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Nevill 3: Nevill of Abergavenny, Nevill of Bergavenny, Neville of Billingbere, Neville of Braybrooke, Nevill of Keymer
Ne19. Sir Edward Nevill, 3rd Lord Bergavenny d 18.10.1476 In 1450, however, Sir Edward Nevill, widower of the 3rd Baroness, was summoned to Parliament as Lord Bergavenny. It has been assumed that this summons was intended to be in right of his wife, but as she was already dead and the Barony was already vested in her son by Nevill, by modern doctrine this served to create a new Barony by Writ. This second creation merged with the first creation in 1476, when the 1st Baron died and his son, the aforementioned 4th Baron of the first creation, also became 2nd Baron of the second creation.
m1 Elizabeth Beauchamp b 16.09.1415, d 18.06.1448, dau of Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Abergavenny, Earl of Worcester
Elizabeth's mother was heiress of the barony Le Despenser.
Ne18-1. Richard Nevill dvpsp
Ne18-2. Sir George Nevill, 4th Lord Bergavenny d 20.09.1492
m1 Margaret Fenne b about 1453 d 28.09.1485, dau/heir of Sir Hugh Fenne, Treasurer
A. Sir George Nevill, 5th Lord Bergavenny b 07.1483 ??1465 seems more likely, d 1535 studied at Baliol College and became secretary at court in London 1483, fought at the Battle of Deptford Bridge against the Cornish uprising 17 Jun 1497, Constable of Dover Castle, Privy Council, 1513 Knight of the Order of the Garter, charged with treason by Cardinal Wolsey together with his father-in-law Edwrad Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, who was beheaded 17 may 1521, but he was acquitted for lack of evidence. 1530 again in the favor of Henry VII, 1534 Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

George Nevill, 5th Baraon Bergavenny
m1 Joan FitzAlan dspm, dau of Thomas FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel, by Margaret Widville
i. Elizabeth Neville
m before 16.07.1517 Henry Daubeney, Earl of Bridgewater dsp 08.04.1548
ii. Jane Neville d before 26.10.1538
She may have been the Jane who married Henry Pole, Lord Montagu,. The traditional view is that she was a generation earlier see below, TCP Bridgwater identifies Elizabeth as the only child of her father's 1st marriage.
m2 Margaret Brent dsps, dau of William Brent of Charing
m3. Mary Stafford dau of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham
iii. Henry Nevill, 6th Lord Bergavenny d 10.02.1586-7 In 1587, on the death of the 6th Baron of the first creation and 4th Baron of the second creation, by modern doctrine both Baronies descended to his daughter, Mary, Lady Fane, wife of Sir Thomas Fane, who thus became de jure 7th and 5th Baroness. The title for it was believed at the time only to be one Barony was claimed by Edward Nevill, the heir male of the 4th and 2nd Baron, and in 1604 he was summoned to Parliament as Lord Bergavenny. As he was not entitled to either of the existing Baronies, this served to create a further Barony by Writ. By modern doctrine, the first and second creations descended to the Earls of Westmorland, heirs of the 7th and 5th Baroness, until both became abeyant on the death of the 7th Earl and 14th and 12th Baron in 1762.
m1 Frances Manners d 1576, dau of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland
a. Mary Nevill , Baroness Le Despenser d 1626
The abeyance of the barony Le Despenser was terminated in Mary's favour in 1604.
m 1574 Sir Thomas Fane d 13.03.1589
m2 Elizabeth Darrell dau of Stephen Darrell of Spelmonden by Philippe, dau of Edward Weldon
iv. Mary Nevil
m Thomas Fiennes, 3rd/9th Lord Dacre 'of the South' b 1516, d 29.06.1541
v. Dorothy Nevill d 22.09.1559
m William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham b 01.11.1527, d 06.03.1596/7
vi. Katherine Nevill shown by various web sites as of this generation
m Sir John St. Leger of Annery d 1593
vii. Ursula Nevill shown by various web sites as of this generation
m Sir Warham St. Leger
p/m4. Mary Brooke or Cobham
B. Sir Edward Nevill of Addington Park, Kent As a youth friend of later Henry VIII, Sir Edward Neville held the office of Esquire of the Body. He held the office of Sewer official overseeing service to Henry VIII's Household. He lived at Addington Park, Kent, England. He was invested as a Knight on 25 September 1513. He held the office of Master of the Hounds in 1516. He held the office of Gentleman of the Chamber in 1516. He held the office of King Henry VIII's Standard Bearer in 1531. He held the office of Constable of Leeds Castle, Kent in 1534.
