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Clare 1: Clare of Clare, Clare of Gloucester, Clare of Hertford, Clare of Pembroke
Cl27 =28 =29 =30 =?31. Gilbert FitzRichard de Toneburge Tonbridge and Clare b c1065, d 1114/7 (He and his w ife were at least 12 fold ancestors of He1)
m 1113 Adeliza de Clermont b about 1058 dau of: Hugh, Count of Clermont, b about 1030 in Clermont Oise France d 1101 by Marguerite de Montdidier b about 1045 in Mont didier Somme France d about 1110 Renaud de Clermont Grand Chamberlain of France b 1010? Clermont, Oise, France and Ermengardis de Clermont d after 1098
Cl27 =28 =?30 Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, '1st' Earl of Hertford b 1084-90, d 15.04.1136. BE1883 reports that Richard "first bore the title of Earl of Hertford". However, TCP Clare notes that Richard "is often supposed to have been cr. Earl of Hertford by King Stephen, if not by Henry I. The latter seems less likely." The BE1883 ordinals as well as that of TCP is shown.
m Adeliza/Alice de Meschines b 1088/94, d 1128, dau of Ranulph 'de Briquessart' de Meschines, 1st Earl of Chester
Cl26-1 Gilbert de Clare, 1st/2nd Earl of Hertford, 'Earl of Clare' dsp c1152
Cl29= 27=26 Roger de Clare, 2nd/3rd Earl of Hertford, 'Earl of Clare' b 1116, d 1173
m1 ?? Presumably because Mabel was several years older than her brother Richard, TCP suggests that Mabel may have been by an earlier marriage.
Cl25 =26 =28 Mabel de Clare
m1 William de Helion a 1142 The uncertainty as to her identity may have benn due to the cover-up to avoid the papal ban on the marriage of her nephew. So this was probably the Mabel who married ...
m2 Nigil de Mowbray d 1191
Mo27=25 William de Mowbray of Axholme Castle d 1222Magna Carta Surety m Agnes dau of Earl of Arundel Mo26-1 Nigel or Nele de Mowbray dsp 1230 m Maud d before 06.10.1240
Mo26=24 Roger de Mowbray d 1266 m Maud de Beauchamp d 04.1273, dau of William de Beauchamp of Bedford
Mo26-2 Joan de Mowbray d 1314-5 m c1261 Robert de Mohaut
Mo26/7 2 dau
m2 Maud de St. Hilary d 1173, dau of James de St. Hilary by Aveline
Cl25= 26 =27 =28 Richard de Clare, 3rd/4th Earl of Hertford, 'Earl of Clare' b 1162, d 11.1217 §C
m 1180, div before 1200 Amicia FitzRobert b 1160, d 01.01.1225, dau of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester Sometime before 1198, Earl Richard and his wife Amice were ordered to separate by the Pope on grounds of consanguinity. They separated for a time because of this order but apparently reconciled their marriage with the Pope later on.
Cl27= 25=24. Gilbert de Clare, 4th/5th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester b c1180, d 25.10.1230 §C
m 09.10.1217 Isabel Marshal b 1203, d 17.01.1240, dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
Cl26= 24=23 Richard de Clare, 5th/6th Earl of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester b 04.08.1222, d 15.07.1262. A year after he came of age, he was in an expedition against the Welsh. Through his mother, he inherited a fifth part of the Marshal estates, including Kilkenny and other lordships in Ireland. He joined in the Barons' letter to the Pope in 1246 against the exactions of the Curia in England. He was among those in opposition to the King's half-brothers, who in 1247 visited England, where they were very unpopular, but afterwards he was reconciled to them. On April 1248, he had letters of protection for going overseas on a pilgrimage. At Christmas 1248, he kept his Court with great splendour on the Welsh border. In the next year he went on a pilgrimage to St. Edmund at Pontigny, returning in June. In 1252 he observed Easter at Tewkesbury, and then went across the seas to restore the honor of his brother William, who had been badly worsted in a tournament and had lost all his arms and horses. The Earl is said to have succeeded in recovering all, and to have returned home with great credit, and in September he was present at the Round Table tournament at Walden. In August 1252/3 the King crossed over to Gascony with his army, and to his great indignation the Earl refused to accompany him and went to Ireland instead. In August 1255 he and John Maunsel were sent to Edinburgh by the King to find out the truth regarding reports which had reached the King that his son-in-law, Alexander, King of Scotland, was being coerced by Robert de Roos and John Baliol. If possible, they were to bring the young King and Queen to him. The Earl and his companion, pretending to be the two of Roos's knights, obtained entry to Edinburgh Castle, and gradually introduced their attendants, so that they had a force sufficient for their defense. They gained access to the Scottish Queen, who made her complaints to them that she and her husband had been kept apart. They threatened Roos with dire punishments, so that he promised to go to the King. Meanwhile the Scottish magnates, indignant at their castle of Edinburgh's being in English hands, proposed to besiege it, but they desisted when they found they would be besieging their King and Queen. The King of Scotland apparently traveled South with the Earl, for on 24 September they were with King Henry III at Newminster, Northumberland. In July 1258 he fell ill, being poisoned with his brother William, as it was supposed, by his steward, Walter de Scotenay. He recovered but his brother died.
