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Drummond 1

: Drummond of Cargill, Drummond of Drummond, Drummond of Innerpeffray, Drummond of Stobhall
According to tradition, Maurice, son of George who was a younger son of King Andrew of Hungary, accompanied Edgar Atheling, heir to the English throne, from Hungary to England. They were shipwrecked on the shore of the Forth. In 1068/9, one of Atheling's sisters, Margaret 'the Saint' married Malcolm III 'Canmore', King of Scots, from whom Maurice received the estates of Drymen. From him descended ...
Malcolm Beg of Drummond a 1240
m Ada of Lennox d by 1260, dau of Malcolm, Earl of Lennox
1. Sir Malcolm Drummond of that ilk a 1301
m ?? Graham dau of Sir Patrick Graham
A. Gilbert Drummond of that ilk d Dupplin Moor 12.08.1332
m Matilda
i.+ issue - Ellen, Elizabeth, Johanna, Annabella
B. Sir Malcolm Drummond of that ilk d c1346
i. John Drummond of that ilk
m Mary Montefichet dau of Sir William Montefichet of Auchterarder and Cargill
a. Sir Malcolm Drummond of Cargill and Strathurd dsp c11.1402
m before 07.1388 Isabella Douglas, Countess of Mar dau of William, Earl of Douglas and Mar
b. Sir John Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall, Justiciar of Scotland d 1428
m Elizabeth Sinclair dau of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney
1 Sir Walter Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall d 1455
m Margaret Ruthven dau of Sir William Ruthven of Ruthven
A Sir Malcolm Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall d 1470
m mcrt 14.07.1445 Marion Murray dau of Sir David Murray of Tullibardine
i John Drummond, 1st Lord b c1438, d 1519
m Elizabeth Lindsay a 1509, dau of Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford
a Malcolm Drummond dvpsp unm
b Sir William, Master of Drummond dvp 1490
m1 Isabel Campbell d before 1493, dau of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll
1 Walter, Master of Drummond d 1518
m 02.1513-4 Elizabeth Graham dau of William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose
A David Drummond, 2nd Lord d 1571
m1 Margaret Stewart possibly dau of Alexander Stewart, Bishop of Moray
i Sibylla Drummond
m mcrt 25.08.1557 Gilbert Ogilvy of that ilk
m2 before 07.12.1543 Lilias Ruthven d 07.07.1579, dau of William Ruthven, 2nd Lord
ii Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord b c1551, a 1601
m1 1574 Elizabeth Lindsay d 05.1585, dau of David, 9th Earl of Crawford
a James Drummond, 1st Earl of Perth d 18.12.1611
m 19.04.1608 Isabel Seton b 30.11.1593, dau of Robert Seton, 1st Earl of Winton
1 Jean Drummond d 29.12.1637
m 14.02.1632 John Gordon, 14th Earl of Sutherland b 09.03.1609, d 14.10.1679
b John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth d 11.06.1662
m mcrt 08.1613 Jean Ker d 10.1662, dau of Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Roxburghe
c Catherine Drummond
m 1594 James Leslie, Master of Rothes dvp c02.1607
d Lilias Drummond d 08.05.1601
m before 01.07.1592 Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, Chancellor b 1555, d 16.06.1622
e Jean Drummond d 07.10.1643
m 03.02.1614 Sir Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Roxburghe b c1570, d 18.01.1650
f Margaret Drummond
m 28.04.1607 Alexander Elphinstone, 5th Lord b 13.11.1577, d 27.08.1648
g Anne Drummond
m1 Patrick Barclay, younger of Towie dvp 1623
m2 Andrew Fraser of Muchalls
m2 Agnes Drummond d 1589, dau of Sir John Drummond, 2nd of Innerpeffraybelow
iii James Drummond, 1st Lord Maderty d 09.1623
m Jean Chisholm d 11.1589, dau of Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix
iv Jean Drummond d 03.1597/8
m 1559 John Graham, 3rd Earl of Montrose b 1548, d 09.11.1608
v Anne Drummond d before 1592
m c10.1580 John Erskine, 2nd/23rd Earl of Mar b c1562, d 14.12.1634
vi Lilias Drummond b 1557, dsp
m mcrt 02.1572 David Lindsay, 11th Earl of Crawford b c1552, d 22.11.1607
vii Catherine Drummond b 1564
m before 20.12.1576 John Murray, 1st Earl of Tullibardine b 1550, d 06.07.1613-4
viii Mary Drummond b about 1565 d before 1589
m Sir Archibald Stirling, 5th of Keir, 2nd of Cadder d 1630
2 Andrew Drummond of Ballyclone a 1542
m Janet Campbell of Glenorchy
3 Henry Drummond of Riccarton a 1535
m Janet Crichton dau of Henry Crichton of Riccarton
A Margaret Drummond
m1 John Gordon, 3rd of Auchleuchries, 1st of Pitlurg d 1546
m2 mcrt 24.01.1546 George Baird of Auchmedden d before 09.01.1593
m2 before 14.06.1493 Mariot /Marjory Forrester dau of Archibald Forrester of Corstorphine
4 John Drummond of Cultechaldich a 1510
m Isabella
c Sir John Drummond, 1st of Innerpeffray
Marriages uncertain. Not sure who was mother of his son.
