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Burgh 1: Burgh of Connaught, Burgh of Cornwall, Burgh of Kent, Burgh of Ulster
Jean de Conteville = John 'de Burgh', Earl of Comyn, Baron of Tonsburgh

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1. Herluin, Viscount de Conteville = Harlowen de Burgh b c1001, d c1066
m c1033 Herlette/Herleva/Arlette de Falaise dau of William the tanner, mother of William the Conqueror
A. Odo or Eudes de Burgh, Bishop of Bayeux, Earl of Kent d unm 02.1097 §B
B. Robert de Burgh, Count of Moreton/Mortain in Normandy, 1st Earl of Cornwall b c1031, d 08.12.1090 §B
m1 before 1066 Maud de Montgomery dau of Roger de Montgomery, Governor of Normandy, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Arundel
i. William de Moreton, Count of Mortain, 2nd Earl of Cornwall b before 1084, dsp?
William rebelled against King Henry II and the earldom was confiscated.
m Adilidis
BE1883 Burgh of Kent, supported by BP1870 Clanricarde, reports that William was father of both Adelme described as ancestor of the house of Clanricarde and numerous families of De Burgh, Burgh, Burke, Bourke, etc and John and reports that that John was father of Hubert, Earl of Kent. BE1883 De Burgh of Ulster reports that Richard de Burgh 'the Great' was son of William FitzAdelm. Various web sites therefore show Richard 'the Great' as son of William son of Adelm son of William, 2nd Earl of Cornwall. HOWEVER:
a TCP Cornwall reports that William 2nd Earl probably died without issue.
b TCP Ulster calls the suggestion that William de Burgh, father of Richard 'the Great', was the same person as William FitzAdelm as an "extraordinary belief" that has been "exploded". It says that William de Burgh's parentage is unknown.
c TCP Ulster reports that William, Lord of Connaught, was brother probably the elder brother of Hubert, Earl of Kent. This compares with the implication by BE1883 that they were cousins.
d TCP Kent says that Hubert of Kent's parentage is unknown although it does report some unproven suggestions.
ii. Agnes b c1054
m c1069/79 Andre, Seigneur de Vitre
a. Hawise de Vitre
m Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby d 1139
iii. Denise
m Guy de la Val or Laval
iv. Emma de Mortain b c1058
m before 1080, sp William IV, Count of Toulouse, etc, Duke of Narbonne b c1044, d Huesca 1093
m2 Almodis
C. daughter
m William de la Ferte Mace
D. Emma de Conteville
m Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches b 1025, d 1066
E. Muriel de Conteville
m Eudo de Capello, Viscount of Contentin
F. Isabella de Conteville
m Henry, Count of Seez
i. St. Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury d 1099
2. Eustace de Burgh, lord of Tonsburgh this connection reported by BE1883 Clavering
A. Serlo de Burgh of Knaresborough Castle a 1066, dsp
BE1883 Clavering reports the view that Serlo had a brother John who was John 'Monoculus', progenitor of families of Vesci, Lacy and Clavering. However, this is specifically considered and rejected in TCP Volume XII/2, Appendix B.
3. Oda of Conteville b c994
m c1017 Waleran III, Count of Meulan b c990, d 08.10.1069
See the large note above concerning various disputed reports of the ancestry of the Lords of Connaught.
?? de Burgh
1. William de Burgh Burgo, Lord of Connaught d 1205
This William, probably elder brother of Hubert, is the first of this family mentioned in TCP.
m c1190 Mor O'Brien dau of Donnell More O'Brien, King of Munster
A. Richard de Burgh 'the Great', Lord of Connaught, Viceroy of Ireland b c1201, d before 17.02.1242/3
BE1883 De Burgh identifies his wife as Una or Agnes dau of Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught. BP1870 Clanricarde identifies her as Hodierna, daughter of Robert de Gernon by a daughter of Cahill Crowderg Red Hand, King of Connaught. TCP Ulster names her as ...
m Egidia Jill de Lacy dau of Walter de Lacy, lord of Meath
i. Richard de Burgh, Lord of Connaught dsp before 06.11.1248
m Alice
ii. Walter de Burgh, Lord of Connaught, 1st Earl of Ulster d 28.07.1271
BE1883 and BP1870 Clanricarde identify Walter's wife as Maud de Laci, daughter of Hugh de Laci Constable of Ireland, Earl of Ulsterby his marriage to Emeline de Ridelesford. TCP Ulster reports that that marriage was childless and for Walter de Burgh shows only his marriage with ..
