Pr7 Colonel Thomas (?Sprigg) Prather II (Jr)

    Thomas Prather was the son of Colonel Thomas Prather, Senior, (Pr8) and Martha Sprigg (Sp8) of Maryland.

    Born: 1703, Prince George County, Maryland (??Northampton, England).
    Died: July 24, 1785, Washington County, Maryland.
     Will at Hagerstown., Maryland.

    Married: 1. 10 Jun 1725 Elizabeth Claggett of “Weston" Prince George County, Maryland.

      Child by his first wife (Pr6-1) Mary (Polly) Prather, born 6 Jan 1730, married Aaron Moore*
    2nd before 31 Oct. 1754 Sarah Beall
    3rd Between 1767 and 1769Jeanette Smiley (Sm7) (The name of the first grandson from this marriage indicates that her father may have been named James Smiley. She may also have been the aunt of Alexander Smiley).

    Prather Coat of Arms

    by 1st wife, Elizabeth Claggett

    Pr6-1 Charles Prather
    Pr6-2 Mary (Polly) Prather b: 6 Jan 1730,  married Aaron Moore, d 1791 P: Springhill Twp, Fayette County
    Pr6-3 Richard Prather (reported by b 1 Aug 1727 Queen Annes Parish, Prince Georges Co. Md d 26 Nov. 1789 Clear Springs, Wasington Co. Md one of the "City fathers," being elected a trustee of the town of Louisville in 1797. His wife was Mary Churchill, dau of Armistead and Elizabeth Bakewell Churchill, of Virginia
    Pr6-3-1 Eliza Prather, m James Guthrie, the distinguished citizen, the founder of the L. & N. James and Eliza Guthrie
    Pr6-3-1-1 Ann Augusta Guthrie m Dr. William Caldwell,
    Pr6-3-1-1-1 James Guthrie Caldwell, m Nannie Standiford
    Pr6-3-1-1-2 Junius Caldwell, m Ella Payne, of Georgetown
    Pr6-3-1-1-3 Ann Eliza Caldwell, m Ernest Norton
    Pr6-3-1-1-3-4 Caldwell Norton.
    Pr6-3-1-2 Mary Guthrie m1 Richard Coke, of Logan county, grandparents of Dr. Richard Coke, of Louisville m2 John Caperton,
    Pr6-3-1-2-2 John H. Caper- ton, m Virginia Standiford,
    Pr6-3-1-2-2-1 Hugh John Caperton, m Dorothy Bonnie.
    Pr6-4 Capt. Basil Prather, b 1740 d 1803 in Maryland,He fought through the Revolutionary war, de- clining any pay for his services, and later came to Louisville, described as "exceedingly handsome, six feet three inches tall and of cordial and engaging manners." He is numbered among the commissioners of Louisville in 1 790, and owned farm land near Louisville and in other parts of the State, bequeathed to his heirs on which they settled. Married Fanny Meriwether
    Pr6-4-1 Martha Meriwether Prather, married Dr. War- wick Miller, a son of Judge Isaac Miller, of Pennsylvania
    source: Louisville's First Families, Kathleen Jennings, 1920

    by 3nd wife, Jeanette ?Smiley (Sm7).
    Pr6-? William Prather b.1769 Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III, Born 1770, Frederick County, Maryland. The only child by (Sm7).

    Thomas Smiley Prather
    Information given by Stout Lillard of Washington, D.C. from his collection of Prather data.  Lillard expects to publish a Prather history, if he survives his present (1948) precarious condition of health.
    Also; same Bible records collected by Mrs. George Nicholas (Ni3-5) from various Prather relatives.
    Ron Moore

    Data from
    Pr7 Thomas Sprigg Prather III
      Male   Family
    Birth:  About 1703   of, , Northampton, England
      Spouse:  Elizabeth Clagett
      Marriage:  < 1729>   <, Prince Georges, Maryland>

    Thomas Sprigg Prather     Compact Disc #26     Pin #162179
     Sex: M
    Birth:  1704
    Place:   Prince George County, Maryland (LDS Film # 7125628)
    Death:  Sep 1785
    Place:   Washington County, Maryland
     Father: Thomas Mackay Prather     Disc #26     Pin #161752
     Mother: Martha Sprigg     Disc #26     Pin #161753
     Spouse:  Elizabeth Claggett     Disc #26     Pin #162261
    Marriage:  1725
    Spouse:  Jeanette Smiley     Disc #26     Pin #162262
    Marriage:  1769
    Notes and Sources:
    Available on CD-ROM Disc# 26
    Sources:  None
     Gary Ray BOLEN
    24231 Jagger El Toro, CA 92630-3660

