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Knyvett 1

Knyvett Knyvet or Knevet or Knevitt of Buckenham
According to BEB1844, descended from Othomarus de Knyvet of Launceston, who was alive at the time of the Conquest and who married Emma, daughter of William Dammartin, was ...
Kn31 =32 =35Alfred Knevet b 1017 Launceston Cornwall
Kn30 =31 =34 Othomarus le Knevet b c 1030 Launceston Cornwall
m Emme Dammartin b c 1050 Launceston Castle
+1 Nicholas Dammartin b c 1018
Kn29 =30 =33 Alfred le Knevet b c 1070 Launceston
m Gundreda Ogie b c 1070
+1 Ralph Earl of Ogie b c 1040
Kn28 =29 =32 Edmund Knevet b c 1095
Annabel Furnival b c 1095
+1 Osbert Furnival b c 1068 ?related to Furnivalle
Kn27 =28 =31 Drugo Knevet b c 1115
m Florentia Staner b c 1115
Kn26 =27 =30 Manfred Knyvet b c 1135
m Isabel Fanhope b c 1135 Southwick Oundle Northampton
+1 Osbert Fanhope b c 1100
Kn25 =26 =29 Manser Knyvet b c 1155 Southwick
m Agnes de Ellesworth b c 1155
+1 John de Ellesworth b c 1125
Kn24 =25 =28 John Knyvet b c 1175 Southwick
m Juetta b c 1180
Kn23 =24 =27 Lecia Knyvet b 1198 Southwick (she is also shown as dau not grandu of Manser and Agnes d▀Ellsworth)
m Herbert Quartermain b c 1195 North Weston Oxford d c 1230 +1 Sir Herbert Quatermain
Qu22 =23 =26 William Quartermain of Bicester Oxfordshire b c 1220 m Agnes
Qu21 =22 =25 William Quartermain b c 1240 m Maude -1 Thomas Quartermain b c 1265 m Katherine de le Breton d 1342 -1-1 Thomas Quartermain b c 1290 m Joan Russell -1-1-1 Elizabeth Quartemain b c 1315 m Nicholas Englefield -1-1-1-1 Isabel Englefield b c 1340 m Baldwin Boteler -1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Boteler b c 1385 d by 1480 m Eustace de Grenville b c 1385 Will 23 Nov 1479 -1-1-1-1-1-1 Richard de Grenville d by 1519 m Joane Littleton d aft 1517 dau of Edward Littleton -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Edward Grenville of Wotton Underwood ancestors of Winston Churchill and Diana Spencer -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Edward GRENVILLE of Wotton Underwood
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Richard GRENVILLE
Qu25 Herbert QUATERMAIN III Of Estcote and Weston b 1226 Weston on the Green Oxford d 1250
m N Fowett of Chlgrove dau of Richard Fowett
Qu24 William Quatermain b 1250 Weston on the Green m Agnes
Qu23 William Quatermain b c 1281 Weston on the Green d there 1315 m Maud
Qu22 Thomas Quatermain b c 1310 Weston on the Green d 6 Jun 1342 m Katherine le Breton b c 1315 Rotherfield Greys Castle Oxford d c 1342 dau of Guy le Breton sergerant at law and Joan de Grey
Qu21 Thomas Quatermain b c 1338 /Bicester/?Weston on the Green d there 1398
m Joan Russell of Corston b c 1362 Corston Wilts d 6 May 1396 Weston on the Green
-1 Maud Quartermain b c 1379 Weston on the Green Oxfordshire d 1421 Worcester m Thomas Littleton Ly20 m?2 John Bruley b c 1375 Oxford d 1410
-2 Elizabeth Quartermain m Nicholas Englefield
-3 John Quartermain
-4 Guy Quartermain
-5 Richard Quartermain ?= of Rycote
-1-1 Elizabeth Littleton m Thomas de Westcote
-1-2 Joane Burley b 3 Apr 1406 Cothrop Oxford d 1 Jan 1450 Ipswell Oxford m1 Sir Walter Mauntell m2 John Danvers
-5-1? Agnes Quatermains m Sir Robert d'Anvers or Danvers of Ipwell, then Culworth d 1467, judge, Lord Chief Justice?
-5-2 Isabell Quatermans m Sir Thomas Danvers of Waterstoke dsp
-1-1-1 Anne Westcote d 1506 m Baldwin Porter d 1499
-1-1-2 Sir Thomas Littleton KB b 1421 Frankley Worcestershire d 23 Aug 1481 Frankley law at the Inner Temple m Joan Burley b c 1422 Broomscroft d 22 MAR 1505
-1-1-3 William Littleton b c 1475 Gravely d 8 Nov 1507 m Mary Whiting b c 1477 d 16 Jul 1503
-5-1-1 Henry Danvers dvpsp
-5-1-2 Agnes Danvers m1 Hugh Unton m2 Sir Walter Denys of Gloucestershire
-5-1-3 Alice Danvers dsp m _ Barnaby of Watford
-5-1-4 Joan Danvers m Henry Fenwick of Gunnoldsbury
Kn22-1 Thomas Knyvet b c 1215 Southwick d 1264
m Millicent Benford b c 1215
Kn22 =23 =26 John Knyvet b c 1240 Southwick
m Mabel Horton b c 1240 Southwick
Kn John Knyvet b c 1265 Southwick
m Joanna d' Engaine b c 1266 Laxton Northampton
+1 William d' Engaine b c 1230 +2 Vitalis d' Engaine b c 1200
m Rohese de Montgomery b c 1205 Northamptonshire
+3 Richard de Enggayne b c 1170 d 23 Apr 1209
m Sarah de Chehey b c 1175 Halstead Essex d by Apr 1222
+3 Walter de Mongomery b 1180
+4 Richard de Engayne b c 1170 Laxton Northampton d 23 Apr 1209
