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Lovel 2: Lovel of Dockinges Docking, Lovel of Holand, Lovel of Ivry Yvery, Lovel of Minster Lovel, Lovel of Morley, Lovel of Titchmarsh Tichmersh
As mentioned in the note at the top of Lovel01, on 19.11.04 we reviewed our approach to the Lovel families and made it clearer that we do not share the view given in BE1883 and elsewhere that the Lovels ot Tichmarsh shared ancestry with the Lovels of Castle Cary.
Robert, Sn d'Ivry a 1060
m c1035 Aubree probably dau of Hugh d'Ivry, Bishop of Bayeux
1. Robert d'Ivry of Breval later a monk
This Robert is shown by various sources as the Robert who was a younger son of Eudo, Duke of Brittany. However, this possible connection is not even mentioned by TCP which shows his parentage as above. Considering the dates and allowing for the fact that marriages were sometimes effected between children, it is possible that it was his father Robert who was son of Duke Eudo b c999 but, except for the commonality of the view that there was a connection to that family, we have seen no evidence to support such a view.
m Hildebruge d 03.06.1115, dau of Herve de Gallardon by Beatrix
A. Ascelin Gouel de Perceval, 'Lupus', Sire de Yvery d before 1119
Many sources identify Ascelin as Comte de Yvery Ivry but TCP makes no mention of his having that title. Apparently, he obtained the nickname Lupus Wolf because of his reputation for having a bad temper.
m Isabella natural dau of William, Comte de Breteuil
i. Robert Goel dsp 1119, Castellan of Ivry
ii. William 'Lupellus' or Lovel, Sire d'Ivry d before 1170
Following his father's nickname, William was nicknamed Lupellus Little Wolf which became Lupel and thence Lovel.
m Matilda Maud de Bellomonte dau of Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulan, 1st Earl of Leicester
a. Waleran, Sire d'Ivry a 1176, 2nd son
m Reine
1 Robert, Sire d'Ivry had issue later Sires d'Ivry in Normandy
b. William Lovel of Minster Lovel and Dockinges d 1213 - continued below
m Isabel
c.+ other issue - Robert dvpsp, Elizabeth, Helisent
Various sources web sites, etc. suggest that William had another son, Richard Perceval, who was ancestor of various families by the name of Perceval, including the Earls of Egmont. TCP Egmont reports "the only brother of Waleran, whose existence can be proved, is Robert, who is not mentioned by English genealogists at all. The statement that this family is identical with that of the Counts of Egmont "in Flanders" really in North Holland is an impudent fiction." This will be investigated further as part of a future review of the Percevals of Egmont.
iii. Roger le Begue of Grossoeuvre = Robert de Torigni probably the Roger d'Ivry who married ...
m Adeline de Grandmesnil dau of Hugh de Grentmesnil, Steward
iv. daughter
m Radulfus Rufus
v.+ 4 sons
One of these other sons may have been John de Perceval of Harpetre, ancestor of some families by the name of Gournay. However, some sources report that that John de Harpetre was part of the Grentemesnil family. This will be researched further in due course.
partner unknown
ix. Robert Rufus
B.+ other issue - William, Robert or Gamel
William Lovel of Minster Lovel and Dockinges d 1213 - continued above
m Isabel
BE1883 suggests that there two generations of William, rather than one, between William Lupellus and ...
1. John Lovel of Minster Lovel and Dockinges d before 23.12.1252
Whilst BE1883 identifies John's wife as Aliva, dau of Alan Basset of Mursdewall & Wycombe, TCP reports that he married "before Aug. 1216, _, da, of Alan Basset and Aline his wife"then adds a note which reports that "Philpot ... calls her Katherine". Alan Basset of Wycombe & Aline/Aliva certainly had a daughter called Aliva or Aline but she was otherwise married. We presume that John's wife was a sister of that Aliva/Aline.
