Richard, Lord Poynings
Ca18-1 Hugh de Camoys, 2nd Lord b before 1415, d unm 18 Jun 1426
Ca18 Margaret Camoys
m Ralph Radmylde of Sussex d 03 Aug 1443
Ra17-1 Robert Radmylde
1 Sir William Radmylde dsp 1499
Ra17 Margaret Radmylde
m John Goring of Lancing / Burton d 1495
Ra17-3 Isabella or Elizabeth Radmylde
m Nicholas Lewknor a 1473
Ca18-3 Alianora or Allice Camoys
m Sir Roger Lewknor of Horsted Keynes
Ca19-2 Maud Camoys
m Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon b c1357, d 05 Dec 1419
Ca19-3 Alice Camoys a 01.1455
m Sir Leonard Hastings b 1396, d 20 Oct 1455
m2 Elizabeth Mortimer b 1371, d 20 Apr 1417, dau of Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March
Ca24-2. Ela Camoys possibly fits here
m Sir Piers de Goushill of Goxhill, Baron d before 01 Jul 1286, son of Sir Giles of Goxhill, Sheriff of Lincoln then York
A. Ralph de Goushill of Goxhill b c1274, d before 30 Aug 1294
m Hawise FitzWarine d 02.09.1344, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin
i. Margaret de Goushill b 12 May 1294, d 29 Jul 1349 This connection given by TCP Goxhill.
m1 Philip le Despenser d 24.09.1313
m2 Sir John de Ros dsp 1338
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Goushill Pedigree

Go25 Robert de Gousel, of Flintham, Notts. d by 1203. THUR: 137
Go24 Ralph de Gousle Goushill, of Flintham. Living 1235/but dead by 16 Mar 1241.
m His wife may have been a daughter of Hugh III de Hoveringham. NOT, 3: 62; THUR: 137-8
Go23 Walter de Goushill, of Hoveringham. Living 1242-3 d before 1257.
m Matilda de Hathersage who was living 22 Sept 1263. She was coheiress of her brother Matthew de Hathersage. NOT, 3: 62-62; THUR: 138-140
Go22 John de Goushill, of Hoveringham. d 1271. Named in a plea of his great-grandson Nicholas de Goushill in Sept 1388.
Go21-1 Agnes. NOT, 3: 62; PPR: 174-175; THUR: 140.
Go21 Sir Walter de Goushill, of Hoveringham and Barleburgh. Died on or shortly before 2 Oct 1326. Sheriff of Nottinghamshire 1294-1297; a knight by June 1297; fought in Scotland 1296 and again 1301 when directed to lead 1000 foot from Nottingham to Berwick against the Scots. Knight of the Shire for Nottingham, 1307 and 1311.
m1 Margaret. CIPM, 6: no. 750; KTE, 2: 133; NOT, 2: 63; THUR: 140-143.
Go20 Sir Thomas de Goushill, of Hoveringham. b c 1296 d 21 Dec 1371. He was preparing to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago in 1333. CIPM, 6: no. 750; KW: 236; NOT, 3: 62; THUR: 143-144.
m Agnes, who was living 1374.
Go19 Sir Nicholas de Goushill, of Hoveringham and Barlborough. Born c1316, died 18 Jan 1393 and buried in the south aisle of Hoveringham Church. His loyal service to Edward III in France, Scotland and Ireland were to his benefit when charged with the many acts of criminal damage, mayhem and theft over the years, including murderous assault with his son, Sir Robert upon one William Birkes, obtaining a royal pardon almost immediately. He was a knight by 1345 and served in many expeditions including that in Brittany 1342-1343, in the Low Countries 1338-9, the Scottish Marches in 1340, and Brittany 1360. HP: 3: 217; KW: 236; NOT: 3: 62-64; THUR: 144. The name of his wife is not known.
Go18 Sir Robert Goushill, of Hoveringham, died of wounds 21 July 1403 sustained
at the battle of Shrewsbury.
m Elizabeth FitzAlan
Ca24-2. possibly fits here
Sir Giles of Goxhill, Sheriff of Lincoln then York
Ca24-2-1 Sir Piers de Goushill of Goxhill, Baron d before 01 Jul 1286,
m Ela Camoys see above
Go24-2-1-1 Ralph de Goushill of Goxhill b c1274, d before 30 Aug 1294 possibly of this family and generation.
Go24-2-1-1-1 Margaret Gousell b 12 May 1294, d 29 Jul 1349
m1 m1 Philip le Despenser of Parlington, etc d 24.09.1313 shown by BE1883
m2 m2 Sir John de Ros dsp 1338
Gillicattan or Gillichattan, 1st captain of Clan Chattan a 1057
In Gaelic, "gillichattan means 'servant of St. Chattan'. According to BLG1952, he was "the baillie or temporal leader of the Abbey lands of Ardchattan".
1. Diarmid, 2nd captain of Clan Chattan
A. Gillicattan, 3rd captain of Clan Chattan a temp David I 1124-53
i. Diarmid dsp 1153
ii. Muirach Murdoch, 4th captain of Clan Chattan d after 1200
m dau of Thane of Calder
a. Gillicattan, 5th captain of Clan Chattan
1 Dougal Phaol, 6th captain of Clan Chattan d temp Alexander III 1249-85
A Eva
m 1291 Angus Mackintosh of Torcastle, 6th of Mackintosh d 1345
b. Ewan or Eugine Ban 'Macparson' a temp Alexander II 1214-49
Ewan was known as 'mac parson' ie. son of the parson. He is regarded as the founder of Clan Macpherson.
c.+ other issue - Neill, Ferquhard, David

1 For Callendar -
2 For Camoys - BP1934 Camoys, TCP Camoys
3 For Chattan - BLG1952 Mackintosh of Clan Chattan
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