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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

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Coke 1

: Coke of Didlington Dodington, Coke of Holkham, Coke of Leicester, Coke of Longford, Coke of Ryston, Coke of Sparham, Coke of Thorington
William Coke of Didlington or Dodington a 1206
Visitors since 22nd March 2009:

It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!
m Felice
1. Geffrey Coke of Didlington or Dodington
m Margaret dau of Alan de Attlebrig
A. Thomas Coke of Didlington a 1266
i. Thomas Coke
a. John Coke of Didlington a 1316
1 Sir Thomas Coke of Didlington, Mauntby and Faulden
m Eleanor Stanlawe
A Sir Thomas Coke a 1349, dvp
i Thomas Coke dsp
B Peter Coke
C John Coke of Whitwell a 1362
i John Coke of Crostwick
a William Coke dsp
b Robert Coke of Ryston
m Agnes Crispin dau of Roger Crispin or Crispinge of Happersburgh
1 John Coke of Ryston
BEB1841 omits this generation and shows the husband of Alice Folcard as John. We provisionally follow Collins.
A Thomas Coke of Sparham and Stivekey Hall
m Alice Folcard dau of William Folcard of Sparham and Stivekey Hall
i John Coke dsp
ii Robert Coke of Sparham
m Anne Woodhouse dau of Thomas Woodhouse, son of Thomas of Hildeveston
a Robert Coke of Mileham b c1513, d 15.11.1561
m Winifrid Knightley d 01.1569, dau of William Knightley of Morgrave Knightley
1 Sir Edward Coke of Stoke Pogis b 1549, d 03.09.1633, Lord Chief Justice - continued below
m1 Bridget Paston dau of John Paston of Huntingfield Hall, son of Sir William of Paston
m2 Elizabeth Cecil dau of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter
2 Winifrid Coke
m Milo Mingay
3 Dorothy Coke
m William Francklyn
4 Elizabeth Coke
m Richard Osborne
5 Ursula Coke
m George Ledys
6 Ann Coke
m Francis Stubbe
7 Margaret Coke
m Robert Barker
8 Elizabeth Coke
m Nicholas Bohun
b Thomas Coke of Gambous
1 George Coke dsp
c Alice Coke
m Peter Gould
d Anne Coke
m Thomas Barsham
Sir Edward Coke of Stoke Pogis b 1549, d 03.09.1633, Lord Chief Justice - continued above
m1 Bridget Paston dau of John Paston of Huntingfield Hall, son of Sir William of Paston
1. Sir Robert Coke b 1586, dsp 19.07.1653, 2nd son
m Theophila Berkeley dau of Thomas, Lord Berkeley
2. Arthur Coke d 06.12.1629
m Elizabeth Walgrave d 14.11.1627, dau of Sir George Walgrave of Hitcham
A. daughter
m Robert Coke below
b.+ 3 daughters
3. John Coke of Holkham
m Merial Wheatley dau of Anthony Wheatley
A. John Coke of Holkham d unm, youngest son
B. Bridget Coke probably of this generation
m1 Edmund D'Oyly of Shottisham & Pondhall d 28.09.1638
m2 Sir Isaac Astley, Bart of Hill Morton and Melton Constable dsp 07.09.1659
C. Margaret Coke probably of this generation
m Alexander Rokeby b c1632, dvp 1667, son of William, Bart of Spiers
D. Mary Coke probably of this generation
m Sir Nicholas L'Estrange, 3rd Bart of Hunstanton bpt 17.10.1632, d 13.12.1669
E. Theophila Coke apparently of this generation
m Charles Legard on Anlaby d c1650
F. Winifred Coke probably of this generation
m Sir William Cobb of Ottringham b c1629, a 09.1666
G.+ 6 sons presumed all to dsp and 2 daughters
4. Henry Coke of Thorington
m Margaret Lovelace dau of Richard Lovelace of Kingsdown
A. Richard Coke of Thorington
m Mary Rous dau of Sir John Rous of Henham Hall
i. Robert Coke of Thorington, later of Holkham d 16.01.1678-9
m Anne Osborne dau of Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds
a. Edward Coke of Holkham d 13.04.1707
m 1695 Carey Newton d 04.08.1707, dau of Sir John Newton, 3rd Bart of Barr's Court
1 Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester b 17.06.1697, d 20.04.1759
m 03.07.1718 Margaret Tufton b 16.06.1700, d 28.02.1775, dau of Thomas Tufton, 6th Earl of Thanet
A Edward Coke, 'Viscount Coke' bpt 03.07.1719, dvpsp 31.08.1753
