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Blois 1

: Counts of Aumale Albemarle, Counts of Blois and Chartres, Counts of Troyes, Lords of Holderness
Bl34 =Ve34 to 37. Gerlon, Count of Blois d 928 According to 'Royal Genealogies', the founder of this family was Gerlon who came to Normandy with Rollo. The first couple of generations are not fully secure which has led to some confusion as to the numbering of the different Counts Thibaut Theobald.
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Bl33 =Ve33 to 36 Thibaut = Tetbald, Vicomte de Tours, later Count of Blois d c 942
m1 ??
Bl32 =Ve32 to 35 Thibaut I Theobald 'le Tricheur' 'the Trickster', Count of Blois et Chartres & Tours b 910, d 975
m Luitgarde de Vermandois b c914, d 09.02.978, dau of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois et Troyes
Bl31-1 Thibaut de Blois d before 962
Bl31-2 Hugues de Blois, Archbishop of Bourges d 985
Bl31 =Ve31 to 34 Eudes I, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 950, d 995
m Bertha of Burgundy d after 1016, dau of Konrad 'the peaceful', King of Burgundy
Bl30-1 Thibaut II, Count de Blois d 11 Jul 1004, priest
Bl30 =Ve30 to 33 Eudes II, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 983, d 15 Nov 1037
m1 1003/4 Matilda of Normandy d c1005, dau of Richard I, Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy
m2 Ermengarde d after 1042, dau of Robert, Count of Auvergne
Bl29 =Ve29 to 32 Thibaut III, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 1012, d 29/30 Sep 1089
m1 div 1048 Gersende dau of Herbert, Count de Maine
m2 Gundrada
Bl28-1 Etienne Stephen Henry, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 1046, d Ramleh 1102
m 1081 Adela of England b 1062, d 1137/8, dau of William I 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy, King of England
i Guillaume, Count of Chartres, later Sire de Sully had issue
m Agnes dau of Gilles de Sully
Guillaume was disinherited by his father. His descendants were Sires de Sully.
ii Thibaut IV, Count de Blois, Troyes, etc b 02.04.1090, d 1152
m 1123 Mathilde of Carinthia d 1160, dau of Engelbert II, Count of Sponheim, Duke of Carinthia
a Henry I de Blois 'le Liberal', Count de Champagne et de Brie b 1126, d 17.03.1181
m 1164 Marie de France b 1145, d 11.03.1198, dau of Louis VII, King of France
b Thibaut V 'le Bon', Count de Blois et Chartres b c1130, d Acre 1191
m1 Sibylle de Chateaurenard
m2 1164 Adela / Alix of France b 1151, d after 1195, dau of Louis VII, King of France
1 Louis, Count de Blois d 15 Apr 1205, 2nd son
m 1184 Catherine de Clermont d after 1208
A Thibaut VI, Count de Blois et Clermont d 1218
m1 Clemence des Roches
m2 ? Matilda d'Alencon
2 Marguerite de Blois, Countess de Blois et de Chateaudun b c1170,d 12.07.1230
m1 c1183 Hugues III d'Oisy, Vcte de Cambrai d 1189/90
m2 c11900 Otto von Hohenstaufen, Count Palatine of Burgundy d 1200
m3. after 1200 Gautier II d'Avesnes, Count de Blois, Conde, Guise, etc c 1246
3 Isabelle de Blois, Countess de Chartres et de Romorantin d 25.11.1248
m1 Sulpice d'Amboise
m2 before 1224 Jean de Montmirail, Vcte de Cambrai d c1244
4+ other issue - 3 sons d young - Thibaut, Henri, Philippe, Adelaide a 1190, Abbess of Fontevrault
c Etienne de Blois, Count de Sancerre d Acre 1191 had issue
m 1153 Alix / Matilda de Donzy dau of Godefroy, Sn de Donzy
d Marie de Blois, later Abbess of Fontevrault b 1128, d c1190
m 1145 Eudes II, Duke of Bourgogne b 1118, d 1162
e Isabelle de Blois b 1130
m1 1139/40 Roger, Duke of Apulia d 1148
m2 1150/5 Guillaume Goet IV de Montmirail, Baron de Perche-Gouet d c1170
f Mahaut de Blois
m Rotrou III, Count du Perche d 1191
g Agnes de Blois, Dame de Ligny b 1138, d 07.08.1207
m 1155 Reinald II, Count de Bar d 1170
h Adela / Alix de Blois b 1140, d 04.06.1206
m 13/8 Oct 1160 Louis VII, King of France b 1120, d 18.09.1180
i+ other issue - Guillaume d 07 Sep 1202, Cardinal, Archbishop of Sens, Bishop of Chartres, Hugues a 1155, Abbot of Citeaux, Marguerite nun
iii Etienne de Blois, Count of Boulogne = Stephen, King of England b 1104, d 25.10.1154
Stephen usurped the throne of England in place of his cousin Matilda. However, it was Matilda's eldest son Henry II who succeeded.