Hugh de Laci m c1257 Aveline FitzJohn d c20.05.1274, dau of John FitzGeoffrey FitzPiers, Sheriff of Yorkshire
a. Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster b c1259, d 29.07.1326
TCP names Richard's wife as just Margaret who "is said to have been the da. of Sir John de Burgh of Lanvalay or Lanville ... but no evidence of this has been found." BE1883 does identify her as ...
m before 27.02.1280/1 Margaret de Burgo d 1304, dau of John de Burgo, Baron of Lanville below
1 John de Burgh of Ulster b c1290, dvp 18.06.1313, 2nd son
m 30.09.1308 Elizabeth de Clare b 16.09.1294/5, d 04.11.1360, dau of Gilbert 'the Red' de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester
A William de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster b 17.09.1312, d 06.06.1333
m c1330 Maud Plantagenet d 05.05.1337, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster
i Elizabeth de Burgh b 06.07.1332, d 1363
m 1352 Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence b 1338, d 1368
2 Sir Edmond de Burgh d 1338, 4th son
m Slany O'Brien dau of Turlogh O'Brien, Lord of Thomond
3 Elizabeth Ellen de Burgh d 1327
m 1302 Robert Bruce, King Robert I of Scots b 11.07.1274, d 07.06.1329
4 Maud de Burgh
m 1308 Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Hertford, 4th Earl of Gloucester d 1313
5 Joan de Burgh d 12.03.1359
m1 16.08.1312 Thomas FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Kildare d 09.04.1328
m2 03.07.1329 John Darcy, Justice of Ireland, Governor of York, 1st Lord d 30.05.1347
6 Catherine or Aveline de Burgh
m John Bermingham, Earl of Louth d Ballybraggan 10.06.1329
7 Katherine/Margaret de Burgh dsp c01.11.1331
m 05/16.08.1312 Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Earl of Desmond b 1393, d 25.01.1355-6
8 Eleanor de Burgh
m 03.01.1297 Thomas de Multon, 1st Lord of Egremont b 1276, d c1321/2
9+ other issue - Walter dvpsp 1304, Thomas dsp 1316. William d after 1337
b. Egidia Jill de Burgh
m James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland b c1243, d 16.07.1309
c.+ other issue - Theobald d 25.12.1303, Sir William, Thomas d 1315
iii. William 'Athankip' de Burgh d 1270
a. Sir William de Burgh d 1324
m _ MacJordan
1 Sir Ulick de Burgh of Clanricarde a 1324
2 Sir Edmond 'Albanagh' de Burgh, 'Lord MacWilliam' d 1375
m Sabina O'Malley dau of Dermott O'Malley of the Owles
3 John de Burgh 6th son identified by BP1870 as father of ...
A John de Burgo, Archbishop of Tuam d 1450
4+ other issue - Richard, Redmund had issue, Sir Thomas a 1331, Henry, other
iv. Margery de Burgh
m Theobald, 3rd de Botiller d 1248
v. Matilda de Burgh or Burgo
m Gerald de Prendergast d 1251
vi. Alice de Burgh
vii. daughter
m Hamon de Valoynes
a. Mabel de Valoynes
m John de Mareys Marisco
2. Hubert de Bourgh, Earl of Kent d 12.05.1243
The earldom was created only for Hubert and any male heirs of his marriage to Margaret, Princess of Scotland. BE1883 reports that his first wife was Margaret, dau of Robert de Arsic, but although TCP Kent, which agrees with BE1883 on his 2nd and 3rd wives, notes that such marriage is mentioned in some sources and gives it some consideration, does not support that view. Instead, TCP identifies his first wife as ...
m1 Beatrix de Warren d before12.12.1204, dau of William de Warren of Wormegay
A. Sir John de Burgh b c1210
m Hawyse de Lanvalay b c1210, d 1249, dau of William de Lanvaley
i. John de Burgh of Wakerley b c1236
m Cecilia de Baliol b c1240, d 1289, dau of John de Baliol of Barnard Castle
a. Hawyse de Burgh b c1260
m Robert de Greilly or Grelle of Manchester d c1283
b. Dervorgild de Burgh b c1257, d 1284
m Sir Robert FitzWalter, 1st Lord FitzWalter b 1247, d 18.01.1325-6
c. Margerie de Burgh nun
d. John de Burgo, Baron of Lanville or Lanvalley
Strangely, this John is not mentioned in BE1883 Burgh of Kent but is identified as Margaret's father under BE1883 De Burgh of Ulster although some sources indicate that the Margerie noted above as a nun was the Margaret who married Richard 'the Red'.
1 Margaret de Burgo
m Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster d 29.07.1326 above
B. Sir Hubert de Burgh a c1240 ancestor of Barons of Gainsborough
m2 1217 Isabella, Countess of Gloucester b c1170, d 1217, dau of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester
m3. 1221 Margaret of Scotland d 1259, dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots
C. Margaret de Burgh dsp 11.1237
m Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester b 04.08.1222, d 15.07.1262
D. Magota de Burgh dsp

Sources: BE1883 Burgh of Kent, BE1883 De Burgh of Ulster, TCP as reported above, BP1870 Clanricarde, as reported above, 'RoyalData'.
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