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Radclyffe 2 Radclyffe / Ratcliffe of Attleborough, Radclyffe of Farmesden, Radclyffe of Oswaldtwistle, Radclyffe of Radclyffe Tower 'of The Tower', Ratcliffe of Sussex
William de Radcyffe of Radclyffe Tower, 'the Great William' b c1280, d 1333
m 1303 Margaret Margery de Peasfurlong dau of Adam de Peasfurlong
1. Richard de Radclyffe, Sheriff of Lancashire b c 1305, d 1375
m Isabel de Peasington dau of Robert de Peasington
A. William de Radclyffe of The Tower d before 1390
m Susannah Legh dau of Robert Legh of Adlington
i. James Radclyffe of The Tower d 1410
m Joan or Margaret Tempest dau of Sir John Tempest of Bracewell
a. Richard Radclyffe of The Tower, Sheriff of Lancashire b 1379, d 1442
m Cecilia Ashton dau of Sir John de Ashton
Ra19-1 James Radclyffe
m1 Agnes Euby
A John Radclyffe of Oswaldtwistle d Bosworth 1485
m Isabel Tyldesley dau of Hugh Tyldesley of Tyldesley
i Richard Radclyffe of Oswaldtwistle and Moston b 1454, dsp 08.06.1502
m1 Elizabeth Byron dau of Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton
m2 Alice Assheton d 1531, dau of Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton
ii John Radclyffe b 1449, d 04.04.1513
m Anne Tyldesley dau of Thomas Tyldesley
a+ issue - John, Ellen, Agnes
iii Roger Radclyffe d before 1513
a John Radclyffe b 1500, d 28.08.1518
b Ellen Radclyffe
b Isabel Radclyffe
c Agnes Radclyffe
d Elizabeth Radclyffe
iv Margery Radclyffe
m _ Longworth
v Lucy Radclyffe
m 05.01.1479 John Leycester of Nether Tabley d 1496
vi+ other issue - Henry dsp before 1500, Hugh rector
B James Radclyffe of Langley d 1486
m Joan
i Robert Langley Radclyffe of Agecroft Hall
m Eleanor Radclyffe dau of William Radclyffe of Ordsall
ii Maud Radclyffe
m John de Langley of Agecroft
iii+ other issue - Ewan of Langley, Margaret
C Ellen Radclyffe
m John Eland of Newent
D Elizabeth Radclyffe
m Sir John Hampden of Hampden
m2 Cecily widow of Sir John de Leycester of Nether Talbey
E Richard Radclyffe of Culcheth
Ra19 Sir Richard Radclyffe
m 1425 Margaret Chadderton dau of Richard de Chadderton
Ra18 probaby here was:
Margaret Radclyffe
m Ralph Standish of Standish d 1460
-1 Sir Alexander Standish of Standish d 1507 m 01.01.1461 Sybilla Bold dau of Henry Bold of Bold
-2 Anne Standish probably of this generation m Hugh Worsley of Worsley
-1-1 Ralph Standish of Standish b c 1458, d 1538 m 1497 Ellen probably not Alice Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage
-1-2 Catherine Standish m Thomas Standish of Duxbury and below
-1-3+ 2 daughters
-1-1-1 Alexander Standish of Standish b c 1490 m 1518 Ann Molyneux dau of Sir William Molyneux of Sefton
-1-1-2 Anne Standish m c 1518 Sir John Holcroft of Holcroft d 1560
-1-1-3 Jane Standish m Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh
-1-2-1 James Standish of Duxbury m1 Elizabeth Hadock dau of Evan Hadock m2 Elizabeth Butler dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe Not known which wife was mother of ...
-1-2-1-1 Thomas Standish of Duxbury m Margaret Hoghton dau of Sir Thomas Hoghton of Hoghton Tower
Ra19-3 Helen Radclyffe
m1 Sir William Harrington of Hornby Castle
m2 Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton a 1446
Ra19-4+ other issue - Henry Abbot of Rushen, William
b. Sir John 'the Good' Radclyffe of Attleborough b 1380, d 1440
m1 1411 Cecilia Mortimer dau of Sir Thomas Mortimer of Attleburgh
TCP FitzWalter reports that Sir John's son Sir John was by Katherine Burnell, his 2nd wife. We follow BLG1952.
