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: Albini of Arundel, Albini of Sussex, Early Earls of Angus, Earls of Caithness and Orkney, Airth of Airth (Erth of Erth)
Al30 = Mo31. Roger de Albini or d'Aubigny (a 1084)
TCP (Mowbray) identifies Roger's wife as Amice "whose parentage is unknown". BE1883 reports that Nigil obtained lands forfeited by his maternal uncle, Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland.
m. Amice (possibly sister of Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland)
Al29-1. Rualoc d'Aubigny or de Albini (a 1084, dsp?)
Al29. William d'Aubigny or de Albini ('Pincerna', a 1066, d 1139, butler to King Henry I)
m. Maud Bigot dau of Roger Bigod
Al28. William de Albini, 1st Earl of Arundel d 12.10.1176
m. 1138 Adeliza of Lorraine/Louvain (b c1103, d 23.04.1151 widow of King Henry I dau of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine/Brabant
Al27 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 2nd Earl of Arundel d 24.12.1193
TCP reports that sources disagree as to whether or not there is here an additional generation of an Earl William (which we show). It also reports that "it is certain that" Mabel, sister of the Earl of Chester and often reported wife of the last Earl William, left issue by her husband.
m Maud de St. Hilaire dau of James de St. Hilaire du Harcourt, widow of Roger, Earl of Clare
Al26 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 3rd Earl of Arundel d 1221
m Mabel dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester (or Maud de St. Hillary, dau of James de St. Hillary)
Al25-1 William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 4th Earl of Arundel (dsp 1224 or 1233)
m. ?? (some say Mabel, dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester)
Al25-2 Hugh de Albini, 5th Earl of Arundel (dsp 1243)
m Isabel de Warren dau of William (Plantagenet) de Warren, Earl of Warren and Surrey
Al25-3 Mabel/ Maud de Albini (d before 1242)
m Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall d 16.07.1249
Al25 Isabel de Albini
m John FitzAlan, lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire (b c1164, d 1239)
Al25 Nicola de Albini
m Roger de Somerie, lord of Dudley d by 26.08.1273
Al25-6 Cecilia de Albini
m Roger de Montalt
Al27-2 Alice de Albini
m. John, Count d'Eu, Lord of Hastings (d 26.06.1170)
Al27 Agnes (Avice?) de Albini possibly of this family, of this generation, identified under BE1883 (Mowbray of Nottingham, Norfolk, etc) only as "Agnes, dau. of the Earl of Arundel", assumed to be one of the two otherwise unidentified daughters of William, the 1st Earl.
m. William de Mowbray (d 1222)<
Al27-4+ 3 other sons and 1 other daughter
Al28-2. Oliva de Albini
m. Ralphe de Haya
Al28-3.+ other issue - Nigel de Albini, Oliver de Albini
Al29 =Mo30 Sir Nigil or Nele d'Aubigny or de Albini d 21 Nov 1129 in Thirsk Slingsby, Hovingham, York
m1 (div, sp) Maud de Aquila/Aigle dau of Richard de Aquila
m2 Jun 1118 Gundred de Gournay dau of Gerard de Gournay, Sire de Gournay, lord of Yarmouth
Mo29 Roger de Mowbray (d 1188)
m Alice de Gant dau of Walter de Gant
Mo29-2 Henry de Albini, lord of Cambo b c 1121 Epworth Castle Axholme Lincoln ancestor of Albini of Camho
Mo29-3 Hamon de Beler b 1120 Epworth Castle Axholme Lincoln d 1203 Mowbray Leicester apparently of this generation
Mo29-4 Humphrey d'Aubigny b c 1123 Epworth Castle
Au28 Possibly of this family, branch and generation was:
Isabel de Aubigny b 1194 Crediton Devon d 1240 Haccombe Devon
m Robert de Cruys b 1197 South Molton Devon d ther 1269
+1 Alexander de Cruys b 11 66 Tiverton Devon d there 1231 +2 Richard de Cruys b 1137 d 1210 +3 Alexander de Cruys b 1100 Tiverton Devon d 1180 Tiverton
Au27 Lord Morchard Alexander de Cruys b 1222 Tiverton Devon d there 1280
Au26 Alexander Cruys b 1242 Devon d 1301
Au25 Sir Oliver/Thomas de Esse
m Emma Cruys b 1270 Devon
Au24 Sir Henry de Esse b 1300 Musbury Devon d 1327 Devon
m x Fornyson
Au23 Sir Richard de Esse/Eshe b 1360 Clyst Fornyson d 1458
m Ann Fornysom b 1370 Devon
Au22 Sir Baldwin de Esse Lord of Sowton b 1370 Clyst Fornyson Devon d 1490 Devon
Au21 William Ashe b c 1478 Ashe Manor Farm Throwleigh Devon d there 1538
m Rosina Pitkin b 1486 Devon d 1543
Au20 Josea/Isota Ashe b c 1498 Ashe Manor Throwleigh Devon d there 1543

m c 1516 in Throwleigh, Devon William Tucker b 1495/1500 Throwley Devon d 1564/?bef 1543 Devon
Mo29-5 Adalia de Mowbray b 1126 Nottinghamshire
Gilchrist or Dufagan, 1st Earl of Angus (a 1115)
There is doubt on the existence of this Gilchrist/Dufagan. Some sources report that Gilbert/Gillebride was the first to be formally recognised as Earl of Angus. It is possible that Gilbert and/or Gilchrist/Dufagan were descended from the ancient Celtic Mormaers of Angus but this has not been confirmed.
