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Dinham of Dinan, Dinham/Dynham of Hartland, Dyne of Bethersden, Bradley-Dyne of Gore Court, Dyne of Lankhurst, Dyne of Westfield
BE1883 suggests that the founder of this family was Sir Fouke of Dinan Castle, later called Ludlow, who was a knight of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury who d 1094. TCP reports that the family took its name from Dinan in Brittany.
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Dy29. Geoffrey, Sire de Dinan b about 1090 a 1122
m Orieldis
Dy28. Oliver, Sire de Dinan d 1150
Dy26-1 Geoffrey de Dinan founder of Hartland Abbey
Dy26 Oliver de Dinan a 1173
Dy25 Geoffrey de Dinaunt of Hartland
Dy24 Oliver de Dinham or Dinaunt of Hartland d before 28.06.1221
Dy23 Sir Geoffrey de Dinham or Dynham of Hartland d before 26.12.1258
Dy22 Sir Oliver de Dinham of Hartland, 1st Lord d 26.02.1298/9
Although BE1883 identifies only one marriage for Sir Oliver, to Isabel de Vere, TCP identifies Isabel as his second wife. Noting that Isabel's first husband Sir John Courtenay of Okehampton died in May 1274 and that TCP reports that Josce was aged "24 or more, or 26 and more" at his father's death, this suggests that Josce was probably son of his father's first wife and not Isabel.
m1 ??
Dy21 Sir Josce de Dynham of Hartland, 2nd Lord b by 1274, d 30.03.1300/1
m before 23.04.1292 Margaret de Hydon d 15.05.1357, dau of Sir Richard de Hydon of Clayhidon and Hemyock
Dy20 Sir John de Dynham of Hartland, 3rd Lord b 14.09.1295, d c14.04.1332
Other than to c onfirm that she was not daughter of Sir Guy de Briene, TCP does not identify this Sir John's wife other than to name her Margaret. Various web sites identify her as ...
m by 1310 Margaret Botreaux d 28.11.1361, dau of Sir William Botreaux
Dy19 Sir John de Dinham of Hartland, 4th Lord b by 1318, d 07.01.1382/3
m Muriel Courtenay dau of Sir Thomas de Courtenay of Woodheish, etc
Dy18 John Dynham, 5th Lord b 1359/60, d 25.12.1428
m1 before 03.02.1379/80 Ellen a 09.1387
m2 before 26.11.1396 Maud Mautravers dsp c01.11.1402, dau of Sir John Mautravers of Hook
m3. Philippe Lovell d 15.05.1465, dau of John Lovel, 6th Lord of Titchmarsh
Dy17 Sir John Dynham, 6th Lord d 25.01.1457/8
m before 12.07.1434 Joan Arches d 1497, dau of Sir Richard Arches of Eythorpe
Dy16-1 Sir John Dinham, 7th/1st Lord d 28.01.1500/1
m1 1467 Elizabeth FitzWalter b 28.07.1430, d before 08.1485, dau of Sir Walter FitzWalter of Woodham Walter and Elizabeth Chideock
1 George Dinham a 10.07.1470, dvpsp
m2 Elizabeth Willoughby dau of Robert Willoughby, Lord Brook
Dy16 Margaret Dinham or Dynham
m Sir John or Nicholas Carew of Mohun's Ottery d 1470
Dy16-3 Elizabeth Dinham or Dynham d 19.10.1516
m1 Sir Fulke Bourchier, 2nd Lord FitzWarine d 18.09.1479
m2 Sir John Sapcotes of Elton d 05.01.1500/1
m3. before 10.01.1506/7 Sir Thomas Brandon of Duddington d 27.01.1509/10
Dy16-4 Joane Dinham or Dynham
m John la Zouche, 7th Lord of Haryngworth b 1459, d c03.1525/6
Dy16-5 Catherine Dinham or Dynham
m Sir Thomas Arundel of Lanherne d 10.1485
Dy18-2 Muriel Dynham possibly of the next generation ?
m Sir Edward Hastings of Elsing b 21.05.1382, d 06.01.1437-8
Dy19-2 Joan de Dinham b c06.1311
The following is reported by BE1883 with some support from a note in TCP.