1 Sir John Ratcliffe of Attleborough d Ferrybridge 28.03.1461
m before 27.10.1444 Elizabeth, Baroness FitzWalter b 28.07.1430, d before 23.08.1485, dau of Walter FitzWalter, 7th Lord
A John Ratcliffe, 9th Lord FitzWalter b 01.01.1451/2, d c24.11.1496
m1 Anne Whethill sister of Richard Whetehill of Calais
m2 c06.07.1475/6 Margaret
i Robert Ratcliffe, Lord FitzWalter, 1st Earl of Sussex b c1483, d 27.11.1542
m1 after 23.07.1505 Elizabeth Stafford dau of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham
a Henry Ratcliffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex b c1507, d 17.02.1556/7
m1 before 21.05.1524 Elizabeth Howard d 18.09.1534, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk
1 Thomas Ratcliffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex b c1525, d 09.06.1583
m1 before 01.11.1545 Elizabeth Wriothesley bur 16.01.1554/5, dau of Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton
A+ 2 sons d young - Henry, Robert
m2 before 29.04.1555 Frances Sydney b c1530, d 09.03.1558/9, dau of Sir William Syndey of Penshurst
2 Henry Ratcliffe, 4th Earl of Sussex b c1532, d 14.12.1593
m 1548/9 Honor Pound d before 09.11.1593, dau of Anthony Pound of Drayton by Anne, dau of Lewis Wingfield
A Robert Ratcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex b 12.06.1573, d 22.09.1629
m1 by 1592 Bridget Morrison bpt 11.03.1575, bur 11.12.1623, dau of Sir Charles Morrison of Cashiobury
i Henry Ratcliffe, 'Viscount FitzWalter' b 01.08.1596, dvpsp bur 15.09.1620
m mcrt 02.1613/4 Jane Stanhope d before 1655, dau of Sir Michael Stanhope of Sudbourne
ii Elizabeth Ratcliffe b 31.05.1594, d 06.12.1618
m 08.02.1607/8 John Ramsay, Earl of Holdernesse
iii+ other issue - Thomas b 15.07.1597, bur 14.08.1619, Honor b 27.08.1598, bur unm 14.05.1613
m2 12.1623 Frances Meautys d 18.11.1627, dau of Hercules Meautys of West Ham
partner unknown
v Jane Ratcliffe
3 Francis Ratcliffe
m2 before 21.11.1538, div 11.1555 Anne Calthorp dau of Sir Philip Calthorp
4 Egremont Ratcliffe
5 Frances Ratcliffe
m Sir Thomas Mildmay of Moulsham d 07.1608
The barony of FitzWalter passed through this marriage.
b George Ratcliffe dsp before 11.1542
m c1528 Katherine Marney b c1515, dau of John Marney, 2nd Lord
c Sir Humphrey Ratcliffe of Elstow Elnestow, Bedfordshire d 1566
m Isabel Harvey dau of Edmund Harvey of Elstow
1 Edward Ratcliffe, 6th Earl of Sussex b before 10.11.1559, dsp 07.1643
m1 before 16.08.1583 Elizabeth Petre dau of Sir William Petre of Ingatestone, by Gertrude, dau of Sir John Tyrell of Warley
m2 30.05.1594 Jane Hynde bur 01.12.1633, dau of Sir Francis Hynde of Madingley by Jane, dau of Sir Ralph Verney of Pendley
m3. 22.05.1634 Eleanor Wortley d 20.01.1666/7, dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley
2 Frances Ratcliffe
m Henry Cheeke of Pirgo
3 Martha Ratcliffe apparently of this generation if she existed
m Sir William Gostwick, 1st Bart of Willington b 1565, d 19.09.1615
m2 c07.1532 Margaret Stanley dau of Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby
d Anne Ratcliffe
m 1547 Thomas Wharton, 2nd Lord b 1520, d 14.06.1572
e Jane Ratcliffe b c1532, d 22.07.1552
m Sir Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu b c1528, d 19.10.1592
m3. 14.01.1536/7 Mary Arundell d 20.10.1557, dau of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne
f Sir John Ratcliffe dsp
ii daughter
m Sir Walter Hobart of Halles Hall, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk
2 Roger Radclyffe d 1467
m Philippa
A+ issue - John, Elizabeth
3 Thomas Radclyffe of Plassets dsp
m Anne FitzWalter dau of 1st Baron FitzWalter
4 Fynette Radclyffe
m Lord Howard of Fremlingham
m2 Katherine Burnell dau of Sir Edward Burnell of Billingford,etc
5 James Radclyffe, Sheriff of Worcestershire dsp
m Katherine Neville dau of 1st Baron Latymer
6 Robert Radclyffe d 1493
m1 Joan Cromwell dsp, dau of 2nd Baron Cromwell
m2 Margaret widow of Thomas Dymock
7 Alycia or Celia Radclyffe
m Sir Alexander Cressenor of Alphamstone, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk
c. Sir Henry Radclyffe of Farmesden
m1 ??