m Margery Fitzurse
+4 William de Chesney b c 1130 Horsford Norfolk d 1174
m Aubrey de Poynings b c 1140 Poynings Sussex
+4 William Montgomery b c 1156 Cubley Derby d Ecton Wellingsborough Northampton
Kn22 =23 =26. Sir John Knyvett, lord of Southwark b about 1250
Kn21 =22 =25. ?? Knyvett b about 1285
Kn20 =21 =24. Richard Knyvett b about 1310
m Joan dau of Sir Richard Wourch/Wourth
Kn19 =20 =23. Sir John Knyvett b c 1322 d 1381, Lord Chancellor of England a 1366
m Eleanor Basset dau of Ralph Basset, Lord of Welden
Kn18 =19 =22 John Knyvett b c 1358 d 1418 a 1398
m Joan Botetort dau of Sir John Botetort of Mendlesham
Kn18 =21 Sir John Knyvett
m Elizabeth Clifton dau of
+1 Sir Constantine de Clifton, 2nd Lord of Buckenham
m after 02.1389/90 Margaret Howard dau of
+2 John de Clifton, 1st Lord of Buckenham d 10.08.1388
m Elizabeth Cromwell d 1393-4, dau of
+2 Sir John Howard of Wigenhall
+3 Constantine de Clifton dvp
m Catherine de la Pole dau of
+4 Adam de Clifton of Buckenham Castle
m Eleanor Mortimer dau of Robert Mortimer of Attilbergh i
+3 Ralph de Cromwell, 1st Lord of Tattershall
+4 Sir William de la Pole
Kn17 =21 Sir John/?William Knyvett of Buckenham b c 1416 d c 1492
m1 Alice Lynne b 1418 Buckenham Castle Norfolk d there 1443 dau of William John Lynne and Alice x b 1385 London.
Whilst we previously followed BE1883, there were some uncertainties here. TCP Beaumont reports that Joan Stafford, daughter of the Duke of Buckingham and previously 1st wife of the 2nd Viscount Beaumont, was 2nd of the 3 wives of Sir William Knyvett of Buckenham who was alive in 1491 aged 51. A site visitor DS, 01.06.04 implies that BE1883 has combined generations here and misidentified & perhaps confused the wives eg the Alice Grey who was one of Sir William Knyvett's wives was daughter of John Grey of Barwell, shown on 'Grey01' as a half-brother of the Alice we are showing here as having married Sir John. shows him as bro not father of Margaret Knyvett Chamberlain and his wife as Alice Lynne b 1418 Buckenham Castle Norfolk d there 1443 dau of William John Lynne and Alice x b 1385 London.
Kn20 William Knyvett of Buckenham b 23 Apr 1438 Buckenham Castle d 2 Dec 1515
m1 Alice Grey dau of Reginald Grey, 3rd Lord of Rythyn
Kn19-2 Benedicta Knyvett b 1464
Kn19-3 Anna Knyvett b c 1468 Buckenham Castle
m John Thwaites of Thwaites, Denton Castle and Smeaton
Kn19 Sir Edmund Knyvett of Buckenham b ABT 1462, Buckenham, Norfolk d ABT 1504, Buckenham, Norfolk, England, Buried: Hildeborgworth, Norfolk, Notes: Will, dated 30 Nov 1503, and probated 25 Jul 1504, indicated his wish to be buried in the Parish Church of Hildeborgworth, and mentioned his wife, Eleanor, who was his executrix, his son, Thomas, other unnamed sons, and his father, who was still living.
m Eleanor Tyrell sister of Sir James Tyrell and daughter of Sir William Tyrrell of Gipping and Margaret Darcy
Kn18 Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham Born: 1482/9, Buckenham, Norfolk, England Died: 12 Aug / 14 Dec 1512, England / 10 Aug 1512 at sea. Notes: made a Knight of the Bath at the Coronation of Henry VIII on 23 Jun 1509, and Master of the King's Horse on 26 Feb 1509/10. He was Captain of the "Regent", the largest ship in the Royal Navy, and he was killed in action at sea off Brest in a battle with the French on 10 Aug 1512.
m after 1512 Muriel Howard dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk
Kn17-1 Anne Knyvett b about 1505 shown by Tudor who married
Thomas Thoresby of Buckenham Norfolk
Kn17 Catherine Knyvett b c 1508 (shown by Tudor)
m1 William Farmer
m2 Nicholas Mynne My17 -1 Nicholas Mynne My16 m Marlene Wroth -1-1 John Mynne My15 b 1533 m Alice Standish -1-1-1 George Mynne b 1558 d c 1581 My14 m Elizabeth Wrothe -1-1-1-1 Anne Mynne My13 b 1579 d 1622 m George Calvert Baron Baltimore Ca12-1 Cecilius Calvert (8 Aug 1605-30 Nov 1675) m Anne Arundel, dau. of Thomas Arundell and Ann Philipson;
?Ca12 Anne Calvert (1607 - 1672) m William Peasley in 1627 in Middlesex (but assumed to have married James Beale)
Ca12-3 Leonard Calvert (1610- 9 June 1647) Married Anne Brent; and had Charles, William and Anne Calvert
Ca12-4 Dorothy Calvert was born in 1608 in England bap 18 Aug 1608 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London bur 13 Jan 1623 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London m Samuels MATHEWS about 1628 in of, London, Middlesex, England.