1. Gilbert or Gillebride, 2nd Earl of Angus (d c1187)
m1. daughter of Cospatrick, Earl of Dunbar
A. Adam, 3rd Earl of Angus (d by 1198)
B. Gilchrist, 4th Earl of Angus (d 1207-1211)
There is some confusion concerning Gilchist's marriages. 'Mathematical' seems more likely
m1. ?? (possibly a daughter (Marjory ??) of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon) not shown in file 'Atholl1' as needs further verification
i. Duncan, 5th Earl of Angus (d 1211-1214)
a. Malcolm, 6th Earl of Angus (d before 1242)
m. Mary Berkeley dau of Sir Humphrey Berkeley
(1) Maud / Matilda, Countess of Angus (b c1222, d 1261)
m1 John (probably not Richard) Comyn, 'Earl of Angus' dsp 1242
m2. (1243) Gilbert de Umfraville, Lord of Pradhoe and Redesdale, ' Earl of Angus' (d by 03.03.1245)
m3 Richard de Dover of Chilham (d 1247)
b. Hugh of Angus
m2. Ingibiorg Ericsdottir (dau of Eric Stagbrellr)
ii. Magnus II, Earl of Orkney (b c1180, d 1239)
a. Gilbert, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (b 1210, d 1256)
(1) Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (d 1273)
(A) Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (dsp 1284)
(B) John, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (d before 28.10.1312)
A site visitor (AF, 14.10.05) kindly suggested the following identity for John's wife, drawing attention to the fact that, according to TCP (vol X, Appendix A), this is as reported by "Saint Clair, p. 351". It was probably through this connection that Lovat passed into the Fraser family.
m. ?? Graham (dau of Sir David Graham of Lovat)
(i) Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney (d before 1329)§D
m. Katherine
(ii) Margaret probably of this generation
m.Sir Simon Fraser (d ? Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
m before 12.1257 m. Malise, 5th Earl of Strathearn d before 23.11.1271
m3. Marjory (dau of Harald Maddadson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness)
iii. Beatrix of Angus
m. Walter Stewart, 3rd Hereditary Steward of Scotland (d 1241)
C. Gilbert of Angus (a 1172, 1204)
D. William of Angus (a 1178)
E. Angus of Angus
i. Adam
m2. daughter of the Earl of Caithness
F. Magnus, Earl of Caithness
By reference to dates, etc., TSP makes a case that this Magnus (grandson of John, Earl of Caithness, son of Harald Maddadson) was a son of Gilchrist (whom we show as 4th Earl of Angus) rather than his brother. This may be reconsidered in due course.
Bernard de Airth/Erth (d 1300)
m. Helen de Campsie (dau of Finlay de Campsie)
1. Bernard de Airth/Erth (d 1340)
A. Malcolm de Airth/Erth (d 1375)
Malcolm is known to have been father of Alicia and is assumed to have been father of ...
i. Sir William de Airth
a. Agnes Airth
m. (by 1417) Sir Edward Bruce of Airth
Described in TSP (Somerville) as an heiress of Sir William de Airth of various lands in Stirlingshire, and so presumed to be one of this William's daughters (although she may have been of a generation later), was ...
b. Elizabeth Airth (a 01.05.1511)
m1. ??
m2. Thomas Somerville of Plane (d before 02.04.1482)
ii. Alicia de Erth, 'lady of Craigbernard'
m. Gilbert de Buchanan
a. daughter
m. Gilbert de Strivelyn, 1st of Craigbernard (d before 1434)

(1) Albini - BE1883 (Albini of Arundel), BE1183 (Mowbray of Nottingham, Norfolk, etc.), TCP (Arundel).
(2) Earls of Angus - TSP (Celtic Earls of Angus), TSP (Ancient Earls of Caithness), TCP (Angus), and 'Mathematical'.
(3) Airth/Earth of Airth/Erth - 'The Stirlings of Craigbernard and Glorat' by Joseph Bain, published for private circulation in 1883.
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