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: Early Counts of Flanders and Hainault
Br39. Lyderic d 802
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Br38. Engelgram d 824
Br37. Odacre or Odoscer or Duoacre
Br36. Baldwin I, Count of Flanders b c 837/840, d 879
m. Judith b 844, a 870, dau of Charles II 'the Bald', King of the West Franks, Holy Roman Emperor
Br35 Baldwin II 'the bald', Count of Flanders and Artois b 863/5, d 10.09.918
m. 884 Elfrida b c877, d 07.06.929, dau of Alfred, King of Wessex
Br34 Arnulf I 'the Great', Count of Flanders and Artois b 885/889, d 27.03.964
m1. ??
m2. 934 Adele of Vermandois b c941/915, d 10.10.960, dau of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois
Br33-1 Ecgbert b c937, d 10.07.953
Br33 Baldwin III, Count of Flanders b c940, dvp 01.01.962
m. 961 Matilda of Saxony b c942, d 25.05.1008, dau of Hermann Billung, Duke of Saxony
Br32 Arnulf II, Count of Flanders b 961/2, d 30.03.987
m. c968 Suzanna Rosele of Ivrea b 945, d 26.01.1003, dau of Berengar II, King of Italy
Br31 Baldwin IV 'le barbu', Count of Flanders b c980, d 30.05.1035
m1. c1012 Ogiva of Luxemburg b 960/1, d 30.03.1030
Br30=Fl31 Baldwin V, Count of Flanders b c1012/3, d 01.09.1067
m. 1028 Adele de Contenance b 1009, d 08.01.1079, dau of Robert II, King of France
Fl30-1 Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders b c1029, d 10.07.1070
m. c1055 Richilde of Hainault b c1031, d 15.03.1086, dau of Reginar V, Count of Hainault
i Arnulf III, Count of Flanders and Hainault b c1055, d 1071
ii Baldwin II, Count of Hainault b c1056, a 05.1098
m. 1084 Ida of Louvaine b by1077, d 1139
For some time we showed Gilbert de Gaunt as an additional son of Baldwin VI. That connection is now considered erroneous.
Fl30-2 Robert I 'le Frison', Count of Flanders b 1031, d 13.10.1093
m. 1063 Gertrud of Saxony d 04.08.1113, dau of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony
i Robert II, Count of Flanders d 1111
m. by 1092 Clemence de Bourgogne d c1133, dau of Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon
a Baldwin VII, Count of Flanders b 1093, d 1119
m. 1110, div Havide de Bretagne dau of Alain IV 'Fergent', Duke of Brittany
b William b 1094, d 1109
ii Philipp van Loo d c1127
partner unknown
a William of Ypres b c1070, d 1165
m1. ?? dau of Guillaume I of Burgundy en Macon
m2. Stephanie de Vienne
Uncertain who was the mother of ...
1 Steppo of Viggezele b c1120
iii Baldwin d c1080
iv Adela b c1065, d 1115
m1. after 1080 Knut II, King of Denmark
m2. 1090 Roger I, Duke of Apulia d 1111
v Gertrude b c1080, d 1117
m1. Henry III, Count of Louvain d 1095
m2. Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine b by 1066, d 23.01.1115
vi Otgiva, abbess of Messines a 1127
Fl30=29 Matilda of Flanders b c1032, d 02.11.1083
The first marriage/liaison shown here for Matilda is somewhat contraversial but was suggested in 1874 by J.R. Planché, whose excellent book on 'The Conqueror and his Companions' is available on a web site - see the relevant section on the 'Individuals' search page. TCP Surrey appears to support a source that disagrees with that view.
m1. Gherbod of St. Omer
Om29-i Gherbod, Earl of Chester
Om29 Gundred d 27.05.1085
m. William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 1st Earl of Surrey d 24.06.1088
m2. 1053 William I 'Conqueror', King of England b 1027, d 07.09.1087
Shown by various web sites as a younger son of Baldwin normally presumed to have been by Princess Adele was ...
Fl30-4 Sir Richard le Forester b c1050
2 Ermengarde of Flanders
m. Adalbert Ingelbert, Count of Gand Ghent d c1032
m2. 1031 Eleanor of Normandy b c1002, dau of Richard II, Duke of Normandy
3 Judith of Flanders b c1037, d 05.03.1094
m1. Tostig, Earl of Nothumberland b c1026, d Stamford Bridge 25.09.1066
m2. c1071 Welf, Duke of Bavaria d 1101
m3. Orgina of Moselle
Br31 Eudes of Cambrai
m. Odele de Bois Ferrand
Br31-3 Matilda d c995
Br33-2 Hildegard b c934, d 10.04.990
m. 940/5 Dirk II, Count of West Frisia b c930, d 06.05.988
Br33-3 Liutgard b 935/941, d 29.09.964
m. c950 Wichmann II, Count of Hamaland a 973
Br33-4 Elstrude b c932
m. Siegfried de Guines d c965
Br35-2. Rudolf, Count of Cambrai d 17.06.896
1 daughter
m. Isaac, Count of Cambrai d c948
Br35-3. Guinidilde parentage not fully proven
m. Wilfred I , Count of Urgel d c07.897

Sources: 'Royal Genealogies', GenEU Flanders1.
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