Ca12-5 Elizabeth Calvert was born in 1609 in England bap 18 Nov 1609 in Stmrtnsintheflds, London d about 1630
Ca12=13 Grace Calvert; was born about 1611 in St Martns-in-the-fields, London bap on 5 Feb 1611 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London She died on 15 Aug 1672. Grace m Sir Robert TALBOT  in 1630 in , Middlesex, England.
Ca12-7 George Calvert was born in 1613 in Stmrtnsintheflds, London, bap 8 Jul 1613 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London d 1634 in , , VA
Ca12-8 Francis Calvert b c 1614 in Stmrtnsintheflds, London, Middlessex, England.; 
Ca12-9 Henry Calvert b 1617 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London bap 8 Mar 1617 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London d before 25 Nov 1635; 
Ca12-10 Helen Calvert b 1619. 
Ca12-11 Philip Calvert (1626-1682, by second wife Joan). 
Ca12-13 John Calvert was born in 1618 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London bap on 31 Jan 1618 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London bur1 Feb 1618/1619 in St.Martins-in-the-fields, London
Married 2nd: Joanne __?__
One Known Child:
14. Phillip Calvert, born March 20, 1628
Kn17-3 Sir Edmund Knyvett of Buckenham a 1547
m Anne Sheldon dau of Sir Thomas Sheldon
Kn17-4 Ferdinando Knyvett
Kn17-5 Sir Henry Knyvett b c 1510 d a 1574
m Anne Pickering dau of Sir Christopher Pickering of Killington
Kn17-5-1 Sir Henry Knyvett of Charlton b c 1535
m Elizabeth Stumpe dau of Sir James Stumpe of Malmesbury
Kn17-5-1-1 Katherine Knyvett or Knevet b c 1560 d 09.1633
m1 sp Hon Richard Rich b c 1550 dvpsp 1580
m2 c 1583 Sir Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk b 24.08.1561, d 28.05.1626
Kn17-5-1-2 Elizabeth Knyvett or Knevitt a 1622
m after 21.09.1584 Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln b 1568, d 15.01.1618-9
Kn17-5-2 Sir Thomas Knyvett, Lord of Escrick dsp 27.04.1622
m 21.07.1597 Elizabeth Hayward d 09.1622, dau of
+1 Sir Rowland Hayward, Lord Mayor of London
Kn17-5-3 Margaret Knyvett apparently of this generation
m Henry Vavasor
Kn17-5-4 Katherine Knyvett d 20.12.1622 apparently of this generation
m1 20.05.1567 Henry Paget, 2nd Lord of Beaudesert b c1537, d 1568
1 Elizabeth Paget
m2 Sir Edward Cary of Aldenham & Berkhampstead b c1540, d 1618 -1 Henry CARY 1st Viscount Falkland b c 1576 d 1633 m Elizabeth Tanfield
-2 Sir Philip CAREY of Hunslet d 1631 m Elizabeth Bland dau of Richard Bland of Carleton
-3 Elizabeth CAREY m Sir John Saqvile of Howley
-4 Anne CARY b 1585 d by 1660 Francis Leke
-1-1 Victoria Cary m Sir William Uvedale of Wickham
-1-2 Lucius 2nd Viscount m Lettice Morrison
-1-3 Patrick Carey m Susan Uvedale
-2-1 Anne Carey b c 1615 d 1672 m William Willoughby 6th Baron Parham
-3-1 Elizabeth SAVILE m Alveray Copley
-3-2 Thomas SAVILE 1st Earl of SUSSEX b 1591 d c 1659 m2 Anne Susan Villiers
-4-1 Anne Leake m Henry Hildyard
-4-2 Richard Leake ancestor of Sen John McCain
-1-1-1 Elizabeth Uvedale m Edward Howard 2nd Earl of Carlisle
-2-1-1 George Willoughby, 7th Lord of Parham d 1674 m Elizabeth Fiennes or Clinton dau of Henry Fiennes or Clinton of Kirkstead
-2-1-2 John Willoughby, 9th Lord of Parham dsp 1678 m Anne Bolterton
-2-1-3 Charles Willoughby, 10th Lord of Parham dsp 09.12.1679 m Mary Dixie dau of Sir Beaumont Dixie, Bart of Bosworth
-2-1-4 Frances Willoughby b 12.11.1642, dsp 25.05.1714 m1 Sir John or Henry Harpur of Swarkeston bur 20.02.1678/9 m2 25.08.1679 Charles Henry Kirkhoven, Lord Wotton of Wotton, Earl of Bellamont b c1636, dsp 05.01.1682/3 m3. 03.07.1684 Henry Heveningham of Heveningham d 21.11.1700
-2-1-5 Anne Willoughby m Sir John Harpur, Bart of Calke d 1681
-2-1-6 Catharine Willoughby d 11.02.1668-9 m 26.12.1678 Charles Cockayne, 3rd Viscount Cullen b 15.11.1658, d 30.12.1688
-2-1-7 William Willoughby a 07.1668
-2-1-8 Henry Willoughby Governor of Antigua
-3-1-1 Edward Copley b c 1622 m Beatrice Hulton
-3-2-1 Frances Savile
-3-2-2 James Savile 2nd Earl of Sussex
-4-1-1 Henry Hildyard b 1637 m Dorothy Grantham
Kn17-6 Anthony Knyvett
Kn18-2 Edmund Knyvett d 01.03.1539
m Jane Bourchier of Ashwellthorpe, de jure Baroness Berners d 17.02.1561/2, dau of Sir John Bourchier, 2nd Lord Berners
Kn18-3 Anne Knyvett
m Sir George St. Leger
Kn18-4 William Knyvett b 1489, m Joan Haut
