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Brittany 3

: Dukes of Brittany/Bretagne, Counts of Richmond, Counts of Penthievre
Ba31 =Fi31 =30 =29. Eudes of Brittany, Count of Penthievre, Regent of Brittany b 999, d 07.01.1079
m Agnes de Cornouaille dau of Alain Cagniart, Count of Cornouaille
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Fi28-1. Geoffrey I Botterel, Count of Penthievre d 1093
A. Eudes, Count of Porhoet d 1095
Fi28 Etienne I, Count of Trequier and Lamballe b c 1064 d 21.04.1135/7
m Hawise de Guncamp
Fi27-1 Geoffrey II Botterel, Count of Penthievre d 1148
i. Rivallon, Count of Penthievre d c1162
a. Etienne II , Count of Penthievre d 1164
b. Geoffrey III Botterel, Count of Penthievre d 1177
ii. Hamon Boterel mentioned by 'Mathematical'
Fi27 Alan 'la Zusche' 'the Black', Earl of Richmond b c1095, d 15.09.1146
m 1135 Berthe, heiress of Brittany d 1158/64, dau of Conon, Duke of Brittany
Fi26 Conon IV, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond b c1138, d 20.02.1171
m 1160 Margaret of Scotland b 1154, d 1201, dau of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon
Fi25=24 Constance, Duchess of Brittany b 1161, d 05.09.1201
m1 1181 Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of Brittany b 23.09.1158, d 1186
Pl23 ?= Fo23 Arthur Plantagenet, 4th Earl of Richmond, Duke of Brittany b 29 Mar 1187 d 1203
betr1 to dau of Tancred of Sicily
betr2 Marie of France dau of Philip II and Agnes of Andechs-Merania.
-1??? alledged child x Plantagenet b c 1203 ?m Fo23 y de la Fontenay b c 1200 gr granson of Jean de la Fontaine b c 1075 fought in the First Crusade under Godfrey of Bouillon, at Jerusalem in 1099, and who established the de la Fontaine family at Fontenay Fo22 y de la Fontenay b c 1230 Fo21 y de la Fontenay b c 1260 Fo20 y de la Fontenay b c 1290 Fo19 y de la Fontenay b c 1320 Fo18 y de la Fontenay b c 1350 Fo17. Jean de la Fontaine b c 1375 in France m Buyonne de Monthibault by 1399
Pl23-2 Eleonore Plantagenet b 1184, d 1241, obviously excluded from the dukedom by Philip II
Pl23=Pa23 presumably by another partner of Geoffrey: William de Paulet of Leigh Paulet d 1242
m2 1188, div 1199 Ranulph 'Blandevil' de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester dsp 26.10.1232. It seems unlikely that this marriage was without issue, but obviously excluded from the dukedom by Philip II.
m3. 1199 Guy de Thouars, Duke of Brittany d 1213
Fi23-4 Alix, Duchess of Brittany (b 1201, d 1221 In 1213 Philip II of France arranged for Alix of Thouars to marry Peter of Dreux. 
m 1213 Pierre I de Dreux, Duke of Brittany (Bretagne), Count de Penthievre, Earl of Richmond d 1250
Fi23-5 Catherine de Bretagne b c1201, d 1237/40
m 1212 Andre, Sire de Vitre d 1250
Fi26 Brian FitzAlan of Bedale b c 1145 Bedale Yorkshiree d there 17 Jul 1242 This connection and the following information come from TCP FitzAlan.
Fi25 Alan FitzBrian of Bedale b c 1160 d 12.1189
m Agnes Haget b 1152, lady of Bainton
+1 dau of Bertram Haget of Wighill, Bainton and Heaulaugh and Gundred dŽAubigny b 1125 Thirsk North Riding York
Fi24 Brian FitzAlan of Bedale, Bainton, etc b c 1173 Bedale York d there 17 Jul 1242 a 07.1241
m Alice Hansard dau of Gilbert Hansard of Evenwood and Hurworth
Fi23 Sir Alan FitzBrian of Bedale, etc d 17.05.1267
m Agnes fitz Randolph
Fi22 Sir Brian FitzAlan of Bedale, etc d 01.06.1306
m1 Muriel d before 08.11.1290
Fi21-1+ issue dvpsp before 08.11.1290 - Thomas, Robert, Theobald
m2 before 2 Jul 1340 Maud a 04.1340 BLG1952 Chetwynd-Stapylton formerly of Wighill suspects John Baliol, King of Scotland as the father of Agnes# mother. TCP FitzAlan only identifies her only as Maud without showing her parents.
Fi21 Agnes FitzAlan b c1298, d before 03.11.1348
m1 before 15.12.1317 Sir Gilbert de Stapelton St21 of North Moreton d before 23.06.1324
St20-1 John de Stapleton (dsp)
St20 Sir Miles Stapleton of Bedale and later of Ingham d 1364
St20 = 21 = 23 Sir Bryan Stapleton of Wighill, later of Carlton b c1320 d 1394, judge
m Alice St. Philibert dau of Sir John St. Philiber

