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Mauduit 1

: Mauduit of Hanslope, Mauduit of Hartley Mauditt, Mauduit of Newport, Mauduit of Shalden, Mauduit of Somerford, Mauduit of Warminster

m c 1350 Joan Bassingbourne
1 TCP Warwick reports that "The name Mauduit Maledoctus is a nickname - The Dunce. It has been confused by both Farrer and Haskins with another nickname, Mauconduit Malconductus, meaning presumably The Boor". TCP then refers to the list of Contents of 'The Ancestor' which contains the article mentione just below which refers to "Mauduit of Hartley Maudit" which "involves confusion with a 3rd nickname, Maudit Maledictus, The Accursed."
2 The first few generations and connection to the Earl of Warwick come from VCH Buckinghamshire, vol 4, Parishes : Hanslope with Castle Thorpe with a little support & input at the beginning from an article by J. Horace Round on 'Mauduit of Hartley Mauduit' in 'The Ancestor', Number V, April 1903 found on
William Mauduit of Hartley Mauditt, Shalden & Fyfield Hampshire a 1086, Chamberlain of the Exchequer
m Hawise / Hadewise
1. Robert Mauduit of Hartley Mauditt d c1129-30, Chamberlain of the Exchequer
A. daughter
m William de Pont de l'Arche Chamberlain of the Exchequer
William Mauduit of Hanslope Buckinghamshire & Porchester Castle a 1150, Chamberlain of the Exchequer
m1/2. Isabel St. Liz dau of Simon, Earl of Northampton, sister of Earl Simon
m2/1. Maud de Hanslope dau of Michael de Hanslope of Hanslope
Round reports that Dugdale was wrong to combine the William who married the heiress of Hanslope with his father, the William who held Hartley Mauditt in 1086. We are concerned that we may have combined 2 different Williams into this one, one father of the other and possibly Robert with the first being married to Maud de Hanslope and his son to Isabel St. Liz. However, the dates lead us to suspect that they were the same person. Round reports that Dugdale "although he worked from the cartulary on which this paper is based ... missed the big marriage of this rising family, which indeed seems to be omitted from all its pedigrees", viz. the marriage to Isabel St. Liz. We take that to imply that Isabel was not mother of William's successor as otherwise the connection with the illustrious family of St. Liz would have been more widely recorded.
Ma27-1 William Mauduit of Hanslope d before 1196, Chamberlain of the Exchequer William's wife and mother of his children may have been Isabel Glanville. This has yet to be confirmed.
i. Robert Mauduit of Hanslope d before 1222
m c 1190 Isabel Basset b c1176, d 1224, dau of Thurston Basset of Wallingford identified in VCH Berkshire, vol 4, Letcombe Basset
a. William Mauduit of Hanslope & Hartley Mauditt d c 1257
m Alice de Newburgh dau of Waleran de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick
1 William Mauduit, '8th' Earl of Warwick b c1220-1, dsp 08.01.1267/8
m Alice de Segrave dau of Gilbert de Segrave
2 Isabel Mauduit d before 1268
m William Beauchamp of Elmley d 1268
Their eldest son William was 1st of the Beauchamp Earls of Warwick
Ma27-2 Henry Mauduit of Porchester Castle a 1153, 2nd sonmentioned in VCH Hampshire, vol 3, Parishes: Portchester
Ma27 Robert Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden, Constable of Salisbury d 1191 probably of this generation. The following comes from VCH Hampshire, vol 4, Parishes: Shalden & VCH Wiltshire, vol 8, Warminster: Manors. It is possible that this was the Robert who also married a sister/coheir of Andrew Giffard of Fonhhill but this has not been confirmed.