Kn18-5 Edward b 1486 m Anne and had Elizabeth Knyvett, who married John Rainsford of Bradfield b before 1482 d 1559, son of John Rainsford and Anne Starkey See his Biography m2 Catherine Marney
Kn18-6 Anthony m1 Matilda, m2 Avis, Christopher b 1491 , Catherine, and James b 1487
m2 Joan Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham
Kn19-5 Sir Edward Knyvett b c 1476 Buckenham Castle Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk a 1540
m Anne calthorpe
m2 Margaret/?Ann le Strange
Kn19-4 John Knyvett b c 1472 Buckenham Castle
Kn19-7 Charles Knyvett b 1483 Buckenham Castle d 1512
m1 Agnes Calthorpe +1 ch
m2 Anne Lacy + 8 ch
-1 Lucie Knyvett m Sir Thomas Boynton b 1537 Driffield son of Matthew Boynton of Acclam and Burton Agnes and Anne Bulmer b 1506
-2 Lucy Knyvet b 1517 Bucknam Essex d 1 Oct 11577 Seamer York m Sir Henry Gates MP
-3 Richard Knyvett of Radford Semele Manor b 1531 d 1 Nov 1559 m1 Helen Browne + 2 ch m2 Anne Browne
-4 ROBERT KNEVET/KNYVETT b 1509 d 1549 m Ann Talmadge
-5 ELIZABETH Knyvett m Richard FitzWilliam b c 1500
-6 ELLEN KNEVET b 1523
-7 ANN Knyvett b 1517 m Nicholas Robinson
-9 ANTHONY KNEVET/KNYVETT b 1507 d 1554 m x Willoughby
-1-1 Ann Boynton m Francis Vaughan
-2-1 Edward Gates b 24 Apr 1547 Scarborough MP m Elizabeth Cave
-2-2 John Gates b 12 Dec 1548 Havering Atte Bower Essex
-2-3 Elizabeth Gates b Sion Mdx
-2-4 Henry Gates b 26 May 1555 London
-2-5 Geoffrey Gates b c 1557 Semer York
-2-6 William Gates b 2 Jun 1550 Havering-of-the-Bower Essex
-2-7 Katherine Gates b 24 Dec 1553 London
-2-8 Mary Gates b 14 Oct 1544 Syon Nunnery Devon
-2-9 Frances Gates
-3-1 Mary Knyvet b 1558 Mildenhall Suffolk m Sir Henry North MP
-1-1-1 Frances Vaughan d 1626 m Henry Alured and Frances
-2-1-1 Elizabeth Gates b 1595 m Sir Richard Darley
-3-1-1 Sir Roger North b 18 Feb 1577 Great Finborrow Suffolk MP m2 Elizabeth Gilbert b c 1585 dau of John Gilbert b 1559 m1 Thomasine
-3-1-2 Dorothy North
-3-1-3 Henry North, of Laxfield
-3-1-4 John North
-3-1-5 Elizabeth North
-3-1-6 Sarah North
-3-1-7 Mary North
-1-1-1-1 John Alured b 1607 d 1651 MP and Regicide m Mary Darley
-2-1-1-1 Mary Darley m John alured MP and Regicide
-3-1-1-1 Dudley North
-3-1-1-2 Sir Henry North, MP, 1st Baronet of Mildenhall
-1-1-1-1-1 = s.b.
-2-1-1-1-1 John Alured b 12 Aug 1632 d 1688 m Jane Barkam b 31 Oct 1632
-1-1-1-1-1-1 = s.b.
-2-1-1-1-1-1 Jane Alured b 5 Oct 1715 m William Pincke b 1647 Snow Hill London d 22 Nov 1694
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 = s.b.
-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Alured Pincke b c 1690 m Elizabeth and had Jane and Alured Pincke
-2-1-1-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Pincke m Anthony Kingsley and had Charles
Kn19-8 Joan Knyvett b c 1482
Kn19-9 Elizabeth Knyvett b 1487
m Richard FitzWilliam
Kn19-10 Anne Knyvett b c 1485
m Charles Clifford
Kn16 Margaret Knyvett b c 1412
m Richard Chamberlaine probably the son of Richard Chamberlaine and Margaret Lovayne
Ch15-1 Richard Chamberlain
Ch15-2 William Chamberlain b c 1436 Shirbum Oxford d 1471 Sherburne Oxford
m Joan Lunsford b 1440 d 1477 Sherbourne Castle
-1 Richard Chamberlain b 1475/ d 1496 Oxfordshire/c 28 Aug 1497 (a generation missing?) -1-1 Henry Chamberlain b c 1500/?1497 d 1600 m Margaret Harcourt b c 1525 d c 1554 dau of of Sir John Harcourt MP and Margaret Barentyne -1-1-1 Richard Chamberlain b
Ch15 Anne Chamberlaine b c 1478 Shirburn, Oxfordshire
m Sir Edward Raleigh Ra15 b c 1473 in Farneborough, Warwick
Ra14 George Raleigh of Thornbridge
m by 2 Apr 1546 m Jane/Joan Conningsby
Ra13-1 Edward Raleigh dsp
?Ra13 Bridget Raleigh b c 1530 m Sir William Kingsmill Ki13
Ra13-2 Humphrey Raleigh dsp
Ra13-3 Sibilla Raleigh
Ra13-4 Joan Raleigh
Ra13-5 George Raleigh
Ra13-6 Simon Raleigh b c 1540 Farnings d Thornborough m Anne Docwra
Ra13-7 Frances Raleigh b. c 1521
Ra13-8 Thomas Raleigh b 1563
Ki12-1 Bridgett Kingsmill b about 1553 m?1/2 Sir Thomas Norris ?m2/1 Sir Henry Colt of Colt's Hall and Netherhall b c 1574 d c 1635
Ki12-2 Sir William Kingsmill of Sydmonton b c 1565 d 1600 m Anne Wilkes dau of William Wilkes of Middleton Cheney
Ki12-3 Thomas Kingsmill b c 1567
Ki12 Richard Kingsmill
Ra13-6-1 George Raleigh b c 1565 m Elizabeth Smith
Ra13-6-2 Esay Raleigh
Ra13-6-3 Foulk Raleigh
Ra13-6-4 Edward Raleigh
Ra13-6-5 Margaret Raleigh
Ra13-6-6 Maria Raleigh
Ra13-6-7 Elizabeth Raleigh
Ra13-6-8 Anna Raleigh
Ra13-8-1 William Raleigh

