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Normans 2: Kings of England, Earls of Gloucester, Gernet of Halton
William I 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy, King of England b 1027, d 07.09.1087 §A
m 1053 Mathilda of Flanders b 1032, d 02.11.1083, dau of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders
No27-1. Robert III 'Curthose', Duke of Normandy b 1054, d 10.02.1134
m Sybille de Conversano dau of Geoffrey of Conversano
A. William Clito, Count of Flanders b 1101, d Aelst 1128
m1 1123, div 1124 Sybille d'Anjou b 1112, d 1165
m2 1127 Adelicia de Montferrat d 1127, dau of Rainer, Marquis of Montferrat
No27-2. William II 'Rufus', King of England b 1056, d unm 02.08.1100
No27 Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England b 1068, d 01.12.1135
m1 11.11.1100 Matilda of Scotland b 1079, d 01.05.1118, dau of Malcolm III 'Canmore, King of Scots
No26-1 son d young
No26-2 William, Duke of Normandy b 1102/3, dvp 25.11.1120
m 1119 Mahaut d 1154, dau of Fulk V 'the Younger', Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem
No26 Matilda or Maud, 'The Empress', 'Queen of England' b 07.02.1102, d 10.09.1167
m1 1114 Henry V, King of Germany and Italy, Emperor b 08.01.1086, dsp 23.05.1125
m2 03.04.1127 Geoffrey Plantagenet, Earl of Anjou b 23.08.1113, d 07.09.1151
Matilda had what we would today view as the strongest claim to succeed her father as Monarch of England but her cousin Stephen usurped the throne. However, Matilda's eldest son by Geoffrey Plantagenet succeeded Stephen and became King Henry II of England.
m2 29.01.1122 Adelize de Louvain b c1105, dau of Godfrey I 'Barbatus', Duke of Brabant
The following are as shown in "The Royal Bastards ..." referred to under Main Sources below, with some supplementation from 'GenEU', except for Emma X., wife of Guy de Labal who was given only by 'GenEU'.
p1. a woman of Caen
No26-4 Robert of Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester b c1090, d 31.10.1147
m 1119 Mabel of Gloucester d 1157, dau of Robert FitzHamon of Gloucester
i. William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester d 23.11.1183
m 1150 Hawise de Beaumont d 24.04.1197, dau of Robert, 2nd Earl of Leicester
Fi25-1 Robert dvp unm 1166
Fi25 Amicia FitzRobert b 1160, d 01.01.1225
m 1180, div before 1200 Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford b 1162, d 30.12.1218 Cl27= 25=24 Gilbert de Clare, 4th/5th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester b c1180, d 25.10.1230 §C
Cl24-2 Maud de Clare b 1175/84, d 1213 m1 Roger de Lacy m2 c1197 William de Braose of Totnes d 1210
Cl24-3 Joan de Clare m Rhys Grig, Lord of Cammot Mawr d 1234
Fi25-3 Maud/Mabel of Gloucester d 1188
m 1170 Amaury de Montfort, Count of Evreux b c1151, d 1182
Fi25-4 Isabella, Countess of Gloucester b c1170, dsp 1217
m1 29.08.1189, div 1189 John Plantagenet, 'Lackland', King John of England b 24.12.1166, d 18.10.1216
m2 1214 Geoffrey Mandeville, 2nd/5th Earl of Essex, Earl of Gloucester dsp 1216
m3. 1217 Hubert de Bourgh, later Earl of Kent d 1243
ii. Mabel FitzRobert
m Aubrey de Vere
iii. Maud FitzRobert d 29.07.1189
m 1141 Ranulph 'de Gernons' de Meschines, 2nd Earl of Chester d 16.12.1153
iv.+ other issue - Philip, Robert, Richard, Hamon d c1158, Richard d 1142, Archbishop of Rouen, Roger d 1179, Bishop of Worcester
p2. Sybil Corbet dau of Robert FitzCorbet of Alcester
Sybil was definitely mother of Sybil and Rainald, possibly also of William and Rohese. Some sources suggest that there was another daughter by this relationship, Gundred, but it appears that she was thought as such because she was a sister of Reginald de Dunstanville but it appears that that was someone else who was not related to this family.