Sir Edward Neville, son of Baron Bergavenny, a courtier of Henry VIII, took part in the war in France, and was made the king's standard bearer, 1531. He rnarried Eleanor, daughter of Lord, Windsor. Arrested 3 November 1538 on the charge of conspiracy with the brother of Cardinal Pole, he was sent to the Tower, tried at Westminster and beheaded for the faith 8 December.
m Eleanor Windsor dau of Andrew Windsor, 1st Lord
i. Edward Nevill, 7th Lord Bergavenny d 10.02.1588
m1 Catherine Brome dau of Sir John Brome of Halton by Margaret, dau of John Rowse of Ragley
a. Edward Nevill, 8th Lord Abergavenny d 01.12.1622
m Rachel Lennard bur 15.10.1616, dau of John Lennard of Knoll
1 Henry Nevill, 9th Lord Abergavenny d 1641
m1 before 1601 Mary Sackville dau of Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset
A Sir Thomas Neville dvp
i+ sons dvpsp and daughters
B Cicely Nevill
m Fitzwilliam Coningsby of Hampton Court, Herefordshire
m2 before 1616 Katherine Vaux dau of George Vaux, younger of Harrowden
C John Nevill, 10th Lord Abergavenny dsp 23.10.1662
m Elizabeth Chamberlaine dau of John Chamberlaine of Sherborne Castle
D George Nevill, 11th Lord Abergavenny d 1666
m Mary Gifford dau of Thomas Gifford of Dunton Waylet by Anne, dau of Gregory Brooksby of Burstall
i George Nevill, 12th Lord Abergavenny b 21.04.1665, dsp 26.03.1694-5
m Honora Belasyse dau of John Belasyse, Lord of Worlaby, by Anne Paulet
ii Winifred Nevill bur 24.05.1687 reported in BP1934 Shelley
m Sir John Shelley, 3rd Bart of Michelgrove d 25.04.1703
A daughter of Henry, presumably by his second wife, was ...
E Elizabeth Nevill youngest daughter
m 1651 Thomas Stonor of Stonor b 1626, d 1683
2 Sir Christopher Nevill of Newton St. Looe
m Mary Darcy dau of Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt Darcy
A Richard Nevill d 1643
m Sophia Carew dau of Sir George Carew
i George Nevill of Sheffield, Sussex
m Mary Whitelocke dau of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke
a George Nevill, 13th Lord Abergavenny b c1659, d 11.03.1720-1
m 22.10.1698 Anne Walker d 26.06.1748, dau of Nehemiah Walker of Middlesex
1 George Nevill, 14th Lord Abergavenny dsp 15.11.1723
m 21.02.1722-3 Elizabeth Thornicroft sister of Gideon Thornicroft of Dodington and Linstead
2 Edward Nevill, 15th Lord Abergavenny b c1705, dsp 09.10.1724
m 1724 Catharine Tatton d 04.12.1729, dau of Lt. Gen William Tatton
b Edward Nevill d 1701
m Hannah Thorp dau of Jervoise Thorp
1 William Nevill, 16th Lord Abergavenny d 21.09.1744
m1 20.05.1725 Catharine Tatton d 04.12.1729, dau of Lt. Gen William Tatton, widow of 15th Lord Abergavenny
A George Nevill, 1st Earl of Abergavenny b 24.06.1727, d 10.09.1785
m 05.02.1753 Henrietta Pelham d 31.08.1768, dau of Thomas Pelham of Stanmer
i Henry Nevill, 2nd Earl of Abergavenny b 22.02.1755, d 27.03.1843
m 03.10.1781 Mary Robinson d 26.10.1796, dau of John Robinson of Wyke House, MP, by Mary Crowe of Barbados
a Henry George Nevill b 22.005.1785, dvpsp 08.04.1806
b Ralph Nevill b 21.12.1786, dvpsp 20.05.1826
m 02.02.1813 Mary Anne Elcock d 19.05.1873, dau of Bruce Elcock
c John Nevill, 3rd Earl of Abergavenny b 25.12.1789, d unm 12.04.1845
d William Nevill, 4th Earl of Abergavenny b 28.06.1792, d 17.08.1863 had issue
m 07.09.1824 Caroline Leeke d 19.05.1873, dau of Ralph Leeke of Longford Hall by Honoria Frances, dau of Walter Harvey Thursby
e Mary Catherine Nevill d 1807
m 02.01.1802 Thomas Myers
f Henrietta Nevill d unm 28.07.1827
ii George Nevill of Flower Place b 06.12.1760, d 07.08.1844, minister had issue
m 12.05.1787 Caroline Walpole d 21.12.1841, dau of Hon. Richard Walpole
iii Henrietta Nevill d 02.04.1833
m 09.09.1799 Sir John Berney, 7th Bart d 04.09.1825
m2 20.05.1731 Rebecca Herbert dau of Thomas Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
B+ other issue - William, 3 daughters d unm
2 Mary Nevill
m Charles Chamberlain Rebow of Smallfield Place
B Anne Nevill b c1611, d 22.08.1660
m 12.1628 Sir John Lucas, 1st Lord Lucas of Shenfield b 23.10.1606, d 1670
3 Mary Nevill bur 15.07.1648
m Sir George Goring, Lord Hurstpierpoint, 1st Earl of Norwich b 28.04.1585, d 06.01.1622-3
4 Elizabeth Nevill a 08.1642 probably of this generation
m1 Sir John Grey, younger of Groby dvp 10.1611
m2 07.1617 Sir John Bingley
The following children of Lord Edward & Catherine are as reported by 'Tudor'.