Ki11 Elizabeth Kingsmill m Nathaniel Bacon Ba11
Ra13-6-1-1 Edward Raleigh b c 1590 m Kath Poultney
Ch14-2 Bridget Raleigh m Sir John Cope
Ch14-2-1 Elizabeth Cope b about 1530 m John Dryden of Canons Ashby
1 Thomas DRYDEN d y
2 Sir Erasmus 1st Baronet of Canons Ashby DRYDEN ancestor of Lady Diana
3 Bridget Dryden b c 1563 Northanptonshire d 2 Feb 1645 about 1560 m Rev Francis Marbury -1 Ann Marbury b 1591 in Lincolns. d 20 Aug 1643 East Chester NY killed by Indians m William Hutchinson, continued below
4 Nicholas DRYDEN b c 1571 d 1609
m Mary Emyley
-1 Elizabeth Dryden m Thomas Swift d 1658 vicar of Goodrich Ross Scotland -1-1 Jonathan Swift d c 1666 m Abigail Erick
-1-2 Thomas Swift m Mary d'Avenant dau of Sir William d'Avenant
-1-1-1 Jane Swift
-1-1-2 Jonathan Swift b 30 Nov 1667 d 1745 author
-1-2-1 Rev Thomas Swift b 1666 d 1752
Ch14-3 Mary Raleigh m Nicholas Wodhull b 1482 d 1531 -1 Anthony Woodhull b 1518 d 1542 m Anne Smith -1 Agnes de Wahull b 1542 m Richard Chetwode -1-1 Sir Richard Chetwoode m Dorothy Needham b 1570 -1-1-1 Grace Chetwood b 1602 d 1669 New London CT m Peter Bulkeley b 1583 d 1659
Kn17 Margaret Knyvett thought to be of this family, probably of this generation shown as such on various web sites
m Sir Thomas Echyngham of Etchingham d 1444
Kn17-3 daughter ?= Elizabeth Knyvett b c 1375
m John Radclyffe b c 1370 son of John Radclyffe b c 1345 and Mary Catherton
-1 John/Richard Radcliffe b c 1395 m Margaret Chaderton b c 1397 d 1424 Oldham Greater Manchester dau of Ellen Massie b c 1375 Puddington Cheshire
m John Chaderton b c 1370 Chadderton Oldham Lancashire d by 1440
Ann Marbury b 1591 in Lincolns. d 20 Aug 1643 NY, continued from above,
m William Hutchinson ??
1 Capt Edward Hutchinson b 28 May 1613 Alford Lincolnshire d 19 Aug 1675 Newport RI
m 1636 Catherine Hamby b 1615 London d 1650
1-1 Elisha Hutchinson b Boston about 1641 died 1717
m Elizabeth Clarke
1-1-1 Edward Hutchinson b 1678 died 1752 m Lydia Foster
Elizabeth Hutchinson b 1731 died 1793 married Rev. Nathaniel Robbins
Edward Hutchinson Robbins b 1758 died 1829 married Elizabeth Murray
Anne Jean Robbins b about 1789 died 1867 married Joseph lyman III
Catherine Robbins Lyman b about 1825 died 1896 married Warren Delano
Sara Ann Delano b 1854 died 1941 married James Roosevelt
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1-1-2 Hannah Hutchinson 7th great grandmother of Pres. G.H.W.Bush
1-1-3 Thomas Hutchinson father of last Royal Governor of Massachusetts
1-1-4 Elisha Hutchinson+ b 1640/41 d 1716/17
m Hannah Hawkins
-1 Hannah Hutchinson m John Ruck -1-1 Hannah Ruck+ b 1701/2 d c 1767 m 1724/25 in Boston Theophilus Lillie -1-1-1 John Lillie b 8 Aug 1728 d bef 1766 m 16 Aug 1754 in Boston Abigail Breck dau of John Breck and Margaret Thomas
-1-1-1-1 Anna Lillie+ b c 1760 d Dec 1804 m 3 April 1777 at Boston Samuel Howard, son of Ebenezer Howard and Martha Goffe
-1-1-1-1-1 Harriet Howard b 27 Mar 1782 d 27 Jul 1847 m 31 July 1803 at Cambridge, Ma Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, son of Jonathan Fay and Lucy Prescott grandson of Jonathan Fay and Joanna Phillips.
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Samuel Howard Fay b. 21 July 1804, d. 16 August 1847
1-2 Ann Hutchinson b Boston 17 Nov 1641 d 1716
m 17 Nov 1663 in Boston Samuel Dyer b 10 Oct 1635 Newport RI d 1678 Kingston RI
-1 Ann Dyer b 1 Jan 1672 Newport RI d 1731 Newport m 14 Feb 1693 Carew Clark Ann Clark b 8 Sep 1698 Newport RI d 9 Nov 1746 Westerly RI m 2 Sep 1718 in Westerly Samuel Dunn b 1699 Newport RI -1-1 James Dunn b 1 May 1720 Wilmington DE d 1801 Bunker Hill Berkeley Co WV m 1 Dec 1746 Wilmington Manor -1-1-1 Susanna Dunn b 31 Jan 1747 VA d 10 Jan Franklin Twp Brown Co OH m c 1770 William Hays b c 1745 Frederick Co VA d 18 Oct Franklin Twp ancestors of Kathryn Faye Hays, author's DNA match
-2 Katherine Hutchinson+3 Faith Hutchinson+1 b. 14 Aug 1617
- - - - -

