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'Mohaut / Montalt of Hawarden, Mohaut /Montalt of Montalt /Mold, Montfichet of Stanstead
m after 03.07.1190 Hawise, Countess of Aumale, Lady of Holderness d 11.03.1214, dau of Guillaume 'le Gros', Count of Aumale, Lord of Holderness
The following William de Montfichet is identified in some web sites as son of Robert de Gernon, apparently the same Robert who was ancestor of various Cavendish families. We are not convinced on this not least because Collins, in its article on the Cavendish Dukes of Devonshire, makes no mention of such a connection.
Mo30. William de Montfichet of Stanstead d 1135/6
m Margaret de Clare a 1185, dau of Gilbert FitzRichard de Toneburge
Mo29 Gilbert de Montfichet of Stanstead
m Aveline de Lucy dau of Richard de Lucy, justiciar
Mo26 =28 Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead d 1203/4
m Millicent x b c 1157 Stanstead d 12 Jun 1217 Fitchet Castle Widdington Essex
Mo25-1 Sir Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead, Sheriff of Essex d unm 1258 §C
Mo25-2 Margaret de Montfichet
m Sir Hugh de Bolebec d c 1240
Mo25 Adelina or Aveline de Montfichet
m William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle
William des Forts Forz, 'de Fortibus', Count of Aumale Albemarle d 1194/5 (official father)
+2 John, King of England (natural father)
Mo27 Philippe de Montfichet
Sir Hugh de Plaiz d before 18.08.1244
Pl26 Hugh de Plaiz b c 1215
Pl25 Richard de Plaiz b c 1240 d before 08.07.1269
m Joan a 1302
Pl24-1 Ralph de Plaiz b c1266, dsp before 06.11.1283
Pl24 Sir Giles de Plaiz, 1st Lord b c 1270 d before 15.10.1302
m Joan a 03.1332
Pl23 Richard de Plaiz, 2nd Lord b 01.08.1296, d 08.1327
m Margaret
Pl22-1 Giles de Plaiz, 3rd Lord b c1320, dsp 16.07.1334
Pl22 Richard de Plaiz, 4th Lord b 21.09.1323, d 10.1360
m Margaret or Margery
Pl21 Sir John de Plaiz, 5th Lord bpt 14.01.1342/3, d 02.06.1389
m1 1353 Margaret de Norwich dau of Sir Walter de Norwich
m c 1366 Joan de Stapleton d 02.09.1385, dau of Sir Miles de Stapleton of Bedale and Ingham
Pl20 Margaret de Plaiz b c 1367, d 08.1391
m c1380 Sir John Howard of Wigenhall, Sheriff of Essex and Hertford d 1436
Ho19 Sir John Howard b about 1375 dvp 1409
m Joan Walton dau of Sir Richard or John Walton
Ho18 Elizabeth Howard m John de Vere, 12th Earl of Oxford d 1461 -1 Aubrey de Vere dvpsp 20.02.1461 m c 4.1460 Anne Stafford d c 14.04.1472, dau of Henry Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham
-2 John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain b 08.09.1442, d 10.03.1512/3 m1 Margaret Nevill d after 20.11.1506 + 1 ch dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury m2 c 1509 Elizabeth Scrope d 26.06.1537 + ch dau of Sir Richard Scrope of Bolton family
-3 Sir George Vere d 1503 m Margaret Stafford St16 dau of Sir William Stafford of Bishop's Frome co Hereford or a younger son of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton and Eleanor Aylesbury or William 'of Hook & Southwick'
-4 Sir Richard de Vere m Margaret Percy
-5 Sir Thomas de Vere dsp 1489
-6 Mary de Vere, a nun
-7 Joane de Vere m Sir William Norris of Yatenden
-8 Elizabeth de Vere m William Bourchier, younger of Essex dvp

-2-1 John de Vere d y
-3-1 George de Vere dvp 1498
-3-2 John de Vere of Campes, 14th Earl of Oxford b 14.08.1499, dsp 14.07.1526 m Anne Howard d before 22.02.1558/9, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk
-3-3 Dorothea de Vere d 07.02.1526-7 m Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord Latymer b 17.11.1493, d 02.03.1542-3
-3-4 Elizabeth de Vere m Sir Anthony Wingfield d c1552 Wi15
-3-5 Ursula de Vere dsp 1558 m1 George Windsor dvpsp before 11.1520, of Stanwell family m2 Sir Edmund Knightly or Knightley of Fawsley d 12.11.1542

-3-3-1 John Nevill, 4th Lord Latymer b c 1520, d 22.04.1577 m c1545 Lucy Somerset b c1523, d 22.02.1582, dau of Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester
-3-3-2 Margaret nevill
-3-4-1 Sir Robert WINGFIELD of Letheringham
-3-4-2 Charles WINGFIELD
-3-4-3 Anthony WINGFIELD
-3-4-4 Henry WINGFIELD
-3-4-5 Richard WINGFIELD (Esq
m William Naunton
of Letheringham, Suffolk Co.,England and had Ursula Naunton m Robert Gosnold b 1534 Suffolk
-3-4-7 Mary WINGFIELD
-3-4-8 Margaret WINGFIELD
-3-4-9 Frances Wingfield
-3-4-10 Jane Wingfield (d. AFT 2 May 1588)
-3-4-11 George Wingfield
-3-4-12 Anne Wingfield (d. 1592)
-3-4-13 John WINGFIELD

