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Burgh 3: Bourke of Clanmories, Burgh Burke or Bourke of Clanricarde , Bourke De Burgh of St. Albans
The early generations still have to be researched.
Sir Ulick de Burgh of Clanricarde a 1324

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1. ?? de Burgh Have omitted several generations. It is noted that a Ulick is identified by TCP as the great-grandfather of the below-mentioned Sir Ulick who died in 1541. He may have been the husband of Eustacia Fitzgerald dau of Gerald, 8th Earl of Kildare. TCP reports that the second wife of the 1st Earl was sister of the latter Sir Ulick and daughter of ...
A. Richard Oge MacWilliam of Clanrickard d 1519
i. Sir Ulick Bourke or De Burgh, 'the MacWilliam' d 1541
ii. Honora Bourke
m div Ulick Bourke or de Burgh, Governor of Connaught, 1st Earl of Clanricarde d 19 Oct 1544 below
B. ?? de Burgh
i. Richard Bourke or de Burgh 'MacWilliam' d 04.1530
Richard is identified by TCP as father of the 1st Earl and cousin of the above Sir Ulick Bourke. BP1870 suggests that the father of the 1st Earl was called Ulick but that mistake may have arisen because the Earl succeeded Ulick as Chief of the MacWilliams.
m _ Butler
TCP Clanricarde identifies the 1st Earl's mother as Margaret, dau of Piers Butler, Earl of Ormond & Ossory, but with an indication that such is not certain, reporting that some sources identify her as a dau of _ O'Maden though noting that such a marriage took place in the 14th century. TCP does report that the Earl "was certainly allied, through his mother, to the Butlers". However, Margaret Butler is identified in TCP Upper Ossory as wife of Thomas Fitzgerald then Barnaby FitzPatrick who married again after her. We suspect that Richard's wife was a sister or cousin of that Margaret.
a. Ulick Bourke or de Burgh, Governor of Connaught, 1st Earl of Clanricarde d 19 Oct 1544
m1 div Grace or Grany O'Caroll dau of Maolrona O'Carroll, 'prince of Ely'
1 Richard Bourke or de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde d 24 Jul 1582
Richard had a number of relationships, some of which are sometimes shown as formalised in marriage.
m1 1548, div Margaret O'Brien dau of Murrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Thomond
A Ulick Bourke or de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde d 20 May 1601
TCP Clanricarde shows just the following Honora Burke as a wife. It mentions that Margaret, daughter of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel, is sometimes identified as one of his wives but no such earl existed in the 16th century.
m 25.11.1564 Honora Burke b c1535, a 1615, dau of John Burke of Clogheroka and Tullyra
i Richard Bourke d infant
ii Richard Bourke or de Burgh, 4th Earl of Clanricarde, 1st Earl of St. Albans b c1572, d 12.11.1635
m before 08 Apr 1603 Frances Walsingham bur 17 Feb 1631/2, dau of Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary
a Ulick Bourke, 5th Earl, Marquess of Clanricarde b before 08.12.1604, d 07.1657
m 12.1622 Anne Compton d 17 Aug 1645, dau of William Compton, 1st Earl of Northampton
1 Mary or Margaret Bourke d 14 Aug 1698
m1 Charles McCarty, Viscount Muskerry dvp 03 Jun 1665
m2 1676 Robert Villiers, 'Viscount Purbeck' b c1656, d 04.1684
m3. Robert 'Beau' Fielding d 12 May 1712, Colonel, MP
b Mary or Margaret Bourke