m Agnes de la Mare dau/heir of Robert de la Mareprobably wife of this Robert & mother of Robert, presumed mother of ...
Ma26 Thomas Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden b by 1183, d 1244
Ma25 William Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden d by 1264
Ma24 Thomas Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden d by 1271
m Joanwidow of Thomas, presumed mother of ...
Ma23 Warin Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden d 1299-1300
Ma22 Thomas Mauduit of Warminster & Shalden d 1322
m Eleanorwidow of Thomas, presumed mother of ...
Ma21 John Mauduit d 1364
m Juliane
Ma20 Thomas Mauduit dvp
Ma19 Maud Mauduit b 1354, d c 1404
m Sir Henry Greene of Drayton b c 1350 d 1399
Ma24-2 Warin Mauduit of Newport in Warminster dspprobably of this generation
Ma24-3 John Mauduit of Newport dsp before 1293?
Ma24-4 William Mauduit of Newport a 1293
Ma24-4-1 Thomas Mauduit of Newport a 1322possibly father of ...
i William Mauduit of Newport a 1339
a John Mauduit of Newport a 1356
1 ?? Mauduitpossibly father or grandfather of ...
A William Mauduit of Newport d by early 15th century
i Alice Mauduit heir
m John Laffull
a Maud Laffull
m William Mohun
1 Alice Mohun
m William Barrell
2 Eleanor Mohun
m John Wolley
3 Agnes Mohun
m Thomas Blanchard of Cutteridge
The following comes from TCP Mauduit which reports that "The founder of the family of Mauduit of Somerford Mauduit is conjectured to have been Robert, younger son of Robert Mauduit of Warminster, by Agnes, da. and heir of Robert de la Mare se R.W. Eyton in Her. and Gen., vol vii, p. 386. We have not yet seen that report by Eyton.
Ma26-2 Robert Mauduit of Broughton Pogys Oxfordshire & Somerford Wiltshire a 1212probably of this generation
m Beatrice Murdac a 1250, dau/coheir of Ralph Murdac by Eve de Grey, heiress of Stanlake
Ma26-2-1 Robert Mauduitpossible intermediary generation
1 Sir John Mauduit of Stanlake Oxfordshire & Somerford a 1253, d before 05.12.1302
VCH Oxfordshire, vol 13, Standlake implies that it was this John whose widow was Agnes d 1369, m2.Thomas, Lord Bradeston and that they were the parents of Gilles who married John de Moleyns. We follow TCP in showing Agnes as 2nd wife of his nephew.
2 Sir Robert Mauduit of Black Bourton & Fonthill a 1253, d 1288
m Alicewidow of Sir Robert, presumed mother of ...
A Sir John Mauduit of Somerford & Broughton, Sheriff of Wiltshire b c1281, d 21.08.1347
m1 c1307 Margaret Pugeys dau/coheir of Sir Robert Pugeys of Stoke Poges
i Gilles Mauduit b c1308, d 21.01.1366/7
m by 1325 John de Moleyns
m2 by 1328 Agnes d 31.08.1369, sister of Robert de Walkington & William de Rother, m2. Thomas de Bradeston, 1st Lord
ii John Mauduit b c1332, dsp 31.01.1354/5
m Joan d 13.10.1369, dau of Katherine de Bokland
iii Sir Piers Mauduit b c1336, dsp before 31.08.1369
B+ other issue - Alice, Joan
Ma27-4 John Mauduit of Easton a 1206possibly of this generation, the followingcomes from VCH Northamptonshire, vol 4, Easton Maudit
Ma27-4-1 Agnes Mauduit
m Sir Robert Morin ??
a. Isabel Morin
m William de Nowers
b. Sibyl Morin
m Roger de Haukeseye
c.+ other issue - Eleanor, Loretta
Ma27-4-2 Flandrina Mauduit
m1 Robert de la Leghe or Lee or Lye
m2 Ralf de Karun
Ma27-4-3 Amice Mauduit
m Thomas Sauvage ??
Ma28-5 daughterprobably of this generation, this connectioncomes from VCH Hampshire, vol 4, Parishes: Fyfield.
m Meinfelin of Wolverton
i. Hamon of Fyfield a 1166

Sources: as shown above
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