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Knyvett 2: Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe, Knyvet of Berners, Knyvett of Buckenham, Knyvett of Denver
Sir Edmund Knyvett of Buckenham a 1547 BEB1844 reports that Sir Philip, 1st Bart, was son of Sir Edmund's son Sir Thomas but BE1883 suggests that the 1st Bart was great-grandson of Sir Edmund. We follow BEB1844, as it names the/an intervening generation as Sir Thomas, but note that there may be a missing generation here.
m Anne Sheldon dau of Sir Thomas SHELTON

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1. Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham a 05.1603
m Catherine Stanley 4 Mar 1565, settlement
A. Sir Philip Knyvett, 1st Bart of Buckenham d c 1634
m Katherine Ford dau of Charles Ford of Butley Abbey
i. Sir Robert Knyvett, 2nd Bart of Buckenham dsp c 1699
m1 Elizabeth Ludley dau of William Ludley of Middleham
m2 Dorothy Thornborough dau of William Thornborough of Salstead
m3. Philippa Russell dau of Thomas Russell of Barsham
ii. Dorothy Knyvett bur 04.02.1638/9
m James Erskine, Earl of Buchan d 01.1639-40
iii. Katherine Knyvett d unm
iv. Eleanor Knyvett
m1 Sir Henry Hastings of Braunston
m2 Thomas Waldron of Charley
B son Knyvett
2 Edmund Knyvett
3 Henry Knyvett possibly the Sir Henry whose daughter married Richard Rich
4 Anthony Knyvett
Edmund Knyvett d 01.03.1539
m Jane Bourchier of Ashwellthorpe, de jure Baroness Berners d 17.02.1561/2, dau of Sir John Bourchier, 2nd Lord Berners
1. John Knyvet of Plumstead b 1510, dvm 17 Feb 1561 Plumstead Norfolk
m Agnes Harcourt b c 1518 Stanton Harcourt d 1579 Norfolk dau of Sir John Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt
A. Sir Thomas Knyvet, Sheriff of Norfolk, de jure 4th Lord Berners b c 1539, d 09.02.1617-8
m Muriel Parry d 25.04.1616, dau of Sir Thomas Parry of Welford
i. Sir Thomas Knyvet dvp bur 20.09.1605
m Elizabeth Bacon dau of Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey
a. Thomas Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe, de jure 5th Lord Berners bpt 10.06.1596, d 30.06.1658
m 28.02.1619-20 Catherine Burgh bur 01.05.1646, dau of Thomas Burgh, 5th Lord of Gainsborough
1 Sir John Knyvet, de jure 6th Lord Berners d 28.07.1673
m 13.06.1655 Mary Bedingfield d 18.04.1713, dau of Sir Thomas Bedingfield of Darsham
A Thomas Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe and Darsham, de jure 7th Lord Berners b 02.1655-6, d unm 28.09.1693
B Elizabeth Knyvet
m Thomas Glemham of Little Glemham
C Katharine Knyvet, Baroness Berners bpt 13.08.1658, dsp 29.11.1743
m1 02.10.1685 John Harris of London dsp 09.1686
m2 05.01.1696 Richard Bokenham of Weston Market d 02.09.1721
D Mary Knyvet 3rd dau probably of this generation
m Dugald Campbell, 3rd of Kilberry
E+ other issue d before 1711
2 Thomas Knyvet of Mutford bpt 22.02.1624, d c1658
m Emme Haward dau of Thomas Haward
A John Knyvet of Trowse bur 10.1731
m Lucy Suckling dau of Charles Suckling
i Elizabeth Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe bur 24.08.1757
m 02.05.1720 Henry Wilson of Didlington bur 28.03.1741
The barony of Berners was successfully claimed by one of their grandsons.
ii Lucy Knyvet bur 11.04.1740
m1 Thomas Holt of Reading d 11.1728
m2 1729 John Field of Reading
3 Elizabeth Knyvett d 07.07.1670 probably of this generation
m 1656 Sir John Rous, 1st Bart of Henham Hall b 1608, d 27.11.1670
b. Nathaniell Knyvett of Denver, Norfolk d before 17.12.1659, 2nd son
Visitation Norfolk, 1664, Knevett shows Nathaniell as of this generation and provides the following:
m Margaret Vernatti of Delft, Holland
1 Nathaniell Knyvett of Denver dsp before 15.02.1672-3
2 Elizabeth Knyvett
m John Ayde
3 Adriana Knyvett
4 Margaret Knyvett
m Robert London of Aldeby
c. Elizabeth Knyvet shown by Visitation Norfolk, 1664, Knevett
m Sir Thomas Pettus, Sheriff of Norfolk, 1st Bart of Rackheath d 21.11.1654
d. Catherine Knyvet d 1628 probably of this generation
m Sir Edmund Paston of Paston b c1584, d 1632
ii. Merriell Knyvet probably of this generation
m Edmund Bell of Outwell
B. Abigail Knyvet b c 1540 d 15 Dec 1623
m Martin Sedley b c 1531 Morley Norfolk d 1609 son of Martin Sedley and Elizabeth Mounteney
-1 Martin Sedley b 1581 Morley Norfolk d 23 Jan 1652 Barford Norfolk m Bridget Peltus b 1588 Norwich Norfolk d 28 Oct Barford Norfolk dau of Sir John Peltus MP and Bridget Curteys b Honnington Suffolk (dau of Augustine Curteys)
-2 Muriel Sedley b 1583 Morley Norfolk d 22 Aug 1661 Letton Norfolk m Brampton Gurdon of Assington Suffolk d 1650 MP Sheriff of Suffolk he m2/1 Elizabeth Barrett
-1-1 Muriel Sedley b Dec 1614 Morley Norfolk m William Reymes b 1627
-2-1 Muriel Gurdon b c 1613 Assington Suffolk d c 1688 m 4 Jul 1633 in London Maj Richard Saltonstall b by 1 Oct 1610 Woodsome York d 29 Apr 1694 Hulme son of Richard Saltonstall and Grace Kaye
-2-2 AbigailGurdon b c 1610 m Roger Hill MP
-2-3 Thomas Gurdon
-2-4 Edmond Gurdon
-2-5 Amy Gurdon
-2-6 Joyce Gurdon
-2-7 Martin Gurdon
-2-8 Brampton Gurdon
-1-1-1 William Reymes b 1650 Norfolk m Anne
-1-1-2 Bridget Reymes b 1651 Norfolk
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Reymes b May 1653
-1-1-4 Sedley Reymes b 1656 Norfolk
-2-1-1 Jane Meriel Saltonstall b Jul 1634 m Sir Edward Mosley b 1618 Manchester Engl
-2-1-2 Col. Nathaniel Saltonstall, Sr.