m1 Margaret/Megotta de Burgh dsp 11.1237, dau of Hubert de Bourgh, Earl of Kent, This ended in an annulment or with her death in November 1237. This marriage, brought de Burgh into some trouble in 1236, for the earl was as yet a minor and in the king's wardship, and the marriage had been celebrated without the royal license. Hubert, however, protested that the match was not of his making, and promised to pay the king some money, so the matter passed by for the time.
m2 by 25.01.1238 Maud de Lacy b c1223, d 10.03.1288, dau of John de Lacy, 1st Earl of Lincoln Even before Margaret died, the Earl of Lincoln offered 5,000 marks to King Henry to secure Richard for his own daughter which was accepted.
Cl23-1 Isabel de Clare b 05.1240 d 1270
m William VII Marquis de Montferrat
Cl23=22 Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, 6th/7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester b 02.09.1243, d 07.12.1295
TCP acknowledges that some sources BE1883 is one identifies Gilbert's 1st wife as daughter of Guy de Lusignan but shows her father as Guy's elder brother, viz:
m1 1253, div 1271 Alice de Lusignan dau of Hugh de Lusingan, Earl of Angouleme, by Yolande
Cl21=22 Isabel de Clare b 10.03.1262/3, dsp 1338
m1 before 11.05.1297, div Guy de Beauchamp, 2nd Earl of Warwick d 12.08.1315
m2 c1316 Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Lord Berkeley b 04.1271, d 31.05.1326
Cl21-2 Johanna de Clare a 1322
m1 Duncan, 9th Earl of Fife b c1262, d 25.09.1288
m2 after 22.04.1299 Sir Gervase Avenel
m2 30.04.1290 Joan Plantagenet 'of Acre' b 1272, d 04.1307, dau of King Edward I of England
Cl21-3 Gilbert de Clare, 7th/8th Earl of Hertford, 4th Earl of Gloucester b 10/1.05.1291, d Bannockburn 24.06.1314
m 29.09.1308 Maud de Burgh d 1320, dau of Richard de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster
a John de Clare b 03.04.1312, d 1312
Cl21 Alianore de Clare b 1292, d 30.06.1337
m1 after 14.06.1306 Hugh Despencer, 'the younger', Lord Despencer d 11.1326
m2 c01.1328/9 William Zouche of Ashby, 1st Lord Zouche of Mortimer d 28.02.1336/7
Cl21-5 Margaret de Clare b c1292, d 13.04.1342
m1 01.11.1307 Piers de Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall d 19.06.1312
m2 28.04.1317 Hugh de Audley, Earl of Gloucester d 10.11.1347
Cl21-6 Elizabeth de Clare b 16.09.1294/5, d 04.11.1360
m1 30.09.1308 John de Burgh of Ulster b c1290, dvp 18.06.1313
m2 04.02.1315/6 Sir Theobald de Verdon, 2nd Lord, Justice of Ireland b 08.09.1278, d 27.07.1316
m3. before 03.05.1317 Sir Roger Damory, Lord d 13.4..03.1321/2
Cl23-2 Sir Thomas de Clare b c1245, d 02.1287/8, Governor of London
BE1883 names Thomas's wife as Amy but TCP Badlesmere calls her "Julian not Amy".
m Juliana FitzMaurice a 1309, dau of Sir Maurice FitzMaurice, Lord Justice of Ireland
i Richard de Clare dvp
a Thomas de Clare dsp
BE1883 shows the following as daughters of Thomas, shown by BE1883 as 3rd son of Governor Thomas but named by TCP Gloucester as his heir, but TCP Badlesmere and Clifford identifies them as daughters rather than granddaughters of Governor Thomas.