m Edmund Butler of Cloughinche son of James, Earl of Ormonde
c Honora Bourke b 19 Aug 1610, d 10 Mar 1661
m c1645 John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester b c1597, d 05 Mar 1674-5
iii Sir William Bourke or De Burgh
m Joan O'Shaugnessy dau of Dermot O'Shagnessy of Gort
a Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Clanricarde d 08.1666
m Elizabeth Butler dau of Walter Butler, Earl of Ossory and Ormond
1 Mary Bourke d 13 Aug 1685
m1 Sir John Burke of Derrymacloghny Derrymaclaghtny
A Elizabeth Burke a 1700
m Thomas Dillon, 5th Viscount
B Catherine Burke
m John Hore of Shandon Castle
C Helena Burke d 07 Oct 1710
m Alexander MacDonnell, 3rd Earl of Antrim b 1615, d 1699
m2 Edward Bermingham, 13th Lord of Athenry d 03 May 1709
2 Margaret Bourke
m Garret O'Moore Colonel
b William Bourke, 7th Earl of Clanricarde d 10.1687, Colonel
m1 Lettice Shirley b c1617, bur 25 Sep 1655, dau of Sir Henry Shirley, Bart of Astwell
1 Richard Bourke, 8th Earl of Clanricarde a 11.1702
m Elizabeth Bagnall
A Dorothy Bourke
m Alexander Pendarves of Roscrow
B Mary Bourke d 12 Jan 1713-4 probably of this generation
m 07.1713 Patrick Bellew, younger of Barmeath dvpsp 12 Jun 1720
TCP suggests that Richard is said also to have married Anne Cheke, widow of Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick, but TCP Warwick reports that that Anne died before Robert Rich.
2 John Bourke, 9th Earl of Clanricarde b 1642, d 17 Oct 1722
The Earl was outlawed and attainted for his support of the Jacobite Rebellion but the title was later restored albeit with some constraints that led to the restriction of its inheritance which appears to have led to its extinction in the late 19th century.
m 10.1684 Mary Talbot d 27 Jun 1711, dau of James Talbot of Templeogue and Mount Talbot by Bridget Bermingham
A Michael Bourke, 10th Earl of Clanricarde b c1686, d 29 Nov 1726
m 19 Sep 1714 Anne Smith d 01 Jan 1732/3, dau of John Smith of London
TCP notes that Anne's father was not the John Smith who was Speaker of the House of Commons, as is reported in BP1870.
i John Smith Bourke, later De Burgh, 11th Earl of Clanricarde b c1721, d 21 Apr 1782
m 01 Jul 1740 Hester Amelia Vincent d 29.12.1803, dau of Sir Henry Vincent, 6th Bart of Stoke Dabernon
a Henry De Burgh, 12th Earl, Marquess of Clanricarde b 08 Jan 1742/3, dsp 08.12.1797
m 17 Mar 1785 Urania Anne Paulet d 27.12.1843, dau of George Paulet, 12th Marquess of Winchester
b John Thomas De Burgh, 13th Earl of Clanricarde b 22 Sep 1744, d 27 Jul 1808, General had issue
m 17 Mar 1799 Elizabeth Burke b c1764, d 26 Mar 1854, dau of Sir Thomas Burke, 1st Bart of Marble Hill
c Hester Amelia Bourke
m 06 Aug 1790 William Trenchard
d Margaret Augusta Bourke
m 1785 Luke Dillon
ii Anne Bourke
m Denis Daly of Raford b c1700, d 14 Mar 1791
iii Mary Bourke
m George Jennings of Newsells
a Hester Elizabeth Jennings d 19 Apr 1837
m John Peachey, 2nd Lord Selsey b 16 Mar 1748/9, d 27 Jun 1816
B Ulick Bourke dspm 04.12.1762
C James Bourke mentioned in BP1870 Dunsandle
m Mary Burke dau of John Burke of Lismore
D Thomas Bourke dspm 07.1763
i Letitia Bourkeapparently of this generation
m 15 Feb 1776 John Whyte of Leixlip
E Letitia Bourke
m Sir Festus Burke of Glinsk dsp
F Bridget Bourke b c1691, d 18 Jul 1779
m 1720 Richard Dillon, 9th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 1688, d 02.1737