m 1125 Matilda, Countess of Bologne d 30.05.1151, dau of Eustache III, Count of Bologne et Lens
a Eustache IV de Boulogne b 1127, dvpsp 10.08.1154, 2nd son
m 02.1140 Constance of France d 16.08.1176, dau of Louis VI, King of France
b Guillaume William de Blois, Count de Boulogne et de Mortain, Earl of Warenne and Surrey, Lord of Pevensey and Norwich d 11.10.1159
m before 06 Nov 1153 Isabelle de Warenne b 1137, d 12/3 Jul 1199, dau of William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey
c Marie de Blois, Countess de Boulogne, Abbess of Romsey b c1131, d 25 Jul 1180
m before 1160, div 1169/70 Matthias of Lorraine, Count de Boulogne d 25.12.1173
d+ other issue - Baudoin dvp c1135, Mahaut d c1135
iv Henri de Blois, Bishop of Winchester d 01.07.1171
v Eudes de Blois d after 1107
vi Mahaut Maud de Blois
m 1115 Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester b c1094, d 25.11.1119-20
vii Lithuaise de Blois
m c1112, div 1113 Milon de Montlhery, Vcte de Troyes d 1118
viii Emma de Blois
m Herbert, Lord Chamberlain temp King William Rufus 1087-1100
Bl28-2 Eudes IV, Count of Troyes b about 1047 d 1090/7
Bl28-3 Philippe de Blois, Bishop of Chalons-sur-Marne b about 1048 d 1100
Bl28-4 Hugues I , Count of Troyes b about 1049 d 14.06.1126
m1 1093/5, div 1104 Constance of France d 1124/6
m2 c1110 Isabelle de Bourgogne d after 1125
m3. before 1061 Adela / Alix de Crepy d 1093/1100, dau of Raoul II de Crepy
Ve28 =29 =30 =31 Not known by which wife but presumably not the first was ...
Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton a 1086 not mentioned by GenEU b c 1050
Bl29-2 Etienne I, Count of Troyes d c1048
m Adela
Bl29-2-1 Eudes III, 'Odo of Champagne', Count of Troyes and Aumale Albemarle d c1127
m c1060 Adela of Normandy Adelaide b c1030, d 1081/84, dau of Robert 'the Devil', Duke of Normandy
Bl29-2-1-1 Stephen = Etienne, Count of Aumale Albemarle, Lord of Holderness d 1127
m Hawise de Mortimer dau of Ralph de Mortimer of Wigmore
Bl29-2-1-1-1 William 'le Gros', Count of Aumale Albemarle, Lord of Holderness d 20.08.1179
m Cicely, Lady of Skipton dau of William FitzDuncan
1 Hawise, Countess of Aumale, Lady of Holderness d 11 Mar 1214
m1 14.01.1180 William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex, Earl of Albemarle Count of Aumale dsp 1189/90
m2 after 03.07.1190 William des Forts Forz, Count of Aumale d 1194/5
m3. Baudoin de Bethune, Count of Aumale d 1211/2
2 Amicia of Aumale
m y Eston
Au26 =27 Agnes or Hawise of Aumale
m1 William de Roumare dvp 1150/2
m2 Adam Bruce, lord of Skelton Br26 =27 GSY Br25 Piers Brus, lord of Skelton b c1152 ?, d c1222 m Joan le Grammaire b c1158, dau of Richard le Grammaire
Br25-2 Isabel de Bruce d after 1230 Ym Henry de Percy Pe26 d c 1198
Bl29-2-1-1-3+ other issue d after 1150 - Stephen, Ingelgram
1 According to BP1934 Grace, son of either Stephen or Ingelgram, and nephew of William 'le Gros', was ...
William Crassus or le Gros of Sodbury a 1203, Seneschel of Normandy
Bl29-3 Bertha de Blois = Bertha of Chartres d 04.1085
m1 1018 Alain III, Duke of Brittany b c997, d 01.10.1040
m2 after 14.05.1046 Hugues IV, Count de Maine d 1051
Bl29-3 Thierry de Blois d after 996
Bl29-4 Agnes de Blois a 1001
m Guy, Vcte de Thouars
Bl29-5 Bertha de Blois
Bl30-4 Emma de Blois b 950, d after 1003
m c968 William/Guillaume II/IV 'Fierebras' Iron Arm, Count of Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine b 937, d 03.02.993/5
Bl30-5 Hildegarde de Blois
m1 Bouchard de Montmorency
m2 Hugues de Chateaudun
m2 Richildis d 892, either de Blois or de Bourges
Bl31-2 Richard, Archbishop of Bourges d 969

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