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Fleming 4: Fleming of Aldingham, Fleming of Beckermet, Fleming of Caernarvon Castle Cumberland, Fleming of Coningston, Fleming of Gleaston Castle, Fleming of Rydal
Wotton identifies the first Michael shown here as "a very stout and active man, related to Baldwin, the fifth, earl of Flanders", who sent William to assist William the Conqueror, Baldwin's son-in-law. We have seen a web site which suggests that Michael was son of Rainer le Fleming, son of Hughes d'Oisy by Aud de Rumigny, which as far as we know would provide some connections to Earl Baldwin but not a blood relationship, but we have yet to see that supported by any traditional source.
Sir Michael le Fleming of Gleaston Castle in Furness Lancashire, Caernarvaon Castle Cumberland, Aldingham, etc. d 1150
m ?? de Stuteville dau of Robert de Estouteville or Stutevillename found on various web sites
1. Sir William le Fleming of Gleaston Castle in Furness Lancashire, Aldingham, Beckermet, etc
We have seen some web sites show William as grandson rather than son of the above Sir Michael, with the intervening generation being Michael d 1186 & Christian, dau of Gilbert de Stainton of Kendal. However, Wotton shows William as Michael's eldest son. The dates indicate that there could be a generation between them but Wotton notes that Michael did live to be a very old man.
m Alice or Ada 'of Workington' dau of Thomas of Culwen son of Gospatrick
A. Michael le Fleming of Gleaston Castle, Aldingham, etc dsp
m Agatha of Ravensworth dau of Henry FitzHervey of Ravensworth
B. William le Fleming dsp?
C. Alice le Fleming
m Sir Richard de Cansfield
i. Richard de Cansfield dsp
ii. Agnes de Cansfield
m Robert de Harrington or Haverington of Aldingham d 1297
2. Sir Richard le Fleming of Caernarvaon Castle & Beckermet a 1199
A. Sir John le Fleming d temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272
i. Sir Richard le Fleming of Beckermet
m Elizabeth de Urswick dau/heir of Adam de Urswick of Coningston
a. John le Fleming of Beckermet & Coningston a 1300
1 Raynerus le Fleming of Beckermet & Coningston
A Sir John le Fleming of Beckermet & Coningston
i William le Fleming
Wotton notes that there is some confusion as to whether William was brother or father of the following John but he plumps for brother.
ii Sir John le Fleming d c1355
a Sir Richard le Fleming of Beckermet & Coningston a 1373
m 1357-8 Catherine de Kirkby dau of Sir John de Kirkby
1 Sir Thomas le Fleming of Beckermet & Coningston
m1. Margaret de Berdsey dau of William de Berdsey
m2. sp Elayne
m3. Isabel Layburne dau of Sir Thomas Layburne
A Sir Thomas le Fleming - continued below
m 1408-9 Isabel de Lancaster dau of Sir John de Lancaster of Rydall Hall
B John le Fleming dsp
2+ other issue - John dsp, James dsp, Joan
5+ ? other issue - Richard Bishop of Lincoln, Robert Dean of Lincoln
Wotton notes that these 2 "have usually been added" to the children of this generation.
b Robert le Fleming
iii Joan le Fleming
m John le Towers
2 Hugh le Fleming
A Mary le Fleming
m Ralph de Frisington
3. Anselm le Fleming de Furness 4th son
1 Wotton reports that some sources consider Anselm to have been ancestor of the Flemings of Slane in Ireland and perhaps also of the Flemings of Wigton in Scotland but evidence to support this. Many came to the British Isles from Flanders around this time.
