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Brabant 2: Dukes of Brabant, Counts of Louvain
Lambert I, Count of Louvain b c950, d Florennes 12.09.1015

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m c994 Gerberge of Lorraine b c975/7, d 1018, dau of Charles of Laon, Duke of Lower Lorraine
1. Henry I, Count of Louvain d Aug 1038
A.+ issue - Otto d 1040/1, Adelheid, Kunigunde, Adela
2. Lambert II, Count of Louvain d after 21.09.1062
m Uda of Lorraine dau of Gozelo I, Duke of Antwerp, Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine
Lo30 Henri II, Count of Louvain b c1020, d 1078
m Adela of Betuwe, Countess of the Basques b c1023, d 1086
Lo29-1 Henri III, Count of Louvain d 05.02.1095
m Gertrude of Flanders b c1080, d 1117, dau of Robert I 'le Frison', Count of Flanders 
a. Adelheid of Louvain
m Simon, Duke of Lorraine
b. Gertrud of Louvain
m Lambert, Count of Montaigu and of Clermont
Lo29 Godfrey I 'Barbatus', Duke of Brabant b c1060, d Jerusalem 25 Jan 1139/40
m1 c1099 Ida de Chiny b c1078, d c1117
Lo28-1 Godfrey II, Duke of Brabant b c1107, d 13.06.1142
m c1139 Lutgardis von Sulzbach b c1109, d 1163
1 Godfrey III, Duke of Brabant b 1142, d 08.1190
m1 01.1155 Margaret of Limburg b c1135, d 1172, dau of Heinrich II, Duke of Limburg, Count of Arlon
A Henri I, Duke of Brabant b 1165, d 05.09.1235
m1 1179 Matilda de Boulogne b 1170, d 16.10.1210, dau of Matthias, Count de Boulogne
Br24-1 Marie of Brabant b c1190, d 1261/78
m1 after 19.05.1214 Emperor Otto IV b 1177, d 1218
m2 07.1220 Willem I, Count of Holland b c1167, d 4 Feb 1223
Br24 Henri II, Duke of Brabant b 1207, d 01.02.1248
m1 before 22 Aug 1215 Marie of Swabia b 1201, d 1235, dau of Philip, Duke of Swabia, King of Germany
m2 c1240 Sophie of Thuringia b 20 Mar 1224, d 29 May 1275
Br24-3 Godfrey, Hr von Gaesbeek b 1209, d 21.01.1254 had issue
m Marie von Oudenaarde
Br24-4 Margaret of Brabant dsp 1231
m 1206 Gerhard III, Count of Geldern d 1229
v Adelaide of Brabant b c1190, d 1261/78
m1 1206 Arnulf, Count of Looz
m2 03.02.1225 Guillaume X de Clermont b c1195, d 1247
m3. before 21.04.1251 Arnold van Wesemaele d after 1288
Br24-5 Mathilde of Brabant b c1200, d 22 Dec 1267
m2 06 Dec 1224 Floris IV, Count of Holland b 24.06.1210, d 19.07.1234
m1 1212 Pfgf Heinrich II bel Rhein d 1214
m2 04.1213 Marie de France b 1198, d 18.08.1224, dau of Philippe II Auguste, King of France
Br24-6 Elizabeth of Brabant d 23.10.1272
m1 19Mar 1233 Dietrich, Count of Cleves, Sn of Dinslaken b 1214/15, d 1244
m2 1246 Gerhard II, Count of Wassenberg d 1255
Br24-7 Margaret of Brabant d young
B Adalbero of Louvain, Cardinal, Bishop of Liege b c1166, d 24.11.1192
m2 1180 Imagina von Looz d 05.06.1214
C William of Louvain, lord of Perwez and Ruysbroek had issue
m Marie de Orbais
D Godfrey of Louvaine d 1225/26 went to England in 1196
m c1199 Alice de Hastings
i Godfrey de Louvaine a 1221
ii Matthew de Louvaine d c1258
m Muriel
a Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Little Easton d 1302
m1 before 31.05.1268 Helisant ??
m2 Maud Poyntz
Uncertain which wife was the mother of which children.
1 Sir Thomas de Louvaine b 1291, d 1345
m Joan possibly dau of Sir Robert de Basing
A John de Louvaine of Little Easton d 1347
m1 Joan
m2 Margaret Weston d 1349, dau of Sir Thomas Weston
i Isabel de Louvaine b 1341, d 1351
ii Eleanor de Louvaine b 1345, d 1397
m before 06.1359 William de Bourchier d 1375
2 Eleanor de Louvaine d after 03.05.1326
m1 Sir William de Ferrers of Groby d before 20 Dec 1287
m2 before 28.01.1289 Sir William, Lord of Douglas "le Hardi", a 1256, d 1298
m3. before 06.10.1305 Sir William Bagot of Hilde and Patshull d c1326
3+ other issue - Thomas d 1318, Alice
b John de Louvaine
c Hawise de Louvaine
m Sir Philip Basset d 29.10.1271
Lo28-2 Henri of Louvain, a monk d 1141
Lo28 Adela of Louvain b c1103, d 23.04.1151
m1 29 Jan 1122, sp Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England b 1068, d 1 Dec 1135
m2 1138 William de Albini, 1st Earl of Arundel d 12.10.1176
Lo28-4 Ida of Louvain d before 1162
m c1128 Arnold II, Count of Cleves d after 1147
Lo28-5 Clarissa of Louvain d before 1140
m2 c1125 Clementina dau of Guillaume, Count of Bourgogne
f. Josceline of Louvain of Petworth d 1180
m after 1154 Agnes de Percy
iii. Adalbero of Louvain, Bishop of Liege d 1128
iv. Ida of Louvain b by 1077, d 1139
m 1084 Baldwin II, Count of Hainault b c1056, a 05.1098
Lo30-2 Reginar of Louvain d Hesbaye 1077
Lo30-3 Adela of Louvain d 1083
m1 before 1060 Otto von Orlamunde d 1067
m2 1069 Dedo II von Wettin, Margrave of Niederlausitz, Regent of Meissen d 1075
i. Adeleid of Meissen d 1071
m Ernst, Margrave of Austria b 1027, d 1075
3. Mathilde of Louvain
m Eustache I, Count of Boulogne d c1049
4. Robert de Bruges Castellan of Bruges 1046, emigrated to Normandy 1051
This connection is not in either GENEU or 'Royal Genealogies' but has been suggested by after consideration of heraldic and other clues.
m Emma of Brittany dau of Allan, Earl of Brittany
5. Eustace de Fiennes a 1066
This connection is not in either GENEU or 'Royal Genealogies' but has been suggested by 'Tudor'.
m Adela de Furnes dau of Erard de Furnes or Selness

Sources: GenEU Brabant2, 'Royal Genealogies'.
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