m before 08.1216 Katherine? Basset dau of Alan Basset of Mursdewall & Wycombe by Aline
A. John Lovel, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon d 1286/7
m Maud Sydenham, heiress of Tichmersh
i. Sir John Lovel, 1st Lord of Tichmersh or Titchmarsh b 1255, d 1310/1
m1 c 1270 Isabel de Bois dau of Ernald de Bois of Thorpe Ernald
a. Maud Lovel
m William la Zouche, 1st Lord of Haryngworth b 1276, d 12.03.1351-2
m2 Joan Ros d 13.10.1348, dau of Robert de Ros of Hamlake and Belvoir, 1st Lord
b. John Lovel, 2nd Lord of Titchmarsh d 24.06.1314
m Maud Burnell dau of Sir Philip Burnell of Acton Burnell
1 John Lovel, 3rd Lord of Titchmarsh b 09.1314, d 03.11.1347
m Isabella la Zouche d 02.08.1349, sister of William la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth
A John Lovel, 4th Lord of Titchmarsh b 1341, dsp 12.07.1361
B John Lovel, 5th Lord of Titchmarsh b c 1344, d 10.09.1408
m c1372 Maud de Holand, 'Baroness Holand' d 07.05.1423, dau of Robert de Holand
i John Lovel, 6th Lord of Titchmarsh, Lord Holand d 19.10.1414
m Alianore la Zouche dau of William la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth
a William Lovel, 7th Lord of Titchmarsh, Lord Holand b 1397, d 13.06.1455
m before 31.08.1422 Alice Deincourt, Baroness Deincourt and Rotherfield b 25.02.1404, d 10.02.1473/4, dau of John Deincourt, 5th Lord
1 John Lovel, 8th Lord of Titchmarsh, Lord Holand d 09.01.1464/5
m Joan Beaumont d 05.08.1466, dau of John Beaumont, 1st Viscount
A Francis Lovel, 9th Lord of Titchmarsh, Lord Holand, Viscount Lovel b c1455, dsp 16.06.1487
m Anna FitzHugh dau of Henry FitzHugh, 6th Lord
Francis, who had been high in the favour of King Richard III, was attainted and his titles forfeited by King Henry VII.
B Joane Lovel d before 1507
m Sir Brian Stapleton of Carlton d 16.12.1496
In 1840 one of their descendants successfully claimed the Barony of Beaumont.
C Fridiswide Lovel
m Sir Edward Norreys or Norris of Yattenden
2 William Lovel, Lord Morley d 23/6.07.1476
m by 01.01.1464/5 Eleanor Morley b 14.10.1442, d 20.08.1476, dau of Robert Morley, 6th Lord
A Henry Lovel, Lord Morley b 1468, dsp 13.06.1489
m Elizabeth de la Pole dau of John de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk
B Alice Lovel, 'Baroness Morley' d 23.12.1518
m1 Sir William Parker a 1504, standard bearer Their successors became Lords Morley.
m2 before 01.1505/6 Sir Edward Howard dsp 25.04.1513, son of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk
3+ other issue - Robert dsp, William
b William Lovel
m Elizabeth St. Clere dau of Thomas St. Clere of Barton St. John
c Philippe Lovel d 15.05.1465
m1 John Dinham, 5th Lord b 1359/60, d 25.12.1428
m2 before 24.03.1428/9 Nicholas Broughton
ii Sir Robert Lovel
m c1390 Elizabeth Bryan b c1380, dau of Sir Guy de Bryan
b Maud Lovel
m1 John FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers, 13th Earl of Arundel d 1435
m2 Sir Richard Stafford
1 Amicia Stafford dsp 03.06.1457
m James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde b 24.11.1420, dsp 01.05.1461
C Isabella Lovel
m Thomas Greene
c. James Lovel
1 Sir Ralph Lovel
d. Maud Lovel probably of this generation
m Sir Ralph de Gorges of Wraxall and Litton a 1297
ii. Sir Thomas Lovel of Tickwell
partner unknown
iii. John Lovel of Snorscombe judge
B. Philip Lovel d 1258, judiciar
m ? widow of Alexander de Arsic
i. Sir John Lovel
a. Margaret Lovel
m Thomas de Botetourt
ii. Agnes Lovel, priest
C. Fulco Lovel, Archdeacon of Colchester
D. Agnes Lovel
m Adam de Chetwynd

1 TCP Lovel of Titchmarsh, BE1883 Lovel of Tichmersh, BE1883 Morley, TCP Morley.
2 'Lovell and Related Families. A Genealogical Collection' by GWL Stanhope-Lovell, published 1983.
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