1 Sir Geoffrey Radclyffe of Farmesden
m1 Margaret de Morley dsp
Margaret is identified in BLG1952 as Sir Geoffrey's step-sister. Her parentage is given in Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Spilman or Spelman where she is shown as mother of Thomas.
m2 Margaret Radcyffe dau of John Radclyffe of Chadderton
A Sir Thomas Radclyffe of Farmesden d 1487
i Thomas Radclyffe of Farmesden dvp
m Joan Waldegrave dau of Sir Thomas Waldegrave
a Geoffrey Radclyffe of Farmesden d 01.1505
m Anne Wyndham dau of Sir John Wyndham of Crowthorpe and Felbrigg
1 Elizabeth Radclyffe b 1490, d 03.11.1530
m Christopher Spilman of Stow
2 Eleanor Radclyffe d 27.07.1518
m Thomas Lovell of Enfield d before 1518
3 Joan Radclyffe
m John Sturges of Cranwick
b+ other issue - Henry dsp, Thomas dsp 1527
B Margaret Radclyffe
m Robert Curzon of Brightwick
C Philipa Radclyffe
m _ Parry of Linton Parva
2 Agnes Radclyffe
m Sir Robert Clifton of Buckenham Castle, Sheriff of Norfolk a 1412
m2 Elizabeth widow of Thomas Morley of Farmesden
d. Elizabeth Radclyffe
m John de Radclyffe of Chadderton
e. Margaret Radclyffe
m Nicholas de Rushton of Dunkenhalgh
f.+ other issue - Peter, William d 1430, rector, Roger b c1405, d 1471, Dean of St. Paul's
ii. Thomas Radclyffe, Abbot of Rushwn
iii. Robert Radclyffe
m c1396 Katherine de Molyneaux dau of Sir Thomas de Molyneaux of Werdale
iv. Isabel Radclyffe
m William de Barton of Fryton and Middleton
B. Christopher de Radclyffe of Sabdenhey dsp
C. Thomas de Radclyffe of Winmarleigh a 1385
m Elena de Tyldesley dau of Hugh de Tyldesley
D. Elena de Radclyffe
m1 Nicholas Boteler of Rawcliffe
m2 Sir John Dalton of Dalton
m3. Sir Robert Urswick
E. Elizabeth Radclyffe possibly of this generation
m William Hulton
F.+ other issue - Roger a 1398, Nicholas Archdeacon of St. Alban's
2. Adam de Radclyffe
m dau of Thomas de Arderne
3. William de Radclyffe of Todmorden
m1 Ellen de Langfield
m2 ??
4. Alice de Radclyffe
m Henry de Worsley of Booths
5. Agnes de Radclyffe
m Henry de Shackerley of Tyldesley
6. Elizabeth de Radclyffe
m Richard de Ince of Ince
7. Margaret de Radclyffe
m John de Banastre of Bank
8. Joan de Radclyffe
m Ralph de Langton of Walton
9. Maud de Radclyffe
m John de Harrington of Cartmel

Main sources: BLG1952 Radclyffe of Foxdenton and Hyde with input from BE1883 Ratcliffe of FitzWalter and Sussex, TCP FitzWalter, TCP Sussex
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