No26-5 Sybil d 1122
m c1107, sp Alexander I, King of Scotland b 1078, d 25.04.1124
No26-6 Rainald Reginald de Dunstanville, Sheriff of Devon, Earl of Cornwall d 01.07.1175
m 1140 Beatrice dau of William FitzRichard of Cornwall
i. Nicholas de Dunstanville dvp 1175 mentioned in TCP vol XI, appendix D
ii. Sarah of Cornwall
m the Viscount of Limoges
iii. Ursula of Cornwall
m Walter de Dunstanvill see here
iv. Maud of Cornwall
m c1165 Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Mellent Count of Meulan d 16.08.1204
v. Denisa / Dinoysia / Hawise of Cornwall
m Richard de Redvers, 3rd Earl of Devon d 1162
vi. Emma of Cornwall
p. Beatrice de Vaus or Vannes or Valle of Torre and Karswell
vii. Henry FitzCount, Sheriff of Cornwall, 'Earl of Cornwall' d 1222
viii. William FitzCount
No26-7 William b before 1105, a 1187
m Alice
No26-8 Rohese a 1175
m before 1135 Henry de la Pomerai d by 1166
p3. Edith of Greystoke dau of Forn Sigurson, lord of Greystoke
No26-9 Robert FitzEdith d 1172
m after 1142 Maud d'Avranches, Dame du Sap Maud de Abrincis d 1173
i. Maud, Dame du Sap dsp 1224
m Renauld de Courtenay, Sn de Courtenay, later of Sutton a 1161
p4. Ansfride
Definite mother of Richard and Juliane, possibly also of Fulk.
No26-10 Richard b before 1100, d 1120
No26-11 Juliane b c1090
m 1103 Eustace de Pacy, lord of Breteuil d 1136
No26-12 Fulk
p5. Edith not Edith of Greystoke
m Maud Fitzedith d 25.11.1120
m 1103 Rotrou II, Count of Perche d 1144
p6. Elizabeth de Beaumont Isabel de Meulan d c1147, dau of 1st Earl of Leicester
No26-13 Isabel b c1120, d unm
No26-14 Constance identified in a reputable-looking web site as Henry's daughter by Elizabeth, dau of Robert de Bellamonte the Earl
m before 1135 Rosceline de Beaumont, Vicomte de Maine d c1176
p7. Nest of Deheubarth d before 1136, dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales
No26-15 Henry FitzHenry b c1104, d 1157
partners unknown
No26-16 Maud
m c1113 Conan III 'le Gros', Duke of Brittany b c1071, d 1148
No26-17 Aline
m 1126 Matthew de Montmorenci, constable of France d 1060
No26-20 William, later de Tracy d c1140
m ?? de Tracy dau of Sir Turgis de Traci
No26-21 Richilde
m William Gouet III, lord of Montmirail
No26-22 daughter
m Fergus, Lord of Galloway d 1161
No26=30 Sybil of Falaise probable
m Baldwin de Boullers of Mongomery
The following connection is given in various web sites:
Bo29 Maud Boulers
m Richard FitzUrse
Fi28 Maud FitzUrse
m Benet Gernet of Halton forrester of Lancashire
Ge27 Roger Gernet of Halton
m Quenilder FitzRoger
Ge26 Benedict Gernet of Halton
Ge25 Joan Gernet of Halton
m William de Dacre b 1265, d c1319
No26-23 Emma
m Guy IV de Labal
No2624+ other issue - Maud d unm, Abbess of Montvilliers, Gilbert b c1130, daughter probable, unsuccessful betrothal to Hugh FitzGervais c1110, daughter probable, unsuccessful betrothal to Earl of Surrey c1109
No27-4. Constance b 1061, dsp 13.08.1090/1126
m Alain IV 'Fergent', Duke of Brittany d 1119
No27-5. Adela b 1062, d 1137/8
m 1080/1 Etienne Stephen Henry, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc b 1046, d Ramleh 1102
No27-6. Adeliza d young
No27-7 Cicelie d 13.07.1126, Abbess
No27-8 Richard b c1055, d c1081
No27-9 Agatha d unm
?No27=29 ??by Partner unknown or Maud dau of Inelric
William de Peverel of Nottingham Castle d 1113/4

1 GenEU Normandy + many sources on the legitimate royals.
2 "The Royal Bastards of Medieval England" by Chris Given-Wilson & Alice Carteris ISBN 0-7102-0025-0.
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