b. Francis Nevill of Keymer
m Mary Lewknor
1 Edward Nevill of Keymer
m Margaret Palmer dau of Sir Francis Palmer
A Frances Nevill b c1612, d 22.05.1668
m Charles Longueville, 12th Lord Grey of Ruthyn bpt 21.04.1612, d 17.06.1643
B+ other issue - Richard, Henry, Anne, Mary
2+ other issue - Francis, George, Richard, Thomas, Anne, Catherine, Margaret
c. Mary Nevill probably the Mary who married ...
m Sir Edward Blount of Kidderminster b c1554, bur 18.11.1630
d.+ other issue - Henry, Grizel, Margaret
m2 Grisold Hughes d 16.06.1613, dau of Thomas Hughes of Uxbridge
ii. Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere
m Elizabeth Gresham dau of Sir John Gresham
a. Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere d 10.07.1615, Ambassador
The following is partly supported by Visitation Berkshire, 1665-6, Nevill of Billingbeare near Binfield.
m Anne Killigrew dau of Sir Henry Killigrew of Cornwall
1 Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere d 1629
m Elizabeth Smith dau of Sir John Smith of Ostenhanger
A Richard Neville of Billingbere b 1615, d 1676
m Anne Heydon dau of Sir John Heydon of Baconthorpe
i Richard Neville of Billingbere b 12.10.1655, MP, 2nd son
m Catherine Grey dau of Ralph Grey, 2nd Lord of Werke
a Grey Neville dsp
m Elizabeth Boteler dau of Sir John Boteler
b Henry Neville of Billingbere or Billingbear, later Grey dsp 1740
m Elizabeth Griffin dsp 1762, dau of James Griffin, 2nd Lord of Braybrooke Castle
c Catherine Neville d 1762
m Richard Aldworth of Stanlake
1 Richard Neville Aldworth of Stanlake, later Neville d 1793
m Magdalen Calandrini dau of Francis Calandrini, Syndic of Geneva
A Richard Aldworth, later Aldworth-Neville of Billingbere, later Griffin, 2nd Lord Braybrooke b 03.07.1750, d 28.02.1825
The title was inherited by special remainder from Field Marshal John Griffin Whitwell, later Griffin, 1st Baron Braybrooke.
m 19.06.1780 Catherine Grenville d 06.11.1796, dau of George Grenville, Prime Minister
i Henry Neville, later Griffin, 3rd Lord Braybrooke b 26.09.1783, d 13.03.1858 had issue
m 13.05.1819 Jane Cornwallis b 05.10.1798, d 23.09.1856, dau of Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis
ii George Neville, later Neville-Grenville of Butleigh Court b 17.08.1789, d 10.06.1854, Dean of Windsor had issue
m 09.05.1816 Charlotte Legge d 15.06.1877, dau of George Legge, 3rd Earl of Dartmouth
iii Mary Neville d 13.05.1854
m 11.04.1806 Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, 7th Bart of Hawarden Castle b 05.1780, d 05.03.1815
iv Caroline Neville b 06.10.1792, d 02.05.1868
m 10.05.1817 Paul Beilby Lawley, later Thompson of Escrick Park, 1st Lord Wenlock b 01.07.1784, d 09.05.1852
v+ other issue - Henry d Talavera 1809, Catherine d 19.12.1841
ii Anne Neville b 14.02.1647 probably the Anne d 1700 who married ...
m Richard Rainsford son of Sir Richard of Dallington, Lord Chief Justice
a Ann Rainsford d 1707
m 1684 James Griffin, 2nd Lord of Braybrooke Castle b 1667, d 1715
iii Frances Nevill b 19.05.1664 probably the Frances d 01.10.1723 who married ...