-2-2-1 Sir Roger Hill MP b 19 Jun 1642 d 29 Dec 1729 Denham Bucks
-1-1-1-1 Robert Reymes b c 1675 d 1754
-2-1-1-1 Anne Moseley b c 1662 m Sir John Bland MP 4th Baronet Bland of Kippox Park
-2-2-1-1 Lockey Hill b 7 Sep 1671
-2-2-1-2 Abigail Hill b 26 Feb 1674 London m1 Edward Lockey m2 Charles Edwin
-1-1-1-1-1 Agnes Reymes b b 1728 m Stephen Addington
-2-2-1-2-1 Abigail Lockey b c 1720 London d 1780 London m Lewis Way b 1704 Surrey son of Benjamin Way and Elizabeth
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Addington b 1752 Markel Harborough leicester d 1800 m John Symonds
-2-2-1-2-1-1 Benjamin Way b 18 Sep 1740 MP had issue
-2-2-1-2-1-2 Abigail Way, Countess of Sheffield b 2746 M John Holroyd 1st Earl of Sheffield had issue
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Symonds b 16 Jun 1784 m John Hemming -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Clarissa Hemming b 23 May 1820 d 12 Oct 1894 m Henry Hemming had issue to Quebec
C Rose Knyvet b c 1541
m Michael Beresford a 1580, son of George of Newton Grange
-1 George Beresford of Squires m Elizaqbeth Cam dau of Randle Cam of London she m2 Thomas Peley of Filson
-2 Richard Beresford of Ashburnham Sussex m x Pelham dau of Sir 'Edward/Edmund Pelham
-3 Tristram Beresford of Coleraine b 1574 to IRE m x Brooke of London
-4 Thomas Beresford vicar of St Sepuchre´s London m Sarah Withers dau of Rev y Withers
-5 Cornelius Beresford of Chilham Kent m1 Elizabeth Suljard/Suliard + 4 ch dau of Thomas Suliard of Delaware m2 Dorothy Petley + 2 ch dau of Edward Petley of Chelesfield
-6 Bennet/Benetta Beresford m Sir Thomas Harfleet alius Septuans of Moland in Ash Kent
-7 Frances Beresford m Robert Leigh of Beckenham
-8 Dorothy Beresford
-1-1 Thomas Beresford of Clifford´s Inn m Ann Beresford dau of Cornelius Beresford
-2-1 Michael Beresford of Squires m Jane Harfleet dau of Sir Thomas Harfleet wid of Christopher Toulderby
-2-2 Roger Beresford
-2-3 Thomas Beresford of Clifford´s Inn
-2-4 Tristram Beresford of London
-2-5 Henry Beresford
-2-6 Anna Beresford
-2-7 Dorothea Beresford
-2-8 Benetta Beresford
-2-9 Rosa Beresford
-4-1+ William Beresford et al.
-5-1 Dorothy Beresford
-5-2 Elizabeth Beresford
-5-3 Anna Beresford
-5-4 Rosa Beresford
-5-5. Henry Beresford dsp
-5-6 Anne Beresford m Thomas Bereford of Clifford´s Inn son of George of Squires
-1-1-1 Rofe Beresford
-1-1-2 Ann Beresford
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Beresford
D Anthony Knyvett b c 1552
E Henry Knyvett b c 1554
m Frances Elsynge
2. William Knyvet ancestor of Knyvets of Fundenhall
The following are mentioned in BEB1844 Knyvett of Buckenham.
3. Edmund Knyvet
4. Rose Knyvet
m Oliver Reynes
5. Alice Knyvet
m Oliver Spiers
6. Christian Knyvet
m Thomas Foster
7. Katherine Knyvet probably of this generation
m John Walpole d 1557, lawyer, MP
8. Elizabeth Knyvet apparently of this generation
m Francis Bohun of Westhall d before 29.07.1607

1 BE1883 Knyvett of Escrick, BEB1844 Knyvett of Buckenham.
2 BP1934 Berners + TCP Berners.
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