G Honora Bourke
m John Kelly of Clonlyon
H Mary Bourke
m Garrett Moore
3 Thomas Bourke d Buda
m2 Helen MacCarty d by 06.1622, dau of Donough MacCarty, 1st Earl of Clancarty
4 Ulick Bourke, Viscount Galway b c1670, dsps Aughrim 12 Jul 1691
m 30 Jul 1688 Frances Lane b 04 Dec 1674, d 17 Dec 1713, dau of George Lane, 1st Viscount Lanesborough, by Frances Sackville
5 Margaret Bourke b 1673, d 19 Jul 1744
m1 1689 Bryan Magennis, Viscount Iveagh d 09.1692
m2 Thomas Butler of Kilcash Colonel
6 Honor Bourke b 1675, d 16 Jan 1698
m1 c09 Jan 1689/90 Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan d Landen 29 Jul 1693, General
m2 26 Mar 1695 James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick b 21 Aug 1670, d 12 Jun 1734, Marshal of France
iv Honora Bourke presumed daughter by Honora Burke
m Sir Nicholas Malby, Governor of Connaught
a Ursula Malby
m Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe Castle
v Margaret Bourke presumed daughter by Honora Burke
m Sir John Bourke of Derrymaclaghtny
a Honora Bourke
m Sir Miles Bourke, Bart, 2nd Viscount of Mayo d 1649
p. Martha Frannas
vi John Bourke of Donsandell, 1st Viscount of Clanmories d 16.11.1633
m Catharine Brabazon a 06.1656, dau of Anthony Brabazon of Ballynasloe by Ursula Malby
a Thomas Bourke, 2nd Viscount of Clanmories dspm
m before 1633 Margaret Fleming dau of Christopher Fleming, Lord Slane
BP1934 shows both John and Edmund as sons by Honora Burke. TCP Bourke of Clanmories identifies John's mother as Martha Frannas just above so this leaves uncertainty as to who was mother of ...
vii Edmund Bourke or Burke of Kilcornan ancestor of Burkes of Kilcornan
m2 24.11.1553 Margaret O'Brien d 1568, dau of Donough O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Thomond
B John Bourke or De Burgh of Meelick Castle, Baron of Leitrim b c1557, dspl 11 Nov 1583
m1 _ Barnewall
m2 /p Johanna O'Carroll possibly dau of Sir William O'Carroll
i+ issue declared illegitimate
C+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
m3. 1568 Gille or Cecilia MacCarty a c1580, dau of Cormac Oge MacCarty of Muskerry
p/m4. Honora O'Brien dau of Turlough O'Brien Mac I Brien Arra
F Margaret Bourke
m1 Richard Burke of Derrymaclauchna
m2 Theobold Bourke, 1st Lord of Brittas d 1654
p/m5. Sawny Oge Burke
p/m6. Julian Brown
m2 div Honora Bourke dau of Richard Oge MacWilliam of Clanrickard above
m3. Maria Lynch
partners unknown
2+ other issue including Thomas 'the Athlete' d 1545
The following Honor was daughter of a Richard Bourke, younger of Clanricarde.
B. Honor Bourke fitting somewhere around here
m Meiler Bermingham, 7th Lord of Athenry d 1529
The following Annabella was daughter of an Ulrich de Burgh of Clanricarde.
C. Annabella de Burgh fitting somewhere around here
m Conchobar Conor O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1540
The following Honoria was daughter of an Ulrich de Burgh of Clanricarde.
D. Honoria de Burgh fitting somewhere around here
m Edmond Bourke 'of the Beard' of Newport and Burrishoole, 'Lord MacWilliam' d 1458
2. Sir Redmond de Burgh of Castle Hacket
3. Mary de Burgh or Burke probably of this generation
m William Boy O'Kelly of Callow Castle d 1381

Sources: BP1870 Clanricarde, TCP Clanricarde + TCP Bourke of Clanmories
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