ii Maud de Clare b c1279, d 1326/7
m1 03.11.1295 Robert de Clifford, 1st Lord d Bannockburn 1314
m2 Robert de Welle
TCP Welles reports that, contrary to what was reported in the earlier-released TCP Clifford, the Robert de Welle who was Maud's second husband was not Robert de Welles, 2nd Lord.
iii Margaret de Clare b 1286/7, d 1333
m1 Gilbert de Umfraville d before 1307
m2 by 30.06.1308 Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Lord b c1274, d 1322
iv+ other issue - Thomas, Gilbert dsp
Cl23-4 Bogo de Clare b about 1248 d 1294
Cl23-5 Margaret de Clare b 1249, dsp 1312
m 1272 div 1293/4 Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall b 1249, dsp 1300
Cl22 =23 =24 =25 Rohese de Clare b 17.10.1252
m 1270 Roger de Mowbray, 1st Lord d by 1297
Mo24=22 John, 2nd Baron Mowbray
m 1298 Aliva de Braose d by 20.07.1332, dau of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower
Mo21=22=23 Alexander de Mowbray of Kirtlington or Kirklington, lived in Scotland m Elizabeth Muster dau of Henry Muster
Mo23=21 John de Mowbray, 3rd Lord b 29.11.1310, d 04.10.1361
m1 28 Feb 1326 Joane Plantagenet b c1312, d after 06.02.1345/7 or 07.07.1349, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster
Mo20 =21 =22 Elizabeth Mowbray
m Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 1412

Cl23-7+ other issue - Bevis/Benet b 21.07.1248, Robert?, Eglentine b 1257, d infant
Cl24-2 Amicia de Clare b 27.05.1220, d before 21.01.1283/4
m 1226 Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon, Earl of the Isle of Wight d 1245
Cl24-3 Isabel de Clare b 08.11.1226, d 1254
m 05.1240 Sir Robert de Bruce, 5th Lord of Annandale b 1210, d 1295
Cl24-4+ other issue - Sir William b 18.05.1228, d 23.07.1258, Gilbert b 12.09.1229, Agnes
Cl27? Avicia de Clare b c 1225 - possibly of this branch and generation
m Nigel de Plumpton a 55H3, d 1270-1
Cl24-2 Maud de Clare b 1175/84, d 1213
m1 Roger de Lacy
m2 c1197 William de Braose of Totnes d 1210
Cl24-3 Joan de Clare
m Rhys Grig, Lord of Cammot Mawr d 1234
Cl25-3 Aveline de Clare d before 04.06.1225
m1 before 1186 William de Munchensy of Gooderstone d before 07.05.1204
m2 by 29.05.1205 Geoffrey FitzPiers, 1st/4th Earl of Essex d 02.10.1213, Justiciar
Cl25-4 John de Clare
Cl25-5 Richard de Clare
Cl25-6 reported by was:
Johanna de Clare b c 1140
m Geoffrey de Neville
Cl26-3 Adela de Clare shown by BP1934 Northumberland but not by BE1883
m William de Percy
Cl26-5 Rohese de Clare
m1 Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln b c 1120, d 1156/60
m2 Robert Sewer of William de Percy and son of Robert son of Fulk
Cl26-5 Alice de Clare
m m Cadwalar ap Gruffydd, Prince of North Wales d 1172
Cl27 Baldwin FitzGilbert of Bourne b 1088/92, d Lincoln 1154
m Adeline de Rollos dau of
+1 Richard de Rollos b 1060 Normandy
m Godiva d'Evermer b 1064 Lincolnshire, England
+2 Hugh d'Evermer b 1035 ?Lincolnshire,
m Thurfrida (Torfrida) Mercia b 1040 Lincolnshire dau of Hereward of Mercia b about 1004 Mercia, England and Thurfrida
Cl26 Emma d 1114 ?by 1168 shown by TCP Wake but not by BE1883
m Hugh le Wake Wa26 d by 12.1176 son of Geoffrey Wac b before 1100, d c1142
B. Margaret This Margaret is mentioned in TCP vol X, appendix J though the de Vere page suggests that this was wrong. BE1883 reports that a Margaret who was Baldwin's daughter married Montfichet but TCP Pembroke identifies that Margaret as sister of Gilbert,1st Earl of Pembroke.