Delano Pedigree

was Jean de Lannoy b 1553 in Leyden netherlands d there about 1604
m Marie LeMahieu b 1580 d 1606
Phillipe de la Noye b 1602 in Leiden, Netherlands emigrated to Plymouth Mass. 1621
m Hester Dewsbury b 1613 d 1657
-1 Mary Delano b 1635 d 1656 m1 Samuel Sampson m2 John Soule
-2 Esther Delano b 1640 d 1733
-3 Philip Delano b 1640 d 1708 m Elizabeth Clark b 1645
-4 Thomas Delano b 1642 d 1723
-5 Jane Delano b 1646 d 1677
-1-1 Joseph Soule
-1-2 Josiah Soule
-1-3 Joshua Soule
-6 Lieutenant Jonathan Delano b Plymouth b Plymouth 1647 d Bristol, Mass 1720
mMercy Warren daughter of Richard Warren
-1 Jonathan Delano b 30 Jan 1679 Dartmouth MA d 26 Mar 1752 Tolland, Tolland CO CT m AMY HATCH on 20 Jun 1704 dau of JOSEPH HATCH and AMY ALLEN
-2 Sarah Delano b 30 Jan 1680 Massachusetts d. Nov 1752
-3 Jabez Delano b 8 Nov 1682, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d 23 Dec 1734, Dartmouth Bristol Co MA m1 1st cou Mary Weston Delano + 2 ch dau of John Delano (bro of Jonathan) and Mary Weston m2 about 1716 Hannah Peckham b 28 Jan 1690/1 Dartmouth d th about 1775
-4 Mercy Delano b 27 Oct 1686, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA m Joseph Hatch b 3 Aug 1689 Falmouth Barnstable CO MA d 27 Apr 1750 Falmouth Barnstable CO
-5 Nathan Delano b 29 Oct 1688, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d 17 Dec 1720, At Sea
-6 Bethiah Delano b 29 Nov 1690, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d. 19 Jul 1693, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA
-7 Susanna Delano b 3 Sep 1693 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA d 20 Jan 1718 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA m 31 Mar 1737 Abraham Sherman
-8 Nathaniel Delano b 29 Oct 1695 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA d 8 Apr 1770 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA m 1721 Elizabeth Durfee b Abt 1702 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA d 18 Feb 1784 Dartmouth Bristol Co
-9 Esther Delano b 4 Apr 1698, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d 17 Dec 1720, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA
-10 Jethro Delano b 31 Jul 1701, Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d 25 Sep 1776 Dartmouth m about 1727 Elizabeth Pope
-4-1 Amy Hatch b 10 Oct 1713, Coventry, Tolland, CT m 8 Jul 1730 Amasa West b 27 Mar 1704, Stonington, N.L., Ct
-3-1 MARY DELANO b. 12 Apr 1712.
-3-2 JONATHAN DELANO b 13 Feb 1712/3 Dartmouth MA d 01 Nov 1795 Bedford, MA m 14 Nov 1734 in Dartmouth Abigail Mary Hammond dau of Samuel Hammond and Priscilla Samson
-3-3 SUSANNA DELANO b 16 Nov 1717 d 30 Dec 1749.
-3-4 ABIGAIL DELANO b 01 May 1719.
-3-5 JABEZ DELANO b 25 Apr 1723.
-3-6 MERCY DELANO b 27 Aug 1725.
-3-7 EUNICE DELANO b 31 May 1727.
-3-8 HANNAH DELANO b 28 May 1729.
-3-9 STEPHEN DELANO b 18 May 1732.
-3-10 SARAH DELANo b 24 May 1734
-8-1 Elizabeth Delano b 18 Sep 1738