St20-1href="azmisc04.htm#top">m Elizabeth de Aldeburgh dau of William de Aldeburgh

-1-1 Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton b c 1384, d 1418 m Agnes Goddard dau of Sir John Goddard

-1-1-1 Sir Bryan Stapleton of Carlton m Isabel Rempston dau of Sir Thomas Rempston
-1-1-2 Elizabeth Stapleton St18 =20 b c 1396 d by 1446 m 1415 Sir William Plumpton d 15.10.1480
-1-1-3 Joan Stapleton b c 1400 m Sir William Ingleby b c 1395
son of Thomas Ingleby b about 1370 and Ellen Holme
granson of John Ingleby b c 1345 and Ellen Rocliffe
gr granson of Thomas Ingleby b about 1320 and Eleanor Mowbray dau of William/?Alexander Mowbray of Kirtlington
St20-4 Sir Miles Stapleton of Wighill d 06.02.1400 m. Johanneth Usflete dau of Sir Gerard Ouseflete by Loretta de Furnivale
St20 =21 apparently of this generation dau Stapleton b about 1340 m Richard Aske As21 founder of Howden Chantry
-1 John Aske As20 b c 1370 m Joan dau of John Sheffererd or Sholmestred or Sholmsted or Shelford
-2 Alice Aske m German Haye
-3 Agnes Aske m Thomas Fitzwilliam of Lincolnshire
-4 Eufemia Aske m Thomas Langton
-5 Jane Aske m Richard Hansard of Lincolnshire
-6+ dsp - Thomas and Richard

-1-1 John Aske b c 1395 m Elizabeth Gaskon dau sb sister? of Sir William Gaskon, Chief Justice
-1-2 Joan Aske m Sir Robert Oughtred
-1-3+ Richard and Thomas

-1-1-1 Richard Aske of Aughton As18 m Margaret Oughtred dau of Robert Oughtred
-1-1-2 Thomas Aske
-1-1-3 Margaret Aske m William Walton
-1-1-4+ Richard, John dsp, Frances, Anne dsp, Elizabeth nun plus ? Nicholas, William, James dsp and Ralph

Pl19-1 Robert Plumpton b 08.03.1430, dvpsp 20.07.1450
Pl19 William Plumpton Pl19 b 1435, dvp Towton 29.03.1461 m. mcrt 10.08.1446 Elizabeth Clifford dau of Thomas, Lord Clifford
Pl19-3 Joan Plumpton m 1468 Thomas Middleton d 1492, son of William of Stockeld
Pl19-4 Elizabeth Plumpton m Sir William Beckwith
Pl19-5 Kathrine Plumpton d 1470 m1 William la Zouche, 6th Lord of Haryngworth b by 1430, d 15.01.1467/8 m2. Sir Gilbert Debenham
St18-3-1 John Ingilby b c 1420 m Margery Strangeways dau of Sir James Strangeways and Margaret Chaumont grandau of John Chaumont of Colton, Yorks
As17 Sir John Aske of Aughton or Acton As17 m Elizabeth Bigod dau of Sir Ralph Bigod or Bigot
As17-2 Katherine Aske d after 4.02.1506/7 m Sir John Hastings dsp 12.07.1504
As17-3 Margaret Aske m _ Morley
As17-4 Ralph Aske
As17-5 George Aske
As17-6 Henry Aske
As17-7 Nicholas Aske
As17-8 Anne Aske

