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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Viscounts of St. Saveur / St. Sauveur, Counts of St. Pol

Richard of Saint Sauveur (b about 900 d c933)
28 to33.
Neil I, Vcte of St. Saveur b about 930
  Wa32=Gl31=Du27. Roger, Vcte of St. Saveur b about 955
  Wa31 Neil II, Vcte of St. Saveur or Sauveur (b about 980 d c1045)
Neil III, Vcte de St. Saveur or Sauveur (b about 1000 d c1066)
  m. Adela of Eu (dau of Godfrey, Count of Brionne and Eu)
(1) Except for the daughter who married Robert de Bigot (who is sometimes shown as sister rather than daughter of Neil III), the following is subject to some doubt as the connections have been found in only a few web sites and we have not yet found support for them in any source we have reasonable faith in.
(2) As far as we know, neither of Neil's attributed sons succeeded him as Vicomte. They may therefore have been illegitimate.
  Wa30 Richard or Thurston 
  Wa29-1 Ralph de la Haye (seneschal of Mortain)
  m. Olivia d'Aubigny (dau of William d'Aubigny) below
(i) Robert de la Haye, lord of Halnac
  (a) Richard de la Haye (b c1125, d 1186)
  m. Maud Vernon (possibly of the family of Shipbrook)
  ((1)) Nichole de la Haye
  m. (c1171) Gerard de Camville
  Wa30=Al31=Mo32 William d'Aubigny 'of Cotentin' 
  TCP (Mowbray) makes no mentions of William's parentage but identifies his wife as ... 
  m. (Adelice?) de Plessis (sister of Grimald de Plessis) 
  Al30=Mo31 Roger d'Aubigny or de Albini (a 1084)
  m. Amice de Mowbray 
  (B) Olivia d'Aubigny
  m. Ralph de la Haye above
  (C) Aimee d'Aubigny possibly of this generation 
  m. Sir Richard Talbot of Battlesden (b 1045) 
Wa30=31 daughter b about 1020
  m. Robert le Bigot
Ivo, Vcte de Cotenin (b about 1010 d c 1042)
  His 6 sons are as given in Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Pro Hatton). 
  m. (c1042) Emma of Brittany (dau of Geoffrey, Count of Rennes, Duke of Brittany)
  Fi30=31 Nigel de Aurenges of Halton, Constable of Chester
  Fi29=30 William FitzNigel, lord of Halton, Constable of Chester
  m. Agnes de Gant (dau of Gilbert de Gant)
  Fi28-1 William FitzWilliam (d infant)
Fi28=29 Agnes
  m. Eustace FitzJohn, lord of Knaresborough, later lord of Halton, Constable of Chester (b before 1100, d 07.1157)
  This connection confirmed by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Barons of Halton).
  Fi28-3 Matilda
  m. Albert de Grelle
  Wa30=Du25 Odard or Hubbard, later of Dutton (3rd son) b about 1040
  m. Alice of Dutton
  Du25=Ha29=Ha31 Wolfath or Wolfric of Hatton (youngest son) 
  Du25-4+ other issue - Geoffrey of Stopford (dsp), Edward of Haselwall, Horswaine of Shrigley
  The following connection was suggested by W.U.S. Glanville-Richards in his book on the Glanville family.
  Wa31=Gl30. Hamon 'aux Dents'
  Gl29 Richard de Belfoi de Glanville, Normandy
  Gl28-1 Niel, Sire de Glanville
  Gl28 Rainald, Sire de Glanville (a 1054)
Wa32=31 Possibly of this family and branch was Richard de Billeheust or Richard de Saint Sauveur. b about 955
Wa31=30  x Billeheude b about 980 
m Richard de Meri (Mary) was the son of Richard the Old de Bohon (Bo31), and x de Meautis 
Roger I, Count de St. Pol (d 13.06.1067)
m. Hadwige / Hedwig of Houchin
1. Manasses de St. Pol omitted by some web sites
  A. Hugh II 'Candavanes', Count de St. Pol (d 1131)
  m. Elisenda de Ponthieu (dau of Hugues I de Montreuil, Count de Ponthieu)
  i. Hugh III, Count de St. Pol (d 1174)
  m. (??) Margaret de Clermont
  a. Anselme, Count de St. Pol
  m. Eustache
Eustache is shown in some web sites as 'de Champagne', sometimes as daughter of Eustache IV de Boulogne (son of Stephen, King of England) and in other web sites as 'de Gouet'.
  (1) Hugh IV, Count de St. Pol (d 1205)
  m. (c1179) Yolande of Hainault (b 1131, d after 04.1202, dau of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainault)
  (A) Elizabeth de St. Pol (d 1263)
  m. Gaucher III de Chatillon (d 1219)
  Their successors became Counts of St. Pol.
  (2) Beatrice de St. Pol
  m. Jean I, Count of Ponthieu (b c1140, d 30.06.1191)
  b. Adelise de St. Pol
  m. Robert de Bethune (d 1191)

Sources: various web sites
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