    Thomas PRATHER (AFN: 1WVX-R98)  Pedigree
    Sex:  M Family
    Birth:   Abt 1671  , Calvert, Md
    Death:   Abt 1712   Prince George, , Md
    Father:  Jonathan PRATHER (AFN: 25M1-KF) Family
     Mother:  Jane (Mccay) MCKAY (AFN: 227H-4N)

    Thomas PRATHER (AFN: H8MR-MG)  Pedigree
    Sex:  M Family
    Birth:   Ca 1695   , , Md
     Death:   1742
     Father:  Jonathan PRATHER (AFN: FLBK-S6)
     Mother:  Elizabeth BIGGERS (AFN: FLBK-XV)
    Spouse:  Joice Or Joyce (AFN: 1MPS-1H3)

    Thomas Mackay PRATER (AFN: 25M1-H3)  Pedigree
    Sex:  M Family
    Birth:   1673    ., Calvert, Md.
     Death:   1711/1712
      "orphans Gift", Prince George, Md
     Father:  Jonathan PRATHER (AFN: 25M1-KF)
     Mother:  Jane (Mccay) MCKAY (AFN: 227H-4N)
    Father:  Jonathan PRATHER (AFN: Z549-JQ)
     Mother:  Jane GOULDSMITH (AFN: Z53L-C1)
    Spouse:  Martha SPRIGG (AFN: 46Z1-FW)
     Marriage:  1698   ., Prince George, Md.

     Spouse:  Martha SPRING (AFN: NVV8-SD)

    (Pr7) Colonel Thomas Prather’s services in the French and Indian Wars constitute eligibility for membership in the Colonial Wars Society, and also in the Colonial Dames

    In 1756, Major Prather commanded one hundred and fifty men in the Indian Wars in Western Maryland, and also was in command of all troops in Western Maryland during the French and Indian War.

    He was Colonel in command of Militia of Frederick County, Maryland.

    He was, later, Colonel of Maryland troops in the Continental Army from Frederick County, Maryland', during the Revolution.

    Maryland Archives, Volume 1, page 160.
    Colonial Dames of America, Kentucky Society
    Register (1947) page 150.
    Idarylancl Archives, Volume III, page 155.
    Also, Volume III, under “Correspondence of Governor Sharpl” 1753-1757, pages 474,475.
    Also under “Sharp to Colonel Belt." Liber J.R. and U.S., pages 132,133,165 and 169.

    * e-mail from Ron Moore 30th Apr. 2007:

    Hello Dr. Hester,

    Saw your recent post on Rootsweb of Mar 5, 2007.  We have a common ancestor in Thomas McKay Prather/Martha Sprigg. He was my 6GGF.

    My lineage is:

    Thomas McKay Prather/Martha Sprigg; Col. Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather Jr/Elizabeth Claggett; Aaron Moore/Mary (Polly) Prather; Hosea Moore/Isabelle Hanna; Aaron Moore/Elleanor (Nelly) Prather; Basil Moore/usannah Van Meter; Robert Moore/Clara Paul; Harry Moore/Virginia Clark; Ronald Moore.

    Good day cousin,

    Ron Moore
    Ron Moore []

    Richard Prather b 1 Aug 1727   reported by
    m Lucy Elizabeth Jacques b Feb 1728/9 Washington Co. Md. d 3 May 1775 Washington Co. Md. and had

    Thomas Prather b 5 Oct 1758 Clear Springs, Washington Co. Md. d 17 Feb 1804 in Clear Springs Washington Co. Md.
    m Rachel Ruth Shipley 19 Mar 1772 Washington Co. Md. d 24 Apr 1841 Clear Springs, Washington Co. Md. and had

    Samuel T. Prather b 13 June 1804 Clear Springs, Wasington Co. Md. d 5 July 1849 LaSalle, Monroe Co, Mi
    m Maria Blair b about 1813 Washington Co. Md. d 25 Oct 1855 LaSalle, Monroe Co. Mi and had

    Ruth Prather b 18 Feb 1837 Pleasant Twp, Knox Co. Oh d 12 Mar 1904 Lanark, Carroll Co. Il
    m Henry Puterbaugh 13 Feb 1828 Franklin Co Pa. d 15 July 1902 Lanrk, Carroll Co. Il and had Ernest Clayton Puterbaugh