-3-3-1-1 Katharine Nevill b c 1545, d 28.10.1596 m1. before 25.01.1562 a href="percy02.htm#earl8" target="_self">Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland b 1532, d 21.06.1585 m2. 1598 Francis Fitton of Binfield dsp 17.06.1608
-3-3-1-2 Dorothy Nevill d 23.03.1608 m 27.11.1564 Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter b 05.05.1542, d 08.02.1622-3
-3-3-1-3 Lucy Nevill d 30.04.1609 m Sir William Cornwallis of Brome
-3-3-1-4 Elizabeth Nevill bur 24.06.1630 m1. Sir John Danvers of Dantsey d 10.12.1594 m2. Sir Edmund Careyof Moulton Park b c1558, d 1637
-3-4-6-1 Ursula Naunton b 1545 d 1615 of Otley, Suffolk Co.,England bur Otley, Suffolk Co England. m Robert Gosnold b 1534 Suffolk, England d 1615 of,Earleshall,Suffolk Co England bur Otley, Suffolk Co.,England. Will: 15 Aug 1615, proved 1 Nov 1615

-3-4-6-1 Robert Gosnold b c 1561 d 1596 m1. Amy x m2 Edwa Warde

-3-4-6-1-1 Robert Gosnold b c 1586 d 1634)
-3-4-6-1-2 Elizabeth Gosnold b 1570 England d aft 15 AUG 1615 m Thomas Keene b c 1560 d after 15 AUG 1615
-3-4-6-1-3 Anthony Gosnold d 1631 m Ursula Pratt
-3-4-6-1-4 Thomas Gosnold d aft 15 AUG 1615
-3-4-6-1-5 John Gosnold d aft 15 AUG 1615
-3-4-6-1-6+ 2 sons and 3 daughters
Ho19-2 Margaret Howard b about 1375
m1 after 02.1389/90 Constantine de Clifton, 2nd Lord of Buckenham b c1372 d 1395 m2 before 1397 Sir George Talbot d 02.1398/9
This family took its name from a hill, Mons Altus now Mold, in Flintshire. It is known both by the latinised version Montalt and the Norman-French Mohaut. The first mentioned by TCP & BE1883 was Hugh FitzNorman, brother of Ralph & Roger. Commoners starts its article with "The family of Maude, originally Lords of Monte Alto, in Italy, was established in England by Eustace de Monte Alto, surnamed the Norman Hunter, one of the soldiers of the Conquest" and then identifies his sons as "de Monte Alto". However, we suspect that the reference to Monte Alto is presumptuous.
Norman = Eustace, 'Norman Hunter'
1. Hugh FitzNorman
A. William FitzHugh de Muhald d sp? c1141
2. Ralph FitzNorman
A. Robert FitzRalph de Mohaut or Montalt d c1162 identified by Commoners as Roger, son rather than nephew of Hugh
The following follows TCP & BE1883 rather than Commoners. Working out the exact differences is not easy not least because of the apparent confusion between the uses of Robert and Roger.
m Leucha possibly dau of William FitzNeel of Halton
i. Ralph de Mahaut of Montalt or Mold d c1200
m Maud
ii. Robert de Mahaut of Montalt or Mold d c1210 probably father of ...
This might be the Robert shown by Commoners as married to Emma, dau of Sir Robert Delaval, sister of Beatrix who married William Malpas, and father of various sons including Andomar, ancestor of the Maudes.
a. Roger de Mahaut of Montalt or Mold d 1232
m Nichole
1 Roger de Mahaut of Montalt or Mold d 28.06.1260, justice of Chester
m Cecily d'Aubigny dau of William d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, by Mabel of Chester
A Robert de Mahaut of Mold and Hawarden d before 16.09.1275
m c1261 Joan de Mowbray d 1314-5, dau of Roger de Mowbray
i Roger de Mahaut or Montalt of Mold and Hawarden, Lord Mohaut dsp before 02.12.1296
m Juliane de Clifford dau of Roger de Clifford
ii Robert de Mahaut or Montalt of Mold and Hawarden, Lord Mohaut b 25.03.1274, dsp 26.12.1329
m c01.1300/1 Emma d 26.01.1331/2, widow of Richard, Lord FitzJohn
iii Isabel de Mahaut apparently of this generation
m William de Morley, 1st Lord of Morley d by 1302
Robert Morley 2nd Baron d 23.03.1359/60, Admiral,m1 Hawise Marshal d before 1327, dau of William Marshal, 1st Baron
B John de Mahaut or Montalt a 1289
TCP notes that Dugdale, citing Glover's Collections, identifies John as the eldest son who married before 1254 Milicent de Cantilupe and died before 1273 but supports an argument that that was another John. BE1883 shows John as elder brother and married to widow Elene then Milisent de Cantilupe. We follow TCP.
m Elene a 1289, widow of Robert de Stockport
2 daughter apparently of this generation
m Hugh de Ferrers of Bugbrooke
b. Andomar or Aylmer de Montalt a 1174 possibly of this generation
Neither TCP nor BE1883 mention Andomar. The generational attributions shown by Commoners are suspect not least because there are some suspect dates. For example, Commoners shows Andomar a 1174 as nephew of Beatrix whose father-in-law is thought to have still been alive in 1252.
c. Beatrix de Montalt possibly of this generation
Beatrix, shown by Commoners as daughter of Ralph and sister of Robert, is identified by Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Mallpas, Barons of Mallpas as "fil. naturalis Rogeri Montealt" and by Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Egerton of Egerton and of Olton as "base sister to Sir Roger Monhalt".
m William Malpas
iii. Roger de Mahaut of Elford youngest son
a. Leucha de Mohaut d by 1227
BE1883 suggests that Leucha was daughter of the above Roger by Cecily de Albini but we follow TCP Orreby in showing this connection.
m Philip de Orreby of Alvanley b c1190, dvp
iv. William de Mahaut, 
v. Ranulph de Mahaut
3. Roger FitzNorman

1 various web sites plus cross-references from elsewhere in the database
2 TCP Mohaut, BE1883 Montalt with some input from Commoners vol II, Maude of Averthorpe and Wakefield

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