-3-2-1 JABEZ DELANO b 07 May 1735 Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA.
-3-2-2 JONATHAN DELANO JR b 16 Sep 1736 Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA.
-3-2-3 AMASA DELANO b 18 Feb 1737/38 Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA; d. 11 Jul 1816, Windsor, VT.
-3-2-4 PHILIP DELANO b 23 Aug 1739 Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA.
-3-2-5 PRISCILLA DELANO b. 14 Oct 1740 Dartmouth, Bristol Co MA d 11 Mar m Jabez Hammond b 09 Jun 1741, Rochester, MA.
-3-2-6 MARY DELANO b 04 Jun 1744 Dartmouth Bristol Co MA
-3-2-7 STEPHEN DELANO, b. 12 May 1748, Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass d. 01 Jan 1822, Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., OH
-4-1-1 Phebe West b 2 Sep 1735 Tolland CT d. Abt 1815 m 14 Jan 1776 Smithtown NY Nathan Tillotson b 24 Jun 1733 Lyme New London Ct
-4-1-1-1 Nathaniel Tillotson b Abt 1796,Middlebury Addison Vt
-4-1-1-2 Richard Tillotson b Abt 1777 Middlebury Addison Vermont d 6 Dec 1843, Pittsford Monroe NY
-4-1-1-3 Sally Tillotson
-4-1-1-4 Nathan Tillotson
-4-1-1-5 Samuel Tillotson d Aft 1840, Fremont Steuben In
-4-1-1-6 Jeremiah Tillotson b 11 Feb 1795 Middlebury Addison Vt d May 1874 Fremont Steuben In
-6-11 Thomas Delano b 10 May 1704
m Jean Peckham
-6-11-1 Captain Ephraim Delano b 1733 d 1815
m Elizabeth Cushman dau of
+1 James Cushman b 1695 in Plymouth MA
m Sarah Hatch
-6-11-1-1 Captain Warren Delano b 1779 d 1866 and Deborah Church dau of Joseph Church b 1752 d 1839 and Deborah Perry b 1754 d 1808
-6-11-1-1-1 Warren Delano b 1809 d 1893
m Catherine Robbins Lyman
-1 Sara Ann Delano
m James Roosevelt
-7? Rebecca Delano b 1651 Duxbury Plymouth Co MA d 07.04.1709 Plymouth Plymouth Co MA
m John CHURCHILL b 1657, Plymouth Co, Plymouth MA d. 13.06.1723, Plympton Plymouth Co MA he m1 HANNAH PABODIE b 15.10.1662 Duxbury Plymouth Co MA d 29.04.1723
+1 JOHN CHURCHILL b 1622 Muston Dorset d. 01.01.1662, Plymouth Co, Plymouth MA It is not known exactly when John came to America, but he was admitted freeman June 5, 1651. In a land transaction dated October 20, 1651
m 18 Dec 1644 Plymouth MA HANNAH PONTUS b 1623 Leiden Zuid Holland Netherlandsd 22.12.1690 Plymouth Co, Plymouth MA
-7-1 REBECCA CHURCHILL b 29.08.1689, Plymouth MA d. 03.02.1758, Plymouth Co MA
-7-2 John CHURCHILL b 20.12.1691, Plymouth MA d c 1729 Plymouth Co MA

Warren / Plantagenet Pedigree

Wa28. Geoffrey V "Plantagenet", Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy b 23.08.1113, d 07.09.1151 married Matilda or Maud, 'The Empress', Queen of England b 1102, d 10.09.1167/69, dau of Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England
Wa27 Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey b 1130, d 07.05.1202, brother of Henry II of England m 1164 Isabel de Warenne, Countess of Surrey b 1137, d 13.07.1199/after 04.1203, dau of William de Warrenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey
Wa26 William Plantagenet de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey b 1166, d 27.05.1240 m2 before 13.10.1225 Maud Marshall b c1171, d 27.03.1248, dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
Wa25 John Plantagenet de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey b c08.1231, d 29.09.1304 m1 08.1247 Alice de Lusignan b c1224, d 09.02.1256, dau of Hugues X of Lusignan
Wa24 William Plantagenet de Warenne b c1256, dvp 15.12.1286 m 1285 Joan de Vere d by 23.11.1293, dau of Robert de Vere, 5th Earl of Oxford
Wa23 John Plantagenet de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey b 30.06.1286, dspl 30.06.1347 p1 Maud de Nereford from Norfolk, wife of S. de Diriba
Wa22 Sir Edward de Warren of Poynton & Stockton d before 1369
m Cicely de Eton dau of Sir Nicholas de Eton of Poynton & Stockton
Wa21 Sir John de Warren of Poynton & Stockton b c1343, d 1387
m Margaret Stafford d 1418, dau of Sir John de Stafford of Wickham, she m2. John Mainwaring of Over Peover
Wa20 Nicholas de Warren of Poynton & Stockton b c1378, d 1413 married Agnes Wynnington dau of Sir Richard de Wynnington of Wynnington
Wa19 Sir Laurence Warren of Poynton & Stockton son of above Nicholas b c1394, d 1444 m. Margaret Bulkeley dau of Richard Bulkeley by Margery Venables
Wa18 John Warren of Poynton & Stockton b about 1412 d 1474 m Isabel Stanley dau of Sir John Stanley of Lathom
Wa17 Sir Laurence Warren b about 1430 dvp after 1458 before 1474 m before 1459 Isabel Legh dau of Sir Robert Legh of Adlington, m2. Sir George Holdford of Holford
Wa16 Sir John de Warren b about 1470 in Poynton, Cheshire England
m Eleanor Gerrard b dau of Sir Thomas Gerard of Bryn and Kingsley
Wa15-9 Christopher de Warren
m Margaret Leigh she m1 laurence Warren
Wa15-9-1 William Warren b after 1532 died 1588
m Ann Marble b about 1534 d about 1562 dau of Thomas Marble
Christopher Warren b Devon 1558 d 1587
m Alice Webb
Thomas Webb b about 1540
Richard Warren b London about 1580 died 1628 Plymouth Mass 1628, signer of the Mayflower Compact m Elizabeth ?Walker/Jauneatt Juett/Juitt
Nathaniel Warren b 1625 d 1667
m1 Sarah Walker dau of William Walker and ?Sarah Snow/?x Clark and had:
m2 Elizabeth Jonatt
Mercy Warren b Plymouth Mass. 1657 d Plymouth Mass 1727
Elizabeth Warren b 1625 d 1667 m 1635/6 Richard Church
Sarah Warren b 1625 d 1667 m 28 Mar 1634 in Plymouth John Cooke m?2 John BlaCKWELL
Abigail Warren b 1618 d 1693 m Anthony Snow poss. son of Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins
Lydia Snow b 1645 d 1713 married Stephen Skiffe
Deborah Skiffe b 1670 d 1743 married Stephen Presbury
Abigail Presbury b Mass about 1703 d 1749 Mass married Ebenezer Perry and had Samuel Perry
Sarah Snow 6th great grandmother of Orville and Wilbur Wright marrie Joseph Waterman
Mary Warren b 1625 d 1667 m 22 May 1627 Robert Bartlett
Ann Warren m 19 Apr 1633 in Plymouth Thomas Little
Josephl Warren m Priscilla Faunce