m Sir Richard Cocks, 2nd Bart of Dumbleton dsp 10.1726
iv+ other issue - John b 22.07.1652, Minshull b 16.11.1650, Elizabeth b 06.05.1657, Katherine b 22.06.1659
B Henry Nevill
m Elizabeth Staverton dau/heir of Richard Staverton, niece/heir of Edward Staverton of Warfield
C Katherine Nevill
m Sir Thomas Lumford of Wilye
D Mary Nevill
m _ Borell
E Philippa Nevill
m _ Jepson
2 Edward Nevill dsp
3 Richard Nevill
A daughter
4 Elizabeth Nevill
m Sir Henry Berkeley of Yarlington d 1667
5 Frances Nevill
m Sir Richard Worsley, 1st Bart of Appuldercombe d 27.06.1621
6 Katherine Nevill
m Sir Richard Brooke of Norton d 10.04.1632
7 Mary Nevill
m Sir Edward Lewknor of Denham a 1633
8 Dorothy Nevill
m Richard Catelyn of Wingfield Castle
b. Edward Neville of Cullum and Sunningwell Park possibly of this generation
1 Robert Neville of London 5th son
m Mary Umfreville dau of Andrew Umfreville of Farnham Royal
c. Catherine Nevill apparently of this generation
m Edmund D'Oyly of Shottisham & Pondhall d 1612
iii. Catherine Nevill
m Clement Throckmorton of Hasely
iv. Frances Nevill
m1 Sir Edward Waldegrave d 01.09.1561
m2 Lord Chedioc Paulet
v. Elizabeth Nevill
m Thomas Haynes
vi. Mary Nevill
m Henry not Edward Dynely or Dingley bur 27.02.1589
C. Jane Neville d before 26.10.1538
The Jane Nevill who married Henry Pole, Lord Montagu, is normally shown as of this generation. TCP Montagu identifies her as dau of George, Lord Abergavenny, by Margaret, dau/heir of Sir Hugh Fenne. However, there are those who think she was a generation later above.
m Henry Pole, Lord Montagu b c1492, d 09.01.1538/9
D. Elizabeth Nevill
m Thomas Berkeley of Beverton Castle d c1500
m2 Elizabeth d 1500, widow of Richard Naylor then John Stokker
Ne18-3. Alice Nevill
m Sir Thomas Grey
Ne18-4. Katherine Nevill
m John Iwarby of Mapledurham
m2 15.10.1448 Catherine Howard dau of Sir Robert Howard
Ne18 Margaret Nevill d 30.09.1506
m John Brooke, 7th Lord Cobham b c1444, d 09.03.1511-2 son of
+1 Edward Brooke Br19, 6th Baron Cobham and Elizabeth Touchet To19 +2
Br17 Thomas BROOKE 3rd Baron Cobhamb. about 1466 d. 19 July 1529 m Dorothy Heydon He17 -1 Elizabeth Brooke m1 Sir Thomas Wyatt m2 y Warner -1-1 Sir Thomas Wyatt of Wyatt's Rebellion
-1-2 Anne WYATT
-1-1-1 George Wyatt b 1550/4 d 16 Sep 1623 IRE m 8 Oct 1582 Caswell, Kent Jane FINCH b 1560 Eastwell, Kent d 27 Mar 1644 Allington Castle, Boxley dau Thomas Finch and Catherine MOYLE
Br17-2 George BROOKE born about 1469
Br17-3 Sir Edward BROOKE
Br17-4 Richard BROOKE
Br17-5 Alelye BROOKE
Br17-6 Edward BROOKE
Br17-7 Peter BROOKE
Br17-8 Faith BROOKE
Br17-9 Dorothy BROOKE, m. Robert Isaak
Br17-10 Mary BROOKE m. Robert Blagge, son Sir George Blagge b 1512
Ne18-6. Catherine Nevill b c 1430
m Robert Tanfield
-1 Catherine Neville b 1455 Durham, Raby d 1517 m Robert Tanfield b 1439 Northamptonshire, Gayton d 22 FEB 1483 -1-1 William Tanfield b 1469 ?Gayton -1-1-1 Francis Tanfield b c 1489 Northamptonshire, Gayton d 1588 m Bridget Cave b c 1491 Northamptonshire, Gayton -1-1-1-1 Anne Tanfield b c 1516 Northamptonshire, Gayton m Clement Vincent b c 1514 Leicestershire, Peckleton son of George Vincent b c 1485 Leicestershire, Peckleton and Anne Slory/Slorry/Slorey b c 1489 Leicestershire, Sliford
Ne18-7. Anne Nevill
m Lord Strange

Sources: BP1934 Abergavenny, BP1934 Braybrooke
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