m after 1176 Robert de Vere
C. Rohese de Clare b 1140 Lincolnshire, England
m William II Bussei (Busli) born Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England son of
William I Bussei b about 1070 Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England d 1115 and Hawise Espec d before 1158
-1 Cecily de Bussy
m John de Builley born 1145 Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England d 1213
-1 Idonea de Builley
m Robert de Vipont (Vieuxpont) b about 1160 Appleby, Westmorland, England d 1228
-1-1 Christian Veteripont (Vipont) born about 1184 Appleby Castle, Northumberland, England
-1-2 John de Vipont (Vieuxpont) Sheriff of Westmoreland born about 1194 England m Sybil Ferrers bo 25 July 1216 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Vi24 Robert de Vipount (Vieuxpont) b after 1222 Brougham Castle, Westmorland, England m about 1253 Essex Isabel Fitzgeoffrey b about 1233 Shere, Surrey, England (dua of John Fitzgeoffrey Lord Kirtling Justiciar of England born about 1215 Shere, Surrey, England d 23 Nov 1258 and Bi24 Isabel Bigot b about 1220? Thetford, Norfolk, England d 1239 (?has children born in 1248?)) had issue.
Vi25=22 Isabel de Vipount (Veteri-Ponti?) b 1254 Ricester, Oxfordshire, England d 1291 bur Shap Abbey, Westmoreland, England m 1269 Clifford Castle Roger de Clifford Cl25 =22 born 1243 Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England died 6 November 1282 Menai Strait, Anglesley, Wales buried Shap Abbey, Shap, Westmorland, England, had issue d 1264/65
D.+ other issue - William, Robert, Richard
Cl26 =27 =28 =29 Gilbert FitzGilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke b 21.09.1100, d c1148
m by 1130 Elizabeth de Beaumont Isabel de Meulan d c1147, dau of Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester
Cl25 =26 =27 =28 Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, 'Earl of Strigul or Striguil' b c1125/30, d 05/20.04.1176
m 26.08.1171 Eve of Leinster d 1177, dau of Dermot McMurrough, King of Leinster
Cl24-1 Gilbert de Clare of Strigoil, '3rd Earl of Pembroke' b 1173, dsp after 1184
Cl24 =25 =26 =27 Isabel de Clare b c 1151, d 1220
m William le Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke d 1219
Cl25-2 Basilia de Clare
m1 Raymond FitzGerald, 'the fat', Constable of Leinster identified by BE1883 as son of William FitzGerald of Ireland. Basilia and Raymond are thought by some to be progenitors of the Grace family where reference is found suggesting that Raymond's father was named Walter.
m2 Geoffrey FitzRobert
Cl26 =27 =28 =29 Alice/Adeliza de Clare b c 1080, d c 1163
m Alberic de Vere, Great Chamberlain of England d c1140
Aubrey de Vere, hereditary Master Chamberlain of England, 1st Earl of Oxford b c1110, d 26.12.1194 m2 m2 by 1152 Euphemia de Cantilupe dsp 1153/4, dau of Sir William de Cantilupe
Ve27-2 Geoffrey de Vere, lord of Clun d 1170 m1 ?? widow of Warin FitzGerold m2 before 1166 Isabel de Saye, Baroness of Clun dau of Ellis de Saye, Lord of Clun Not sure which wife was mother of ...Geoffrey de Vere a 1200
Ve27=26 Robert de Vere of Great Addington and Drayton m1 Margaret Wake probably dau of Geoffrey Wake, sister of Hugh, aunt of Baldwin m2 Maud Furnell dau of Robert de Furnell
Ve27-4 William de Vere, Bishop of Hereford, Chancellor of England d 24.12.1198
Ve27-5 Gilbert de Vere
Ve27-6 Alice Adeliza de Vere m1/2 div 1141/3 William de Sackville m1/2 Robert not Henry de Essex, lord of Rayleigh m2/3 Roger FitzRichard, lord of Warkworth
Ve27-7 Rohesia de Vere m1 Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex d 16.09.1144 m2 Payne Beauchamp of Bedford d c1156
Ve28=27 Juliana de Vere a 1185 m1 div Hugh Bigod of Framlingham, 1st Earl of Norfolk b c1095, d before 09.03.1176-7 m2 Walkelin Maninot d 1182
Ve27-9 daughter m Roger de Raimes, lord of Rayne
Cl26-5. Margaret de Clare a 1185
m William de Montfichet d 1135/6
Cl26-6.+ other issue - Walter dsp, Hervey de Monte Mariscoe

Sources: BE1883 Clare of Hertford & Gloucester + TCP Hertford, TCP Gloucester, TCP Pembroke, BE1883 Clare of Pembroke
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