Eton Pedigree

Et29 Allard de Orreby m ?Agnes
Et28 Herbert de Oreby d about 1180 m Agnes FitzWilliam de Kyme son of Simon FitzWilliam de Kyme and Agnes de Lindsey
Et27 Richard Pulford de Orreby b 1172 m Sybil de Eton daughter of William de Eton and granddaughter of William de Eton
Et26 Hamon Pulford d about 1287 m Mabel d about 1289
Et25 Richard Pulford d 1313 m Cecily Huxlegh daughter of Robert Huxlegh
Et24 Nicholas de Eton m Margery Colville
Et23 Nicholas de Eton m Joan de Stockport daughter of Richard de Stockport St24 and Ccely and granddaughter Robert de Stockport St25 and Elen de Maubanc and great granddaughter of SirRobert de Stockport St26 and Roese de Venables
Et22 Cecily de Eton m Sir Edward de Warren of Poynton & Stockton d before 1369

Church Pedigree

The uncertain connection to this John Church would involve a descent from John Tyrrell and Ann Norreys by their daughter Mary who married John Church of Malden son Reynold Church and Margaret Greene, daughter of Robert Greene and granddaughter of Johne de Greene of Drayton, who was son of Sir Henry de Greene of Drayton and Matilda de Mauduit
possibly John Church b before 1608 d. 1547 Hamps married Catherine b 1526 d 1562
John Church b ß d. 1593 s married Joan Titerell d about 1593
Richard Church b before 1570 d. 1623 Essex married Alice Vassell b 1580+ in London daughter of Henry Vassell and Elizabeth
Richard Church b before 1608 d. 1667 Hamps married Elizabeth Warren
Joseph Church b about 1638 d 1711 married Mary Tucker
Joseph Church b 1662 d 1715
Nathaniel Church b 1693 Innocent Head
Caleb Church b 1728 in Rhode Island d 1771 in Conn. m Mercy Pope b 1730 in Conn. d 1780 in Conn. dughter of Capt. Lemuel Pope b 1696 in Conn. d 1771 and Elizabeth Hunt
Joseph Church b 1752 d 1839 m Deborah Perry b 1754 d. 1808
Deborah Church b 1783 m Capt. Warren Delano

Pope Pedigree

Thomas Pope b 1608 d 1683 in Bristol Mass. married Sarah Jenny daughter of John Jenny d 1644 and Sarah Cary
Seth Pope
Capt. Lemuel Pope b 1696 in Conn. d 1771 m Elizabeth Hunt
Mercy Pope b 1730 in Conn. d 1780 in Conn. married Caleb Church

Perry Pedigree

Edward/Edmund Perry b 1599 died by 1639 married Sarah Betts d about 1659
Ezra Perry b about 1626 d 1689 married Elizabeth Burgess
Samuel Perry b 1667 d 1751 married Esther Taber b 1671 d 1750 daughter of Capt. Thomas B. Taber and Esther Cooke
Ebenezer Perry b 1706 in Mass. d 1775 married Abigail Presbury daughter of Stephen Presbury aND Deborah Skiffe 1670 - 1743
Samuel Perry b 1731 d 1805 in Mass. married Susannah Swift
Deborah Perry b 1754 d about 1808 married Joseph Church

Hunt Pedigree

John Yelverton of Blackheath b about 1350
m2 Elizabeth Read dau of John Read of Rougham
Sir William Yelverton b about 1390 d 10.1470, judge
m Agnes le Gross dau of Sir Oliver le Gross of Crostwick
Margaret Yelverton
m John Palgrave Esq.
Henry Palgrave Esq. b c 1470 d 1516
m Anne Glemham
Thomas Palgrave of Thruxton, Norfolk b about 1507
m c 1537 in Thruxton, Norfolk, Alice Gunton of Thruxton, Norfolk b c 1517 dau of Robert Gunton
Rev. Edward Palgrave, b circa 21 Jan 1541 Thruxton, d Dec 1623
Dr. Richard Palgrave b circa 1585 Stepney, Middlesex
m c 1617 Anna Hooker b 1594 Burnham Broom, Norfolk d 17 Feb 1669 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Ma
-1 Mary Palgrave b 1619 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England,[N]; married Roger Wellington 1637 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts; died 21 Jan 1695 Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts,[N].
-2 Sarah Palgrave
m Dr. John Alcock
Joanna Alcock b about 1660 d 1746
m Major Ephraim Hunt b about 1650 d 1713
Elizabeth Hunt
Capt. Lemuel Pope
-3 Rebecca Palgrave b 25 May 1631
-4 John Palgrave b 6 Jan 1633/34
-5 Lydia Palgrave b 15 Nov 1635
-6 Elizabeth "Bethya" Palgrave b 10 May 1638
m c 1651 John Edwards Sr.
Additions from Tudor and fabpedigree
Sources: BE1883 Knyvett of Escrick, BEB1844 Knyvett of Buckenham.
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