Dy20-2 Oliver Dinham d c1347
1 Oliver Dinham d 29.06.1351?
m1 ?? Joan de Brienne, dau of Sir Guy de Brienne ?
A Oliver Dinham dsp
m2 Margaret de Hydon dau of Richard de Hydon
Given that a lady of this name is reported by TCP to have been Oliver's grandmother, this marriage must be doubtful.
B Margaret Dinham or Dynham
m William de Asthorpe
C+ 2 daughters nuns - Elene, Isabel
m2 before 1276/7 Isabel de Vere dau of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford
Thomas Dyne of Westfield & Battle, Sussex d 04.09.1624
1. Thomas Dyne of East Grinstead b by 1595, d by 02.1657
Commoners vol iii, Brisco of Coghurst shows Thomas, father of Timothea, as son of James, shown below as Timothea's husband John's grandfather, making Timothea and John 1st cousins. Visitation supports Commoners vol iv, Bradley of Gore Court which we follow.
m 16.09.1608 Susan Payne bpt 01.11.1590, bur 08.11.1655, dau of Edward Payne of East Grinstead
A. Timothea Dyne bpt 23.04.1626, bur 1682
m 28.10.1645 John Dyne of Westfield bpt 16.05.1619, bur 1678 below
B. Mary Dyne
m John Atkins
Commoners vol iv, Bradley of Gore Court starts with ...
Henry Dine of Bethersden, Kent
m 1564 Elizabeth Longley
1. James Dyne of Sussex
A. John Dyne of Bethersden bur 05.05.1646
m1 Margaret Baker b 1586/7, bur 10.05.1635, dau of _ Baker of Westwell and/or Ripplecourt
i. John Dyne of Westfield bpt 16.05.1619, bur 1678
m 28.10.1645 Timothea Dyne bpt 23.04.1626, bur 1682, dau of Thomas Dyne of East Grinstead above
a. Thomas Dyne of Westfield & Lankhurst bpt 04.1651, bur 24.03.1723
m Johanna Elkin
1 Edward Dyne of Lankhurst bur 08.05.1732
m Mary Fletcher dau of William Fletcher of Coghurst
A Mary Fletcher Dyne bpt 12.1714
m Musgrave Brisco of Wakefield & Ripon
b. Henry Dyne d1706
m Elizabeth Crowhurst niece of Francis Whitfield of Thornhouse
1 John Dyne bur 1746
m Elizabeth Tylden d 1776, dau of _ Tylden of Shadoxburst
A John Dyne b 1725
i John Dyne Captain
ii Edward Dyne to Somerset
m Fanny Messiter dau of M. Messiter of Somerset
B Edward Dyne b 1727, d 1793
m 09.1755 Elizabeth Hawes d 1793, dau of Andrew Hawes
i Andrew Hawes Dyne, later Bradley-Dyne, of Gore Court, Kent d 1820
m 1783 Frances Bradley sister of James Bradley
a Francis Dyne or Bradley-Dyne of Gore Court, Sheriff of Kent b 23.01.1790 had issue
m 1822 Mary Jane Harris dau of Lord Harris
b James Dyne or Bradley-Dyne d 1829, Commander RN had issue 2 daughters
m Caroline Western dau of Admiral _ Western
c Frances Roosilia Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
m 1805 Henry Dickinson
d Elizabeth Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
m1 H. Hoy of Midenbury House
m2 George Maiwaring Captain
e Margaret Dyne or Bradley-Dyne
m Rev. Allen Morgan of New Ross
f+ oher issue - Mary d young, Sarah d infant
ii Thomas Dyne
m Mary Fountain dau of Peter Fountain of London
a daughter
C William Dyne b 1730, d 18.04.1800 had issue
m 1758 Effield Chapman dau of James Chapman of Molash
D+ other issue dsp
c. James Dyne bpt 20.02.1653 had issue
m Anne
d.+ other issue - John, William, Timothea, Margaret
Commoners and Visitation appear to disagree on the order in which the sons were born.
ii.+ other issue
m2 Elizabeth

1 TCP Dinham, BE1883 Dinan
2 Commoners vol iv, Bradley of Gore Court, Visitation Sussex, 1662 extended, Dyne of Westfield
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