m 01.04.1747 Mary Campbell b 06.02.1726/7, d 30.09.1811, dau of John Campbell, Duke of Argyll and Greenwich
2 Edward Coke of Langford or Longford d unm 08.1733
3 Robert Coke of Hillingdon, later of Langford/Longford dsp 1750
m 13.06.1733 Jane Wharton, 'Baroness Wharton' d before 19.01.1761, dau of Philip Wharton, Duke of Wharton
4 Carey Coke d 11.06.1734
m 1716 Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 6th Bart of Constable Burton dsp 27.12.1754
5 Anne Coke
m Philip Roberts Major
A Wenman Roberts, later Coke of Longford and Holkham d 11.04.1776
m Elizabeth Chamberlayne d 1810, dau of George Chamberlayne, later Denton, of Hillesdon
i Thomas William Coke of Holkham, 1st Earl of Leicester b 06.05.1754, d 30.06.1842
m1 05.10.1775 Jane Dutton b 29.11.1753, d 02.06.1800, dau of James Dutton of Sherborne
a Jane Elizabeth Coke d 29.04.1863
m1 21.06.1796 Charles Nevison Howard, Viscount Andover b 1775, dsp 11.01.1800
m2 17.04.1806 Sir Henry Digby b 1770, d 10.08.1842, Admiral
b Anne Margaret Coke d 23.05.1843
m 15.09.1794 Thomas, 1st Viscount Anson d 31.07.1818
c Elizabeth Wilhelmina Coke d 30.10.1873
m 05.12.1822 John Spencer Stanhope of Cannon Hall d 07.11.1873
m2 26.02.1822 Anne Amelia Keppel b 16.06.1803, d 22.07.1844, dau of William Charles Keppel, 4th Earl of Albermarle
d Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester b 26.12.1822, d 24.01.1909 had issue
m1 20.04.1843 Juliana Whitbread b 03.06.1825, d 21.04.1870, dau of Samuel Charles Whitbread of Cardington by Juliana Trevor
m2 26.08.1875 Georgina Caroline Cavendish b 04.02.1852, a 1929, dau of William George Cavendish, 2nd Lord Chesham
e+ other issue - Edward Keppel b 20.08.1824, dsp 26.05.1889, Henry John of Longford Hall b 03.01.1827, d 12.11.1916, had issue, Wenman Clarence Walpole b 13.07.1828, d unm 10.01.1907, Margaret Sophia m 01.05.1849, dsp 04.11.1868
ii Edward Coke of Longford had issue
m 1792 Grace Colhoun dau of William Colhoun of Wrotham
iii Margaret Coke d 22.01.1821
m 21.12.1769 Sir Henry Hunloke, 4th Bart d 15.11.1804
iv Elizabeth Coke d 17.12.1824
m 07.07.1774 James Dutton, 1st Lord Sherborne b 1744, d 22.05.1820
B+ 5 sons and 1 daughter
B.+ 3 sons
5. Clement Coke of Langford or Longford d 23.05.1619
m Sarah Reddish dau of Alexander Reddish of Reddish
A. Sir Edward Coke, 1st Bart of Longford d before 1669
m 1644 Catherine Dyer dau of Sir William Dyer of Great Stoughton
i. Sir Robert Coke, 2nd Bart of Longford dsp bur 15.01.1687
m Sarah Barker bur 13.02.1685, dau of _ Baker of Albrightlee
ii. Sir Edward Coke, 3rd Bart of Longford bpt 06.10.1646, dsp 26.08.1727
m Catherine bur 13.12.1688
iii. Catherine Coke
m Cornelius Clarke of Norton Scarsdale
iv. Anne Coke d unm
v. Theophila Coke
m _ Bullock
The following comes from Visitation Derbyshire, 1662-4, Coke of Langford.
B. Robert Coke
m ?? Coke dau of Arthur Coke, son of Sir Edward above
C. Bridget Coke d unm
D. Anne Coke
m John Bullock of Derby
6. Anne Coke b c1586, a 1660
m 11.09.1601 Ralph Sadleir of Standon dsp 1660
7. Bridget Coke b 27.12.1596, d before 18.06.1653
m1 William Barney son of Sir Thomas
m2 William Skinner son of Sir Vincent
8.+ other issue - Edward d infant, Thomas d infant, Elizabeth d young
m2 Elizabeth Cecil dau of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter
11. Elizabeth Coke
BP1934 and BEB1841 both report that Elizabeth died unmarried but BEB1883 Berkeley of Botetourt believes that she was the 1st wife of ...
m Sir Maurice Berkeley of Stoke bur 03.01.1654
12. Frances Coke b c1601, bur 04.06.1645
m 29.09.1617 Sir John Villiers, Viscount Purbeck b c1591, dsp 1657
p.. Sir Robert Howard son of Earl of Suffolk

1 Collins 1741, vol iv, Coke Lord Lovell with some support from BEB1841 Coke of Longford
2 BP1934 Leicester with a little support from BEB1841 Coke of Longford
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