Pl18-1 Margaret Plumpton m 1463-4 Sir John Rocliffe son of Brian of Cowthorpe
Pl18 ElizabethPlumpton d 21.09.1506 m 1464 John Southill or Sothill d 1493/4
As16 Sir Robert Aske of Aughton m Elizabeth Clifford dau of John, Lord Clifford
As16-2 argaret Aske m Sir Roger Bellingham
As16-3 Dorothy Aske m Richard Greene of Newby or Newbery Newbury?
As16-4 Anne Aske m William Monkton
As16-5 Elizabeth Aske m _ Midleton or Morton
As16-6 Agnes Aske m William Ellerker
As16-7? Julian Aske probably ?= right
As16-8 Christopher
As16-9 Robert
As16-10 Richard
As16-11 Mary
As16-12 Elenor
As15 John Aske of Aughton & Ryther m Ellinor Ryther dau of Sir Ralph Ryther or Ryder m1 Elizabeth or Elianor Markenfield dau of Sir Ninian Markenfield
As15-2 Richard Aske of Owsthorpe Ousethorp a 1584, 5th son m Elizabeth Hall dau of _ Hall of Burringham
As15-3 Julian Aske ?m before 24.01.1509-10 Thomas Portington
As15-4? Jane Aske m Nicholas Girlington of Burton Strather d by 1565
As14-1 Robert Aske of Aughton, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1588 m1 Elizabeth Dawney dau of Sir John Dawney
As14-2 Elizabeth Aske m Gabriel Fairfax of Steeton
As14 Dorothy Aske m Henry Fairfax son of Sir William of Steeton
As15-2-1 Elizabeth Aske m Bryan Ellis of Barnsey
m2 Sir Thomas de Sheffield d before 03.11.1348
Fi21-5 Katherine FitzAlan b c1300, d before 07.08.1328
m before 27.12.1317 Sir John de Grey of Rotherfield b 29.10.1300, d 01.09.1359
Fi22-2 Sir Theobald FitzAlan of Stow and Quy dsp 21.02.1307/8
Fi23-2 Thomas FitzBrian a 04.1252, rector of Bedale
Fi26-3 Constance of Brittany d after 23.06.1184
m Alain III, Viscount de Rohan d 1195
Fi26-4 Enoguen de Bretagne, Abbess of St. Sulpice d c1187
partners unknown
Fi26-5 Reginald la Zusche
Fi26-6+ other issue - Robert, Brian, Stephen
BE1883 Zouche of Ashby indicates that Alan la Zusche had yet another illegitimate son: Roger, founder of the Zouche families of Ashby and Haryngworth. However, TCP Zouche reports that that family's descent was from a daughter of Alan Fergant, Duke of Brittany, not from Alan la Zusche.
Fi27-3 Henry, Count of Treguier and Guincamp b c1100, 1183/90 had issue
m 19.09.1151 Matilda de Vendome
Fi27-4 Maud de Penthievre d 1139
m by 1120 Walter of Gaunt d 1138/9
Fi27-5 Agnes de Penthievre
m 1135 Olivier de Dinan
Fi27-6 Olive de Penthievre
m1 Henry I, Sn de Fougeres d 1154
m2 Guillaume de Saint-Jean
Fi27-7. Theophania de Penthievre
m Rabel de Tancerville, Chamberlain of Normandy
Fi28-3. Brien de Bretagne of Cornwall d 1075
Fi28-4. Alan 'the Red', 1st Lord of Richmond dsp 1089
Fi28-5. Alan 'the Black', 2nd Lord of Richmond dsp 1093
Fi28-6 William FitzAlan
Fi28-7 Robert FitzAlan is often identified as ancestor of the Lovels of Titchmarsh but, as reported on 'Lovel2' this seems unlikely
Fi28-8 Richard FitzAlan
partners unknown
?Ba30 =Fi28 Bardolf of Ravensworth a 1086
?Fi30 =29 =28 Ribald of Middleham b c 1050 connection reported by some web sites

1 GenEU Bretagne3.
2 TCP Richmond.
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