m1 _ Drummond his cousin, daughter of James Drummond of Coldich & Ballochard
m2 Eliza Douglas of Lochleven
1 Sir John Drummond, 2nd of Innerpeffray
m Margaret Stewart b 1497, dau of James Stewart, King James IV of Scots
A Agnes Drummond d 1589
m1 Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun b 1502, d 02.1560-1
m2 1562 Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton d 1585
m3. mcrt 15.11.1585 Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord above
B Margaret Drummond apparently of this generation
m 02.11.1549 Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord d 1602
C Isobel Drummond probably of this generation
m Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun a 05.1593
D daughter probably of this generation
m Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix d before 1598
E+ 1 other daughter
d Margaret Drummond d 04.1501-2
p. James Stewart, King James IV of Scots b 17.03.1473, d Flodden 09.09.1513
e Elizabeth Drummond
m1 Sir David Fleming dsp before 02.05.1482
m2 1488 George Douglas, Master of Angus d Flodden 09.09.1513
f Beatrix Drummond
p. James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran b c1475, d 03.1529
g Annabella Drummond
m 25.11.1479 William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose b 1463/4, d Flodden 09.09.1513
h Eupheme Drummond d 04.1501-2
m before 05.05.1496 John Fleming, 2nd Lord, Chamberlain of Scotland b 1465, d 01.11.1524
i Sibylla Drummond d 04.1501-2
j daughter reported by BLG1952 Campbell of Dunstaffnage, possibly one of the above ?
m Dugald Campbell, 2nd Captain of Dunstaffnage Castle d 1490
ii James Drummond of Coldich & Ballochard 3rd son had issue
a Janet Drummond apparently of this generation
m Sir Edmund Chisholme of Cromlix
iii+ other issue - Walter of Deanston Dean of Dunblane, Thomas of Dromondernoch had issue, William of Muthill, Andrew of Smitheston
B John Drummond, Dean of Dunblane a 1478
C Walter Drummond of Ledcrieff or Ladecrief ancestor of Drummonds of Blair Drummond
2 Robert Drummond
3 Elizabeth Drummond
m _ Kinnaird of Kinnaird
4 Margaret Drummond
m John Robertson of Lude a 1448
5 daughter possibly wife of ...
m Allan Cameron, 9th Chief
c. William Drummond of Carnock
m Elizabeth Airth dau of Sir William Airth of that ilk of Carnock and Plean or Plane
d. Annabella Drummond d 1401
m 1365-6 John Stewart, King Robert III of Scots b c1377, d 04.04.1406
e. Jean Drummond possibly a generation later than this ?
m Sir John Stewart of Kincleven and Cardney d 1466
ii. Sir Maurice Drummond, 1st of Concraig d 1362
m Ada dau of Henry of Lennox
iii. Margaret Drummond d 1375
m1 John Logie of that ilk
m2 c 20.02.1363-4, divorced 1369-70 David Bruce, King David II of Scots dsp 22.02.1370-1
2. John a 1304
m Elena possibly dau of Walter Stewart, Earl of Menteith
A.+ issue - Chistian, Margaret

Sources: TSP Perth, BP1934 Perth.
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