2 The following connection was found on various web sites.
m Agnes of Dunbar dau of Edgar 'Unnithing'
A. Eleanor le Fleming
m Ralph d'Eyncourt b about 1125
i. Sir Ralph d'Eyncourt of Sizergh b about 1150 d before 1211
m Alice
a. Elizabeth d'Eyncourt ancestress of George Washington
m Sir William de Stirkeland b c1219, d c1305
b Richard d'Eyncourt
c Ralph d'Eyncourt married Eleanorx. He died between 1228 and 1233 in Sizergh, England
4. Godith le Fleming
m William de Essenby
5.+ other issue - Daniel clergyman, Jordan 'de Furness'
Sir Thomas le Fleming - continued above
m 1408-9 Isabel de Lancaster dau of Sir John de Lancaster of Rydall Hall
1. John Fleming of Beckermet, Coningston & Rydall d before 1485
m1. Joan Broughton dau of Sir _ Broughton of Broughton Tower
A. John Fleming 'of Rydal' d before1533
m Joan Lowther dau of Sir Hugh Lowther of Lowther
i. Hugh Fleming 'of Rydal'
m Joan Hodleston dau/coheir of Sir Richard Hodleston of Hodleston
a. Anthony Fleming dvp c1538
m1. sp ?? Middleton dau of Sir Geoffrey Middleton of Middleton Hall
m2. Elizabeth Hoton dau of WIlliam Hoton of Hoton
1 William Fleming 'of Rydal' d 22.06.1597-8
m1. 1540 Margaret Lamplugh dau of Sir John Lamplugh of Lamplugh
A Jane Fleming
m Richard Harrison of Martindale
B Margaret Fleming
m Nicholas Curwen of Clifton
C Elizabeth Fleming
m William Carter of Broghton
m2. Agnes Bindloss d 16.08.1632, sister of Sir Robert Bindloss of Borwick
D John Fleming of Beckermet, Coningston & Rydall, Sheriff of Lancashire b 1574-5, d 27.02.1642-3
m1. Alice Ducket dsp 23.03.1616-7, dau of Sir Francis Ducket of Grayrigg
m2. sp Bridget Norris dau of Sir William Norris of Speak, widow of Sir Thomas Bold of Bold
m3. Dorothy Strickland dau of Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh
i John Fleming of Beckermet, Coningston & Rydall d unm 12.05.1649
ii Bridget Fleming
m Sir Jordan Crossland of Haramhow
iii Anne Fleming
m George Collingwood of Eslington
E Daniel Fleming of Skirwith Hall d 02.08.1621, 4th son
m Isabel Brathwait d 15.06.1639, dau of James Brathwait of Ambleside
i William Fleming of Beckermet, Coningston & Rydall bpt 25.11.1610, d 25.05.1653, Major
m 1632-3 Alice Kirkby dau of Roger Kirkby of Kirkby
a Sir Daniel Fleming of Rydal Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland b 24/5.07.1633, d 25.03.1701
m 27.08.1655 Barbara Fletcher dau of Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart of Hutton
b+ other issue dsp - Roger, William Lt. Colonel, John d young, John, Alexander, Isabel d unm
ii Thomas Fleming 3rd son
a William Fleming dsp
iii Agnes Fleming
m Christopher Dudley of Yanewith
iv Dorothy Fleming
m 25.11.1632 Andrew Hudleston of Hutton John
v Mary Fleming
m Thomas Brougham of Scales Hall
vi+ other issue dsp - John, Joseph, Daniel
F Dorothy Fleming
m Jo. Ambrose of Lowick
G Mary Fleming
m John Senhouse of Seascale Hall d 1636
H Grace Fleming
m Anthony Barwise of Hyldekirk
i Grace Barwise apparently of this generation
m Thomas Lamplugh of Ribton Hall b c1587, d 13.04.1670
I Eleanor Fleming
m Sir John Lowther of Lowther d 1637
J+ other issue - Thomas dsp, William dsp, Joseph d young
m3. Jane Rigmaden dau of John Rigmaden of Weddicre
2+ other issue dsp - Thomas, Charles
b. Joan Fleming
m Lancelot Lowther of Sewborrous in Newton Regney
c.+ other issue - Thomas had issue, David had issue, Daniel dsp
ii. Agnes Fleming
m Richard Ducket of Grayrigg
iii. Dorothy Fleming
m Richard Kirkby of Kirkby b c1484, d c1546
iv. Margaret Fleming
m Thomas Stanley of Dale Garth
v. daughter
m William Bardsey of Bardsey
vi. Isabel Fleming
m John Thwaits of Thwaits
m2. sp Anne
2. William Fleming dsp

Sources: Wotton 1741, vol IV, Fleming of Rydall
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